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The Last Tategami! part 13

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1 The Last Tategami! part 13 on Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:35 am

Kaen screamed while his paws clamped over his mouth and nose, a bit of red trickling through his fingers and down his chin. Ty rolled his arm and a popping sound was made. Ty then grabbed his jacket and cleaned his hand free of the blood. He grinned while turning his back to Kaen and looking at the boy once more.
“It's a shame I don't wear a shirt..could have been easier to hide than on my favorite jacket. Anyhow Kaen, you do realize we have a problem on our hands now, don't you? Can you act 200 years old some other time? You wanted this...this human so much for God knows what, so your going to at least help me get it out of here.”
“There's that stupid smug look on your face again!”
Kaen stopped and slowly turned his head to the right. Ty grinned, showing off a fang as he stood right behind his brother, his claws embedded into Kaen's right shoulder. Kaen gulped and felt sweat slide down his face as Ty said quietly.
“I may ignore you sometimes Kaen my friend (his claws dug in deeper into Kaen's shoulder, causing him to flinch)...but YOU DO NOT IGNORE ME! Now, repeat what I've just said before all this!”
‘How did he move so fast? He was like, on the whole other half of the frick’n cave!‘ Kaen thought while swallowing heavily and saying.
“Y-you it have to be word for word?”
Ty dug his claws in deeper.
“Don't get smart with me boy!”
“Damn now you sound just like my father!”
Kaen said in disgust as he ducked down, tearing free from his brothers grasp and kicking Ty low in the stomach. Ty flew into the wall, a huge hole engulfed him, only showing his hand with some of Kaen's fur and blood still stuck in the claws. Kaen's tails blazed wildly, his eyes casting over from their colorless, clear likeness into a shade of multiple colors, all flaring around each other much like the fire around him. His fangs and claws grew longer, a brighter almost white fire twining around them and his somewhat spiky mane. It spilled from his mouth as well, like a toxic and deadly gas. The scar on his face grew bright then darkened. Kaen lifted a paw and pulled at the scar until it came out. As every inch of it came off, it became 3-D. At first it looks like a black and red lightening bolt. He scrunched his eyes and roared in pain, blood squirting, outlining where the scar was. Kaen put both his paws on the 'scar', on holding it up right towards the bottom the other cupping the butt end. Soon the scar came to life, flaring and splitting into three, then seven, then finally ten wicked looking lines. It resembled his tails perfectly, each swishing at the same time and place as his real ones. Kaen grabbed one of the mini tails with the paw that was holding the butt of the scar. Kaen grinned and squeezed onto the tail like figurine tighter as he bunched up his muscles, preparing to pull. A hand popped out of the hole and soon two feet came with it. Ty pulled himself up and placed a hand on his knee as he bent over and coughed up some blood. 'When it comes down to brute strength ...Kaen ...Baby bro or not...he takes it all...if only his temper-wait, what!? I-is he really? I've got to stop him! Damn his temper! Damn, damn, DAMN!!!'
Kaen snapped his head right at his brother. Ty flinched, his arm rose to his face. 'His eyes! They're actually burning into me! Since when could he-no not the time!'
Kaen blinked. 'Good, he can still hear me.'s a powerful and dangerous thing...' Ty stood up and took a step forward to Kaen.
“What do you think your doing Kaen Juu Teiru Tategami the second! Using such an advance attack in a small quail with your own brother! Have you finally lost it!?”
Kaen's left ear twitched and his whiskers flickered a little as a drop of water fell on his nose. 'Good, he's cooling least enough to where water can touch him. I just got to keep him from unleashing his first tail...damn Kaen, you really don't have the best timing do you? Grr, that's it, what do I do? I've never dealt with this kind of thing's not my area of expertise! No-not the time to belittle myself! I'm the middle child, well close enough, so I've got to show my younger sibling a thing or two about this! Or he'll kill not only me but the boy as well! Then his fate will end up in the hands of the elders and then he'll be-he'll be....'
“KAEN! Listen to me! I need you to relax! Lets start with something simple. How about we both put our hands to our sides and talk this out like real civilized people!”
“Since when have we ever been people? And when have I ever been civilized? Really should know better...” Kaen grinned, his own teeth piercing his bottom lips, causing a few small lines of blood to dribble down as he grimaced. Ty felts waves of cold sweats throughout is whole body. 'I've never felt this-this....this scared before in my life! And I'm at least 1,250-something years old! you really hate your dad so much? It's true how you were the only one in the family born with a different father...and it's true he's always been unbelievably cruel to you...but still...he is your own flesh and blood. I guess it's because of that time...the time when Kaen, my brother, was a regular gentle man, with every meaning of the word. Oh he loved that girl very much. He was still a little ruff around the edges but he always no matter what, curved his tongue around her. He even showed a kindness and somewhat sweet manner...completely out of his character. He would and did anything he could for her, things we couldn't even get him to do at home. What was that gals name? Stormy? Stiffy? Something with an S...-'
“Her name was Stella remember brother? She owned that animal shelter-”
'Wh-what!? Ho-how could let my guard down!....' Ty laughed and said leaning against the wall, right next the the huge gap.
“I forgotten all about that brother. Of coarse only your ninnin nakaba and those that have the same blood that runs through your veins can hear and talk to one another through thoughts. But almost all can block and shield his or her thoughts...I guess since I never gave much thought into it, I let it slip. But I see you remember. And yes brother, I do remember. She was quite...beautiful...and so very kind. It was a shame what happened...that day so many, many years ago. But it's gone and done with now! There's no helping it! Just let it go!”

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