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1Information Empty Information on Sun Nov 22, 2009 5:49 pm


Let’s start with the Characters (some in which may come in later)! Also, I will continually change this as the story progresses.

First off is the main character, Blazin Marie Shickamashi.
At the age of five, she went to her Grandmother Marie’s home for Christmas. While there, she noticed everyone in her family had came as well. She thought this was surely going to be a wonderful Christmas.
But, while she was drifting off to sleep she heard a “thud” outside her door. She just thought it might’ve been one of her family members, but then she realized she had to use the restroom. On her way there, she left the hall-way lights off and tripped over something. When she tried to wipe it off, it started to stain, so she rushed to the restroom. There she realized it was blood. Fearful, she ran to her mother and father’s room, where she had meat a “Ringmaster” Haunter (I’ll explain this later, or you could just scroll down if you want to know.) named Cleaus. But, while running away she bumped into a man that looked like Cleaus, only he had jet black hair. Before she could ask him his name he told her to run and without giving it a second though, she did.
She ended up in a forest where she made a promise to hunt down these things called “Haunters” and get revenge for everyone that was killed in her home.

Now then, let’s talk about the Haunters, shall we? Huh? What is a Haunter you ask? Well, let me explain…Then let me tell you about some other types!

Basically, a “Haunter” is a demon that lives on the earth and wants to cause harm to other around. (This isn’t always the cause though!) They are very powerful, no matter their appearance. Some “special” Haunters usually contain red eyes. I’m not quiet sure why that is, though.

Let me explain the “special” Haunters now, starting with Cleaus.

Ringmaster Haunter
A Ringmaster Haunter can control many “normal” Haunters whenever he pleases. This had something to do with his whip and hat. There was once a rumor that a Haunter had killed a circus full of people except the leader and to show his gratitude his gave the Haunter his hat, changing him into a more humanly figure, able to think and speak clearly. But, this is just a rumor of course.

Vampire Haunter
A Haunter that wants nothing more then your delicious blood.
This Haunter, unlike in folklore of the Vampire, can walk in pure daylight but only if he has had enough blood to change his eye color red.
He can also fly without wings, is very strong and can hypnotize, but only when his eyes are red, like being able to walk in daylight. There is another thing, though.
He may also change his appearance at will, tricking you beyond words. Who knows what he might turn into!

Witch Haunter
Usually taking on the form of a little girl, this Haunter can use magic to bend your will. She can’t be killed by splashing water on her either. To kill this Haunter you need to take away her moon shaped necklace that holds her powers!
You know, just like the Ringmaster Haunter, there is a rumor behind this one as well. It was said that one night a little girl and a bunch of her friends gathered underneath a full moon to practice witchcraft, but a drunk driver swerved and kill them all, only they didn’t really die, they turned into Haunters to get revenge on the man that did it, but since he’s dead they will forever continue to walk the earth.
But, this is only a rumor, right?

More will be added later, this is just for the preview and such!

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2Information Empty Re: Information on Mon Nov 23, 2009 2:24 am

dang...and umade this all up on ur own!!??

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3Information Empty Re: Information on Tue Nov 24, 2009 1:34 am


Lol, yes I did. but I need your help, Hit! I want more then just three or four Haunters.
Can you think of any? Very Happy

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4Information Empty Re: Information on Tue Nov 24, 2009 3:54 am

Snow Neko-Chan wrote:Lol, yes I did. but I need your help, Hit! I want more then just three or four Haunters.
Can you think of any? Very Happy

hell yeah!!!!!!!! *grins* of coarse.let me read back up on it. questions though. must all be guys? and must all have a human and other forum right off the bat??

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5Information Empty Re: Information on Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:09 am


Well, it doesn't have to be (look at the Witch Haunter.).
Um, well not really, but if it's not a "Normal" Haunter, then yes, it must have some type of human form. (Even if it is a wolf that turned into a Haunter, it just depends.)
Is that all alright? I mean, you can make whatever you want! (That's the fun part, lol)

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6Information Empty Re: Information on Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:26 am

Snow Neko-Chan wrote:Well, it doesn't have to be (look at the Witch Haunter.).
Um, well not really, but if it's not a "Normal" Haunter, then yes, it must have some type of human form. (Even if it is a wolf that turned into a Haunter, it just depends.)
Is that all alright? I mean, you can make whatever you want! (That's the fun part, lol)

haha yes. true. ok, i will late now tohugh. and i have 5 days off after tommorw. so i will definatly get on it! forgive me fornot beign able tonight! k? night! byez!

