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Sorry it took so long! The Last Tategami part 16

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The boys eyes we’re still blurry, mostly from the pain and bits of dirt and rock that flew into them when the place exploded. He was also a little out of it, but even so, he even surprised himself at his strength to be able to think clearly despite the pain and damage….or even to be alive for that matter. It only meant one thing to him though. It meant he was able to still fight! He sworn he’d protect this simple town, and of coarse Kira! He wasn’t about to let her down, none of them. After all this he can’t give up, he somehow lived and now he’d been found! With any luck they’ll help him and get him patched up so he can quickly return to the field! He was stubborn, not stupid. Even he knew his injuries would be too much without some source of help. It would certainly be suicide. He tried to blink a couple times, hoping to get some of his sight returned quicker. He groaned, his eyes stinging even worse.
Ty looked over his shoulder, Kaen charging towards him.
Before he turned his head back, Kaen punched him right in the cheek. Ty spun around once then before he fell Kaen brought his knee up into Ty’s stomach, swung his foot around and used his paw to push Ty flat to the ground. Then he pinned him, sneering and gloating. Ty’s eyes water.
“Damn Kaen…get the hell off me, your breath reeeeks almost as bad as you do! Plus you big lut, you’re heavy! And I think the boy woke up! Look!”
Kaen grinned evilly and said.
“True as that may be I believe you on the first parts, but the last I will not fall for! If you think I’m going to let you trick me again, forget it! I won fair and square so you have to say it!”
Ty turned pale and looked at his brother as he quickly said.
“No! No! PLEASE! ANYTHING BUT THAT! And I’m not lying!!!”
Kaen didn’t budge as he said still showing defiance in his steady gaze.
“Read my lips--I-do-not-beli-eve-you!! SAY IT!”
Ty looked around quickly, sweat sliding down his face. He tried to think of something, anything to get out of his situation. ‘Why wouldn’t Kaen listen?! Oh…right…he’s Kaen…that’s why. Stubborn ass hole…how am I going to get out of THIS!?!?! That boy might be able to explain some stuff-wait I think I know what this is all about! Could he possible want to me make a fool of myself because of that little incident long ago back in our training school…?’ Ty said defiantly.
“Listen brother ‘an eye for an eye makes all go blind (‘something like that’)’ What’s the point in this senseless thing? Will you just get the fuck off me and listen to me for five minutes!? This boy is fading slowly as it is! We, yes we, need to stop this idiocy and save him! He could be important as we’ve already established! Plus there’s something about him that confuses me!”
Kaen looked at his brother hard. ‘H-he….he’s not lying…’ Kaen looked over to his side. ‘Could this human really still be alive? After all this? …Is he even a human…?’ Ty struggled and Kaen lifted up a paw as he looked back down at his brother. He grinned and said modestly.
“Sorry…guess I didn’t realize that-”
“That you were standing on my face?!!? The hell you did!”
Kaen nodded and stepped off his brother, his hind foot stepping once more on Ty’s face. Ty growled and sat up, cracking his neck and turning around, glaring at Kaen. Kaen flicked his tails as he walked up to the boy. He peered down at him, still standing on fours. He leaned in, sniffed the boy slightly. The boy made a soft noise and moved a little, but made no other response. Ty came up to his brothers side and looked down at the boy. Ty said while scratching his head.
“I for sure thought I saw a response out of him…maybe--WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING KAEN!?!?!”
Kaen looked up and said as he dropped the boy‘s hand and a foot.
“What…? Well?? What’s got you all worked up…?”
Ty’s eyes twitched as he smacked Kaen across the head.
“Would you STOP messing with him!? You likely to kill him faster!”
Kaen rolled his eyes.
“I’m just checking to see if he really is alive. And where his injuries are. Its kind of hard with all this blood and mud. …Mud? Hey, is it raining?”
Ty groaned and then snapped, a fist held up.
“KAEN! (sighs heavily) This is stupid.”-
“You’re stupid.”
Ty growled and tried to restrained himself ‘What an idiot…’ Kaen huffed. The boy opened his eyes slightly more. It was still blurry but he saw the two figures ahead of him. Well he could defiantly hear them. He said, trying to looking at them but failing.
“W-who are you? What do you guys want?”
Both Ty and Kaen stopped, each of their paws grabbed tight on each other, a fist pulled back and fangs out. Kaen dropped Ty (he’s taller) and went up closer to the boy, his nose almost touching him. He sniffed him and the boy said in a whining voice.
“Dude…what are you doing!? Man you have TERRIBLE breath. Your bro was right…”
Kaen’s eyes went wide and Ty said coming up by them, intentionally stepping (hard) on some of Kaen’s tails.
“You’ve been awake all this time? How much did you hear?”
The boy huffed, still a little shaken.
“Don’t you mean what DIDN’T I hear? I mean seriously…you could wake the dead.”
