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1Characters Empty Characters on Mon Dec 28, 2009 6:37 pm


The Characters (this may change at will!)

- Blazin Marie Shickamashi
At the age of five, she went to her Grandmother Marie’s home for Christmas. While there, she noticed everyone in her family had came as well. She thought this was surely going to be a wonderful Christmas.
But, while she was drifting off to sleep she heard a “thud” outside her door. She just thought it might have been one of her family members, but then she realized she had to use the restroom. On her way there, she left the hall-way lights off and tripped over something and landed on something on the floor. When she tried to wipe it off, it started to stain, so she rushed to the restroom. There she realized it was blood. Fearful, she ran to her mother and father’s room, where she had meat a “Ringmaster” Haunter named Cleaus. But, while running away she bumped into a man that looked like Cleaus, only he had jet black hair. Before she could ask him his name he told her to run and without giving it a second thought, she did.
She ended up in a forest where she made a vow to hunt down these things called “Haunters” and get revenge for everyone that was killed in her home.

- Matthew Edwards
Working on him!

- Nathan Tyuken
Working on him!

- Sakal Chandra (Charm)
Working on her!

- Haunter
Basically, a “Haunter” is a demon that lives on the earth and wants to cause harm to other around. (This isn’t always the cause though!) They are very powerful, no matter their appearance.
Some “special” Haunters usually contain red eyes. I’m not quiet sure why that is, though. It usually depends on the Haunter.

- Ringmaster Haunter
A Ringmaster Haunter can control many “normal” Haunters whenever he pleases. This had something to do with his whip and hat.
There was once a rumor that a Haunter had killed a circus full of people except the leader and to show his gratitude his gave the Haunter his hat, changing him into a more humanly figure,
able to think and speak clearly. But, this is just a rumor of course.

- Vampire Haunter
A Haunter that wants nothing more then your delicious blood.
This Haunter, unlike in folklore of the Vampire, can walk in pure daylight but only if he has had enough blood to change his eye color red.
He can also fly without wings, is very strong and can hypnotize, but only when his eyes are red, like being able to walk in daylight. There is another thing, though.
He may also change his appearance at will, tricking you beyond words. Who knows what he might turn into!

- Witch Haunter
Usually taking on the form of a little girl, this Haunter can use magic to bend your will. She can’t be killed by splashing water on her either.
To kill this Haunter you need to take away her moon shaped necklace that holds her powers!
You know, just like the Ringmaster Haunter, there is a rumor behind this one as well. It was said that one night a little girl and a bunch of her friends gathered underneath a full moon to practice witchcraft,
but a drunk driver swerved and kill them all, only they didn’t really die, they turned into Haunters to get revenge on the man that did it, but since he’s dead they will forever continue to walk the earth.
But, this is only a rumor, right?

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Kay Hit.

Let's work on Charm!! Very Happy

So far you've told me...
- Her name is Sakal Chandra (which means morning moon in some indian language), but her nickname is Charm.
- Werewolf/Lycan Haunter
- She's a loner because she's decideed its hopeless, especialy after loosing those close to her that tried to help her.
- Her eyes arn't always red (only when she's a Werewolf/Lycan). Normally, they are like a Silver (like Storm's from Xmen).
- Her hair is white as well, but with dark tips. Normally kept short. What color should the tips be?
- This ( for pants. Can be any color.
- This ( for her jacket.
- Maybe a long sleeve shirt combined with a short sleeve shirt. The long sleeve shirt sould be frost/pea green and the short one should be white. Is that correct?
- Black hiking/militray boots. A strap on the front of her right leg, holding a long knife. Is that right?
- Let's talk now! xD

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3Characters Empty Re: Characters on Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:23 pm

