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The Last Tategami (This comes after the last part of the TLT ive written. so plz dont spoil it yet!)

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“Alright, alright, I get all of it, okay!?...Can I at least have your name?” The lion snarled but grumbled “The names Kaen: Juu Teiru Tategami, the second, But my friends just call me Juu Teiru.” The boy says “Uh...yea whatever. I'll just call you—Fluffy?” Kaen turns and growls. The boy backs away with a grin and says “-Okay! How about...Simba?” Kaen rolled his eyes. Continuing the boy adds.
“Oh wait, you'll love this! F-” Kaen puts a tail over the boys mouth. His eyes burned like fire as he scanned the area. The boy removed Kaen's tail from his mouth and hissed.
“Hey! What was that for!? And whats going on? Why-” Kaen shoved the boy's head down along with his. Some voices up ahead grew louder. Kaen whispered in the boy's ear.
“Stay down and shut up!” Kaen peeked over the mound of earth. There were 2 guys, brothers most likely. Kaen looked closer. The one on the left wore a hide of what seemed to be a wolf pelt. A quiver full of arrows was swung across his shoulder while in his right hand he held a finely crafted hunting bow. The rest was just a simple
pair of old, worn-out boots, some tattered brown camo pants and a white t-shirt. The guy to his right had similar boots, a knife jutting in-between side of his foot and shoe. Another long knife was at his side, almost like a short sword. He had on dark blue jeans with a black t-shirt. Like his brother he wore a wolf pelt (white) like a vest. His brother wore his on his shoulders, draped sort of like a poncho on the back and in the front it tied at his chest. Back to the guy with the darker clothing; his hair was cropped (like a marine hair cut) and brown. His brothers’ was long and blond. It stood up and made three wave like spikes. The tip of the front wave came down a bit in front of his eyes, the other two just layered after. The brown head wore throwing knifes like a sash on both shoulders, crisscrossing. The knife’s hung in a (most likely) leather bind. He was slightly buffer than his companion, no mistake. Either way you looked at them, they looked like a bad bunch to get caught up in. Kaen pulled his head down.
“There are two males. Both probably around or older than you, but only by a little. Looks like there hunting. Our best bet would be to just avoid them all together. All we have to do is-” Kaen broke off when he turned his head and noticed the boy was no where to be seen. He muttered to himself.
“I feel like such an idiot! I take my eyes off the little pain in the ass for five minutes and already he’s doing something stupid! What have I gotten myself into this time…!?”
The boy walks out in front of the mound of dirt and waves his hands while muttering under his breath. The two hunters don’t see him. The boy then decides to climb on top of the mound and yells while waving his hands again.
“Hey! You two! Over here!!!” An arrow whizzes through the air and nicks the boys left ear and takes some hair with it. Quickly he scrambles back over the mound.
“You idiot! What the hell is going on in that thick head of yours?! Why I-” Kaen stops as he hears shouting and a soft scuffle of boots race across the heavily forested area towards them. Kaen transforms into a regular lion (you know, only one tail?) as quick as he can and jumps onto of the mound. He roars three feet away from both the boys’ faces. They remain frozen, but only for a second. The blond knocks an arrow and the brown head pulls out a nasty looking knife (the one by his side).
“Ooops… okay new plan!” He turns tail and the boy asks while following closely.
“What is it?
“That’s your plan!? Let’s stay and fight! We can take ‘em!”
“Heh, knock yourself out kid, but I’m sticking to my plan.” Another arrow flies past the boys head. A knife gets Kaen in his right shoulder. More fly by, hitting the boy in a leg.
“Get Up!” Kaen snaps. The boy collapses back down as quickly as he tired to get up. Kaen picks the boy up in his jaws and swings him onto his back.
“Hold on, were taking a short cut!” Suddenly Kaen takes a sharp left. The boy tires to grab onto some of Kaen’s fur and the chain around his neck.
