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Awakened secrets

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1Awakened secrets Empty Awakened secrets on Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:39 am

Fraid unless i get it all fixed later- all htese role plays will have to be read from last to finish. ...hey, its kind of like a manga! only we rock ten tiems better! (ok, there might be some close to us, but we deifnalty rock the best) the orgianl title for this role play was 'another website' aka, tihs one, when it was still in progress. but being snow and i, we weent form a few *grjns* and *high fives* to yet another rtole plae, ha. enjoy! (u liek the title, or too serious for this?)

I forgot what happened last…heh...
(lol) *A TAPE RECORDER!!??? Wait was a camera!!!a video camera! vixen grinned and shaodw came out with some others ppl, like zel and mel and some others while saying* well i never knew u guys ever had a diary! We bluffed the hole thing just to get u to spill ur secrets! AND we got it all on tape! How do u like that-!*he broke off and looked around*snow.,..hit? ...tihs isnt funny...were r u??Quick everyone RUUNN!!!!!!!!!

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2Awakened secrets Empty Re: Awakened secrets on Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:40 am

((Didn't expect that!!))
<br />*I started dancing, until I realized that if Zel and Mel didn’️t have our Dairies, then WHO did? I saw you dancing and grabbed your scruff. I pulled you outside the door and then dropped you.* Hit! That’️s don’️t have our diaries remember? *I thought for a minute and started freaking out.* Wait! What if SHADOW has them?! What if he told everyone our secretes?! What if he told everyone I was afraid of puppies! *I looked at you snickering and frowned. Then I started running around the room as more thoughts popped into my head. You simply grabbed my scuff, held me up and SLAP!* Knock out of it Snow! It hasn’️t been that long. Besides we’️ll find them. Okay? *I started hyperventilating and pointed my thumb up. You rolled your eyes.* Ohhh, Hit! Snow! Can you hear me? We have your diaries! *I looked at you, you looked at me. We slowly got up and rushed off, tripping over ourselves on the way there. It turned out to become a race.* I wonder who has our diaries? *I asked as we kicked the door open, making us fall over from bad balance.* There she is! *I looked up at Vixen. She laughed as she twirled something in her hand, but it wasn’️t our diaries. What did she have?*

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3Awakened secrets Empty Re: Awakened secrets on Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:40 am

*I quickly pulled you up the steps, almost tripping at all the empty popcorn bags and Pepsi cans.* Where are we going?! *You snapped. I laughed.* We use to live here, remember? I know this castle inside and out!! *I said happily and drug you with me. You sighed but took it. Finally we made it to, two huge oak doors. You looked at them suspiciously. You looked at me and asked,* What are you going to do? *I smirked and pulled something out of my pocket. I set it by the door and drug you away from it. I said as loud as I could.* Have a nice sleep!! *Then the sleeping gas exploded. I threw you down the steps so you wouldn’️t get infected by it. What? I only had one mask! You growled and shook your head. You grabbed my scurf and threw me inside the room. I landed with a thud. We both looked up at someone holding our diaries. We gasped and growled at the same time.* Zel, Mel!! *They looked up at us and blushed. Zel pointed at Mel.* It was her idea!

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4Awakened secrets Empty Re: Awakened secrets on Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:45 am

*I stared at it for a minute, then hit you over the head.* Why didn't you say anything eariler?! *I hissed as my tail straightened. You shurged and said.* You didn't ask. *I growled.* As I said before, not the time. Quickly! *I yelled and pointed the remote at her. We both clicked it and she appeared instead. We looked at each other, then to her.* Where is our dairys? *We both asked. She stood up and shook her head.* You had diaries? Cool! Wish I had'em!! *She giggled and wagged her fluffly orage tail. We both looked at her for a minute. I popped up.* Wait a minute, if Amari doesn't have our diaries, then who-? *I was cut off.*
<br />Oh, Hit and Snow's Dairies? Well, this'll be fun!! *We both started running towards the tower, tripping over each other and the steps. Finally we made it and kicked the door down. We didn't see who it was, we just taclked them.* Oaf, get off of me you idiots!! *There was only one person that would say something like that. We looked down at none other then Dark. Wait, what was she doing here?*

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5Awakened secrets Empty Re: Awakened secrets on Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:46 am

