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The Last Tategami part 18

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1The Last Tategami part 18 Empty The Last Tategami part 18 on Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:41 am

All the Tategami’s that had gathered to ward off the surprise attack from the (creatures) returned to their solitaire lives and acted as if the small commerce between them had never happened. Well most of them did. Meanwhile, Kaen struggled as he went on to meet the Elders. They lived in his lands on a high mountains landscape, overlooking even the clouds. The going was tough, the terrain was uneasy and the weather was unpredictable, and all the while Kaen had to bear the pain he had, and the pain flashes he felt every now and then from the boy. Yet determined, Kaen made it up to his destination. He went to the Elders and explained the dilemma. They healed the boy and placed him under a spell, so he wouldn’t wake till him and Kaen got off the mountain. The Elder’s told Kaen that before he could be 100% certain that the boy really was his ninnin nakaba he must seek out an old friend of theirs. Kaen’s only thoughts on the matter was ‘Great
…more old bags…’ The Elders did not find this funny however. That said, they decided not to tell Kaen even a hint of where to go. Only that he must seek out his family for help, which in turn made Kaen groan, throw and fit and leave. Just before he was out they warned him to watch the boy, for they have ordered all of Kaen’s family to kill him. Only if he could prove to those he came across that he was serious about his ninnin nakaba, would he truly find the path, get his answers and would his real journey begin. Kaen flicked a tail in acknowledgement and walked out. He secured the boy onto his back and jumped. He made it down a day or so later. The boy didn’t wake up for a while. Kaen kept walking and sighed as he took blind turns this way and that through towns, cities, villages and forest. It was in the forest that the boy awoke. Confused and somewhat frightened the boy demanded to know what was up. Kaen decided only to tell enough to shut him up and get him to corporate. Thus the tale of the Last Tategami begins![left]

The rest of the story picks up on the slide that said soemtihng about a view into the furute or beging ro sometinhg! Alright? i'll type up what i've written later! Man, i only typed up 6-7 pages of the 60 sometihng pages ive hand wrritten rofl! Gonna be a while but i fnally made the beging! what do you think? I tried ot make this story i'm doing somewhat funny as always! i migth need to work on it, but lol, i bleive its alright!, righ?T *cough* right then, going to go help with dinner! bye for now!

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