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Hunting Haunters *Changed*

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1Hunting Haunters *Changed* Empty Hunting Haunters *Changed* on Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:27 pm


I just updated the beginning a little. Tell me what you think. Very Happy

I looked up to the big pale moon that hung over me like a blanket. The snow had started falling around me.
“How long has it been?” I questioned myself- my breath making a small cloud that disappeared. I turned over on my side and closed my eyes. The memories were flooding back once more. But tonight I had no choice but to remember them, instead of shoving them away like always.

I don’t really remember how old I was, maybe four or five. I was going to Grandma Marie’s small, warm, welcoming home. I always loved going there. She gave me whatever I wanted, why wouldn’t I want to go? Any child would.
“Good morning Grandma!! It‘s almost Christmas!!” I called from our small onyx car window. She was standing outside in her long blue dress with an apron on top of that. Grandma Marie had long very light oak brown hair that very well matched mine, only light. She had it pulled back into a pony-tail to keep it out of her eyes. I liked her hair better down because it framed her face. Despite her aging, Grandma Marie never changed at all. She always looked like a beautiful young woman, much like my mother Hope. Then again, I was only five or four. I’m surprised I can remember that.
“What are we making today Grandma?! Oh! Can it be peanut better cookies?! Please Grandma?! Please?!” I begged as she took my hand to go inside. She flashed me a warm smile and replied with, “Of course. Your cousins are making sugar cookies!!“
Mother and father Ashua were right behind us. The first thing Dad did once inside was head into the living room where my other family members were. I heard them laugh as soon as he entered. That’s how dad was. He could make anyone laugh. Mother said she had fallen for him because of that, and his beautiful blue eyes. I just laughed at that, making my mother giggle too.
“There you are. What took you so long, slow poke!!” Harou said as I walked into the kitchen, where the smell of cookies making in the oven captured my nose. I took in a big breath and let it out.
“Sorry Harou. Mommy wanted to get dressed really pretty for Christmas.” I explained. I jumped on the chair beside him to see that he was coloring a snowman sugar cookie. Harou was always a good artist. I was always jealous because he was two years older then me and it seemed like he could do anything.
“Whoa! That’s awesome!” My eight year old cousin Harmony spoke once she entered. She was talking about Harou’s cookie. I crossed my arms to pout. Harmony, or Harm as everyone had called her, giggled and hugged me.
“You’re cool to Blazin.” I blushed but smiled at the comment and spoke happily, “Thanks Harm!!”

After a few hours of baking and mixing all the cookies were done and colored with many different colors. I remember there also being a Christmas Tree with a star at the top. Even an angel with light blue wings and long oak hair. That was Harou’s. He had said, “This is Grandma Marie because she’s an angel!!”
Everyone smiled and went ’aww’, of course. Harou was the pride of the family. I just shrugged our of jealously, since it was going to be Christmas soon.
I sat down in front of Grandma Marie’s Grandfather clock. It had said 10:41 PM. I blinked once and waited until it would stoke midnight, or at least I would’ve if mother hadn’t sent me to bed. I quickly changed into my nightgown and hopped into the bed provided for me. It was Grandma’s old bed, which meant it was the most comfortable. But, she’d never say that out loud.
“Amen.” I spoke and pulled the black and blue sheets up to my chin. I snuggled in night and warm, sighing once I was set perfect.

