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Chapter 1: First Meeting *Could be changed*

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1Chapter 1: First Meeting *Could be changed* Empty Chapter 1: First Meeting *Could be changed* on Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:56 pm


The snow seemed to fall faster then I had anticipated. I thought that maybe once I could be able to relax. But of course, that was not an option. Then again, I was the one to chose this life. There can’t be any regrets now. At least that’s what I thought.
"W-where's the path?" I whispered to myself in worry. I couldn't see anything anymore due to the snow storm. I stopped and leaned on a tree to catch my breath. I looked up.
"Darn it!!"
All around me where the darkest lights I had ever seen. Was it because of the snow? Either way, I didn’t hesitate. I quickly jogged down the now icy path. Big mistake. I slipped on the ice and landed hard on my wrist. I whimpered lightly but managed to push myself up. I took off my scarf and wrapped it around my now injured wrist, which even in the dark I could tell was swelling. I wasn't sure if it was broken or just injured, but I was sure that I had to find somewhere, anywhere safe and warm.
"B-but...wh-where?" I whispered under the top of my coat.
My face was now exposed to the cold air, and it started taking effect. I could feel the icy wind entering my lungs as I started to run, making my body start to ice over from the inside. If I didn't find a warm place soon I was going to die. I remember someone telling me that if the body temperature were to drop below thirty degrees hypothermia could set in and cause death.
I shook that away from my mind. I couldn't die yet, I still needed to get my revenge on Cleaus for taking the only family I had. The reason why he did is unknown to me, but one day I hope to find out. No. I will find out, then I will get my revenge!
"Ahh!" I covered my face as I tripped over a fallen branch, probably due to it freezing to the point of cracking. I pushed myself up on my knees and coughed out the snow. My body temperature was dropping quicker then before, specially since I had fallen face first in the snow and it had gotten into my coat. I pulled myself up and whimpered as the ice touched my warm body underneath. I shivered and pushed past the tree branches until I had finally found a home. Maybe they'd let me stay, at least until I get warm.
I slouched over as I moved to the porch step. Breathing heavily I hadn’t noticed the ice causing me to slip on the first step and land on the hard frozen wood. I whimpered. My body felt like a giant ice cube inside a freezer.
"Oh my God!" A woman yelled. I looked up in shock. The blood in my body began to boil once more.
"Y-you're Blazin!! A murder!!" She accused. No, wait. That's not true. I only kill Haunters. There was a point where a man had seen me kill a little girl, but she was a Witch Haunter! I had to! She was killing people!
"M-ma'am...please. I am...freezing." I whispered. No warm air had come from my breath this time. I could feel the fear penetrate my heart as the woman backed up from fear.
"N-no!! Get away from me!! If you're really that cold go somewhere else! The restaurant down the street is open all night! Now leave!!" She yelled then slammed the door in my face. I lowered my head from exhaustion, but managed to pulled myself up once more.
"D-damn you...Cleaus. Because of you..." I breathed. "Because of you I have become a monster."
I closed my eyes and tried to remember my mother's smiling face, or my father's bright blue eyes. Whenever I looked into them I had felt safe. I even tried to remember Ricky's laugh when I tripped on a rock and landed in a mud puddle when we were younger, but nothing seemed to make my body warmer. Maybe, maybe if I were to just give up. It's not like I would be able to find The Ringmaster Haunter anyway. I slowly fell to my knees in the middle of the frozen street, which I could barely feel on my skin. I could only feel that it was there. I closed my eyes from the pain.
"I'm so sorry...everyone..." It felt like someone was pulling me under freezing water and holding me there. No matter how hard I reached, they kept pulling. So, I just gave up and let them pull me straight to the bottom. The icy cold, abandoned bottom.
Something touched me. I couldn't fell the warmth, but I could feel my body being raised. What was going on? Was someone picking me up?
"I wonder if she is alright?" Someone asked. I opened my eyes and blinked until the dark circles went away. I was soon face to face with bright vibrant green eyes. It was a woman, I realized. As I looked around I realized I was sitting in a type of phone booth, I was still outside in the cold weather. I looked back to the woman, who pulled back in shock.
