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The Last Tategami! part 3

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1The Last Tategami! part 3 Empty The Last Tategami! part 3 on Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:46 pm

He started to leave the small groove, tossing the gun away aimlessly. He hated the things and preferred his sword over a bullet any day. It just seemed...unsanitary to him. Heck, this whole war did! The stench of rotting bodies, blood, those Things, the gun powder and derby. The sounds or screaming men, Creatures and weapons echoing from every turn. The images that all flowed and played in his mind. Half alive bodies, still twitching and breathing. Infinite superiority that glowed from the eyes sockets of those heartless bastard Monsters. He fell to his knees, squeezing his head in agony as he closed his eyes. He lifted his head all the way so it was facing towards the sky and screamed, his eyes still squeezed tight. A Creature that was feeding on a corpse lifted its head. A few Others nearby did so as well, dropping their bloody prizes. With their terrifying screech, they set after the sound. The boy turned his head and tried to stand up. Too late. The Things were there. There was five of Them.
“Shit-” The boy said just as one of them thrusted It's claws at him. It went right through him. The boy clutched at his stomach. It was a fatal blow, he knew it, but he wasn't about to go down without a fight! Everyone might hate him, but they're was still Kira. Ah...Kira King. The only person who acknowledged him not only as a human but as a friend. His hand went to his side as he withdrew a sword. He didn't remember how or who, but he knew, he just knew it was once his fathers. He rolled to the side, just missing another blow. 'Damn, this really isn't the time for reminiscing. I can't fight all of them, and I won't last long in this condition. ...i still have 1 grenade left. No...not until the end. I'm not going down without taking one of These ass holes with me!' He brought the sword up above his head in an arch and placed it steadily out in front of him. He was slightly crouched, staring at the Creature in front of him. It's snake like tongue ran over Its claws. Its gave a satisfying hissing/purring sound. Its claws clicked. The Others seemed to smirk at the boy. The boy closed his eyes and tried to remember something he once heard. ''Death awaits the over confident'...yes that was it.' He had heard it off a video game he played a while back. He looked at his enemy's now. They were definitely underestimating him. He took a breath and before he even finished exhaling he swung his sword right into the Monsters 'heart'. Greenish goo exploded from its chest. It went screaming to the ground, looking confused. These Creatures couldn't feel fear, but they were gonna get a taste of it. The boy going to make sure of that. His only reason here was that he would finally be known as someone and not something. He didn't even care if he died, no, what he cared about was that everyone knew what he did. That he, like many other brave men and woman out here, fought a fight that couldn't be won. He gulped. It couldn't be won. He jumped then rolled to the side as two of the Things went for him. The 3rd blew that gas at him. The boy grinned. His mask didn't only hide his face when it changed into that animal like muzzle, it also helped him smell what he wanted to smell, and only that. So basically he was safe. The fourth Thing jabbed for the boys heart. He quickly put his sword vertical in front of his chest. The claw glanced off it. Using his strength and the swords blade he twisted the sword around then brought it down, cutting the Things hand off. It screamed and grasped at Its wrist. It's severed hand twitched and moved. The boy stomped on it. He looked up. The two remaining without any injuries (not counting the one who was still trying to gas the boy) charged at him. One went for his left while the Other went behind him. The boy spun on his heals and swung this way and that. The claws and wicked tails that looked like it belonged to an over grown iguana, sliced and slashed out at the boy. The clanging of his sword and Their scaly bodies rang throughout the air, nearly drowning out any other sound. Three inches from one of Their faces the boy and a Creature remained in a deadlock, both staring each other down. The boy swung his leg under the Thing. It fell hard, crashing into the Thing with a missing hand. They tumbled over each other and started a small quail. The one with the worst injures seemed to be the leader of the small group for when it screeched they immediately stopped and looked over. It remained on the ground but lifted a hand shakily and pointed at the boy as he swerved left, back, right, back, back, up, left as two of the Things persuade him. The Others raced to join in. The boy killed off another by turned and slicing it from its left shoulder blade across to its right ear from behind. He kicked the corpse before it fell, causing the two that charged for him to stumble a little. It wasn't much, but it'd buy him a few more seconds to finish off the other Thing that stood before him.
“AAARRRHHHH!!!” The boy yelled as he went into a frenzy. He jabbed 18 times in a second with his sword into the Thing then thrusted it all the way through its middle. It fell screaming. He pulled the swords out and shook off some of the blood. The last two Things came at him, one on his left and the other on his right. He shuddered and slammed his sword into the ground. A heartbeat from him, the boy jumped into the air. A sickening crunch was heard. The boy landed softly in front of his sword. He turned pulled it and slid it back into his sheath. The two Things fell to their knees, both looking at one another in astonishment, their claws buried deep into one another.

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