After a few hours, I had heard something outside my door. It had sounded like something dropping hard to the ground. Like when someone laughs to hard and they lose their balance, only, I didn’t hear anyone laughing. I sat up in my bed and rubbed my right eye. Since I was awake, I decided to go use the restroom.
I hoped down from my bed and opened my door. There was only darkness. I frowned. Darkness had been once of my many fears as a child, mostly because nothing could be seen in darkness.
Swallowing hard, I stepped out and braved my fear. After a few moment I could see the glow-in-the-dark stars that were on the bathroom wall. They were reflecting off the mirror.
I smiled. Eager to get out of the darkness, I ran towards the bathroom tripping on something warm on the brown and black rug covered floor. I whimpered as I pulled myself up. I had hurt my ankle.
Ignoring the pain, I rushed into the bathroom, slammed the door and clicked the light on. I rushed to the wall mirror. Since I was small, I could see my full self. I stared hard into the mirror at the red stuff that was now on my nightgown.
What had I fallen into?
I grabbed a ran from underneath the sink and started rubbing it. After a few moments of that I poured some water on the cloth and tried again. For some reason it wasn’t coming off. That’s when I smelled it, just to see what it was.
I pulled back in fear. It smell like blood!! I remember the smell from a year ago when a cat scratched me and mother had to put a band-aid on it.
“M-mom!!” I called down the hallway once I swung the door open. I raced down the hallway with tears running down my cheeks. Blood was another one of my fear ever since the cat cut me. I had to get stitches because of that.
“Mommy! Daddy!!” I screamed banging on their door. I suddenly paused. Something wasn’t right here. I was making a lot of noise, why wasn’t anyone waking up? Were they that sleepy? No. That couldn’t be the answer.
Fearful, I ripped open the door and ran to my mother’s side. She had been asleep. How was that possible with all the noise I was making?!
I shook her violently. After she didn’t wake up I ran to my father’s side and did the same. But still, the same outcome. He stayed asleep.
“Mommy!! Daddy!!” I screamed. There was nothing. I wiped my eyes from the tears. Why weren’t they waking up?
I decided to check on my Grandma Marie, but it was still the same. No matter who I tried to wake up, they just laid there. By now my heart was going crazy with fear. I was to assume the worst.
I feel on my knees and threw my head into my icy hands. Why was this happening? Did I do something wrong? I just didn’t understand.
“Perfect…” I had heard. I ripped my head up to look over my right shoulder where a man had been standing. He had long, shiny white hair and perfect moon colored skin. He wore a black tuxedo over a dark blue vest. His tuxedo was unbuttoned, probably due to him wanting people to see his silky vest. On top of his head was a black top hat with a dark blue ribbon around it that very much matched his vest. He was also carrying a whip. He grinned down towards me. I could see what seemed like fangs. At the corner of his mouth was something red. I didn’t want to think it was blood, but I had no choice.
“Hm? Where did you hide little mouse?” He questioned. I slowly stood up, putting on my guard.
“W-w…who are you? What did you do to them?” I questioned back, but my voice wasn’t as clam. It was very easy to hear the fear in my voice, mostly because I was five and didn’t know how to hide it, yet.
“How very right you are. It was rude of me not to introduce myself. I am Cleaus - The Ringmaster Haunter.” He explained. I shook my head.
“R-ringmaster Haunter…?” I echoed. “T-that doesn’t matter! What did you do to my family?!”
The fear in my body was slowly turning to hate as I realized he was the one to kill my family. But, he didn’t seemed bothered by it. He just grinned and laughed.
“Why, I took their blood. But it seems like I missed one.” I could see the danger in his eyes. I slowly moved back.
“W-what do you mean…?” My voice lowered. I was terribly afraid now. I couldn’t control my voice anymore. He came closer as my back touched the wall. My heart was beating against my ribcage.
“W-wait…!” I cried. He flicked his whip making a very loud CRACK. I flinched at the sound. Suddenly three monsters were standing in front of me. All with piercing red eyes. They moved closer to me. As they did I had seen the blood on their hands. It dripped to the floor. I snapped my head back up at them. They were so close I could smell their breath. I closed my eyes again.
“No!!” I felt the fear escape my lung as I waited for the attack. Once it didn’t come, I opened my eye to see another man standing in front of me. He pulled out a katana with a black blade. My blinked in confusion.
Who was this man? Was he helping me?
I didn’t have to wait long for the answer. He turned to look at me over his shoulder. He had the same eyes as Cleaus. One word was all he spoke, “Run.”
Without hesitation I stood up and made a path for the door. He blocked the monsters from hitting me. Once I was outside I didn’t look back, I only ran. As far as my legs took take me, tears running down my cheeks the whole time.

