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Christmas Preview *Warning, there is a lot to read*

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Hello everyone, Snow here.
This is just a preview of the story (what the story will be like). I hope you like it. I’d love to hear form you!

I always loved coming to Grandma Marie’s house around Christmas. She always had her tree on at night, so it would glow really, really bright because there was no lights around.
“Look, sweetie!” My mother said as she squeezed my hand. I smiled from ear to ear and jumped up and down.
“I see mom! Can we go inside? Please, please?!” I begged. Mom laughed happily and nodded.
“Okay, c’mon Hun!” She yelled to dad in the car. He was talking to someone on his phone, probably to some business man. I hated when he ignored us for his business. I looked to my mom, who smiled down at me.
“Go inside, sweetheart. We’ll come in a minute, alright?” She said in her soft sweet voice. I nodded and happily ran up the steps. I knocked on the door three times and waited for her to answer. After a few minutes an elderly woman answered the door. She had long dark silver hair and bright green eyes that were full of joy. That made me smile.
“Hi grandma! Mom and dad will be in, in a minute!” I said once she looked over me to my mom who had gotten back in the car. She nodded.
“Hello Blazin. Come in. I made chocolate chip cookies and the milk is on the counter.” She informed me. I gasped and ran inside, straight to the kitchen. The first thing I did was shove a whole cookie in my mouth. It tasted like gold!
“Slow down, Blazin. You’ll choke.” Aunt Angel said as she walked into the kitchen. I swallowed what was in my mouth and hugged her.
“Auntie Angel! Where’s Harm and Mel?!”
My heart was racing with happiness. I couldn’t believe everyone came to stay at Grandma Marie’s home for the holidays. They usually stay at hotels and only visit on Christmas day. But, by the looks of it they were going to stay the whole time.
“There in the living room with Ricky and Derrick.” She informed me. I nodded and raced in there to see all my cousins playing on the Xbox 360. Ricky was winning, of course. He was awesome at games. I walked in and sat down beside Harou, another one of my cousins.
“Who’s winning?” I asked him I watched Ricky. He threw his arms in the air in joy.
“Ricky apparently!” Harou laughed. I smiled too.
This was going to be the best Christmas ever. I could just tell.