ha, ok ok, relax! what do you wish to discuss now of her? we got a small scrap of her histroy (name) ideal home (small bit as to why as well) and her style and part in thehaunter deal. so i can see alot of gaps, so, i'lllist them down and u can pic which ones, add and take ones away, and then we can answer them...???
ok um lets see... 1st question- should we kind of go far back forher as well, a brief build up as to why shes here (but leave pbits and peaices for later on in the sotry, hwere we cna add as flashbacks-exampple)
ok say this is happening (its ognig to really bad, becuase im only just giving u an idea, not a secne, ok, ha, sorry if it sucks!) (um im not sure what point of veiw to do thisform, so i'll stick with 3rd person, for now,k?)
Thump. Thump. Thump. Wack. Thump. Thump. Thump. Wack. Thump. Thump. Thump. Wack. The sounds continued in a repeated pattern, small grunts and sharp intakes followed. Blazin stood paraell to a hanging log shaped roughly into the body of a person. It containted a torso, head, arms and its legs and feet we discarded from the picture. the wooden dummy was suported by ropes and thick vines, so old, acutaly intertwining and growing into the somewhat rotted wood. somehow, it all held. around this dummy was a few sparce trees. even though this was a heavily forested area, there was a good clearing easily seen from the top layer of the cave. The cave itself was covers by vegiataion and grass. the cave had a few boulders ontop of it, kind of making a mini version of itself. it was great for look outs and to stay hidden while doing so. This is where Charm stood, high, back straight, her feet crossed in frount of eachother, as she watched Blazin ontop of the mini cave. it had the best veiw of the the place, and the patches that were bare with grass and dirt filled lightly with equipment. every so often there was some travelers or hikers or worse yet, officials of the head guy of the area, usualy rode horse back that would ride through. Charm had the place set up sort of like robin hood had done. a few quick pulls of some vines and ropes painted carfully to blend and a blanket of brush and other things would fall over or around the training equipment, makeing it nearly untraceable. others slide quickly into the earth under a board thats been heavly covers with leaves, sticks and whatnot ontop. Charms' had her share of the world out there, and as far as she was concerned, she no longer had anything to do with it and wanted to keep it that way as best and as long as possible. Her attention was brought back to the intreaging girl. Why? Why was she helping her? She didn't owe this girl anytihng. She could of let her die. Could of stayed hidden and kept living her life of solitutde. Maybe she was glade to have someone around after so long-no. No it wasnt that. She long ago learned to control that feeling. That need and want that nagged and made her howl to the moon. No. Something was diffrent about this girl. She had determination, that was easy to see, spirit and heart too. But neither of those were it either? Maybe she remined Charm of someone...perhapes even a younger version of herself? Could it be possible? Charm shook her head. The reason didnt matter. She was stuck with the girl now. She made the promise, gave her word to help, and now she was stuck with this girl. Blazin Shiki-shiki...hmm.. Charm couldn't rmeber. She'd have to work on that. She huffed lightly and continued to watch unblinking. Blazin had a variety of weapons to work with. Charm had told her she had to work and practice everyone, even her own body, before she could pick which she perfered and suited her best. Even so, Charm had also told her, like a horse or good friend, you don't pick them, they pick you. So Blazin set to work training with each. She currently held a wooden sword. Charm wanted to start simple and safe. She drilled Blazin on a few moves earlier this morning, at dawn actually. It was diffrent. She seemed to draw more energy as the day drew on. Only the night time gave Charm her engery. "Teens." She muttered softly. As she watched, seeming to look farther beyound the figure of the girl as she hammered away at the dummy, left, right, underhand, over hand, backhand, left, right, underhand, overhand, backhand; Charm's eyes flickered red and she gapsed slightly as a memory flodded into her, cuasing all to disapear around her. She looked around, it was a bit fuzzy, but she was in a feild of tall, golden brown wheat, still short in some places, tall in others. Near the top of the wheat hill sat a small bed of wild flowers, scattered about. A little boy ran past and turned around and held out a hand as he said somewhat faded, "Come on Sakal!" He laughed childishly and raced ahea,d still looknig back and holding his hand out. Charm followed the small boy, tripping over her feet as she race to catch up, a hand wavering out in frount to grasp his. She cuaght his about halfway up and they ran ot the top, laughing as birds flew by. A few more kids we behind and ahead of them as they all ran up to the hill. The gruop of 5 plus Charm plooped down on their backs once htye made it to the top, all gruoped somewhat otgehter,pointning at the clouds and luaghing and talking to one another. A sound came from a distrances off. Charm sat up and looked around, spoting her older brothers (two of them) near a trianing dummy and target range. She could almost her her brother Auk as he taunted his twin Esker. Esker and Auk look similar, 19 years of age, close to become men, but it was easy to see the diffrence if you look. Both had the Packs trade mark eyes. Just like their sister, Sakal Chandra; a brillant silver, full of life and strength. Auk was shorter by about 2-3 inches, but his bark tened to be louder. Though Esker looked buffer, both were also equal in strength and skill. Basic skills, each had a profession of their own. Esker was hammering down on a dummy infrount of his, two curved blades that fitted into his hands, s waved spick naer each end, the steel strip over the black paint glimering in the sun and from the sweat droplets. Esker swung his fist hard and fast towards the dummy, followed by a few twists o the body and kicking, the same type of blades attached to his arms, back side of boot and tip of toes. The dummy shook hard unter the pressure and shaving hit the rocky outcorp as sparks flew. Auk kepts tuanting him. Esker stopped soon and drank greedly form the jug of water. He nearly polished the whole tihng off, but Auk pulled it away from his and placed it down. The two seemed to skirmish for a moment then Auk seemed ot shrug mockingly and sigh. he nodded and pointed towards 5 targets, all places at angles, each a little farther than the next. He skillfully and quickly pulled little dart/bolt like items from his side belt, places his right arm out, a weird crossbow looking item thatsat attached to the bakc of his hand on black his glove. His other a grey with the ring finger cut off and the tips of the point and thump cut also for better grip. He slapped the five bolts onto the wooden support and in a blink pulled hte