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Christmas Events

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1Christmas Events Empty Christmas Events on Sun Nov 15, 2009 2:15 pm

Ok, so yes, Thanksgiving still has to run it's coarse, I'm flly aware of this...but Chritmas is right around the corner!!!!! So lets all start early on some activities, but shhh, it's a secret we msut work on and you CAN'T share it with anyone, not even a hint (hints okay once Dec 1st) at it. The day of Christmas, before and the week after and before it are all availbable to share and show off! first part to conetest. Best example of Christmas for each letter.

Be creative!

Next is a drawing contest. Try to use our characters we've made! however, all are acceptable (what you tihnk Snow?)
(ps, might be a good idea to run over and repost here their would be looks, u know? just to clear it out. i dont want to mess it up. and im sure neiter would u of anyone else who might want to try.)

another could be share a memory, a tradtion or a wish that you want or do for christmas!!

Next is a role play! alread
y sujested, but sometihng to do with this holiday!! Anything goes, right? right!? hhelp us all get into that christmas spirit! dont forget to post a few of ur favoitre christmas songs in Snow's youtube page!!!

Finally, whats your favorite thinbg aobut chirtmas and why?

Good luck to all and have a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! And all that good stuff

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2Christmas Events Empty Re: Christmas Events on Sat Nov 21, 2009 12:59 pm


It all sounds very existing Hit! I think it sounds wonderful. I don’t have their looks anymore, though. Go right ahead!
I’ll work on the Christmas letter, Kay?
(Or, was that suppose to be a secret?)

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3Christmas Events Empty Re: Christmas Events on Sun Nov 22, 2009 8:18 am

Snow Neko-Chan wrote:Lol.
It all sounds very existing Hit! I think it sounds wonderful. I don’t have their looks anymore, though. Go right ahead!
I’ll work on the Christmas letter, Kay?
(Or, was that suppose to be a secret?)

haha just remebe,r not a word until at LEAST the 1st. not too long now. and save hte vbery best for the week of chrismtas!! justcant wiat! ha, man i knowi cant! but i'm gonna try!!!! oh and lets see. how aobut i put upwhat i recall their looks and u either parove or re-arage those htat might be a little off. *shrugs* no oens perfect. especially meh!!!! haha!!!! *grins ear ot ear* i tihkn 'ill start soem more on the pic right after this! (alreay got Shadow done. its not the best i could do, and i wish i could do evne better than that, but for now, this will be the best of my ablitlites. keep in mind i cant draw people... so i mioght have their faces covered iwth soemtihng. k?)
Black wolf. eye color...? um i supose a green brown or black? older brother, and a real grump with a sense of humor, usually. likes to cook. good big brother but ignores and picks on stamp alot, butthye are close and usualy are found togehter. but he's usaly being annoyed by Stamp. he will go all out for special ocasions (taling evne acting and dressing up, like for cookng he'll wear everytinng that goes with it)

Stamp can have the blue; He has a splash of white on his face. liek he jumped inot a bowl of milk and his paws are white as well. has a stiff tail. but its big and wagges alot. hes a pup, so tihnk small. he loves ot play and never knows when to quit, but is lovbable all the same. is very much the attitude of a 8 year old lil bro.

Rose can be a white kitten with a few splotches of a light brown. eyes can be the color of a pinmkish-red rose. kind of fluffy tail. she's gentle and is very much like the calm leader of the 5 kits. their really isnt a real leader among them. she tihnks quite fast and disbutes qwuals. dont mess iwht her thoguh, her gentlenss can turn into ur worst nighmare. evne so, she is one u can count on ad also enjotys cooking.

zel and mel. twins kits, part of hte five. both are shrot hairs and stripped. a white organe (like garfield) kind on them. zel and mel are bot hextremly curious and are alwyas ruough housing iwht one anotehr and looking fro troulbe. it usualy fidns thme thoguh anyway. they never seme to sit still and have the best sense of humor. wathc out, these kits love playing pranks. so how do u tell the diffrnece betwen this lil bucnhes of fuzz? simple. their eyes. and not to mention ones a dude and oens a girl. they look kind of close but hteir hair is easy ot tell the diffrence. both are a bit ruffled and stiff from playing and getting dirty all the time, but mel's is slightly more smooth. and better kepts. a few nips of zels nose and a claw mark near his tai land hind leg. all from playing. eye colors i forge,t so u can choose whatever, but make them full of life, cuz these two are.