"Whoa, good thing! You can't just sleep in the middle of the road kid!" She instructed. I only blinked. I could see her a little better now. She had, or at least it seemed, long snow white hair that was pulled back into a messy pony-tail with her bangs out in the front. My mom use to do that to get the hair out of her eyes, but I'm guessing this woman did it to kept it out of the way. I slowly let my body fall. I was still completely numb. I tried to ask the woman for a warm place to stay but nothing came out. Where was my voice? Why couldn't I talk?
"Hey...hey...are you alright kid? Kid? Kid!" She screamed in fear as I fell over off the bench. I looked up at her, but she slowly started to fade into a black blob, like before. I didn't want to die yet, what was I going to do?!
Yet again I felt something touch me, but it was my shoulder this time and the hand was much bigger. Was it a Haunter?
"She's waking up again." The voice paused, "Why didn't you bring her in here before? You said she was in the middle of the street!!" Who were they talking too? That woman that pulled me out of the street?
"I didn't know, alright?! I just thought she might've passed out from exhaustion or something! It was to dark to see how bad she really was!!" The woman complained. That's when I decided to open my eyes again. This time a teenager was standing in front of me. He had multi-colored bangs that covered his right eye, but the main part of his hair was black. His hair made his onyx eyes sparkle strangely. I wonder if he knew that? Wait, what am I thinking?! The cold is getting to me!
"Can you talk? What's your name? I'm Tyson." He asked. I blinked and nodded, but my voice wouldn't come out. Tyson nodded and pointed to the sink.
"Get her a drink Anna." He ordered. The woman that had pulled me off the street, Anna, nodded and turned towards the sink. With this I took my chance to look around. The walls here were painted red with black border. There was some kind of Italian writing on the wall, probably the name. I seemed to be sitting on a red, comfy chair. I wonder if this was the restaurant that woman was talking about?
"Here." Anna spoke as she handed me a glass of hot cocoa. I took it gladly. I didn’t wait for it to cool down, I sipped it until it was completely gone. This made Tyson and Anna stare at me in shock. I breathed and licked my lips.
"T-thank you..." I finally spoke, "My name is Blazin. I don’t mean to be a burden."
Tyson stood up straight and ran his fingers threw his hair. He sighed once.
"Well, Blazin," He paused to look back at me. "it's good to see you're okay. You're not a burden, just don’t fall asleep in the middle of a road again. You're lucky Amari saw you. Who knows what would've happened!"
I looked down at the cup and nodded. "Yes, thank you both very much…C-could I please have some more?"
Amari smiled and nodded. She took the cup and started filling it once more. I looked to Tyson.
"I don't want to be more of a burden, so once I get warm I will leave. What should I pay you?" I asked as I reached into my back pocket. Before Tyson could respond, Amari grabbed my arm.
"That's not necessary, Blazin." She gave me a warm smile, so I returned it. I'm guessing this two had no idea who I was or else they would’ve let me die out there. But surely my name was enough to know, right?
I looked away to the large glass window in the front. The snow had gotten worse. I was glad I wasn’t out in it.
"You can stay here for a little while, okay? Just until the snow stops." Tyson informed, then went back to washing the dishes. I nodded a thank you and went back to watching the snow. I still had chills, and my hands hurt terribly but I think it was safe to say I wasn't going to die tonight.
I sighed lightly and nodded. Taking a sip of my cocoa I whispered, “Yeah…not yet. You just wait Cleaus. I won‘t let this happen again.”

After an hour or so the snow finally started claming down, but not enough for me to walk out in it. I leaned back in my chair and watched it. The snow reminded me of when I was ten. I was staying at an old building when Matthew Edwards, another orphan, came running in and bumped into me. He was twelve. We were both hiding there. I was hiding from some Haunters and Matt told me he was hiding from some people that wanted to take him back to the orphanage. He told me that his family was murdered by Haunters and there we both agreed to fight side-by-side to kills the Haunters. But, the people found us first and took Matt back. I haven’t seen him since that day.