Eventually I had fallen over due to lack of energy. I laid there a minute, slowly getting my breath back. Once I did, I had sat up and wiped my eyes. They burned tediously. I was completely alone now. Despite everything that happened nothing answered the questions flowing through my mind at the speed of light.
I pulled my legs to my chest as I trembled. Not only was I alone, it was Christmas day and the snow was falling all around me. I looked up to the pale colored sky. I closed my eyes.
“Mom…dad…everyone…even Harou…I miss you all already.” I whispered, my breath had made a smoke cloud in front of me. I sighed and pulled myself up.
“I…I won’t forgive him. I won’t forgive Cleaus…The Ringmaster Haunter.” I paused to looked forward into the abyss. I could feel the hate building up inside me. “Whatever that is, I will find out and I will kill him! I’ll kill all those monsters! I promise I will avenge the Shickamashi bloodline! From this moment on, the Shickamashi will not be smeared in the mud! I will avenge them all!!”
I punched the tree beside me with my new found hate.
“I will find and kill you Cleaus!! No matter how long it takes!!”

I opened my eyes and turned back over to look at the dark sky. It matched the same one as that night.
“Why…?” I sadly mumbled to myself. I bit my lip. Eventually, after a few moments of silence, I sat up and stretched.
“I guess it can’t be helped.” I shrugged it off and stood up. I looked around myself once more to see that the snow had started to cover the ground where the path was. I pulled my scarf up over my now red nose and started off into the woods. After nine years I was still searching for him, and I wasn’t going to quit until I found him. I will get revenge Cleaus, just you wait.

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2Hunting Haunters *Changed* Empty Re: Hunting Haunters *Changed* on Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:01 am

O.o ...a little? ha, this is aweosme! you did a great job adding stuff into this, good grammer too! few spellnig erorrs and stuff ,but hey, knowing me, i'm probably the last to talk, haha. but yes, i like it and am getting mroe excited to start this story! and can still help, right?

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3Hunting Haunters *Changed* Empty Re: Hunting Haunters *Changed* on Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:46 am


Haha...I kind of went overboard. Very Happy
Of course you can Hit! I still need your opinions.

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4Hunting Haunters *Changed* Empty Re: Hunting Haunters *Changed* on Tue Jan 05, 2010 12:14 pm

*grins and shakes head* k, great! oh and im trying to currently post on the other huanter form, but everyone keeps puilling me away. i'll be finished soon tohugh. everyones settling down and ive did all the dishes, dinners premade for my mom and step father and i took a shower! *claps randomly* i r the best. ha. maybe so, i dont know! *grins, tail swishing* ah, what can i say, everyone i know is always very busy, oh hey, off topic an all, but hows the family? pets? (er...yes...terrible at names, ha, ah er...uh...yeah...sorry.) thoguht i'd ask, cuase you never know, right? bit crazy since ive been back, but soemhow relaxed. sucks that i cnat go outside- cold and all. makeing me a bit depressed. idk, i feel a little like that when i dont go outside for along time. its only been two times, but ugh. i hate being stuck indoors ALL the time. ha, man im tired. but sorry that i missed u. just. i mean, it siad u replied around 9 46? right? and i missed by only 20-30 mintues.dang, ha, ah well, plz rpely soon! bye for now! *flicks tail and runs off waving* sorry for all the long letters- maybe i should pick back up talking to myself to spare you guys (aka, all my friends-yes that include you, relax) --ri-right then. sorry. bye!

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5Hunting Haunters *Changed* Empty Re: Hunting Haunters *Changed* on Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:44 pm


I'm still here, Hit.
Whoa, you must be REALLY tired. Lol.
That's alright, take your time!
(Can't be the best when you're being rushed y'know!)

Abbigal Marie
Misty Lin
Samantha Sue
Gracie Lee
Annie Kay

There they are, in order from oldest to I mean that what I think anyway. We only got Sam, Grace and Mist as new borns. I don't know how old Abby was.

