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Just one of those small simle things to make you smile.

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'oh yes! i got you're back whenever you need it! Count on it! And that goes for all those that ask or need it! So don't be shy! I took my yearly sohwer today, so i shouldn't smell that bad! ...what...? *blinks*
Random?...Maybe. Weird? Definatly!
i have my moments...most blonde
seen it all, done it all, cant remeber most of it.
you say sometihng? cuz all im hearing is Blah Blah Blah
hey! boat boy! hit the deck, i cant see the board (almsot said this one to a boy who was in my way in biology. plus he kept talknig about his boat in a rude kind of matter...)
A True Friend:
I hope I make it through the day so I can be there for you. I hope when I’m there I can help you. I hope when I help you everything becomes brighter and better. I hope when you realize that I’m hear for you no matter what, that you'll do the same. I hope forever and more that you'll be with me and that when we're together the only time you cry is when you're laughing too hard. I hope that you'll find your Utopia and never forget me. And I hope, no matter what, that we'll see each other someday. But until friend...until you realize this, I hope you will smile, laugh, love ,and live, for until that faithful day, I will be doing the same, waiting. Waiting for the day for when a new adventure can begin. And when I can see that big goofy smile one gets when over happy. That crazy attitude, the one where you feel/act as if you’re the only one there and that person. The eyes that sparkle with complete bliss and life. The fast paced stride and endless feeling of energy, the light feeling and relaxed mind. Just being alive-bringing the real you out. Makes you feel completely at one with everything and everyone. Someday we'll all be together, being ourselves, lovin life, and someday... someday we'll find a place to settle down (with whoever you may find that makes your heart sing at the very mention of their name) and remain friends forever. After all...what are BFF's for?'
part of another conversation with a friend. and yes, i made all these up! Enjoy and plz dont use without quoting me! dont have to use my naem, can use either nickname of mine! killer or hit!

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Hey, my Cuzin Candice posted something really cool, and i tohught it was ncie, but kind of made me worry a bit and tihkn (as always, iusualy think very physicloically...dont know wh.y jsut do) ok, here;s what is was

'A gaurded heart will shatter once broken into'

and i wish i had her peaice she made up abotu coffee! the quote above is unknown from who, but hte coffeee was her's and was the BEST THING I EVER READ!!! If one was ot rate it with stars, i'd give her 20! it was perfect in all shapes and froms. from the words used, how itwas wrote and its vpoice, it was all aweosme!--later!

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haha, thats all for now! hope this made you smile!

I apologize for the language in this one


I will admit, some days when i worked as a library assistant, i felt JUST like this

That is the question...isn't it..?

Yes, has anyone lost it?

T-thank God not everyone tihnks like Kapatchi....

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just shared this with Snow! But its my newest quote! You ready? Now imagine saying the first part all fired up, ready to brawl/fight, pointing at whatever guy u may be telling this to, then grin at the end or sometihng! ha, okay? here it is!
'I'm a tomboy-I can kick your (butt) and admire it!'
note i put the word 'butt' in these () b/c the acutally word starts with an a- catch me? But i dont cuse unless in story- but jsut sharing in case u wish to use the word. ha, so what'd u all think? mh?

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