“Matt…” I mumbled. “What happened to you? I wonder what you‘re doing now? You‘re eighteen now, right?”
Amari bounced over to me with a smile on her face. She happily reported, “There won’t be anyone to come in here for a while. And, even so it won’t be a lot of people so I think Tyson can handle it. Do you want to talk?”
I smiled and nodded. It would be nice to talk to someone who wasn’t afraid of me. I shifted as she sat down on the other side.
“My name is Amari Tyuken,” she smiled, “What where you doing out there anyway?”
“I…I guess I was just wondering around…since I don‘t live around here.” I mumbled as I played with my cup. I didn’t want to tell her that I had been thinking about my past and I wasn’t paying attention to the weather.
“Um, anyway,” I moved to look out the window again. “If it gets this bad in the winter I am curious what it looks like in the summer.”
“It gets pretty bad…” she looked at me. “I know who you are. That’s not why I saved you.”
I didn’t turn to her. I just nodded sheepishly.
“Yes, I understand. I will leave once the snow is clear.” I promised.
“No, that’s not it. You’re Blazin Shickamashi, right? The ‘Haunter Killer’?” She asked more seriously. I looked at her now and nodded.
“Then, you know of the Haunter Diamonds?”
I looked down.
“I have heard of them…but I can’t say I know much.” I told her honestly. The full truth was that I had only hear rumors about them. I had heard that once all ten Haunters Diamonds are gathered they will be able to grant a wish to the founder. But, I wasn’t sure if I should actually believe this or not. I mean they were only rumors.
“Well, my brother, Nathan, and I have been researching them for quiet some time, and he’s become extremely curious. I know you must know what they can do. Surely you want them, right?”
I nodded once and looked to the window.
“Why are you telling me this?” I asked seriously. She leaned over the table. I could see the excitement in her eyes. I frowned.
“I want you to take Nathan with you. I want you to show Nathan the true experience of being an adventurer. You see along with my mother and father, I always work leaving Nathan alone. I know he hates this, but there isn’t anything I can do. We have to work to pay the bills, which just keep getting higher and higher.” She complained. I growled lightly.
“Are you trying to give me your brother so you don’t have to take care of him?” I snapped. She pulled back.
“That’s not what I said at all. What I want is for you to take Nathan to see the world, likes he’s always wanted.” She explained. I crossed my arms.
“I don’t travel with people. I can barely travel with myself. How do you think I make money, Amari? I have to work too.”
She leaned back and crossed her legs in annoyance.
“Yes, I figured that. What if Nate could give you information on the Haunter Diamonds that no one else has? What if he could get you every diamond? You could make your wish and bring Nathan back here. By then everything should be settled.”
“No. I won’t take your brother with me. I don’t even know him and you don’t know me well enough! What if I wanted to kill him? You would never know.”
Amari looked to the window again. She replied coldly, “You’re right. But if you were to kill him you would hurt this family dearly. I don’t think you’d want another family hurt because of your carelessness…again.”
I dug my claws into the table.
“How dare you! I never hurt my family! It wasn’t my fault they died!!” I yelled in anger.
“What if you were to being them back?” She suddenly asked. I paused for a moment and looked at her with shock.
“What do you mean?”
“The Haunter Diamonds.” She stood. “They can make any wish. Don’t you want your mother and father and everyone else back?”
I looked down at my knees. She was right. If I had my family back I would have to kill Cleaus and all the other Haunters. It wouldn’t be put on my shoulders anymore.
I looked up at her.
“Y-you have a point,” I said reluctantly. “I will take your brother will me until I make the wish, since he knows where they are.”
Amari smiled and nodded.
“Thank you. Come to the library tomorrow, around three alright?” She gave me some money for a hotel and a piece of paper with directions to the library. She pulled me up and shoved me out the door to the hotel across the street. Once I was checked in and everything was taken care of I laid down on my bed. From this view I could see just about the whole town. I was too tired to worry about what I’d just done. I just wanted to sleep. I figured I could worry about it tomorrow. He couldn’t be all that bad if he’d agree to come with me, right?

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