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The Last Tategami! part 4

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1The Last Tategami! part 4 Empty The Last Tategami! part 4 on Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:47 pm

The boys eyes turned back from slits to normal ovals. When he was in that rage his left eye became crimson and his right became a violet. Normally however his left eye was sea blue green, and his right was a dark violet with a spot or too of dark red as well. He sighed heavily and ran his finger through his damp hair. He coughed a little. He tasted blood. He looked down at the bodies before him. All dead but the first one he got, still breathing but not moving. The boy hated to see a thing suffer, even These worthless pieces of shit. He bent over it and looked at it. It gasped then blinked, blood sputtered from the gap in its chest. It screeched loudly. The boy, not missing a beat, drew out his pocket knife from his boot, sliced the Things neck, wiped it on his pants leg and put it back in his boot all in one move. He rose to his feet shakily, turned his head and spat on the bodies.
“Good riddance...I hope they all burn in -” He stopped and doubled over, his hand pressed tight against his stomach. He went into a coughing fit. He heard the sound of the Creatures and tried to control himself. He stopped then started up, then calmed down again. His used the back of his hand and wiped his mouth. He brushed the crimson liquid/plasma on his jacket. 'Man, if I make it out of this I'm gonna have some serious cleaning on my hands.' He sighed. 'Great...' He thought. ' Either I'll die and be, well dead, or I'll live and have to do fuckin' laundry! I can't win here!!' He grinned with grim agony. “Figures...” He looked around once more.
“Well,” He exclaimed.
“Not going to get anywhere mopping around!” He raised his arms up and started to stretch. He quickly bent over and gasped with watery eyes.
“Bad idea...really bad idea.” He stayed some-what crouched and started to walk carefully over the forest floor and out into the littered, sandy grounds. He started to move behind bush after bush, and tree after tree till they ran out. Then he resorted to piles of sand bags, bodies, vehicles, and God knows what. He was about in the middle of the battle field when something caught his eye. He froze and lifted his covered face. He sniffed. He shook his head. He knew it...they were going to find him sooner or later. He started to formulate an escape plan when the wall of what use to be a log cabin busted into pieces to his right. He jumped up to his feet and started to run. Three creatures ran to the side then after him, tripping over the newly added mess. More popped out behind Them. The boy rounded a comer, jumping over bits of furniture rubble. He swerved as he ran, occasionally ducking or jumping over objects and the Creatures deadly claws. The sun hit him in the face, blinding him, which caused him to trip over a chair. Quickly he stood up and headed for the door. It busted open with more Enemies. The boy looked behind him and in front of him. He was trapped.
“Well this sucks...” He muttered. He braced himself, drew his sword out and looked up at the sun. 'Wait! The sun! Then that meant...'He didn't have a second to spare. Putting his sword up he scrambled up on top of a dresser, jumped and grabbed a beam, swung onto it and started to climb. His head popped out of the gaping hole in the roof. The sun made his hair come to life, looking like a dark wild fire. He pulled himself up and looked down into the hole. The creatures were starting to climb. Or trying at least. The boy stuck his foot in the hole and stamped on the beam a few times. Nothing. He tried again. It creaked. 'Come on damn it! Break!' He slammed his foot repeatedly into the wood. It started to give. He stomped harder, using his whole weight as an extra measure. A loud cracking sound was made and the beam snapped right in half. One half crashed onto some of the Things, the other slammed right through the wall. The hole place started to shake.
“Ah shit-” The boy said as he pulled his leg back up and started to run. 'If it's not one thing it's another! I swear!!' He stumbled and mostly ran on 3's and 4's as the whole place started to come down. The roof and walls caved in behind the boy. His face was red and sweaty as he tried to get to safety. He heard screams and crunching noises under the roar of the building. The boy felt a wave of chill go down his back. 'Enemies or not, killing always was just-ugh!' The rank of the bodies made the boy gag. The end of the roof was only a few feet away. About 4 feet away from it was another cabin. The boy looked down when he smelled something strong in the air. 'W-was that kerosine!?'The boy slid to a stop at the end of the roof. His right arm was stretched out behind him, his left was gripping his stomach, the left leg sat at an acute angle in front and his right dangled off the roof. He looked at the cabin in front of him. 'It was on fire!' He looked around. 'The whole place was on fire! How could I have not noticed till now!? ...My mask! I forgot to take the defense off it when They were trying to poison me! And my line of site was directed to only one point and the demolishing house covered the sound. Those clever bastards! They must have had this planned from the start! I'll kill everyone of 'em!' he coughed. 'Now's not the time for vengeful thoughts...i need a plan and quick. First I must asses the situation.' He scanned the area. He blinked and looked again. He checked one more time. '...oh, no, no, no, no, no! You've got ta be shit'in me! I'm practically sitting right on a bomb! If I'm right, the cabin in front of me should hold gun powder, dynamite and well...damn it. I'm screwed!'He took a breath and closed his eyes. Sweat beaded down his back. ' I wouldn't be able to escape in the air or ground...alright under it is! Yes, the closet thing would be at the back side of a cabin.' He stood up, and jumped off the roof, he turned tail and went for the closed doors popping out of the ground. One of the doors was already open. There was parts of the house here and there. He hopped and ducked once more over the splintered wood. There was a sharp snap and the boy fell to his knee's as the ground shook. He stumbled and dodged flying objects as he went for the under ground passage. 'The fire must have already spread to some of the gun powder.' He knew he only had seconds. He jumped into the air and landed into the hole just as a huge explosion was set off. He pulled the door shut, bolted it, and ducked for cover in less than a second. The place rattled and pieces of dirt and concrete rained down.

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