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The Last Tategami

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1The Last Tategami Empty The Last Tategami on Thu Jun 18, 2009 1:03 pm


I've cleared it for you, Hit.
Just tell me when you want to post the story.

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2The Last Tategami Empty The Last Tategami! part 1 on Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:44 pm

[color=green] study lets see...where to start... confused oh we are.... cat Cool lol!
*cough* right then...on with the story! (enjoy)

The Last TategamiBy Hit/Killer
The prologue

The sound of the battle roared on. Screams echoed throughout the newly made wasteland. Bombs, guns, swords, knifes, arrows and bloody fist were fired this way and that. Many took cover and tried to recover and reload. Blood and fear hung heavy in the air. A soldier behind a wall of sand bags said gasping while taking deep rapid gulps out of his canteen.
“W-what are -these...these Things!?” The man beside him replied, wiping the sweat from him brow.
“I...I don't know. Do they EVER tire? It's been 3 days straight of this! I haven't seen one stop unless it was dead or reloading. As a matter of fact I-AAAAHHHHH!!!”Both men screamed as the bags exploded with a sudden force which engulfed them in flames as they flew in pieces. A deformed Creature with fangs that hung from his mouth to his chest walked carelessly over the mess. The guy that had the canteen was still alive, though only his upper half remained attached to him. He groaned in pain, his eyes watering as he tried to hold his insides in. He stopped and looked up at a slurping noise. The Creature was about 6 feet tall, though it was hunched. Weird liquid oozed out from his back and mouth. It bubbled and when it hit the ground it burnt like acid. Its teeth (besides the fangs) were jagged and rotted. It leered at the man as it took another step forward on its big, flat, claw like feet. Its hands similar hung limply at its side. It took a step forward and dragged its other foot along. The man coward and quickly tried to reach for a nearby weapon. Something. Anything. His hand clenched around a nearby fallen comrades knife. He pulled it out of the mans sheath and swung it wildly at the Monster. It was right above him now. As It opened Its mouth a strange smelling green gas rolled out. Using his other hand, what was left of it, the man covered his nose and mouth then threw the knife. It was a perfect hit. Right in the middle of the Things chest. It looked dumbfounded at Its now bleeding chest. It lifted a scaly claw like paw and pulled the knife out slowly. It looked at it and threw it to the side. The mans face went pale. Sweat beaded his face and neck. The creature grinned and opened Its mouth. His fangs grew longer and it bit right into the man. He screamed on and on, till nothing of him remained but his head, frozen in a twisted agony. The Creature looked up and licked Its lips. It screeched loudly in triumph. Several Others did the same in reply, all announcing their triumphs as well. Men nearby fell to their knees, blood dripping fast from their ears. It brought a whole new meaning to the word ear-splitting.

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3The Last Tategami Empty Re: The Last Tategami on Wed Dec 09, 2009 5:34 am

This story is pretty durn good! Just a few discrepancies here and there!

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4The Last Tategami Empty Re: The Last Tategami on Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:50 pm

ShallowLeaf wrote:This story is pretty durn good! Just a few discrepancies here and there!

ha, well no ones perfect. Thanks for checking it out- oh Snow- this is my favorite cuzins bf- i call him my cuz #2. u'll like them. both college kids-so they will be more advanced in their...uh..everytihng-haha. Snow, cuz. Cuz, Snow! (oh and thanks for reading my story! first ot actually follow throguh besides Snow here) oh u can call me by my name or Hit. Either is fine.

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5The Last Tategami Empty Re: The Last Tategami on Wed Dec 09, 2009 10:25 pm

Haha, you're very welcome! Well then Victoria! I look forward to reading the rest of what you have, since I really like it. Smile I could, after I get back from Ecuador, edit some of it for you??? If you want? I dunno if you would or not...

