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Forgotten Memories Part 1

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1Forgotten Memories Part 1 Empty Forgotten Memories Part 1 on Sun May 09, 2010 12:27 pm

(just in case you didn't see it on the homepage- oh and Snow, i know the bits i have are REALLY old, so plz forgive me for not having it updated- u can edit whatever i place up, i jsut hate leaving this empty!)

14 years later
"Kay!" No response. "Kay!" No response. "KAY! GET UP NOW! DON"T MAKE ME COME UP THERE!" Kay mumbled and turned off her alarm clock and got up and stretched. She yawned a bit as she got up and went to get dressed for another boring day of school. She smiled as she remembered that her birthday was only a few more days away, and soon she would be going to the Key's. Kay had an interesting fashion, as most people put it. She had not many friends in school, most for some reason were scared of Kay, but she never seemed to really care about what everyone thought of her.
Kay ran down stairs putting her backpack on, running down the steps and grabbed a piece of toast and sticking it in her mouth as she hurried out the door. Her mother called after her and ran to her handing her, her lunchbox and kissing her good bye. Kay made it to the bus stop just as the bus pulled up. Kay sat down at her usual spot and stared outside the window with a relived sigh.
"I'm glad I made it...." Kay thought staring out the window. "Only a couple more days of school and it will be my birthday!!!" She couldn’t help but smile. It was a couple minutes later until the bus stopped. She looked at who was coming on. It was a boy. "Who's this..? A new student...?" Kay thought as she turned back to the window. The bus driver checked his card and told him to sit by Kay. The boy nodded and sat down without even looking at Kay. He got out something and started to draw figures that seemed somehow familiar to Kay. She watches him draw for a bit until he stops and looks at her and ask, "Do you mind?" Kay turns a bit pale and is speechless for a second.
She growled and looked away. "Actually I do...Why my seat anyway...?" Kay asked looking at nothing in particular. "Anyway can I at least know your name...?" She said still looking out the window. Kay heard the boy move a little. "It's Reo... Reo Talkoshien.... What's yours...?" he asked. Kay looked down. "I-I'm not sure...all I know is my name is Kay...." She heard the boy chuckle and look away. She growled, and stared out the window. Fifteen horrible minutes later we arrived at school and Kay got off the bus.
Reo gets off as well and follows Kay. He starts asking all kinds of things. "Hey wait! Come back! I didn't mean to seem rude!" Kay stopped for a second and turned to him and said, "Well you were and you did!" Kay turned back and continued to walk as Reo tried to catch her eye but she wouldn't look at him. Reo said pleadingly, "Aww, come can't be that mad at me! You weren't too nice yourself either!" Kay just kept walking and Reo stopped and called after Kay. "Yea, alright, see you on the bus then..."
Kay kept my eyes a head of me. "The only reason I was mean was because he was!" She thought as she walked into the school. Kay went to the restroom and splashed water in her face. "Alright clam down..." She told herself. Kay looked at herself and walked out. She heard someone laughing. Kay looked over her shoulder to see none other than Katie Carasmen, the preppy cheerleader. "Yes can I help you...?" Kay asked very boredly.
Katie with her cheer squad came up and surrounded Kay at her locker. Cathie said threw blows of her bubble gum, "Were you going grandma? Oh and by the way, you might want to go help your little boyfriend down, I don’t think he can stay up there all day, do you?" Cathie points to the wall and up on it is Reo, stuck and a bit scared to come down. Kay shoved her way through the squad and pulled Reo down and headed for class while Katie and her friends followed.
Kay growled and pulled Reo to the closest door. "One you need to grow a backbone, and two I can't always protect you, and for three...where is your class...?" Kay said looking behind her and growling at Katie. Reo pulled out a schedule. Kay looked at it, and her eyes went wide. "Y-you have the same classes as me..?" Kay nearly whispered. She sighed and showed him to the first class, Math. "Wonderful...math...” Kay thought as she walked in.
Reo tried not to show his delight and followed Kay into the class room.
Kay quickly took her seat and Reo walked up and handed the note to his new teacher. The teacher read the note and talked to Reo really quick and then the teacher announced. "Listen up everybody! We have a new student with us this year! Please make...Reo feel at home. Now Reo, were would you like to sit?" Everyone looked around and Cathie and Katie smirked to one another and said politely. "There's a seat next to Kay!" The teacher nodded and Reo went to sit next to Kay. Kay quickly opened her math book up and buried herself in it. Reo opened his book and started to search for the page. He finally gave up and asked. "Hey...pst, Kay? What page is it on?" Kay pretended not to here. Reo persisted. "PST...Kay!!" Kay heard some smirks and buried her head deeper into her books. Reo decided to shake Kay. Kay gave him a hard stare and gasped. "What?" Reo said quietly. "What’s the page number?" Kay said quickly. "It's time look on the board!" Reo smiled and said, "Thanks!" Kay was about to reply something else when the teacher popped up and said. "Is everything all right here?" Both Kay and Reo muttered yes solemnly and Kay turned away from Reo. Soon he began to draw the same symbols and pictures Kay saw on the bus. She soon became interested again in his work and couldn't help but ask. "What you drawing?" Reo turned away and said over his shoulder coldly. "Why do you care?" Kay's got all red and she said angrily but quietly. "You owe me that much!"
