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The Last Tategami! part 5

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1The Last Tategami! part 5 Empty The Last Tategami! part 5 on Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:47 pm

Outside a huge ring of fire and smoke rose high to the sky then dispatched in every direction for about ¼ of a mile wide. The boy squeezed his eyes shut and curled up into a ball. Even underground he could feel the heat boring into his skin. It seared his skin then slowly let up. He trembled hard and took deep rapid breaths. Blurred memories raced through his mind. He shook his head hard to keep them from even beginning. It worked. He quickly tried to distract himself with something. The place stopped. He rose to his feet. “AHH! What the-?” He looked down. He'd forgotten in all the fuss about his injury. He wasn't bleeding so much anymore and he felt faint. “N-not much time left...” He tried to contain himself and think. 'OK...let's see. If the warehouse was to the right of me...if I follow the left tunnel, I shoulder be able to sneak out and hide into a cave. I might still have a chance to bring down a few more of those Things with me.' He started to walk.
Twenty minutes later he poked his head out of the tunnel. The sun was a little lower in the sky now. He didn't have much time if he wanted to make it before dark. He started to hobble. He listened. Not much activity now. His eyes flashed. He swore under his breath. Not too long after however he came across a cave he knew well. He called it Akarui Kage (Bright Shadow). It was hidden from most, well all but Kira. It overlooked some of the area, seeing how it was I the side of the hill. The hill that sat behind his school. Kei Iyoku High (Strong Will). He loved it there in that little cave. He felt it suiting that he was to die here. The place where he first met his only friend. The only place he could ever go to feel safe and be alone. He gave a soft grin. 'It was almost perfect. Now-.' He thought. 'I must finish it all up. I'm not going down till I take Those mother fuckers with me! I promised I'd protect everyone! And damn it I'm gonna do it!' With a new burst of energy the boy picked up his pace and made it to his cave within a couple minutes. He'd hoped that something might have saw him. He was dying and he knew it. If he was going to die, however it, it was to be in style. He pulled himself over the rocky edge and moved some of the brush aside. He went inside the cave and slide down the side with a revealed sigh. He could feel his heart beat to slow down a bit and his fever began to grow, yet he could feel nothing. He felt very tired. 'Maybe...I'll just close my eyes....for just a minu-' He broke off and started to slip into a deep sleep. He shook himself. 'I've got to stay awake...just a little longer!' The boy tried to stay awake but is eyes felt heavy and suddenly the wall and floor seemed comforting and relaxing. He dozed off. He started with a jolt when he heard screams and the sound of paws running across the field. A loud roar came from above the cave. He heard the Things scream and yell out in anger. It stopped soon however. They're was more roaring and cheering going on. 'Who were these new comers? Allies? Certainly not enemies...but still, I can't take my chances.' The boy shook his head and grinned. 'Ah what the hell, its over now, might as well make the best of my time left.' He closed his eyes and laid his head against his arms which were up behind him. His right foot was stretched out and his left was out to the side of him, his foot touching his right leg, just under his knee cap. He shifted a little reached into his little pack on his arm. He took out his last candy bar. What did it matter now? He wasn't about to start eating healthier now! Not that he didn't, just not as much as he should. He turned a bit over to the side and groaned. The boy reached into his right legs pocket and pulled out the object. It was pocket knife Kira had given him. 'How stupid.' He mused. 'To be hurt by my own knife...hmm...' For some reason everything just seemed funny. Like some big joke. “Kira...i hope you'll be okay...” He muttered. 'When did we first meet?...Ah yes, the middle of the school year last year. Yes, I remember it quite well! She was new and confused. She rarely was though, s the boy had come to learn. She was actually quite clever and quick on plans and so much fun...' He leaned his head back and looked out the small gaps in the rocky outcrop. The stars were beginning to shine. The moon was full and the trees shone black with a light light behind them. Twilight. The only time night and day came together at the same time. It was one of his favorite times of the day. He laughed a little. 'Never did read that book...though Kira wouldn't stop going on and on about it. I probably know more about that book than anyone who has read it! Plus, trying to get that book was like trying to get a hold of the president! And I bet it'd be a hell of a lot easier to get a hold of him! And...I'm sort of short on cash.' He cursed. “Well I'll be damned if my last thoughts are going to be on some fricki'n book! Kira would bring me back to life just to kill me again!...Now lets see...what exactly happened that day we met...” He thought hard.

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