chains. another of the 5. as u can guess, he's fasinated with them and will be senes whearing a bitof it with him in whatever fasion u wish. he has a greyish pelt. its a darker kind of smudge/line that starts front betwene his eyes and on the bakc of his ears all the way down thining as it goes to the tip of his tail. a small part of his tail (where the tip would be) has been bite off by a stray dog that attacked him once. Chaisn has many scares and a rough bakr to match it. he can also be quick to angerand fight. he acts tough and he is, but if u need his help, he'll go along, jsut hope u dot mind his side comments he mutters. he turelly addores his kin nasd loves ot trial along with them nad would and has nealy died for them countless times as they have for him. he's the one u;d want in a fight or jsut ot sit in silence. (he loves ot roguh it with zel and mel and even takes on Stamp and soemtiems me snow, Shaodw and anyone else)

The last of the 5, Sky. Now if u were to pick a leader beside Rose (the gentle) or Chain (the tough) he'd be ur fella. His pelt is like a greyish blue. if the light hits it right, it shows a brillant vblue, along wiht the pathces of white, like clouds. thus his name. he loves to watch the sky and is often found ousdie, near a tree, or soem bodied wate,r birds or some small creature chatting ot them. he helps others out and has a vast knowlege in the medical friield and tactics. he'll listne to u and usualy has great advice. he can fight, and often doenst take his brother (chain) bad mouthing attidute and wont hesiatate to stop him. they fight often, kind of like ...Naruto and Saskue (sorr,y had to put SOME kind of anime refrence in here). You know thye are close, becuase if u find one, u'll find the other nearby. goes for all. very close bunch. when in outsings, chain will but up in a tree, zel and mel with be roling nad tusiling about near the wate,r dnageorus edges and open fields, rose will be troting along a field of tall grass or swating and followin a buttefly or talking with sky. and as mentinos ,sky will be wathcing htem all (like chain) or talking to soem creatur, watching the sky (also like chain) or tihknig deeply aobut stuff.

now that the five is ove,r we'll move onto ourselfs! (snow, tihs is where you cna put ANYTHING you ant about urself. i alryead have the idea of a white fur ball, but im talking assesories and a few tihngs aobut urself. cna use mine as example if u wish. and blackcat if u still are with us! and anyone else that may try tihs out!)

Ok me. Real name is Vicotria, but nicknames since eslemntray was killer, but lately is been Hit (hitrizdl?). ok, yes they make me kind of sound vicuoius, no? well, i can be, but i really have a calm persoality. only thing that bugs the heck out of me, is about a 3-3 1/2 ft mini me (half sister. about 5 now? yes five). only one that cna turn me into a big grump without hurting someone or thing. idk y, jsut vbad mouth and attitude on the kid *sighs* what can u do? anyhow lets character is a White tiger. so white with blakc stripes. um persoanl i havnet really any big scarres, but i do love ot horseplay, rough house, play sports or jsut u know paly, vidoe gemas ,writing, reading, drawing, buidling, music is my life (and i love it all, grew up on country, dont like it, dont listen.) um letssee... love hanging outsdie, in trees, i have found stray cats, trinaed them and found them homes. a few didnt make it on account of some...'misguided' judgment of others... i love anamials, am usualy refered to one, a cat mostlry. yes, and duh, i love cream (half and half!!) someitmes put soem with my milk when i have that. udualy drink tea nad almsot anysoda rocks. dont dirnkmuch of it though. i like the cnas cuz i can crush em! im slightly stornger than msot of my firends (even rthe guys, some of the storngest im evnely matched or close). im a tomboy, but am striaght. riase yb my dad, what cnai say? sometimes ifeel more lke the parent. i clean alot, move ALOT, live with many diffrnet people ever sicne i came back from the last place my dad was stationed at beofre he retired, like 4-5 years ago. i have the best firneds, some all over hte world, a few beside me, and one i neveer met, but on here. im 16, and on my 'sweet 16' i spent time cleaing with my dad so his ex girlfirned and he younger lil son (annoying lil pain, ha, knew him sicne i was 8 and him 3) could come. itwas fun. nice ot see old firneds. i got a few great gifts, a paice of my cake befote dad dropped it (had to clean that too!!!) but all was good. material possesion or money isnt really my thing. i'd much rather juat be having an adverutre and living to the fullest! or just being ur old fasion potato couch and playing on here, eating ice. guess thats all aboutr me...i get carried away when i type and speklling sucks! ok. i,m done.

If you are too lazy (like myself) to read up on our stories for those character, here's the basis of them.
first i'll start with my personal sicne they arethe freeshes.

