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The Last Tategami! part 10

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1The Last Tategami! part 10 Empty The Last Tategami! part 10 on Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:50 pm

'It had been great ever since then. Kira King was sure something.' He smiled and looked at his hand. It was covered in blood, but the cave hide it with a shower of light and stars. He looked to his right, not moving anything but his head. It wouldn't be but two minutes till They found him in here. He could even smell them right outside the cave mouth. He pulled the pin off the grenade. He threw it out the entrance and closed his eyes.
“YEAH! We've got 'em on the run! W-whoa!”
Said one of the giant cat-like creatures outside. It had a huge scar from the bottom of its left eye, down to his cheek. He had about the same color mane/hair as the boy in the cave. A huge iron collar with a broken chain hung around his neck. There was also one, smaller, around each of his feet. His ten tails blazed with actual fire as they swished. He had arrows, knifes, and bullets in him, most pulled out. There seemed to be some scratches from the Creatures as well. There were more, like this 'cat' only some had more tails or less. They all bred a different quality with them. Some holding water, fire, lightening, lava, wind, ice, or even odd elements, like metal, to transform(not so rare in Tategami family) or the power to slow time a little on a an object. Only one there could do it. He had five tails and rode on top of a blue/gray horse. He had a slightly more human figure to himself. There was an open jacket with ripped sleeves, a pocket at the top left. Criss-crossing over his torso was two belts with rings of bullets. He looked like a buff, overgrown calico cat. His hair was even spotted with lighter and darker shades of orange, brown and cream. Two machine guns hung on his back. His belt that held up his jeans had a gun holder on each side. He currently held them in his hands however. He wore gloves on his hand. 4 inches from his wrist the band of metal started. Like teeth, a few bits of metal, an inch apart from each other, went to another band of metal at his wrist. Once more, only small bands of metal reached out across his fingers, all with a small band around it. What they did was, when his ball his hands into a fist, spikes would pop out at the knuckles and around his metal band. If he chose to use his claws the metal would coat around his claws and make them sharper and stronger. He wore the same thing on his feet. There was a few more tricks up them, but we'll save those for later. Right behind the horses saddle was a rolled up sleeping bag, a pack and a few other things equivalent. The ten tailed lion shouted over to the tom.
“Hey! Ty! This bringing back any memories? Been a while since the family has been together like this.”
“Kaen Juu Teiru Tategami the second! How can you talk like that at a time like this! We're at war brother! You're so naive! Don't embarrasses us! ...Again. ...But you are right. Memories it does bring, no question.”
Ty turned and shot a few rounds at a Creature. It fell screaming and clawing at it's face. Ty's bullets were unusual kind, made by his kind and far more superior than an average bullet. A.K.A. They hit a hell of a lot harder and better. Plus Ty could manipulate the bullets to slow down, speed up or even explode on impact. Not very big, but enough to blow a creature or mans head up.
“Ah shut up.”
Kaen growled as he swiped at another Thing. He shivered and gagged.
“Look, just concentrate on killing these Things okay? They stink, taste bad and are stating to piss me off. And when will these humans get it through there thick skull that we're not here to fight them?”
“I could say the same to you baby bro.”
“I'm at least 560 years old now! Would you all stop with that crap!”
“Your language hasn't improved.”
“Your point?”
Ty sighs heavily and says point blankly.
“It's fine and stuff around friends and this type of situations in all...but could you at least attempt to tone it down a bit when your in front of important people.”
“What? You talking about those old bags again? And the snooty wanna-never-gonna-be's mom and dad have over all the time? And who the hell do you think you are, lecturing me in the middle of a war? Were you not just the one who said it isn't the time for this? Plus I'm not a kid anymore.”
“Oh! Right, you're a big kid now!”
Kaen sliced open his opponent and jumped for Ty while snarling.
“Shut the hell up!”
Ty moved to the side and grinned. Another Large cat like creature walked between the two as Ty said mockingly.
“Go on! Give me ya best shot!”
He stood like a man, this newcomer, but it was obvious he wasn't. He stood tall, straight back and square shoulders with a uniform covered in some pins and medals. It was wrinkle free and didn't even have splash of blood on it. He shed his sword after cleaning it with a cloth strapped to his belt. Kaen rolled his eyes and groaned.
“Well lookie here, its me older twin, Degara. Steal that name off Naruto did ya?”
Degara gave Kaen a stern glance and said.
“Enough Kaen, and no. Did you steal your name off an ass?”
“What? Why you- of coarse not!”
“Really? Cause you look like one-and you're acting like one.”
Ty snickered.
“Both of you. Now get your acts together before I make you.”
Kaen stuck out his tongue in disgust and make a spiral rotation of his finger at his head while pointing at Degara's back with the other. Ty grinned and started to laugh. Degara turned and Kaen quickly put his paws behind his back.
“You have something to say to me?”
Kaen opened his mouth but instead of him speaking another voice came from behind them.

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