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The Last Tategami part 17

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1The Last Tategami part 17 Empty The Last Tategami part 17 on Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:38 am

Ty and Kaen looked at the boy again, Ty was on Kaen back, holding him in a head lock and pulling his ear with the other while Kaen was pulling hard on Ty’s cheeks and using his tails to try and pull him off. Ty said somewhat muffled and flat.
“Wha-da-ya-wantt to leaves forz?”
“Yeah kid…where the fire?”
The boy blinked stumped.
“But the creatures…”
Kaen grinned and said standing up straight, knocking Ty’s head making them both fall flat.
“Oh them? We got the running for the hills! Well…what’s left of them!”
The boys eyes went big as he leaned forward.
“All of them? By yourselves?”
Kaen rubbed the back of his head.
“Hell yeah! They’re nothing more than a bunch of annoying ticks if you ask me…”
Ty hit his brother and said folding his arms and closing his eyes.
“You dim-wit. You didn’t even mention you’re other kin! We’re all fighting for (he looks at Kaen) Well you know… And you don’t even have the decency to include them in you’re horrific tale!?”
Kaen muttered looking at his brother with partly closed eyes.
“Tale? All I said was we made ‘em run for the hills…. And I did say we, thank you very much!”
Ty sighed and shook his head.
“Yeah but Kaen, he don’t know that! Honestly I don’t know where the hell your mind goes at times! (mutters) if you even have one…”
Kaen’s eye twitched as he growled.
“What’d you say!?”
Both Kaen and Ty looked at the boy.
“Look, are you guys serious? You defeated all those with your family? Could you really be telling me the truth?”
Kaen scratched his head and Ty stared.
“What’s eating you kid? Don’t take my word or something? Take a look for yourself…Sheesh you ask a lot of questions. So long as you don‘t go asking where kids come from, we‘re good.”
“You perverted rat! Don’t go thinking that way!”
“What? I’m just saying, if he doesn’t know now by this point in his life then he’s most likely better off not knowing. Like we need more idiots reproduced out there…”
“You’re one to talk… And I meant the thing you were thinking of saying!!”
Kaen turned slightly red and said.
“Oh…heh, you heard that did ya? Well might as well spill the beans-”
Ty put his hand over Kaen muzzle and snapped.
“Don’t you dare you 560 year old perv!”
“You sound like our mother when she’s talking to dad…”
Kaen said using a paw to slid Ty’s hand off. Both grinned and started to laugh.
The boy tried to stand up and quickly fell against the side of the wall, so he was partially leaning to the right. He weakly grabbed onto a root and pulled. He groaned with pain and using his other hand wiped away a few tears. It hurt so bad…The pain of moving. The feeling of the salty liquid pouring down over his battered and bruised body and face. Every breath felt like inhaling knifes and exhaling felt twice as bad. Kaen quickly went over to the boys side and said while grabbing onto the boys side and moving him to where he was standing straight up.
“Whoa now kid. Don’t push it.”
Kane looked over to his brother worriedly. Ty’s face reflected back. Kaen suddenly cringed with pain and fell down to his knees, still holding up the boy. He growled and roars, his free paw and tails wrapped tightly around his sides. Ty took a step forward.,
“Kaen? Kaen!”
He ran over to his brother side and said looking him over.
“What’s wrong Kaen!?”
Kaen’s eyes misted. He felt as if every bone was crushed, he couldn’t breath, his sight was blurry and watery, every breath hurt and even a whisper felt like a bullet in his now ringing head. ‘C-could this be how the boy feels? My God….how can he bear such pain? How can he even talk or see or even STAND in this kind of condition!? This is one tough little bastard… maybe I should take him to the elders. Well that is if he even makes it that far… we must go now. No… I must do this alone. Elders won’t take lightly into taking a human into their domain… even one as unique as this…’
Kaen blinked and looked up. He could breath, see, hear, and speak again without effort.
“W-what? Well spill it, you dumb ass…”
Ty narrowed his eyes and snapped.
“Yep…that’s nice.
“. . . You didn’t listen to a word I just said…did you?”
“Uh huh…good.”
The boy coughed, blood spurting out. He bent over and wiped his mouth the with back of his hand. He fell over flat on his face. Kaen and Ty flinched. Kaen quickly stood on fours and said.
“Quick, put him on my back, I’ve made my mind up.”
Ty didn’t question Kaen and did as he was told. He grabbed the chain (which was the longest) that hung around Kaen’s huge, iron neck collar and looped it around the boys body like a harness, only it didn‘t crisscross. Next he laid the boy flat across Kaen back. The boys head touch the back of Kaen’s shoulders and his feet were stretched out. Ty then grabbed one of Kaen’s dark, spiky tails and said as he placed it near the boys right foot.
“Wrap around his leg and tie it off at his wrist. Then tightly wrap your other tail on his other foot. I’ll place the little bit of chain that’s hanging off in his left hand. I believe if we do that, he’ll be secured enough.”
Kaen grunted and they quickly finished. The boy groaned and his right foot lifted up in an angle. Kaen quickly restrained the leg, so it remain still in its pose. He had to be careful, he had thrashed a lot when he was on the ground and the terrain to the Elders was torturous. He couldn’t afford the boy knocking him off balance or falling off.
They left the small enclosure and Ty said as he patted his horses muzzle and looked worriedly at his brother and the boy.
“You really going to go through with this…?”
Kaen stared off somewhere and said.
“Yeah. I am.”
“But I thought you didn’t care about humans.”
Kaen turned his head, his eyes still had the faraway look in them.
“I don’t.”
“Then why…?”
Kaen shrugged and looked back.
“I just got this feeling…plus, well I think there might be something up with this kid after all… plus (he grinned and looked at Ty) you were the one who said I should.”
Ty grumbled and folded his arms and he said.
“W-well yeah, I did…but you-look, since when did you ever take any of our words to heart? Huh? Like you ever listened to anyone.”
Kaen walked up to his brother and said with a soft smile.
Ty stumbled and looked at Kaen, completely shocked. Kaen placed a paw on his brothers shoulder and grinned.
“You idiot.”
Ty grinned and placed a hand on Kaen’s shoulder as well.
“Shut it.”
Then Kaen squared his shoulders and nodded. Ty nodded stiffly and Kaen took off. Ty stood by his horse who watched along. Ty turned once Kaen was out of sight. He sighed as he lead Edgar along.
“Crazy bastards going to get himself killed… come on Edgar. We need to be heading back now. There’s no reason for us to remain any longer with the family. Plus, there’s no break from bounty hunting…”
Edgar nodded his head and whinnied
“Yes. I heard our current target is somewhere near The Land of Faia-Fire. Sorry, I get confused at times. Shall we go then?”
Ty nodded and swung onto Edgars back, one hand holding the reins and the other withdrawing a gun.
“Lets go.”

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