Ashi (the 'boy') Has a white t with a grey sleevles jeckt, tips pointed up on the ends. its colar points up as well. he usualy wears a mask. his eyes are diffrnet colors-and ug.h feeling lazy right nw! just check out hte stoires for their looks. still wnat them i'll write it down.

ok, next is dark! She's usualy seen in a full bodied armor of black, not a single opening (wodner how she breahts? or see...?) kind of silent but when she talks its short and ot the point, or a riddle kind of. (if u wish to find her, she'll be in a sucluded spot, like in a cornor near a window at a cafe when she isnt in her bodided armour. or wiht Autmun, haha)

Autumn, like Dark, is slightly confused, he's neither good nor bad. a condricitng betwene durty and heat kind of deal. he's a vampire (no one go ughh, i know ,some of u are iskc of them and others in love, this has no relation to the oteher vamp. stuff gonig around, so shut it. u;ll live.) he has an aumutn (kidnof like Ichigo off Bleach) hair. pale skin. kind of silinet himself.

Aries! Ok, an air elemntal dragon, small and quick. a ghood firned, and usualy donest put up with me picking on her.e snow is consatntly pullnig us apar.t we like literaly pull prnaks nad evne go into full ut brawls. her and snow have an easeir relationship. however...there have bveen moments... not really sure how she should look, but she loves to help!!

A mystry character woh hangs iwth us has golden claws and stripes.s a few scares as well (him and snow are 'friends' heh heh) we has names we've given him, but none have really stuck huh...?

for those hard headed- kay and reo like eachother, ulio and nekors like eachother, ashi and kira, tamera and G.G. Suspect Suspect , kaen and stella, and poor Cliff, Ty, and Degara have none yet. Nabaka did, but thats a loooonng story. u really ought to leave all them out thoguh, unless u really wish. i can post a few first pics i drew of them. but not very good....drawing is still at a beginer lvl for myself. color is terrible, for those colored. Howver, Roc came out so-so.

um...any others im missing snow? im sure theres many, but my brians turned to mush today. haha

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4Christmas Events Empty Re: Christmas Events on Fri Dec 04, 2009 4:18 am

Ok, i really cant wait. been working on this for a heck of a time nad i want to show what i've got. it'll look lame and bad and will msot likely be fixed up during the time its finsihed, but i've already started t osketch out the christmas pic. i'm gonig to take a pciture of all 3 sheets (gonig to 4..maybe more, too many charaCTERS!! HAHA!!) so plz, honetsy tell me what u think (ideas of them ,not the drawings...i'd rather not know what u tohguht on the sketching, i already know it sucks, ha)
okso when i post up the pcitrues i want u to have an idea what each character will be doing. i've alreayd gotr an idea for almsot all of them and worte it done on the back of one of them. so here i go!

*Tom w/ golden claws will be carefully cutting out cookies with his claws
*Raven will be staring at Fin while he looks through the punch bowl (a fake fin onhis back)
*Sky is working on the presents (tapes to the mx)
*Shadow is helping Rose place the Star on top of the Christmas Tree (she'sstanding mostly on his head)
*Aries is cooking; wondering where the candy canes are
*Kaen is chugging egg nog; ty, degara, cliff, tamera, and gg cheaing him on.
*kay is kareokeeing w/ nekora claping along, Reo grining, Hitati (shadows 'wife' or cuzin. i forget) Stamp howling near by kay, and ulio sitting on the couch end near Nekora, xclapping along as well., oh and basset smiling and drinknig coca (mgith move her near Vixen)
*Zel and Mel are doing a secret ops mission 'obtain christmas treats' (they're behind the coach, eating candy canes; nabaka will be looming over them, very dark and scary wodnering what thety Think they are doing)
*dark (out of armour) is sitting at the bar on a stool, book on lap, glass in hand on table, looking at Autmun, sitting next to her. Autumn is talking, his jacker resting on his shoulders.
*hit (me!) is in the kitcehn, trying to snag a cookie whiel eating another,. Snow (you!) is smaking me on the head with a spatula, rolling ur eyes.
*chain is literaly wrapped up in lights
Ashi bumps into kira LITERALY (love htat word) and is trying to help her up, while she stares redin the face- seeign misltoe in the doorway abouve his head. him cluesless of it.
*blazin is sitting at a table doing face paint (someone roped to a chair, as she paints) multiple ppl. aka, bad guys, Rexor, Gerneral Nrtami, , Harry, Etc)
*Shark could be tieing the people up, big bows oto be festive for Blazi-go shark!!
*vixen, drinking a hot drink by a lamp, in a chair, a blaknket on her lap & that little girl playing infrount of her; telling her a story.
And thats all i got so far. what do u thiknk?
hmm.. i belvie i did a great job at typing this, seeign how i placed the paper up on the screen so i couldnt see it! do u think i did better than normal? Rofl, i think i mgith have! sowhat do u think so far? i dotn have it all sketched, and i've alreayd changed things around a bit-but take a look! do i post up pics?

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