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The Last Tategami! part 2

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1The Last Tategami! part 2 Empty The Last Tategami! part 2 on Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:45 pm

'M-man...I-I got to get out of here! -no, I have to help!! I-they...argh, I'm going to prove them all wrong! I can help! I'm not some worthless piece of shit or a freak!' A boy thought as he crouched behind a boulder. He pulled his mask a little higher over his face. He cursed under his breath. He knew his face was in that form again. One of the few reasons people hated and feared him. 'It wasn't my fault! And besides, shouldn't I be judged by my actions not misfortune … how to put it. Hmp. I don't know! I was born with it! What am I suppose to do!? Go back in time!?' He thought miserably as he ducked from some derby. It was a car door, melting slightly as it flew by. The boy quickly shifted position. The liquid that flew off the door just missed him. It sizzled and hissed as It sunk into the ground and ate away at a few rocks. The boy shivered. 'Sick bastards! I don't know what the hell they are or what they want but one things for sure! They can't have it! Not while I'm here!' His dark, fiery hair fell over his eyes. 'Man...I need to get a hair cut! Ah, what am I doing! Worrying about a thing like that at a time like this! ...Of line of sight could be affected. Hmm...well it won't be perfect, but it'll have to do.' He grabbed his bangs with one hand and a dagger with another. He held his breath and closed his eyes. His blade pressed against his hair. With a quick and firm jerk his hair fell limp in his hand. He dropped it and wiped his hand on his blood and dirt stained camo pants. He repeated this till his hair was mostly cut at least down to an inch an a half. It was rugged and matted but still... He stood up and dusted his pants and jacket off. He wore a white t-shirt underneath a sleeveless dark gray jacket. The tips stood slightly pointed as the end of the shoulders. His collar stood up as well. It split open between his collar (in front of his chest/white T) about 4/5 inches down. On his right shoulder he had a small bag strapped containing simple first aid, toothbrush, fishing line and some lantern oil. He stomped his boots in the ground. They were brown, steel toed mountain boots. Over all, his clothing sort of blend into the forest, but in this terrain made by the Monsters, he stuck out like a sore thumb. Like-like, white on black. Or, get my point. The boy jumped up and raced over to a tree and quickly climbed up it. He hung on as it started to swing, bending this way and that. He was almost sure it would snap. But thankfully it didn't. He whispered a thanks and looked down as the dust settled. It was a tank that had flown by. He saw one of those Things come over the twisted heap of metal. It was chasing a man with only one leg. He ran or hopped backwards while firing at the ugly Things snout like face. It screeched setting the gun into a firing frenzy. Then suddenly It stopped then the gun split and the man to fell on his back, clutching his burnt hand. The Creature hovered over him. The man put up an arm in helpless defense. The Creature screamed its victory scream and went in for the kill. The mans face turned with fear and disgust. He tensed and watched, shaking. The Creatures fangs extended and it went to strike. The man flinched and opened an eye a few seconds later. Blood shot out across the man and Creature. He gasped and his eyes wavered. The Thing fell to the side and the man saw a hand. The boy snapped
“Well!? Are you just going to sit their gaping like a frick'in idiot or take my hand!?” The man still stared in horror.
“Who...who are you?”
“It doesn't matter! I just saved your life you ungrateful bastard! Sheesh! I would imagine people would accept help when they were offered it, especially at a time such as this!!”The boy relaxed a little as said in a tight yet some how soft voice.
“Are you alright?” The man only nodded and mumbled. He grabbed the boys hand and rose to his only foot. He gasped and doubled over. Quickly the boy held him as the man grabbed onto his jacket and buried his head on the boys shoulder. The boy sat him down on top of what was left of the tank and examined his missing leg. He shook his head.
“Ho-how bad is it?” The man asked, scrunching his eyes against the bright sun that dappled through the remaining trees. While digging in his pack and snapping a large branch in half the boy replied hastily.
“...You'll live. I'm sure of that. Now here, bite down on this and just bare with me. I don't have any type of medicine left for this kind of injury, so you'll have to just deal with it.” The boy handed the man the short bit of stick. The man did as instructed.
“Do you have a belt?” The man sat up a bit.
“Damn it dude! Neither of us have time for 20 questions, do you or do you not have a belt!?” Gulping the man nodded. The boy waited as the man took it off and gave it to him. Quickly the boy set to work and carved with skill to the 2 sticks.
“Okay, brace yourself!” He said as he got the belt and strapped it tightly right about the stub of the leg.. The man screams were muffled. Hot tears streamed down his face and his head swam. He blinked a couple of times. Looking at the boy he said with some suspicion.
“I-I think I do know who you are...yes! I remember!” The boy backed up a little.
“Your the freak! What the hell are you doing to me!? SOMEBODY HELP!!!-” The boy hit the guy in the back of the head. The man fell back and passed out. The boy quickly looked around and sighed when he saw no enemy's. The boy had already anticipated this and had began to stitch up the wound a little with a some of the cloth he ripped from his white t-shirt like a patch with great speed. Then he took the soldiers jacket and using the 2 sticks, made a makeshift carrier and gently placed the man on it. The boy bit savagely at a a red stick. He spat out the piece and held the open end up towards a clear passage in the sky. The flare shot into the air. The boy retreated back into the trees, grabbing a gun from a dead soldiers body. The boy watched from the trees, ready to cover the guys back in case something other than help came. 'They''re all alike...' The boy thought, trying hard to keep in his pain as it tried to spill out his eyes. He stopped and looked. There it was again. A faint rustling sound. He craned his neck and pulled the guns top half back. It made a soft click. He aimed it and felt his heart beat faster and faster. It rose to his throat. He couldn't breath, but he waited, unmoving. He didn't even dare try to blink or breath (even if he could have). Three men came out and rushed over to the one legged man. The boy sighed and pulled the gun up to his chest. One of the men stopped and looked back at the tree the boy was in. The boy watched, hoping the man couldn't or wouldn't see him. The man didn't however and moved on. The three men gawked for a moment at the man. They were surprised to see him fixed and ready rather than bleeding helplessly like so many others they had seen. One man led as the other two, holding the injured soldiers carrier, trotted after. Once they were gone the boy jumped down from the tree. He grinned. It wasn't much, but he'd done it. ...he'd saved a life!

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