Kaen mumbled still staring.
“No kidding…I think we did…”
Ty stepped down again on Kaen’s tails. His eyes water and he yelped while Ty said, rotating a hand.
“Well then you know us, but we don’t know you…and I have a few question pertaining to how you got here, why and your…”
“My what?”
The boy hissed. Ty flinched and looked at the boy and his brother. ‘Damn…they really could be each others halves…I wouldn’t doubt it if they were…’ Kaen growled.
“Oops…heh, forgot to put my shield up again…”
Kaen said rolling his eyes and then fixing them on his brother. Ty groaned and knocked Kaen against the head and turned back to the boy. The boy blinked, his gaze starting to fix and become more clear.
“There’s no doubt in my mind you guys are brothers… But listen to me! Please, you must get out of here… if the people see me with strangers they’ll kill me if not worse. They already hate me…”
“I see… well what do you expect from humans? I mean, not many have a tail and other qualities like you do my friend.”
Ty said. The boy went stiff as he slowly turned his head.
“H-how…how did you know about that!? Please, don’t make a big show of it!! I-I …I’m not going to hurt you or nothing! I promise!”
Kaen grinned and leaned, his hands propped on his brothers head.
“Why would we be afraid of you? Hmpf… tail or not tail, you’re no threat to us.”
The boy stared in confusion. His eyes focused and he saw Kaen and Ty for the first time. His eyes went big and he squirmed farther back up the wall. He stammered.
“W-what are you guys!?! I-I thought….I didn’t realize you were…-”
“What? Handsome? Smart? Awesome? …its okay kid, I get that reaction a lot.”
Ty rolled his eyes at Kaen and moved to the side, causing Kaen to fall on his face. He quickly sat and grabbed Ty’s jacket.
“Listen here jack-”
“Would you shut it? Can’t you tell the poor kid is confused and scared?”
“Don’t go tryin to change the subject you-”
“Kaen… just give it a rest…okay? I’m just about bored of your constant comebacks and harsh nature… plus dude…you frickin smell! How many times must I tell you that!? When was the last 100 years you took a shower?”
“Oh ha, ha. Get over it. And it hasn’t been that long!
He starts to count on his fingers.
“O-oh … yeah…you’re right…”
Both the boy and Ty moved back a little looking at each other with the ‘oh dear God’ look. Ty shook his head and smiled as he turned to the boy, ahand stretched out.
“Ty Tategami! The five tails (Go Teiru) of the family! Pleased to meet you kid!”
The boy stared at the paw like hand and slowly reached out to shake it. Ty firmly took hold and shook it as he said good heartedly.
“Come on now kid! Don’t be a stiff! We’re not gonna eat you or nothing! Ha, ha., ha, ha! You we just thinking that now, weren’t you?”
The boy turned slightly red and nodded, returned the firm grip then letting go and turned to Kaen as Kaen said waving a paw loosely while the other held his head and a large root.
“Hey, how’s it going boy? Names Kaen.”
Ty looked at him and coughed.
Ty stared at Kaen moved his eyes and coughed again, harder.
“Fine! Man, you’re more of a stiff than he is! (grumbles) Kaen, Juu Teiru (ten tails) Tategami the 2nd . …Happy now your hind-ass?”
Ty glared and shook his head. The boy grinned. These guys were something else. He liked them already, despite their slight differences. He looked down at his hands, ashamed. So this was how others felt or must feel when they looked upon him? How could he ever expect them to treat him like an equal if he couldn’t do the same? He looked back up at the two brothers as the snapped at one another back and forth. Kaen rolled his eyes and said mocking.
“Oh, grow up Kaen darling, you’re an embarrassment to the family!”
“The hell I said anything like that!”
Ty restored back. Kaen huffed and lazily looked at his brother who was now fuming next to him. Kaen lifted a paw a whacked Ty in the back of the head, making him fall.
“Like I care…”
Ty bolted up and hissed.
“You and your attitude are starting to piss me off! Only you in the whole damn world could tick me off to the limit!! You’re a pathetic waste Kaen! Grow up, learn a few things like manners, and while your at it TAKE A FIRCKIN SHOWER!!”
Kaen smiled slyly.
“That’s what she said.”
Ty stared, frozen, his mouth gaping slightly, a baffled look on his face. It quickly turned red and he roared, the ground shaking.
Kaen stuck out his tongue and did a raspberry in front of his brothers face. A vein popped in Ty’s neck as he pointed yelling louder.
Kaen grinned evilly, releasing his claws.
“Just what I wanted to hear…”
The boy watched them still unsure of how to go about. He still couldn’t really move. He took a deep breath and said.
“Uh hey, look, I know this might not be the best time…but there’s a war going on and I really need to get back out there, so if you two wouldn’t mind fixing me up, I’d appreciate it.”

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