string and moved his arm 5 times. All his their targets amazingly and with skill at the targets bulls eyes, all pretty close in time. Chamr breathed. They were fast...and getting much better. Not too much longer before they were men and the pack sent them on the tradtional ceramony. Theywere baiscally trained assains. At that time, they were at war after apeace treaty was broken with the Haunters of a diffrnet tribe. Becuase of the unuiqe fact that Charms pack were not only half haunter, they were half wolf (werewolf) they we vauled highly by some, and despised by others. They were near the peak of their skills during that itme so long ago. Charm stood up to her feet, the little boy looked up at her and asked "What's the matter?" He proped himself up on one elbow and looked striahgt ahead towards Auk and Esker. He sat up and Charm felt a quicver go down her spine. Auk and Esker turned and stood at attention as a few men rode up on horse back, producing a letter. Esker went to reach for it when Auk snatched it and stuck out his tounge and opened it up, using his elbow and tiwsitng his body away form his brother as he tired to retrieve it. The man on the horse who delviered the letter siad soemthing-Charm couldnt make it out. Both boys stopped and Auk read the letter outloud, his eyes shining. As he alsmot finished the spark left his eyes and his vocie as he slowly read and stopped all together. Esker took the letter quickly and read it again, furious as Auk looked up, guawking. The man nodded his head, his horse took a step foward then back, shaking its head a bit. Esker semed to bark soemtihng loudly at the man, cuasing his horse ot rear up jsut a little. The man and him argued for a moment. Esker then placed the letter back into the envelop and saluted (which was a hand over the heart, the last to fingers curler in). Auk however didnt show anysigns of recpect and started after the man spitting out stuff. Esker held his arms naer the elbow parts, roughly behind him. Auk twisted out an arm and kept advanceing foward, throwing his frewe arm down and holding his feirce gaze with the man. He oly huffed and said soemthing then rode off, the other 2 horse men following sciently after. Esker said soemtihng and Auk pulled his other arm free and walked off a few feet. He stood by near a stump and stared hard at the ground ahead of him. Esker walked up and placed a hand on his twins shoulder and squeeze then sat down on the stump and looked at the letter, staring hard and ubbnig his head with his free hand. Auk gulped heavily, a few drops falling to the gorund as he lifted his headback and let out a long, sorrowful howl.
"Sakal-!" Charm didn't look back, she just kept running. She went right for her brothers- he firends still on the hill,everyone looking now. the boy that called out her name, stood standing, his hand out, slowly falling back, his eyes full of hurt, sympathy, and confusion. Chamr skidded down soem of the way, her right arms behind her, left barely touching and helpng her balnce held out somewhat ahead and her feet diagjaoly but totuching from one another. she broke into a sprint as she hit the bottom, breaking down on all fours to gain speed. she made it breathlessly toher brothers. She inquired what wasgoing on and they explained how they were to go into the war. Charm stumbled a bit back, her eyes wide with terror. She had lost everyone, EVERYONE in this stupid war one way or antoher. They couldnt take the only two kin she had left! They just couldn't! it wasnt fair! And they were still too young. Only 'men' could go. they had yet ot take their trial! They couldn;'t do this! Auk looked at his sister, Esker taking a step foward and bending down on one knee as he hugged her. Auk came over and places a hand on her shoulder and bowed his head. Charm started to cry, then sob, heavily. She burried her face into Eskers red/orange wolf pelt vest. "Shhh my little Charm...our little Charm. It'll be alright, you'll see. We'll be back before you know it. Then we can play again, and Auk and I will teach you all the new stuff we learned. Promise you'll practice everyday, real hard for us while were gone, to make up for our absense?" Charm had burried her head deeper and was sniffing hard,hot tears falling down her face. Esker pulled her away and siad trying to look into her face. "Promise?" Charm sniffed and siad, a hand naer his left eye in a bawlful up fist. "P-promise..." Auk looked away and said. "No, say it like you mean it! And dry those eyes, you need to be storng, you hear? I don'twant to hear anyone say were a pack of pussy's, got that?" Charm gigled a little, still crying, as she tired fruitfully ot stop. They seemed to be falling beyound her will now. She said in a somewhatharder vocie. "...promise." Auk leaned down a little closer and cupped his ear. "What was that?" "P-promise." "What?" He leaned down so his almsot pointed ear tickled her nose as she said. "Promise!"? Auk grined a toothy grin and ruffled Charms hair. "That's my Charm." Esker smiled ad used his thumb to wipe away the few tears that remaiend on Charms red and puffy face. Esker pulled out a cloth from his vest pocket and gently wiped more of her face and told her to blow-and she did so. He then handed the cloth toAuk and siad "Here, hold this." Auk looked at his hand and said loudly, tolding the cloth withtwo fingers by the tip "Ew gross! You mangy mutt, you sick fur ball, why the hell did you give me this snot covered rag!?!" Charm giggled more as Esker stood up and boped his brother on the head. "Now now, not in the precens of a lady, now be a good man and discard that, will you?" Auk felt a vein pop out of the side of his head as he growled. "Why i oguht ta-ah, gr, fine! You stupid mutt-" He kept mubling to himself as he discared the cloth. Esker walked towards their home, a hand on Charm's back as he filler her head with promsies of return and all the fun and wonderful things thye were going to do when they got back, then trailing off on to what ot eat for tonigh, auk catching up.
Charm sighed heavily. That was the last nigth she ever saw her brothers. Seeing Blazin now, remined her so much of them, and her village. Everyone gave it a 100% and then some, but her fdamily the msot when it came to trainnig. It was why they were the best. Few we left alive after the war. It lasted long enough for her to go nito it when she was of age. She had only been about 6-7 years of age when that happened? Perhapes younger. She spent more of her life alone after that, well when she turned 13 that is. Until then, her friend Burkin, the little boy she hung out alot with, had taken her in. Him and his family. Charm snapped back from her memories as Blazin fell flat on her back. Charm started but soon stopped when she realized the girl was only resting. Blazins oak hair laid scattered around her and on her sticky face. She proped herself up and drank slowly out of a bottle, her eyes closed. Charm jumped down and out of sight. Blazin looked up and behind her at the cave. Seeing notihng she shrugged and sat up, then shakily rose to her feet as she continued to train.