*I popped my head in and smirked.* Ohhhh Hit, guess what! I think everyone will love to know that you loved Shadow when you first saw him!! *I quickly left and ran into the living room.* Hey everyone guess wha- *You tackled me and we fought over your Diary. All the while people watched.* Aww, come on Hit! Have a sence of humor! *I laughed as I held it away from you. You growled and wrapped you tail around my ankle, cuasing me to trip and throw the Diary. It landed on the floor under Amari. She smirked. We blinekd. She opened it and started laughing.* Oh, get it from Amari! *We both yelled as we tried to get it from her. Soon enough we had everyone chasing after her.*

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6Awakened secrets Empty Re: Awakened secrets on Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:46 am

(Who were you thinking Shadow should've been married too?)
<br />*I set the note down and picked you and Shadow up by the scruff.* Okay, are we all better now? *I asked. You hiccuped and laughed, Shadow giggled at that. I nodded.* Yup. Oh! Hey, now that you won't remember this...*I grined from ear to ear and dropped you both.* Shadow, who were you married too? *He drank some more wine and hiccuped. I nearly fell over laughing at who he said, atcually, I did.* Amari! *I held my sides. Amari, of all people? How'd that work? I suddenly sat up and snapped my fingers.* How do you look in pink, Shadow? *He slurred something. I grabbed my pick, sparkly dress and put it on him. Hey, it looked good with his fur. I smiled at you.* Hey Hit. May I have permission to read your diary? *You fell backwards.* Sure *hic* I don't *hic* Care!! *I laughed and grabbed your scuff. I dragged you and Shadow down the hall, by the scuff, of course. You both sang some kind of song I didn't understand. Stupid showtoons.* Hey, what's going on? *I looked up. It was Amari. She blinekd at the two drunkin idiots I was pulling. I laughed and blushed.* Well, see they weren't suppose to get drunk, but appearnly they are both lightweights. *Amari rolled her eyes.* What did you think was gonna happen? These two alone? Ha! *I growled and dropped Shadow to shove her.* Hey, watch it! She's still my sister! *Amari blinked in confusion and shoved me back, making me drop you.* Ah, it's on now! Just wait! *I growled after I started chasing her through the hotel. (We didn't want you getting drunk at home. What would the neighboors think?) You and Shadow were both unconsious. Well, I would be too...if I was Erm..*cough* thrown out of anger *cough*. I finally cough Amari by the tail.* HEY! That's enough! *Nekora appeared and threw us appart.* Snow, go to your room. Take Hit wih you! Amari, come with me! *She snapped. We both wimpered away. I grabbed you by the scuff again and started dragging you...again. I mumbled as we went past Nekora. Amari stuck her tounge out, but Nekora grabbed her tail. She yelpped. I smirked.* Goodnight Hit! *I said ahppily as I just dropped you on the bed. I giggled and colored your face with markers.* Happy april fools day!!

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7Awakened secrets Empty Re: Awakened secrets on Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:49 am

((Remember the story of where I have the kits and then we meet our doubles. We should start over!! *thows benoculars behind me and smirks* No, of course not!!))
<br />
<br />>(uh...idk, sure i guess. lol but yeah ithinks its by them and whats this about starting from egining? begigng of what? but yes, that title sounds awsome! at my friends house, the little brother made ma a character for wrestiling and my nickname was twist of fates. r u a stalker or something...? *grins but backs away*)
<br />>((Heh...Maybe...Oh! And that song, Does Smash Mouth sing it? And was it on a breast cancer commerical?))
<br />
<br />I nodded and pulled myself up.
<br />"You're going to score out fifty bucks." I added. You sighed and rubbed your head.
<br />"Yeah, probably." You laughed. I grinnned from ear to ear as I grabbed your wrist and pulled you to the 'Candy Cafe'. Where the candy never stops flow'n! I threw you in a chair and hopped into one myself as I waited for the waitress. I shoved the menu away.
<br />"The usual, please!!" I yelled happily. She nodded and wrote down something on her little pad.
<br />"How bout you kid?" She asked you. I ordered for you.
<br />"The usual for her too!!"
<br />She nodded and scribbled down. Then she left. I wagged my tail, barely able to contain my excitment. You looked at me.
<br />"What's the usual?" You asked. I just grinned and laughed.
<br />"You'll see!!"
<br />You sat impaintly until the waitress came back. She set two huge plates full of ice cream, carmel, chocolate, strawberry and vinalla treats as well. The bowls were overflowing. I suffed my face in and started eatting. I licked my lips.
<br />"See?!!"
<br />((Hey, we should start from the begining, with Twisting Fates. Does that sound awesome?! I think so!))

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