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7Information Empty Re: Information on Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:20 am


Lol, that's alright.
I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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8Information Empty Re: Information on Tue Dec 01, 2009 10:43 am

ah i i should um..just wing it. its gonig to be most likely terrible and not in ur favor at first, but like u said, this will be fun! so lets try this and work out the bugs (once again im sorry for such a late replty! sweet update o nthe site!!) cat ok so u mentioned something abotu a wolf. and i dotn know what human cats r, but human wolfs are called lycans or wearwolfs, correct? so i can have a girl thats a wearwolf haunter type? she is a huanter, doenst huant wearwolfs. lets see... lets be somewhat realistic as to the personlities of wolfs, sicne i researched 'em a bit (didnt just laz aorund all that time i was off!!!) so lets make her a loner. a hard life for a wolf definalty. but i know some of the behavior patterns and haunteing stlyes, even to a greousome extent. haha. and the family, socail roles and etc. so when we start this more, i belvie i can do great with this person. ok, so lets say her eyes arnt always red (only when shes a huanter/wearwolf) um....perhapes almost silver color? kind of Storms off the Xman. what do u say? and might as well make her hair white as well, but with the tips a dark color...maybe red (will nagotiate anything really..) and i guess kind of short. kind of like catwoman! (ha, been watchnig too much tv, am i right?)
hmm...lets maybe soemthing, let me see if i can look up soem pics and post the links os u can see better examples. for pants.... anycolor. jsut putting a few ideas out now. for jacket
and myabe a long sleve shirt/combined with a short sleeve? u know what a i mean...? maybe a forest/pea green with a white short sleeve and ytihs over tihs. and some hiking boots/military, black. a strape at the foot of her right leg, holding a long knife....and mayvbe a few other things. her name could be... Charm? or Sakal Chandra (morning moon is its meaning is some indian language) charm could be her nickname, or the ones she gives or firneds use. ok, so heres how i bleive this to go intoplay. idk if u have soemtihng alreya plannedo r not, but last we checked, the girl (blazin is the one, right?) is runnig. maybe she passesout, asleep in that cold, and Charm finds her and brings her to a cave, near a fire with ablanket on the ground while she's makeing food. u can see soem shelfs and a few moble home-y touches. like a wolf, shes nomadic (aka, she travels with her food, like if the buffalo of deer are herding east, so does she ((why i picked an indian meaning name, sicne htey are famous for that, and wolfs seem to be alot in their art)) weas either that or latin; iu bleive that is a wearwolf orgins...) anyhow. blazin wakes up and finds Charm cookies soemthing (she burns it, not really use to cooking food) and makeing soem kind of herbal drink/tea to help the girl feel better. lets change the blankets to a big pelt of fur. we can have one resting on Charms shoulders, a cloud of mist coming out of her steady, quiet breathing. she'll have carfuely chosen words and say little and be stirct as first mostly. perhapes lighten up a bit. the guy i nthe beging that told blazin to run, might have osem sort of a connection. Charm left the life of a haunter (is tryingto, but like many things, once u are one, u can never go back). thus the 'loner' deal i mentioned. the girl somehow convinces Charm to help her. soem tihngs happen and chamr sticks around a little longer.... all the while, wathcing their backs for this haunter with whatever reasons u have for this. perhapes Charm will agree ot train Blazin? idk. i jsut rnadomly tohught this all up., i hope soemthing can be used of it!!! ha, good luck and let me kno what u think! k?

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9Information Empty Re: Information on Fri Dec 04, 2009 11:09 pm


Good Evening, Hit.
This sounds really awesome!! Oh, and thank you. I figured I change it, Christmas is coming soon, lol.
Well, "Neko" is what I call them (since "Neko" in Japanese means cat, even though they should be referred to as "Nekomimi"). Er...well, here is Wikipedia's explanation.
A catgirl is a female with cat ears, a cat tail, or other feline characteristics on an otherwise human body.
Catgirls may be found in Japanese anime and manga where they are more commonly referred to as Neko or Nekomimi, in cosplay activities both in Japan and around the world, in video games,
and in online virtual world communities such as the Nekos of Secondlife.

The majority of catgirls are depicted as primarily human in form, with minimal feline characteristics, such as cat ears, tail, and eyes with vertical pupils;
some wear over-sized mittens and shoes that look like paws. Other catgirls are more animal-like in appearance, with full body fur and claws being their most prominent aspects.