yes this story is goingt obe aobut Blazin, i jsut wanted to give u an idea of a flash back to learn a ltitle more about Charm, k? k! Sorry it took so long. ha, night!

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Y-you captured Blazin so well, Hit!!

Awww, what a very sad (yet, very awesome) story...
(It answered a lot of my questions, though! lol!)

Night Hit. We'll talk more later then. Very Happy

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5Characters Empty Re: Characters on Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:51 pm

Really!?!? AWESOME! *jumps in ari grinnig ear to ear then lands and folds arms* guess that means im the smart one, eh?ahah, plz dont hurt me! and if ur up, i';ll stay up as bit longer. thanks for the complimetn. sure od read fast! ha, man! so, ok, any other questions..or good for now?

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6Characters Empty Re: Characters on Wed Jan 06, 2010 3:57 pm


I won't hurt you as long as you answer these! Haha...just joking...mostly.

Erm...Anyway...I love to read- specially when you make the story! I love to see what you come up with because it's not what I expected, but it turns out awesome anyway!

Um...I'm up now...Awww...I had to get off because I had school today (well duh, it was a Tuesday.). Lol.

Anyway (again), here's the questions!
...and other stuff...

Okay, so first off in the story we learned her history and her name. We also leaned where she came in with the Haunters.
Now, let’s discuss how she’s going to meet Blazin. This is what I was thinking (based off of what you told me).

After training (like in your story) Blazin goes to get something to eat. There, she runs into three Haunters. A vampire, rabbit and wolf haunter. Before eating she confronts the Haunters and challenges them, figuring that they might be weak, since they were scaring little kids.
But, once she fights them she finds out that they are in fact very strong. Since she isn’t strong enough to fight them all, she runs. But the haunters want to fight her and kill her, since she’s been killing Haunters to get stronger.
Eventually she runs into Charm at the training spot knocking them both down. But, since she doesn’t know Charm and she’s really beat up, she runs away. But, the Haunters lose her scent to Charm’s (because she’s stronger, she’d have a stronger ’scent’. Wait, don’t take that the wrong way! I only mean she has a more powerful aura!) scent. So, they figure that they’d fight her. But, of course, Charms kicks all their butts. Blazin see’s this from the mountain top and smiles.
She makes a vow to become more like her, so she follows Charm to her cave (or wherever she lives at this point) and attacks her (this is how Blazin thinks to become stronger since she doesn’t have anyone to teach her).
Charm, of course, wins the fight, knocking Blazin out. But, realizing this was the girl she saw at the training grounds, she takes her in.
After an hour or so, Blazin wakes up. This is where they are properly introduced to each other. Blazin then tells Charm that she saw what she had did to the Haunters that were chasing her and that she would like to learn her moves. Well, at first Charm says no (because she’s been alone this whole time. Why would she take someone in just to train them?). But, Blazin then beings up the reason she has to get stronger- to defeat the Haunter that killed her family and since Charm’s whole family was killed as well she says she’ll ‘think about it’, but never actually says yes.
Hearing this, Blazin gets excited and agrees right away to any rules that Charm might have (such as going through her things or what not. Something like that, right?).
Charm, at first doesn’t like the fact that she has to help Blazin, but soon comes to like her because they are alike.

There are still a few things though.
What color should the tips of Charm’s hair be, and it’s short right?
What color should her pants be?
I think that should be it now, lol.

Afterwards, let’s talk about the Haunter Diamonds.

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7Characters Empty Re: Characters on Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:25 am

yes i like this (and the compliments too, thanks, and the scent thing, i caught on, no need to worry or apologize *grins and rolls eyes*) but if this is hows its to be- i'll jsut have to fix up a few parts in my version- seeing how, i guess i didnt clearfy that Charm had already (*grins and rubs back of head*) taken Blazin under her wing in that short intro to her her life. so we'll change it to, Charm notices the girl on the old, rotting training grounds, practicing with a dummy. but for some reason, she doesn't attack, she does nothing, just watches this strange girl. Blazin contuines to practice (whatever the name for fighting with just the body) with the dummy till it gorws late, -then ur part corems in- Blazin goes off to get a bite to eat before bed and is encoundtored and so on. --ok tips of hiar? um a mix of red and black perhapes...? or just a grey?(note she isnt really old-in the world of huanters)her pants? well all her cloths kind of blend into her suroundins, so i guess like my dads old uniform- only change is their will be a bit of grey in it for the rocky outcorp and parts/

ok, and huanter each needs to complete or get a certain amont before peace or depenmton or freedom, or soemtihng like that- if i remeber right? right?

