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The Last Tategami! part 14

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1The Last Tategami! part 14 Empty The Last Tategami! part 14 on Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:35 am

“NEVER! I'll never let it go! And I'll never forgive that heartless BASTARD! HE'S NOT MY FATHER! HE NEVER WAS!” Kaen screamed, his fur burning and the patches of his skin that showed bubbled under the intense heat. 'No...crap! He's even more in rage than before! us...'
“I remember it all so if it happened yesterday. I remember...i remember it everyday, of every minute, of every second! I can't believe you even have the nerve to think that I'd ever let that go! She was my best friend! She was yours too damn it! She was nice to all of us, never harmed a fly! She's always been that way!she never cried in front of us, she never fought unless it was to defend and she could make anyone fee good no matter what had happened. She was in all ways a saint...and she was murdered! Right in front of my eyes! BY MY OWN FATHER!-”
Ty bowed his head but quickly looked up at his brother and said firmly.
“Look, I know how you feel-”
Kaen stopped altogether and looked at his brother. His hands fell to his side. His fire changed from an extreme rush into a faint flicker around his body. Ty couldn't meet his brothers eyes, so he turned his head. Kaen stumbled to get closer to his brother.
“Y-you you were...there. . .? B-but when...when I...the trial said...”
“I KNOW WHAT I SAID KAEN! But the truth is...I saw it happen too...I was passing by when I heard a scream. I smelt the blood, I felt the fear, and the-the...point is I found where it was coming from. I saw you and Stella and thought nothing of it...until...i saw him. After that I saw it all...i felt so sick, so cared...I-I-...” Ty squeezed shut and his fist clenched. Kaen dropped the scar in his hands, the second it touched the ground it vaporized and reattached itself piece by piece onto his face as he stepped right up to his brothers face. He then grabbed Ty and lifted him off his feet, Ty's back slammed to the wall and Kaen hissed.
“Tell me every last detail.”
Ty looked at Kaen, his eyes full of hurt, confusion and rage. Ty sighed heavily.
“Where to start...?”
“From the beginning... would be nice...”
Kaen and Ty sat back to back, about three feet from the boy's body as the looked at him.
“I-I you really couldn't say just would have complicated matter and maybe even made things worse.”
Ty grunted. He scribbled in the light layer of dirt with the stick he had as he said softly.
“You know...she could still be alive Kaen-”
“Stop! Stop right there...we both saw it. You know that's impossible...don't put such thoughts in my head.”
“But they never found her body-”
“Of coarse not! Could you in that mess?”
“N-no...but and I both know I didn't plant that thought in your head. You've thought about it all on your own. You just can't bare the fact that she might be somewhere and you can do nothing. I suppose thinking her dead is somehow easier.”
Kaen hissed but said nothing. It was true and he knew it.
“How can you say that? Like you could have any idea-”
“Kaen. Brother... you never were a very good lier...but you rarely lie. It's one of your best qualities...but you do tend to take it too far sometimes...”
Kaen huffed.
“You're one to talk brother!”
Ty smiled and stopped moving the stick.
“Yes...your certainly right about that.”
They sat in silence.
Kaen looked up and sniffed the air and twitched his ears while he muttered.
“I don't hear or smell anything outside unusual...must be over.”
“So what about the boy?”
“He's different from the others. After examining I found some different qualities than one would usually not find on a 'human'.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well Kaen, how many humans do you know that has a tail?”
Kaen looked at his brother, his eyes flaring as Ty said still staring at the stick.
“Yes brother. This isn't a human. Well a full human. It- he could even be...”
“You don't mean?...Could it really be?! But they said...”
“ is defiantly hard to tell, but how else could you explain coming here? Of all places and times? The feelings and the desperation you felt to find him. To free him and save him.”
“But I didn't even-”
“I know that, but Kaen. Despite it all, he could be your ninnin nakaba.”
Kaen stood up.
“T-that's impossible! I'm not of full birth! I haven't the right to a ninnin nakaba! I-I-the experiment by my father-”
Ty stood up and said taking his brothers shoulders firmly.
He looked at Ty.

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