Finally everything settled down and everyone was getting ready for bed.
“Good night everyone!” I yelled down the stairs. I heard a few “nights” and then everything became silent except for the cat clock on Grandma Marie’s wall. I watched it tick from my position in the bed. I smiled. In just a few moments it was going to be midnight! You know what that means!
I turned over in my bed and closed my eyes. Everything was perfect and tomorrow was going to be perfect as well. It was driving me crazy though. I just wanted to hop up and yell “Merry Christmas everyone!”, but mom said I couldn’t until everyone woke up tomorrow. I didn’t have to wait long, I was sure. Soon everyone will be awake and I’ll be ripping open my presents.
I decided to leave it at that for now and go to sleep, but just as I started to drift off something fell outside my door.
I popped my head up and rubbed my eye. I wondered if someone went to use the rest room. Now that I think about it, I had to use the restroom too.
I moved my blankets and got up, almost tripping on my nightgown that Grandma had giving me. She told me it was my mom’s when she was little. That made it eve more special.
I slowly creaked open the door and glanced around. There was no one in sight. I smiled. That meant the bathroom was free too.
I walked down the hallway, tripping over everything because it was dark. It didn’t take long to trip and land on something warm. At first I thought someone spilled their cocoa, but then I realized it would be warm now.
I stood up and tried to whip myself off, but it started staining my mom’s nightgown. I frowned.
“Oh no! Not mommy’s nightgown!”
I raced to the bathroom and turned the light on. Closing the door I grabbed a rag, soaked it and started wiping the red stuff off the nightgown.
I paused and looked around. Something wasn’t right. What was this red stuff? Apple juice? Wait, that’s a yellow color. Maybe it was pie that someone had spilled?
I frowned again and took off my nightgown. I put on my other nightgown that I had originally brought and set mom’s on the floor to clean it better. I looked at it more clearly, but fell backwards once I realized what it was.
“B-blood…it’s blood…?!” I stood up and pushed my back against the door. What was blood doing on the floor?! I ripped open the door and turned the hallway light on. It was true! There was a huge pile of blood on the floor.
I screamed as loud as I could, but no one came. Fear penetrated my body as I ran down the hallway to my mom and dad’s room.
“Mom! Dad!!” I screamed.
I ripped open their door and ran inside, but when I got to their bed I fell back against the wall. They were both covered in blood too! What was going on here? Was this a joke!
That’s when I heard laughing.
“Stupid little girl. If only you had just stayed in bed.”
I snapped my head towards the voice. He slowly moved out of the shadows to reveal himself. He had long snow white hair and very pale skin. He was wearing a tuxedo with a red shirt underneath. He put his top hat on and looked at me with crimson eyes.
I couldn’t even speak I was so scared. Who was this guy? What did he do to my mom and dad? Were they truly dead?
Eventually I was able to mumbled, “W-who ar-are…you…?”
The man grinned, show what seemed like fangs.
“I am Cleaus, young one. I’m a Ringmaster Haunter.” He spoke as if he was going to teach me something. I stood up slowly, fearing he might come at me.
“I did take you mother and father’s life. Not to mention everyone else in this house.” He laughed. I looked at the door, then back to him.
“Thinking of running? That’d be a bad idea.” He snapped his fingers and pulled out a whip. He creaked it, making me jump back.
“Don’t worry, though. You’ll soon join your family. An innocent child taste the best!” He laughed as if it were some joke. I decide to run out the door. I didn’t look to see if anyone was still alive, all I knew was that I had to leave at any cost. I was terrified of death! I didn’t want to die this young!
I ripped open the front door to run into something hard. It knocked me back on my butt. I almost didn’t want to look up, but I did. It was another man. He looked like Cleaus, only he had jet black hair. He looked down at me.
“Who are you?” His voice was very deep, surprisingly. But, I couldn’t talk at the moment. My body wouldn’t stop shivering. Suddenly something explode behind me and the man grabbed my arm. He threw me outside on the snow, completely missing the porch.
“Run!” He yelled. I did as I was told and ran as fast as my legs could carry me. Eventually I collapsed in the woods. I didn’t even know where I was, only that I was far away from Grandma Marie’s home.
“M-mom…Dad…” I said as I pulled myself up to my knees. I clutched the snow in my hands. It didn’t hurt because my hands already had frost bite.
I wiped my eyes with my forearm and stood up.
“I’ll make a vow…Yeah…I’ll make a vow to avenge you…” I spoke softly as I watched the ground. I blinked when something white passed me. I looked up to the sky to see it snowing. I growled and punched the tree beside me.
“Yes, that’s what I’ll do! I get revenge for everyone! Mom…dad…Ricky…Harou…Everyone! Right here, right now! I swear by everything in me I will not stop until I kill that Ringmaster and every creature like him!!!”

So, tell me what you think. Very Happy I will explain what a "Ringmaster Haunter" is later. Neutral

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*grins* not really the happy Chrismtas story, but its souinds frickin aweosme! couldn't help but notice a few spelling errors, but thats jsut the school side of meh. so yes. plz explain when u get hte chance! what a turn it was. interesting indeed. got me tihknig sort of the X-men kind of. even pictured some of the people (ringmaster mostrly)

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Haha, I know. I see them now too. Thank you, though. I'll fix those. Very Happy
Really?! Ah, that's what I was hopping for! So, that's really awesome!
And, I will put them up soon. ^-^
(Changing the subject, though. I went to see New Moon in theaters today with my mom and Ricky! She hasn't went to the movies in forever, so I was happy she went. Another thing, Gracy, our kitten, poped her arm out of palce! Luckily it went right back though! I didn't get to see. It happened when I was sleeping. The screaming of my mom and dad woke me up. Laughing )

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thats good. how was it? heard ALOT of people talking about it. i'drather rwad the books first, but i mith watch it anyway before hand. but by this rate, i'll hear everytihng about it before i see. and sorryabout Gracie. so..she's doing better then?

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Well, it was pretty awesome! They did an awesome job on the wolves. Very Happy
Yup, she's fine now. But she'll never learn her lesson. (Still fighting with Annie. Lol.)

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Snow Neko-Chan wrote:Well, it was pretty awesome! They did an awesome job on the wolves. Very Happy
Yup, she's fine now. But she'll never learn her lesson. (Still fighting with Annie. Lol.)

mh. good. ha kits. gotta lov em though. and wolfs? hell screw the book! im watching it now then!!!!!

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