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6The Last Tategami Empty Re: The Last Tategami on Thu Dec 10, 2009 4:25 am

ShallowLeaf wrote:Haha, you're very welcome! Well then Victoria! I look forward to reading the rest of what you have, since I really like it. Smile I could, after I get back from Ecuador, edit some of it for you??? If you want? I dunno if you would or not...

ha sure tha'ts be cool- already have alot of it eddited and soem changed or added- but lazy right now. ha. sorry. but yeah- sure if you wanted, that's be aweosme! are you gonig to ecqudor-dar? whatever, for a school feild triptype of thing? is mycuz going with ya? ohh!!! bring back sometihng!! like like..those pennies- u put 50 cents in and add a penny, crank the handle afteru set the dial on a pic and presto! a molded oval-flat penny with a picture. careful tohugh. bit hot when they come out (ha im on kiddding of coarse- u dotn have ot get! but iu should consider it for urself) its a cheap suvinour and they are AWESOME! my dad buys me one everywhere he goes- moslty museams and nation momunets and stuff on account of his job taking him every where. its cool. have over a 100 of those little tihngs now! haha. oh- im sure i;ve got extras of some- i could give u and candice soem if u wanted. oh- and im making u guys a card (wanst sure if i should make u Each one, of together) so i'll just make one, and it can be for both of u. i'll ad the 12 paged letter (or however long itis or will be then) along with a get well card i made for my cuz when i was lead ot belive she was diying...what a fright that was!! *grins* but aprantly they were WAY off on that, huh? yes...b/c she went to the beach. NO FAIR! oh, jessie told me u guys wrote another page of the story? i will read when she snneds link. i got a question. (by this point, i imagine ur thinking 'oh no, now what?' What a Face ) but here- now whats the title of the story? my friend told me she has this huge story with no title, i was jsut curious as to if u guys were gonig to have one or not? oh and lets see...ok, tihs is for both u and snow! good jokes might i add. it comes out better when i tell it (i have a bad habbit of acting it out, haha) but here's the 3 newest blonde jokes i have (usually get to my blond, school, and bar jokes- but didnt get that far) so here they are.

a blond was riding on an airplane when she notices a seat in 1st class is free, so she gets up and sits down inthe seat. a stewardess notices this and comes over to the blond. 'escuse me miss, but ur gonig to have to go back 2 ur seat.' the blond replies stiffly nad proudly 'im blond, bueatful ,and iim gonig to L.A. in 1st class.' The stewardess, in distress and unsure of what ot do, grabs another perosn and they come over and demand the blond to go back to her seat. again the blond says., 'im blond, bueatiful, and im gonig to L.A. in 1st class.' both of the ppl look at eachother worriedly. so they get hte captian. the captian comes and listens to the womans statement and nodds his head. he bends down and whispers into the blinds ear. she stands up imedatly and said 'oh. oh i see. im sorry.' and went back ot her seat. astounished, both the stewardess and man look at the captain and ask 'what did u tell her? 'i told her 1st class wasnt gonig to L.A.'

ok here's a better one.
6 blonds walk into a bar- all chanting and yelling '51 days! 51days! 51days!!' and they kept shouting and cheering as they ordered a round on the house and wnet over to a corner. the bartender watches them curiously. a group of 3 more blond walk in and shout '51 days!' and hte other blonde all shout and cheer, raising their glasse,s body slaming and stompin their feet, beamingwith delight. the blonds join them and the noise get louder. next comes in a blond, holding a frame under her right arm, as she goes up to the bartender and hands him money to pay for all the drinks. the bartender no longer able to keep his curoiusty at bay asks 'whats this 51 i keep hearing about!?' the blond looks up and says prouly, present the farme udner her arm (a picture of the cookie monste,r a puzzle) 'The box said 3-6 years but the 10 of us did it in 51 days!'

and this is thwe most unquie and funniest joke i;ve heard in a while. if only i could show u! i belvie i do the best acting out on this joke! but here we go (sorry..full of myself, i know)
there is a man driving down the street when he seesa bunny hop inthe middle of the road. he tires to move, but they bunny ends up jumpnigin forunt of him anway. as an animal lover , he gets out and checks the rabit. he finds its dead and starts ot breakdown and cry. a blond happens to be driving by when she see's him- so she pulls over and gets out, walking over to him asshe asks whats wrong. he tells he how he killed the bunny. she smiles and says 'oh! no problem, i can fix that easy!' and pulls out a can, spraying it on the bunny. the bunny imidatly hopes up looks at them, waves, hopes a few feet, turns, waves, hopes a few feet, turns waves, hopes a few feet, turns, waves, and contines this prosses until he is out of sight. the man rushes over ot th blond as she gets into her car 'what ht devil sdid u do?" he asked amazed and happy. she sohws the can and sayd 'Hair spray; revives dead hair. pernamant wave.'

hope tihs makes usmile and laugh guys!!!!! haha *grins ear ot ear* lol! cat

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