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Character Bio's. WARNING! Holds some info you may not want to expose so soon!

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Forgotten Memories
By Victoria (narrator) and Karen (first person point of view of Kay)
Kay/ Kashikoi (Karen/ Egyptian daughter)
Reo (the new kid/Kay’s and Nekora’s best friend)
Nekora (Best friend of Kay and Reo)
Baset (the cat/ Kay’s mother)
Michael (grim reaper/ soul saver between worlds/ knows many secrets to everything)
Rexor (super bad dude, AKA Baset’s brother)
Zanku (Known as Harry/he’s sometimes evil/Baset’s Kin)
Damieon (New kid/ the only living relative of Rexor/he is secretly evil, but is torn between power and a normal life with friends)
Ulio (Nekora’s missing friend/ works for a secret organization that has been obliterated and is on the run while trying to protect and avenge his fellow comrades and Nekora)
Shadow (Reo’s friend and pet that latterly lives inside Reo’s black hat. When he is realest or he just wants to come out, he leaves a white imprint of his head in the middle of the cap. He definitely has his own personality, and Reo and him share a secret and a gift…)
More to come...

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