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what did i do today what did i do, well take a look here, here's what i do!

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Alright, today, you'll never guess what i did! Go on. guess. know i havent doen this in years! im oging ot be 17 in july and haha, wow. just tihking about it makes me grin. me and the neighbor kids () a boy age 14- didnt really particpate but hisbig old dog did) a girl 10-a real fighter, and my lil sis, an evil mininon ticking me off. but let me explain what we all did,. we got sticks for mthe forset and had an actually sword fight! no lie!!! *grins ear to ear* it was awoemse and such a great help! The FCAT has got me bouncing off the walls inside and i even got a headache-didnt realize i was nervous. just suddenly had aheacache from thinkig too much. but yeah. this took my mind off it alot! alot of these long stem like plants, kind if simplar to pompus grass, only in smaller bundles, dies down so it was mostly brittle, and well, yeah bout it. we pulls or picked up th clumps of sticks and beat hte snot out of one another! my lil sis however didnt clean most of her sticks (the tops still had some dead pompus looking stuf on top) and boy, when she swatted that thing and it hit u in the face, it stung! guess traing her in sports, expeically baseball gave her a heck of a swing! we were lal swinging our sticks so hard and long u heard a swish almsot ever swing! (moslty myslef, but, well, older, you know?) i got some good hits in the face- boy i can still feel it a bit. my left hand (writing hand) is kind of battered a bit at out suckish aims. ha. even bleeding a bit at a nuckle,d anotehr a little swoolen and few cuts on my right. it feels great! ha, im insane, i know. but i love nust moivng around! and we did all tihs jsut after walking and playing soccer a bit on the way and psuhing my lil bro in his 'cart' thing. it was sure fun today. i should get some ncie rest tonight- just like i hoped!! FCAT here i come!! Alriht then, i shared whats up with me, you turn fellas!!! Worried, hanvet heard much form ya (especially you Snow, i mean i know you said you'd be busy for a while, but hey, i cant help worrying over firneds you knoW!) oh and Shallowleaf- sorry for not posting new yet, i will once im done eating! I just need to edit a little bit before i post! as u can see, i was kind of sidetracked! and im glad u and my cuz are getitng on fine and yes, i do think it will last long ,and when u two finally ge hitched, im gonig tobe yellnig i told u so as i thorw cake and fuzzy dice and cans at ur car!(heh, get it? Candice? ....shush.)

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AWESOME DAY TODAY! i almot felt like myold self! It was great! i love htis Wii fitness board! idid anotehr long assort ment ofgame,s about 30 in worht of stuff beofre i found this free urn thingy. u could go 10-20-or30 min on it. i decided, why not? and did 30. it got me pumped, and afteir palyed afew more games ,atedinner nad all, i went and trianed some more on soccer, and my neighbor came out to play and we had a blast! Then it started ot rain. i wanted ot stay out more, b/c i love the rain even more, but, yessh, ytou'd of tohught they tohuh ever little drop would give me pnomina (however uspell it! gr! ha) and u know what saucks about highschool? Apreantly the rule where u wear green on this day, and ur safe sdoenst aply. aprently its a challenge! friends pucnhed kicked and even tackled me today!!! It was aweosme! so much fun. i wishtdoay was firday, it sure felt like it! siked aobut my firled trip (foudn out its tue, not fri-which mean i now have to study for a test i tohught i had more time for, oy. ha,m wishing u all the best of luck and later! still pumped, and not evne a little bit of my engery has been etched off! im some pumpe,d i have an amazing amoutnfo stamina and endurance thnask to my years in japan, but my breahting soemtihns i tihkn too hard on. but i stopped thinking about it and ive done so much better! no, great! im so happy today!!!!! I HOPE YOU DAYS ROCK TOO!

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