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Forgotten Memories Part 2

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1Forgotten Memories Part 2 Empty Forgotten Memories Part 2 on Sun May 09, 2010 12:28 pm

I growled as loud as I could. "Listen here...You and your pathetic group get out of my, and Nekora's face..!" I said grabbing Cathie by her shirt. I was so tempted to hit her, but I knew better. She scoffed and left. I sighed and fell on the ground again. "And to think....only a couple more years of this...." I said as I looked up a Nekora. She kept her eyes on the door. I laughed "Alright back to the lunch room I guess..." I said getting up. I walked over to the sink, washed my face off, and then looked at myself. I almost screamed in horror at my reflection. I had cat like eyes! I looked over at Nekora; she looked at me with wide eyes. "K-kay?! W-what’s with your eyes?!" she asked frightened. I could barely talk. "I-I don’t know...!" I said looking at myself again. This time my eyes were normal. I sighed in relief, so did Nekora. "T-that was creepy..." I said wiping my face off again.
Nekora said in response. "Yea...just like in Science class...when you started talking all that mubo-jumbo...what was it you were saying Kay?" Kay didn't answer. The two made it back to the table and saw Cathie and her team messing with Reo. Kay almost let them continue but she couldn't. So Kay said loudly with Nekora behind her. "Knock it off!" Cathie and her group pushed Reo down and walked over to Kay and got literarly up to her face and sneered. "Oh! I'm ssoooo sorry Kay! WE totally forgot that was YOUR boyfriend!" Kay almost did hit Cathie right in the face but Nekora grabed her arm. Cathie noticed the sudden movement and decided to play is safe as said as she and her friends walked off. "See you later KAYYY!" They all laughed and walked off. Kay went to turn to Nekora and thank her for stopping her when she saw Nekora cradling her hand again. Kay asked as Reo came up beside them. "Nekora? Is your arm still hurting? Maybe you should go to the nurse or something..." Kay trailed off and Nekora relived her arm showing small streaks of blood and what seemed to b claw marks. Kay watched shocked and so did Reo as he said solemnly. "The Pharaohs family curse..." Kay and Nekora looked at Reo. Reo looked at them for a second and said confused. "What? You never heard of it??" Both Kay and Nekora shook their heads. Reo started to tell them the legend to the Pharaoh’s family curse as they all went outside. "...And when his true daughter is found and awakened cats will find her and bring her artifacts to prove they’re of her blood line and lead her back to were the old king lies now..." And so on...
Kay and Nekora listened in curiosity. When Reo was done Nekora said. "Come on...Kay isn't some 10,000 year old daughter of a great Egyptian dude that used to be king! How would she still b alive then?" Reo replied simply. "The Egyptians believed in reincarnation." Kay listened as Nekora asked. "What’s...?" "Reincarnation is well...when you died we were re-born or brought back to life in the form of an animal. The Egyptians believed a lot of stuff like this. You ever heard of one of their gods...RA?" Kay interrupted Nekora's reply and said. "Yea we talked about him last semester a little and that dude king Tut I think..." Reo nodded.
"So what’s your point..?" I said looking at the ground. For some reason I had a strange vision of people dieing. I started to get a headache. I grabbed my head and whimpered in pain. "W-what’s going on...?" I thought. The pain was horrible! It was like my head was going to explode! I started to cry, I heard Nekora asking me what was wrong. Before she finished I felt everything spin and I blacked out, before I did I felt someone grab me. Then the darkness took over.
Kay woke up in her room with her mother, Nekora and Reo standing around her. Reo was the first to notice the movement and said. "She’s awake!" Everyone gathered around and her mother stroked her head softly as she said. "How you feeling? Nekora, please go get Kay some water, will you?" "Yes ma'm." Nekora ran down stairs. Kay's mother was talking in hush tones to Kay and Kay asked. "Mom...what happened?" Her mother smiled as Nekora handed her the glass of water. She said thank you and handed it to Kay. Kay slowly sipped the water as he mother talked. "Well Nekora and your new friend here..." "Reo." "Yes...Reo, said you were screaming and crying and blacked out. They didn't know what to do so Reo and Nekora brought you here. Reo gave you mouth to mouth when u started to stop breathing; he saved your life dear!" Kay was about to say something when her mother heard the bell ring and went to go get it. Kay said in a low and shaky voice. "Reo...come here..." Reo got up and walked to her side. Kay said again. "Closer...Closer" Soon Reo was so close they almost touched. Then Kay brought her hand up and slapped Reo right across the face leaving a red imprint. Nekora started to giggle. Kay replied. "Don't ever do that again without my permission!" Reo was too stunned to move and Nekora was laughing even harder and soon so was Kay.