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Oh...I re-read...Sorry about that Hit. I didn't even notice. I'll pay more attention.
That sounds awesome!!
So red and black tips for her hair and her pants are basically cameo but with a bit of gray in them for the rocky outcorp? Is that right?

Yes. That's correct.
Let's see, how sould Charm and Blazin find the first Haunter Diamond? How should they learn about them? Also, how many should there be.
Hm. There are seven or so elements normally..I think. Should we make seven Haunter Diamonds?

Plamsa (or goo...or blob...or whatever you wanna call it.)

That's what I believe are the seven elements. Can you think of anymore? Very Happy

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9Characters Empty Re: Characters on Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:41 am

hahaha, that was aweosme *grins* anyhow (sorry for late reply, was at cuzins house for a few days--back now) um well ive been thinking about the dimonds alot- as of you. lets pull out some basics before we get that far out (and i cant think of any other elments unless you want these too-love, demon/demonic, dark, light, nature((might be best to just stick with yours)) and lets seee.....their looks? besides the fact that thye should (er...i would imagine?) look like thier elements-like earth be mostly brown with some green-water blusish colors-posible bits of green- air- light blue and whiteish and bits of grey too...etc, you know? and posilbe htey look like normal rocks until you touch them or soemthing, then they kind of glow or swirll with their elemntal colors and stuff---and if you want- we can make some rarer than others- then like, the rarer ones can total up more than just for one- but um, its all up to you- i could be just com;licating things (which im pretty sure i am, haha-er yeah, sorry *grins weakly, rubbing back of head*) ah well- should they all be shaped the same or no? all diffrent, or determined by elemnts? and if they look alike- are they shaped like a cut dimond, or a shard? and lets many huanter dimonds should they need ot get? and how they get thier first? well um, how does one get a dminond in the first place? do they find it? must they complete a task or kill someone-all of the above? like, will they become sort of like bounty and tresure huanters- searching the debts of the world they know for hidden place holding secrets and haunter dimonds and bad people and creatures alike for the bounty and dimonds? canb how they get the dimond also determine the type it is? (like if we do go with the dark or demonic- its would have t obe from cold blooded killing- like- the ring master) hey wait-that could work. like thye have to have adimond of each- and well like set them all up. most common to the rarest. so 7 of the most common, 6 for the next, 5 for the next, and only one for the last(if we jsut stick with your last) and the ringmaster will have the last shard they need-so that will also be some modivation for more alies to help Blazin, right? Should we throw in that htye know this already- or comes later from the ring master himsefl, or a wise person and just some snitch,of a person (bounty person) that gives out soem info in order to get away-live? (i know im trypnig alot- sorry sorry! just really want to write soem more!!!!) and lets see... and i guess they can get their first dimond off of the guys they encountered- but not right of the bat-since its too easy for Charm and all--like, maybe a map or a clue, or they mention soemthings before they die or run off? or heck, lets make it interesting! like a sprite or fairy or spirit or seomthing pops out and gets them to follow her/him into this weird place, where a dimond lay- and thats where they are told how many dimonds they must get and when they can retutrn to this place? hmm...well actually, what kind of story is this gonig to be? --i had best stop now before i wirte you an essay or junk here, ha, okok, bye for now then and sorry once mroe for complicating this all- u can cut it if nothing seems-ah whats the word....likeable? er no not that...well anyway- cut what u dont like keep whatu do and add mroe awesomenss if u can! k? k!

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Eugh…I’m SO SO sorry! I have to read this book, “The Ear, The Eye and the Arm” by Nancy Farmer, and it’s taking a lot of my time (because of the questions and what not that I have to answer.). I also have chores, school and whatever else…I finally got to this. Heh…*scratches back of head*…