Heh, that's kind of what Blazin is. She's a "Neko" Haunter, see? xD
But, about Charm now.
A few questions, though.

How old is she, because Blazin is only five right now. Maybe she meets Charm in the future when she's sixteen?
And to just though it out there, When is her birthday? Blazin's is on the 14th of Dec. (Just thought it might be good to have, if not that's alright.)

Here is what I was thinking. Well, at first, but maybe we can change it to Charm instead?
At the age of five her mother and father were killed by a “Ringmaster” Haunter Demon and ever since then she’s wanted revenge. One day while studying the Haunters, she comes across a shopkeeper that has a “Haunter Diamond”. He tells her that the diamond will let her see Haunter Demons, but what he didn’t tell her was that she’d have to take on two demons in order for it to work.
So, she gains two “Neko Haunters” that help her see the Haunter Demons. (like Naruto with his demon)
When she returns to the shop for information, the shopkeeper is no longer available, but there is however a teen with a Haunter Diamond as well. When Blazin tells him what happens, he brings her to his "special" library (it has everything about Haunters) to show her what the diamond really is.
He tells her that the diamond will never be removed unless she completes the deal, in which she has to gather all (whatever number of Haunter Diamonds there is. We can talk about that.) other Haunter Diamonds. Since the teen has one, he and Blazin set out to gather them. (This is where Charm could come in)
On their first mission they run into the “Inu Haunter Diamond”, in which they fight a huge dog. It turns out that the dog was actually a human. He at first fights Blazin and the teen, but when he realizes they have diamonds, he too eventually tags along to gather the other Diamonds so that their diamonds can be removed.

See, along with the Haunter Diamonds, you have to gain a Haunter yourself. In this case, Blazin got two cat Haunter sprites.
The only way to remove them is if you find all the diamonds and make a wish. But, this wish doesn't have to be wasted on removing the Haunter. This is basically a "rule free" wish.
Ha...How does that sound? xD

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10Information Empty Re: Information on Sat Dec 05, 2009 2:49 pm

you set on revenge arn't you? haha. merssing with you snow. sounds good. glade ur honest with me and not just agree with anytihng i throw out there! good friend you are for sure! so let see. yes i like this. it sounds liek an awesome idea. so im guess her wish will be to have her family back-or will it be for vengence? will her desier for the ringmasters lbood drive her insane or blind- or will it all end with a bit but happy twist. i love hte idea of a human in a dog form! absolutly fasinated with that kind of stuff. u seem t obe really into that stuff, i mean this story, and i am relalalalalallylyyyyyyy glade u invited me to help write it anmd im gonnsa do my best ot help!! and the number of chrystals huh? thast mgiht take a while for us to wrok out, or we'll have to just put soemtihng down-or make it a mystry or soemthig, but i bleive we'll have to write soem first, nad see how it goes before we decided how many-cuz that canll make all the diffrewnce, esepclailly in battles. and do u think perhapes when they are clsoe ot acheving or at some point-the ringmaster steals ot trys to steal the crsytals awya with aforbidden tpy oe of power? idk, jsut saying. and yes. Charm is a name i would rahter go with too-but im just saying like if she ever had to give a formal intro or to tell soemone her real name ,something like that would be it? and thx for the deff. on the cat girl thing. helps for sure. *nods head* oh and as u can see, im gonig to try to get on and repler quicker! see??? im hopeing u'll rpely soon! i'll stay up a few hours just in case!! haha. ok now lets u dontwant them to meet until later then? alirght, i'll go for that. so im guessing somehow to fit both of our together on charm- shes a loner b/c she's decideed its hopeless, especialy after loosing those close to her that tried to help her. so she's tried to put it all behind her and live with the pain alone-but when she meets Blazin and imagine her new firends, she comehow ends up gonig along with them. idk. sptting out random ideas. late here, so im nbot thinknig stright. ok so blazin is a neko huh? (haha, i know neko means cat in jap. didnt know aobut hte mimi part at hte end one tohugh). i have tihs site that can baiscaly translatre any english word into any of the lauugnes listendon their. and ive got reliable sources, nad firneds that r japanese americans. born in amerca, riasedi n japan, but know both. good people and few of my best firnds! r-right then. so the story.... can u explian a little more aobut the 2 fireneds as well plz? and what hte average number of crstals might be good-not saying they'lll atll start out that way-but t oget an idea how far along they are abd how far htye have t ogo. well first lets see it this way. over or under a 100 ea?

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