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me random stranger...fear me...grr...rarwr...uh..plz go away now

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hmmm..what ot say? oh! i know! lets mix it up a bit!
T-oo hard to do
R-oaring awseom
I-ndevidual ideas
E-rasing boundries
S-pecial (heh)

how do u like them apples!? haha, ya im sorry...i gave it a shot, didnt quite turn out as well asi hoped...bleh...

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Haha, I like it!
I think it's awesome.
Very Happy

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Heh, thanks! *rubs back of head and grins* man things have taken an intesting turn. things are starting to be like they use to.... well the animal part. going to go see if Reds out there (the white and orange cat) and maybe even se if the squirl (my sis named her Sandy, lol.) will come out. she's friendly but wont let you touch her. we feed her nutsand penut butter crackers. and this big hawk (i belive) has been flyin around! i hope it comes closer, but i still have to mind my distance, powerful things i must say.... oh and even more random! a butterfly! yeloow! wasn't really even scared of me! seemed to really like my soccerball, lol. must have tohught it was a flower cuz i watched it for a bit (had to move cuz my foot was right next to an ant bed....ouch) but it was tryin to get necter. kind of funny but it was sure persitant! oh right ,well gtg for now! im gonig to hone up on my soccer skills! (plus a break from the computer wouldnt be a bad idea. oh but hey, i ever tell u i taught a dog how to play soccer? enbglsih bull dog pup. was great till her teeth started to grow bigger...then she's pop her tooth in and just carry the ball off. then she got bigger...and more ball, lol. good times though. or the walks with my grandmas biggest gaurd dog, Miely! part collied, soemething like that .2 little bronw dots above her eyes, mostyl black only with a bit of brown and white. she's bigger than me, and my grandma, even her son! and she's sti;; jsut a 2 year old pup!@ i love that dog! she's strong too. brokwe 4 chaisn the year i stayed with them. we'd go for walks in the neighbor hood (it was in GA) last year. i'd drop the chain anbd run and she'd follow and we'd race then when i got winded i'd pick up the chain. mildread of coarse usualy lead us, mostly in the forest. kept other dogs from messing with us or letting us go up to them without them barking. mildreas and old but smart dog. shes 10 years old with the heart of a pup! u should see her run! looks like a bunny in a feild, tail curved lsightly and up, ears boucning high, big old grin! her ears also r like little boat, floating onto of the water hwen she use to g odown to the creek beofre colors was murdered by a neighbor of ours. her pelts black too but when the sun hits her back it looks like a crimson in their. buetuiful. she's brave too, too brave though....she'll chase cars so close, ur see her nose touch the hub caps! she's scares me that dog... but yeah she lead us around that forest and creek. and miley, she pulled me though every danged thron, poison oak/ivy patch there! i had ti alsmot the whole time i was there! was still fun. i taught miley how to drink out of awater bottle to save time andtrips. she's smart dog...she lieks to jump u ptoo but shes just to big so i tuahgt her to lay down and roll on her back so u can pet her bellie. little kins come right up. only time shes mean is when shes on 'duty' as granma puts i. she know here job and onces shes hooked up t te house she knows what to do and trust me, she does it. out of all 4 dogs, when she howls it really does soundlike a owlf. its just someting ud have ot hear. oh the other two dogs r pebblies and bag. pebbles is kind of old too, if human mybe late 20's. so not so old. bags same age as miley. funny little guy, always bossing miley around. he's a small dog! grandma found him on the side of a road in a paper bagwhen she was picking up cans. it was him and a few other pups. he was the only one alive. someone threw them out their and left htme to die...i hate that kind of thing.... but anyhow she took him home. didnt think he'd even make it through the night. stubborn little guy. he lived and still is even know. mix of a docsion and chiuaha. small, black, mosrlty and hyper! lol. he has a little bronw spot of each cheek that looks liek a litle heart. some white on him as well. he goes about as fast as his little tail, i swear! oh and hwen we drive ot tx and back he usuaaly layed up on my granmad shoulders. his head on her left side and his feet hanging off on hte right, like a scarf of sometihng. he loves to lick and play. make a ball with a hole with ur first and tell him 'put ur nose in the hole' and he does then starts ot play bite u. only dog ive ever seen that cna climb up a tree liek a frikin squirl! it pretty fun and cool. andpeblbes if u blow on her face she'll start rubbin her paws up t oher fcace on the ground and rubbing he beliiy and stuff while talking loudly. (well she tihnks she is, lol) oh- wow, i over did it again with the typnig ...didnt i? right then...i'll go for now! maybe next time i'll tellu about (if u want) the time when i got to spend a summer iwht my mom before imoved away to jap for 6 years at my greatgrnadma house when it was still up. over 100s of stray cats and my aunts nursrey and-man, i just loved it there! but right, gtg for now anyway!

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You know what ifind oddly amsuing? This is the site for stories, yet not a SINGLE story has even been submitted in this forum! Due ot site changes, i know it doenst really matter- ha, but you know- i cant but find it amsungin nd sad! i msut fix this...what to d...what to do... CLUB MEMEERS! THINK! I AM STUPID! Ah-scratch that... (stupid[replaced with] ultamatily spontaiusoly smartly aweosme) but i need ur help! EVER WRITERS MUST GET PUMPED! I AM PUMPDED! R U? (some reason, i felt like that was a commercail...)

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