But, anyway, they're doing fine. Grace is finally started to clam down. We are going to get her and Annie fixed soon. Aww...I hate doing that.
Everyone else is fine, sept we all have the flu. Stupid Winter. Lol.

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6Hunting Haunters *Changed* Empty Re: Hunting Haunters *Changed* on Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:06 pm

haha, but you're better now yes? All of you? and ok, im goingt to try to rmeeber their names!!! promise! *nods, standing firmly* many was there? *tail droops* might take a little longer than hoped- but man your still on!? its 2 am!! haha!

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7Hunting Haunters *Changed* Empty Re: Hunting Haunters *Changed* on Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:31 pm


Well, Ricky and I are.
My mom and dad are getting sicker, but they'll be better soon enough! Very Happy

Lol, if you're talking about the cats, there's only five. *coughs* Yeah ONLY FIVE. Lol.
Yeah, I can't get to sleep.

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8Hunting Haunters *Changed* Empty Re: Hunting Haunters *Changed* on Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:27 pm

ah i feel the same, and definatrly they will get better or my name isnt- um some really aweosme name that i cant think of right now!
and i-i kenw that *grins weakly and rubs back of head, ear flattewnd a bit* haha, yeah ONLY of coarse.

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9Hunting Haunters *Changed* Empty Re: Hunting Haunters *Changed* on Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:50 pm


Lol. We'll there wasn't a position to say no. *coughs*

*Scar smirks and points* Or is that your weakness? Cats! I never would've thought! *he points to you* Is that your weakness too?! It will be easy to take you all down!!

Uh huh...right Scar.

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10Hunting Haunters *Changed* Empty Re: Hunting Haunters *Changed* on Tue Jan 05, 2010 5:03 pm

*i go over slowly ot Scar, backing him up to a wall, an evil smug smrik on my face. i kept my right paw in my pocket, and mt left slammed right next ot Scar's head onto the wall. i glared, grining,my fnags shwoing as i leaned in even closer. Scar's legs starts to shake. I moved in closer and poor Scar looked like hewas gonig to wet his fur. i pulled my right paw out and released the claws and utnred my head ot look at them as i moved each finger in turn in a parrtern, showing off them. i said casualy "Funny how sometihng so small can cut so deep. sometihng so SHARP it makes a scaple look dull (for the record, scapals are among the sparest tool, besides dimond and stuff. you see, for sugery they have ot get the cleanest cut posible, so it heals as quick and as well as possible. sothey are very fine. put a knife under a microscope and you'll see w=the smoothness suddenly all bumpy and jagged, but if u put a scapal its still very thing and sharp) anyhow, i closed in as i started to slowly peel at the wall, little shreads of wood falling down. i cletched the hand into a fist, small steams of blood streams down from my palm down my arm. Scar this tiem fainted. Yourolled ur eyes and said* u didnt have to go THAT far...*i bliked* what do u men? *i opened my fist* see? its left over fake blood from halloween. why do u think i never layed the palm flat and showed my claws one at a time or kept my hand in my pocket? cool huh? he fell for it!*i grinned and heard scar at my feet. he was coming around. i smirked and picked him up and held him agaisnt the wall, but not roughly, just ot get him on his feet. i growled low. Scar whimpered* im sorry! i wont do it! i wont do it! plz1 just leave me alone!! *i looked at u and u placed u hands up to ashow u were only watching. i looked back and hissed into his ear* promise?*scar gulped* p-promise...*i grined* good.*then gave him a lick on the cheek andlet him go and wqalkedoff laughing as u high fived me. scar stayed on the floor, red and still shaking. you said over ur sohudler as we headed for the door* hey, upfor soem icecream?*i jumped up and follwoed after* yeah!!*scar blniked and chased after*wait! i want some ice*we looked at eachother and siad togehter* no.*and left. scar stood there. We both rolled our eyes and grabbed a sohudler of his and dragged him along *come on*we both grinnedas we all went to eat. boy..scar didnt know when he was being messed with, did he? haha!*

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