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The Last Tategami! part 15

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1The Last Tategami! part 15 Empty The Last Tategami! part 15 on Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:38 am

“I know you're confused. But shouldn't you be happy? You thought you'd never get a chance to be like us. I know you've almost completely accepted it. It wasn't hard to tell you still wished it. I know. I saw you watching us train with ours. As we progressed in other worldly matters and becoming one with one another (the ninnin nakaba's) and such, you only progressed in your strength and temper.”
Kaen huffed and looked away. He then returned his gaze, firm and steady to his brothers.
“Can't you see you have that chance now? A chance to finally get what you want?”
“A human has nothing I want or could ever want. Plus you know what I want. And it has nothing to do with your stupid tradition and power stance...”
“Look Kaen! Like it or not, you're my brother, forget about the small differences! Our mother is part of the same line as well! Can't you see what's lying before you!? Take it Kaen! For once in your life grow up and do something for yourself other than mope! Your 560 years old now! A teen for Pete's sake! Will you please just trust me?”
“I don't know if-”
“Then if you can't-take the boy before he dies to the elders. They'll know what to do.”
“Yeah, they'll know what to do...”
Ty slapped Kaen right across the face. Kaen blinked in confusion and slowly touched his red face. It stung to the touch. Ty turned his head and huffed.
“Damn're stubborn, you know that? It's just as well-”
“AHHAHA!! You hit like a GIRL!!! AHAHAAAAHAHAAA!!!”
Ty stopped, irritation swimming trough him like poison. He stood up and snapped, a fist an inch from his brothers face.
“You run that by me again!?”
Kaen stopped laughing and put his fist close to his brothers and sneered.
“Yeah... You-Hit-Like-A- GIRL!”
“Wanna test that out!?”
“Go on, give it your ALL...”
The two brothers leaned, leering at one another with evilly looking smiles, teeth bared, claws out ,and each bunching their muscles as their tails, ears, and whiskers quivered with anticipation. With a roar from each the lunged for each other. Dirt became dust and the silent enclosure became an all out battle, with hisses, falling rocks and the crashing into the rocky walls ringing through not only the cave but the earth around it.
'Whats...this I dead?' The boy winced and looked at his hand then chest. His gaze was fuzzy but he was sure it was him. His gaze was fuzzy but he was sure it was him. 'Who are these people I keep hearing? What has happened? I-I need to continue fighting! For the families here! For Kira! I got to get up! I-I can’t just sit around…I must fight…I-must…fight!’ The boy places a hand on the ground and tried to push himself up. He made it about 4 cm off the ground before his body became such a wracking fit he had to drop back down. The little jolt sent lightning bolts of pain throughout his whole body. He gasped and felt some blood fly out of him. He bent over slightly. His left hand was almost completely limp. It was like when your foot fell asleep and before you felt that weird tingly feeling, only there were two fingers he could feel. ‘Must be broken or something…okay...what works?’ The boy lifted his right arm up. ‘It hurts bad, real bad; but pain was good, it means it’s still there and mobile. More importantly it meant I’m still alive.’ And one by one he checked himself in a slow, grueling process. Kaen and Ty didn’t even notice, still being jacks and wrestling about the place.

(well thats it for the moment...does anyone else thin kean has family issues? *sts down and poners*hm...hh. too bad u cant see th pics i drew! and the lttile comics, u'd get to know te characters bete.r by the way, the boy has a nme. but uwont learn it yet. but heck, i'll tel u!)

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