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The Last Tategami! part 12

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1The Last Tategami! part 12 Empty The Last Tategami! part 12 on Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:34 am

Kaen shoved boulder and rock after boulder and rock. He didn't know why or what, but he had to get in there. He just had too! It was almost like he was possessed. Ty rode up nearby to his brother. He watched as Kaen frantically tried to dig an opening in the caved in tunnel. His tail and whiskers twitched with frustration. Ty dismounted his horse and went to place a paw on his bro's shoulder. Kaen snapped at him and quickly resumed what he was doing. Ty flinched in confusion. 'What is happening to Kaen? Should I get the others?' His worry was overcome by irritation.
“Damn it Kaen! Your coming with me if I have to drag you back kicking and screaming!”
Kaen flicked his right ear and didn't show any other signs that he heard or cared. Ty grabbed the iron collar and pulled. Kaen slowly moved but then pulled back, the whole time still digging.
“Now you listen here Kaen-!”
Ty yelled, Kaen turned, flames engulfing him and his brothers hand.
“NO, you listen here! If your gonna bother even trying to help, get off your lazy ass, grab a shovel and
Using one of his tail Kaen picked up a nearby shovel and slammed it into Ty's chest. Ty just gasped and sputtered stupidly. He was frustrated, worried, confused and slightly embarrassed all at once. Kaen said still looking at his brother.
Ty stiffened up and held the shovel tighter.
“Ah hell, I'm in. But once I dig this damned hole, tunnel, or whatever this is you're coming with me!”
Ty slammed the shovel into the ground and grumbled while throwing piles of dirt and rock over his shoulder.
“Little brat, not even listening to a word I”
Kaen spat over his shoulder while poking his nose into a small gap causing him to sneeze.
“What are you over there mumble'n about?” He shoveled out a good deal of the brownish-red colored earth and slithered in more of his body into the tight space. His broad shoulders was enough to widen the hole. He then saw the boy, a small pool of blood surrounded him, along with some rubble and dirt. Other than the few drips of blood from his mouth and the heavy breathing of Kaen, there was no other sound or movement.
“Hey! I found something!”
Kaen yelled, while banging his head on a low part of the cave.
“What about a muffin?”
Ty yelled back. Kaen groaned and said louder, his ears ringing from the echo.
“I said I found something!”
Kaen was shoved into the small area and his head landed heavily against the wall. Ty entered cautiously and looked at the boy.
“More like someone...”
“Well come in by all means!”
Kaen snapped rubbing his aching head and standing up.
“Right in the same spot too you lousy mother f-”
“Kaen look!”
Ty pointed to the boy. Kaen walked up beside Ty and looked as well.
“Huh...? What?”
“Don't you see it?”
Ty leaned forward, his left hand wrapped around a tree root, his other hand pointing at the boy. Kaen blinked.
“His hand Kaen, his hand! It moved! I think he's still alive.”
“What? That can't be...he's just a mere human-”
“No! I swear I saw him move! Just look!”
“Your full of it, you know that? There's no way that he could...have....move-”
Kaen stopped. The boys' hand twitched a little then slowly closed into a fist. He scrunched his eyes tightly along with his hand, the other crushing a ball of dirt as he groaned loudly. His head swiveled back and forth, his heels dug into the ground and kick. He bolted up and screamed, his eyes full of terror.
“NO, Kira! ….no....”
He then fell back and went limp once more. Ty turned to Kaen with a smug look on his face as asked after watching the spectacle.
“Believe me now?”
“Aw shut the hell up!”
Kaen growled turning to his brother.
“I'll wipe that stupid look off your face if you-”
Ty turned and said
“So what now?”
Kaen froze, his eyes twitching as Ty went over and bent down near the boy. He picked up the boys hand and let go, watching it smack into the ground while he rubbed his chin. Kaen screamed, foam coming out of his mouth and fire spilling from his body.
“Oh you fricki'n ass hole! You weren't listen to a damned word I said! I'm gonna kill you-u!!?? ...AAAAAAHHHH!!!!”

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