More importantly, I think we could (if we wanted to) add Love, Hate, Demonic and maybe Angelitic? *Cough*
Anyway, you’re right. That sounds awesome. I really like the idea of them being rocks before they are touched, and that they glow (with their element) when they are touched.
Rarer then others? I really, really like that idea too. It would make the story seem more adventurous. No, you’re not complicating things at all!!
And their shape? Hm. I was actually thinking they would all look like diamonds, but with their element inside them. Like a green house. You know transparent? *grins at how stupid I am*
Well, to get a diamond (I was thinking…Just throwing this out there) they’d have to fight some type of monster that promised it’s life to protect it. I guess this would make Blazin and Charm kind of like murderers or treasure hunters.
Hm. That sounds very awesome. I mean sure, there will be others after the diamonds too, so of course Charm and Blazin (and if anyone else joins them too) would have to fight that person for the diamond.
Oh! That sounds amazing!!! Oh! Oh! What if, while Charm and Blazin are fighting this person (bounty hunter or whatever) he spills something like, “I will be the one to get that diamond from Cleaus!!”
Or something like that. Or whatever you want.
Hm. Well, that’s true. I really like that idea too. Maybe a little purple (or whatever color she is) fairy named Aries (haha…) could be in danger and when Charm and Blazin help her, she gives them the diamond. And at first, Blazin asks what it is (since it doesn’t look like a normal diamond). Then Aries (or whoever) tells Blazin that it is a ‘Haunter Diamond’, capable of making any wish to it’s user, but only if they are all gathered (kind of like Dragon Ball Z?).
Maybe we should make it another goal instead. Maybe the diamonds (when all gathered) make the person powerful? And gives them ultimate control? No. That wouldn’t work because Blazin and Charm fight Cleaus to get the last one. What would be the point of becoming stronger then? I mean, Blazin would have completed her goal, right?
Hm. Maybe she just wants to defeat Cleaus, then give the wish to Charm? What do you think?

(After the diamonds, we could talk about Blazin’s friends.)

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mh, im glad u loved it all, and yes, iilove ur ideas as well! and ha no no, dont sweat over it, im in the same boat as u- i had ot finish reading Rebecca, and barelymade the deadline- and ihave ot have the project done to sohw on Tue-wed. i forget which, but er...yeah....soon. and i kept messing up (i can seem to for the love of god to figure out how ot use the video maker tihng, so im jsut sticking wit hthe creative part- and drawing my pic) thing is though....i wanted to do something diffrent-unique. but nothings come to mind and i cant wait for that inspiration to come. bakc ot the story now- yes alright ,the stones will take the shape of a dimond (cut or uncut? cuase u see, if you look at a dimond beofore htye cut it, they look like a reg. rock only instead of bumpy, kind of sidded, like an octogon, or even more sides, some bigger and or smaller than others. and u can see a bit of the white or whatever color dimond it is-its color doesnt shine and sparkle like the ones in stores till they're cleaned, cut and all kinds of stuff in a big proccess--saw it one tv once--i like my anime and cartoons-havnet much recently-but ilike watching stuff u learn on too, lame or not. i find hem facinating! and just, well awesome!) so theres that last quesiton on their looks. and i tihkn i get hwat u mean aobut the green house effect. u mean like, the colors swirling around when u touch it, and u can see through the mass the other otherside- like partly see ur fingers holdingin on the other side-or? and lets see...the angelic, love, demonic hate sound good to add-so thats good. and ha, nice (the aries thing) it could work and be an easy nice start and explian to our readers whats gonig on and their purpose. and power? hmm..i tihnk wish sounds good- and as to what for after they defeat, it will be something we might not even know ourselfs till the end. kind of excited aobut that ,really. and what else did u sya we must cover? um...hold on one sec... ok so how the dimonds work? i really want to have soe written beofre we acutally decide on that...but perhapes once all the dimonds are in their poseion- like when charm or blazin goes to grab the dimond from Cluadus (er..i'll work on his name, ha, sorry- i will try! it will jaut take me a little while) and as soon as their finger touches it, it glows and well i guess this part can variy. i'd like to write some more before i can come up with anytihng, but thats when she gets to and makes her wish (if she does-but yes, i tihkn we just might have ot wait a while before its known as to what it will be).

alright onto her firends- sicneu brought it up, um wouldu mind placing down ur thoguhts first?if not, can u explain as ot what u mean- i mean, other than obvious, haha!

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Hello, Hit!!
I'm going to post this now because I don't know when I'll be able to get back on.
What's Rebecca? Is it a good story?
I hope you get it in before the deadline. *grins and throws you a Dr. Pepper*
D'you mean WMM (Windows Movie Maker)? I like using that (sometimes), it's just so slow. *graons*
Right story -

Hm. I was thinking cut (Kind of like this)...
Characters Gp05diamond
Yes! That's exactly it. I agree with everything you said! I understand, I’m excited about that too. Lol.