“H-hey-what-are-you-doooooiiinnnggggggg…!” The boy yells as they jump over the falls.Water rushed from the cliff, hitting jagged, jutting rocks which sat in a small river below. A dragonfly flies over and around the lily-pads near the bank. It moves away, doing a double somersault in the air as a frog hops onto the lily-pad. He croaks and soon more start to. Crickets chirp along to the sound. The soft hum of the dragonfly’s wings along with sound of the wind as it softly whispers through the small army of cattails. Fish play, jumping in and out of the water. Birds fly over head, singing to the music. A deer kneels down to drink the cool, refreshing water. Her fawn races ahead, splashing playfully. Suddenly the area explodes with screaming. The deer and her fawn run away into the thicket. The frogs go under water; the birds fly away and the dragonfly’s retreat into the cattails. Seconds later the water erupts with a huge splash. The water shoots over ten feet into the air and falls back down like rain. Then there was silence once more. The deer and her fawn step out cautiously from their hiding spot. A frog raises his head, a lily-pad sitting on his head. The dragonfly’s came out and a few birds hopped near the water and circled the sky. The frog croaks. The water shoots up once more, sending everyone fleeing. Kaen rises up from the water, gasping and looking for the boy. The boy pops up behind Kaen and starts to laugh. Kaen looks at him.
“What’s the matter with you?” Kaen hissed while glaring at him. The boy chokes back.
“What’s the matter with me? You’re the one with the frog on your head!” Kaen looks up, the frog croaks then jumps back into the river. They both start laughing.
“Alright now, let’s find a place to recover for the night.” The boy stands up shakily and salutes saying.
“Yes sir!” His face and posture remains in tact as he slowly falls back. Kaen rolls his eyes as he watched the boy fall into the water, still in his pose. ‘What did I get myself into!?’
The boy rings up the last of his cloths and puts them by the fire on a make-shift rack. He’s left only wearing his white t, his boxers and the little bag on his shoulder. Kaen comes in, holding food in his mouth. He drops it by the fire and walks over to the corner of the cave.
“Alright! Food! What’d you get?”
“Does it matter? It’s meat, so shut up and eat.”
“…Raw?” Kaen turns his head and growls.
“Yeah, raw…what the hell do you think? You have fire! Sheesh…” The boy shook his head. He’d learned to keep his mouth shut, but he was tempted so bad right now to say something. Kaen then shakes really hard and fast like a dog. Water splashes everywhere.
“H-hey! Watch it!” The boy laughs. Kaen grins but stops. The boy sets the food up around the fire to cook. Kaen starts to lick himself dry.
“Dude…that’s disgusting!” Kaen only ignores the boy, but he then stops and snaps.
“Pay attention! You’re burning the food!” The boy looks at the food.
“No it’s not…oh my God! Your tails are on fire!” Kaen huffs.
“Yeah…right. As if I haven’t heard that one before! What do you take me for? Stupid? If I was on fire I think I’d know!” The boy points to his tails on the far left. Kaen yells as he jumps up, running in circles.
“AAHHHH! PUT IT OUT! NOW!” The boy laughs, holding his stomach and leaning slightly back on the stone slat.
“Ha, ha, ha! You should see yourself!” Kaen’s other tails start to catch on fire. He yelps and runs out of the cave and jumps into the river. He sighs as steam and smoke rise up around him. The boy jumps into the water.
“Uh…yeah, I do think you’re stupid!” Kaen growls and splashes some water at the boy. The boy stands up and splashes Kaen. Soon the two started to throw a few playful punches. Not long after that, they started to wrestle. The boy jumped onto Kaen’s back and slid down ff him, towards his head, grabbed his neck and held him. Kaen tried to wiggle free of the head lock. He lit a little bit of fire which in turn caused the boy to let go. Kaen didn’t waste a second. He swung himself behind the boy and before he could blink, Kaen slipped his arms under the boys and locked them at the back of the boy’s head. A.K. A. the master lock.
“Ha, ha! I’d like to see you get out of this!”
“Okay!” The boy replied as he brought his foot up behind him. Kaen went cross-eyed and let go, sliding back as he said in a squeaky voice.
“Good one…” The boy laughed. Kaen opened an eye. He then pounced on the boy and pinned him (face up so he could breath) and taunted.
“Not so tough now, huh?” The boy squirms and says.
“Yeah? You just wait till I’m free!”
“Far chance in that! Still think I’m stupid?” The boy smiles
“Yep.” Kaen roars.
“WHAT!? Why you little- ahh!” An arrow

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