"What a jerk...!" Kay thought. I saw the teacher move out of the corner of my eye. I turned back to my book and growled silently. "Fine don't answer me..." I said quietly. Soon math was over. As quick as I could I got up, and ran out of the room. "Next...Science..." I though as I looked over my shoulder. "Good no Reo...." I thought. I heard someone call my name. I looked over and saw my best friend Nekora. "Hi Nekora..." I said walking up to her. She smiled. "H-Hello K-Kay..." for as long as I've known Nekora, she's always been shy. I smiled, she did too. Nekora and I both had science together.
Reo pops up behind Kay and Nekora and says. "Sorry about that...honest, You can see them if you like!" Reo stopped as he saw Nekora. She whispered into Kay's ear. "Who's that?" Kay replied heartlessly. "A new kid, but personally I think he's a jerk, but that’s if you’re asking me..." Nekora looked as Reo quickly then back to Kay and whispered as they sat down. "He doesn’t look like a jerk Kay...are you feeling alright? You look all mad and stuff..."
"Why does he have to have science too..?" I said. I heard him sit next to me. Nekora was on the other side. I looked up at him and growled. "So now you have science too...?" I said. He looked at me serious, and then looked away. I rolled my eyes. "What now you don’t talk...?" He stayed quite. I was going to ask him what was going on, but instead the teacher came in. "Alright class...We're going to work in groups....Since Reo is a new student...I'll put him with my best worker Kay...Also we have an uneven number of students so Nekora you'll be with Kay too..." he said going back to the board. I sighed and put my head on the desk again. I could just hear Reo laughing. I sighed in frustration. "Trust me...." I said threw closed teeth. "Look Reo is there something you need? If not leave please...” I said coldly. I watched as Reo walking in front of me. He had a serious face on. I glared at him, and he did me. "W-We should really get to class" Nekora said. I kept my eyes on Reo. "Who does this guy think he is...!?" I screamed in my head. I grabbed Nekora by the arm, and headed to science. "He'd better not follow....Even if he does have science!" I thought nearly dragging Nekora.
Nekora tried to signal for Reo to stop and Kay put her head up slowly as she thought. "Well, at least I got Nekora with me..." Kay, Reo and Nekora got into a semi circle and began to talk, but only about the subject. Reo didn't last to long with his silent treatment and slid the pictures he'd been drawing under Kay's desk. Kay had one nerve to throw them and almost did but stopped when she saw part of one picture. Kay took it under her desk and looked at it carefully and Nekora was looking over her shoulder. Kay said something in a weird language without even knowing it. Nekora was about to ask what she said when the teacher snatched up the papers and said. "Passing notes are we? Don't make me separate you guys! Now back to work!" Reo whispered something to the teacher and he laughed and gave the pictures back. Kay asked. "What did you say?" Reo just smiled and said. "An old joke that works every time!" The three soon went back to work.
I rolled my eyes. "Like that’s enough to make me like you..." I though pulling out my science book. We had to make a model of a volcano. I started working on the clay. I see Reo staring at me out of the corner of my eye. He walked over and started to help with the model. Nekora did the same. Soon we all were working on it. I didn't talk to Reo much. After a few minutes science was over. I looked at the clock, it said 12:34. "Lunch time..." I thought happily. I walked down the hall with Nekora to lunch. I opened my lunch and saw a peanut butter sandwich with a sunny D drink. I smiled and was ready to eat when none other than Reo sat down at the table.
Nekora whispered to Kay. "Is he going to be hanging around us often? Kay...? KAY?!" Kay was shoving her food into her mouth at great speed and chugging her drink and said quickly. "Nekora, I got to go to the bathroom..." Reo was just watching with his mouth half opened with his sandwich halfway. Nekora was dragged once again. Once they were in the bathroom Kay sighed and slid down the wall a mad a thump sound as she hit the ground. Nekora said quickly. "Don't get to relaxed...her comes the medieval quadruplets...quickly Kay get up!" Kay staggered to her feet as Cathie and her cheer squad trapped Nekora and Kay. Nekora was trying turning a bit pale as she grew more and more uncomfortable. As for Kay...well Cathie and her group sure did pick a bad time to mess with Kay.

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