So let's go over this one more time (just to make sure).
For Charm
- Her name is Sakal Chandra (which means morning moon in some Indian language), but her nickname is Charm.
- She's a Werewolf/Lycan Haunter (she can change at will).
- She's a loner because she's decided its hopeless, especially after loosing those close to her that tried to help her.
- Her eyes aren’t always red (only when she becomes a Werewolf/Lycan Haunter). Normally, they are like a Silver (like Storm's from Xmen).
- Her hair is white as well, but with dark tips. Normally kept short. What color should the tips be?
- This ( for pants. Can be any color.
- This ( for her jacket.
- Maybe a long sleeve shirt combined with a short sleeve shirt. The long sleeve shirt should be frost/pea green and the short one should be white. Is that correct?
- Black hiking/military boots. A strap on the front of her right leg, holding a long knife.
- She has two brothers (Auk and Esker) that died in a war when they were 19. Most of Charm's family was killed in this war as well.
- So they way Charm met Blazin...
Charm notices Blazin training, but for some reason she doesn't attack, she just watches until dark. Blazin then decides to then go grab a bite to eat when she notices three haunters; a Vampire, Rabbit and Wolf Haunter.
Before eating she confronts the Haunters. She figures they are weak because they were scaring little children, however when the fight starts Blazin soon realizes she isn't strong enough to fight them all so she runs.
But the Haunters want to fight and kill her, since she has been killing Haunters all over. Eventually she runs into Charm at the training spot knocking them both down. But, since she doesn’t know Charm and she’s really beat up, she runs away. But, the Haunters lose her scent to Charm’s (because she’s stronger, she’d have a stronger ’scent’. Wait, don’t take that the wrong way! I only mean she has a more powerful aura!) scent. So, they figure that they’d fight her. But, of course, Charms kicks all their butts. Blazin see’s this from the mountain top and smiles. She makes a vow to become more like her, so she follows Charm to her cave (or wherever she lives at this point) and attacks her (this is how Blazin think’s to become stronger since she doesn’t have anyone to teach her).
Charm, of course, wins the fight, knocking Blazin out. But, realizing this was the girl she saw at the training grounds, she takes her in. After an hour or so, Blazin wakes up. This is where they are properly introduced to each other. Blazin then tells Charm that she saw what she had did to the Haunters that were chasing her and that she would like to learn her moves. Well, at first Charm says no (because she’s been alone this whole time. Why would she take someone in just to train them?). But, Blazin then beings up the reason she has to get stronger- to defeat the Haunter that killed her family and since Charm’s whole family was killed as well she says she’ll ‘think about it’, but never actually says yes. Hearing this, Blazin gets excited and agrees right away to any rules that Charm might have (such as going through her things or what not. Something like that, right?). Charm, at first doesn’t like the fact that she has to help Blazin, but soon comes to like her because they are alike.

About the Haunter Diamonds
- There are 10 Diamonds
Plasma (or goo...or blob...or whatever you want to call it.)
- Each diamonds has it’s own appearance (we should talk about this). When touched they become transparent with the element inside. But, if there isn’t an element (such as love, hate, angel, etc.) a color shows instead. Like for love, red would be the color.
- The story…Charm and Blazin notice a little fairy is in danger. Upon saved her she tells them her name is Aries and as a reward she give them a Haunter Diamond (earth element). When seeing this, Blazin asks Aries what it is, after all it doesn’t look like a normal diamond, specially when she touched it. Aries tells her that it is a ’Haunter Diamond’ and that there are nine others and that when you gather them all together you can make a wish.
Hearing this Blazin wants to know more, but Aries then tells her that’s all she knows. Sadly (but happily) Blazin and Charm take their leave.

And I was just thinking Blazin and Charm could run into someone that has some information on the Haunter Diamonds because he has one and what not. I was thinking Nathan Tyuken (Nate) could come in there. About Matthew Edwards (Matt), well we was suppose to be the muscle with Blazin. What should we do with him?

Hehe. Sorry It's so long. I just want to get everything down, so make sure to tell me everything!!

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perfect! it sonds good to me! (i counte,d and there are acually 11- but maybe we can turn this into a nice twist- making love the acutal last one or soemtihng? idk, we'll have to think on that, huh?) and lets make lal but the ringmaster in the dark about the 11th one! --sorry, getting carried away- i need ot hear what u tihnk first! alright next - I'm afirad the two people u listed on the very me? i dotn really rmeber them- perhapes becuase ourt main focus has been all of these- is one of these guys the one who told Blazin to run solong ago? and sure Blazin could have skills and even maybe a magic or soemthing, and this Matt can be the brute musslce and all- but whos this Nate?what does he do and hwere does he come in? relation? reply soon! (sorry for not myself- was sick)

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Ah, that's good! Oh, sorry didn't see that, lol. But, I do LOVE that idea. Like, at first Charm and Blazin collect all ten diamonds, but then some guy comes in and blabbers about it. Of course, this one would be the rarest!
Sure, sure. Cleaus would have to try and get it too, lol.
Well we didn't talk about them. But in my original story Nate and Matt traveled with Blazin. Nathan was the brains, Matt the muscle and Blazin the skill (or whatever).

Hm. Here let me explain a little more.
When Blazin ran away she knew nothing right? Well one day she found a diamond. She kept it because of it's "rareness". She wanted to learn more about Haunters so she went to this guy that said he knew everything and anything about them (Nate). Well while she was there, the diamond fell out of her pocket and Nate had seen it.
She quickly took it back, but that's when Nate told her it was a Haunter Diamond and blah, blah...I hadn't worked anything out after that. Lol.

But, that's where Nate came in. Matt...I hadn't worked out. He was just going to be her childhood friend or something. Lol.

I guess they don't NEED to be in the story. Charm kind of takes their place, lol.

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well jee...this could be a bit tough, huh? but glad u liked the idea- and i was kind of thinking that they were kept inthe dark even to the end, and u know how the master bad duy always has a trick up his sleeve and laughs jsut as he's dieing, wlel thatswhen he can reveal the truth of an 11th dimond- which even ur Nate would not know of. it suposivly is a secret handed down only to ringmasters. or soemtihng along the lines- so after all the work and hard ships these guys face- theres still just one more to get... and all that stuff.... but yes, i tihkn rthats an idea we must owkr in! i never knew u had people in mind already/...but Charm is gonig to be a sclinet type anyhow, so perhapes tihs could work. it can, it really can. no, im sure of it! lets do it!!! *grins ear to ear* --child hood firned? sure that would work. they find him near death or wounded or soemtihng, Her and Nate as they are traveling using an old map of his that suposivly had a secret place with either more dimonds or information or soemthing that they bothj desired (happing to be near or at Charms place) and ta-da! thats how they lal meet up. and not just becuase Bazin realized Matt was her child hood firned, but he feels obliged to stay scince he's in debt and Nate is in for the learning and kind of the thrill. And Blazi and Charms we've figured out. so good to go now?

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It’s perfect for Cleaus. It’s just the thing he would do!!
And yes, that all sounds awesome (specially Matt beaten up LOL). So, let’s get this story on the roll, shall we? *grins*
How should we start?
We can also discuss the name for the Chapters. Lol.
Oh, and guess what? I got the FM back!! Yay!! We also need to talk about Blazin being a “Neko” Haunter. Where should that come in? How should she get it?
I was thinking she could’ve had it from birth and Cleaus knew that. What do you think?

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would explain it....for sure- i mean, why else did they not kill her? had the chance just as easy as everyone else...right? maybe he hopes to use her for his benifits, even foreseeing him trying ot kill him- and he konws she posses the love huanter dimond within her!!! what do u tihnk!? good motive? and for hte heck of it, lets sy her family knew-some, like the elders, only she was so young back then...and well, u get it yes? (and thank u, im glad u liked it! it all just comes to me, and i love ur ideas as well!) and yes, we should start soon- and u recovered FM again? Great! u ever need it though, i got most of it too- or all of it i tihnk. andguess what? this is the first place were we had to go to antoehr page! *pblows party favor* wooh!!! hey..we never celebrated this- but u were the first ot mark 100 post. congrats! *throws confetie in the air then grins* ha ok, story time! *cracks knucles* lets start this then! perhapes ushould go tohugh- unless u wanted me to. but um lets se...u left at her wakeing up from a momeory of that terrible night, maybe then u canhave her stumble onto someones door step and htye refuse to turn her down sicne it is such a cold night and all, and thye recomend with the small bit of info she provides and the showing of the dimond she possed, to go meat this Nate guy, yeah? or she could jsut over hear studff in a pub (could she get in..?-no i mean, like legally? haha) or a library she goes to to try and look up some info she was curious on, not really quite sure what she was looknig for? idk, um ,ok, wlel thats 3 possibliteis, u got any ideas or likeany of these?

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Oh, that sounds awesome!
Yay!!! *jumps into a huge bowl of ice cream* Oh...the story. Right. *scratches back of head*
Hm. I like them all!!
How about we mix them all together?
Like, since Blazin is weak she stumbles to someone door step. Seeing as how her reputation is that she’s a murderer (even though she’s killing Haunters) they turn her down. So, she goes off and eventually finds a Restaurant (I’m not quite sure about the Pub. She’s only sixteen. So, how about a restaurant? I mean, if there are restaurants open at like, four in the morning, LOL), where she meets Amari, and eventually they get on to talking about the Haunter Diamonds. Seeing as how Amari is Nate’s sister, she tells Blazin to go to Nate, because he knows more. She tells Blazin that Nate will meet her in the Library at the end of the street.
Well, the next day he meets Nate and they started talking about the diamonds. Nate tells her that he just wants to go along for the knowledge and thrill, of course Blazin agrees.
After venturing for a while they run into a injured Matthew who has a map of this place. Well, they heal Matt and eventually run into Charm.

What do you think?

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*grins and thumbs up* all systems go then cap'tn! shall we begin then?

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Yay! I posted it. *grins*
Tell me what you think!
Hm. That’s it for Chapter One. What should we call this Chapter? I was thinking, "First Meeting", or something like that. Then Chapter 2 could be called, “Second Meeting”
Oh! Sorry for changing a few things in here! Also, in the "Christmas Preview" I'm changing it to eleven years because nine would only make her fourteen. Sorry about that, Hit.
Now then, what's going to happen in Chapter 2?! Wahahahah!!! *coughcough* ow...
I will post it soon alright?

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wooh....finally had soem time to sit down and read this! i like it! u did a very good job and srt up it all perfectly and even better than i hoped!! and name of chapters ?sure, they sound fine to me. ands the 3rd chapter can be 2nd chance? dont know, maybe i'll leacve the names and stuff up to you. i did liek the little info on how her relations and all to Matt- but perhapes just a bit longer? it oculd be just me, and besucae ilikethat kind of stuff, but jsut alittle more on how they met? like smae thin,g maybe just a line or two stretched? or not, like i dsiad, i really like this so far! jsut tell me when ur ready to split up the jobs- or do i jump in after u guys find matt and go into the forest and meet Charm?

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