I laughed hard, but soon stopped. "You look funny when you are stunned...." I said hoping out of bed. I felt everything spin again, and then I felt Reo grab me again. I pushed away. "I'm fine..." I said rolling my eyes and leaving the room. I looked at the clock. It said 3:30; I stared at it wide eyed. "I was out that long...?!" I thought. I heard someone walk up behind me. It was Cathie and her squad; I growled. "What the heck do you want?!" I said looking over my shoulder. I glared daggers at her.
Cathie and her squad were about to say something when Kay blacked out a second time. Reo caught her this time. Reo and Nekora put Kay back into bed. Cathie, he team, Reo and Nekora all sat in silence for a long time. Finally Reo broke it and asked coldly. "What brings you fellows here?" Reo tried not to sound to mean. Nekora didn't say anything with Reo she just watched. Cathie on the other hand just blew up her bangs and said. "I'm here for the same reason your here, plus we had to make sure poor old Kayyy was okay." The other laughed and smirked and Nekora almost jumped to her feet to defend her friend. Reo just looked up at the ceiling and shook his head. Nekora rolled her eyes. For the longest time it seemed the only sound made was the smacking of the teams bubble gum and the punching of the cell phones. Kay soon began to move again and everyone, even the team came up to her side. Kay opened her eyes and almost tried to hit herself to make sure she was awake when she saw Cathie and her team. Kay replied weakly. "Wha-what do you guys want from me now??" Cathie and her team looked at one another and said. "For once...northing in particular..." Kay looked at Reo and Nekora. Reo just shrugged and Nekora just gave Kay a reflection of her own face.
I stared in disbelief. For once I couldn't say anything to them. All the girls looked at each other then left. I sighed. "Can I go home now...? I don’t want to be at school any longer..." I said covering my eyes. I heard Nekora get up. "Yeah come on Kay lets go..." She said grabbing my arm. I looked at Reo, he was smiling. I raised my eyebrow. "What’s he so happy about..?" I thought.
Soon the three were home again. They grabed some food and watched a few Anime cartoons since it was late. It was after all, the perfect night to do so. Kay's and Nekora's favorite Anime was DeathNote. They soon learned that it was Reo's too. Soon the three could only talk about that. It was a Friday night so Reo and Nekora slept over. Reo had to take the couch and wouldn't stop mumbling about how unfair it was. Kay and Nekora ignored his remarks and kept talking for a long seemed they'd never shut up to Reo. Reo soon said hastily. "It's 5 AM! Give it a rest will ya??"
I looked at the clock. "Good night Nekora..." I said coldly. I heard Reo complain. I sighed and turned in my bed. Nekora was in my room, with the spare bed. Eventually I said "Goodnight Reo...” because he wouldn't shut up.”Man I really hope he changes and turns¼well more mature..." I thought before I fell asleep. In my dream I was crawling away from something. "What’s going on...?" I thought. Suddenly I appeared in front of my baby self. "Run...she’s coming...let her find you...she will help...." little me said. I stared at her. "Who...?" I asked. The little me started to cry, she fell. It was too dark to see anything else. I saw a knife slam down near me. I woke up breathing hard. "It was just a dream..." I thought. I heard Nekora wake up too.
Reo shot up of the couch and explained almost pulling his hairs out as he almost yelled. "Would you please...!?" He stopped as both Nekora and Reo stood staring, neither daring to move. Kay quickly got up and said cautiously. "Nekora? Reo? Wha-...?" Everything seemed to have frozen that very second and nothing moved but Kay. Kay heard a small voice and began to slowly follow it. She heard it again; sudden chill went though her whole body as she replied weakly. "He-hello? Who’s there...? I have a knife!" Kay always kept her pocketknife nearby. She mad it to the kitchen and saw nothing and relaxed. She heard a small voice and turned quickly. She saw a movement on her let, and right. She turned and twisted spiting out threats while her shaking legs almost gave out underneath her. Soon all there was in the room was a small draft. Kay put the knife back and went to close the window. She turned around and almost screamed. In the middle of the floor sat an Egyptian Mau. The cat came up to Kay's feet and looked up at her. Kay realized her hand was at her racing heart and pulled it away to pet the kitty Kay said softly. " did you get in here littler guy?" The cat meowed and purred. Kay pets it a few more times while it rubbed against her legs. Kay decided she wasn't that tired and sat down. The cat sat in front of her and it said. "Hello Kashikoi" Kay was shocked and slowly rose to here feet as she stammered. "Did you just...No...I must be watching too much Anime..." The cat rose to its paws and jumped up on the counter as it said calmly. "No, I'm actually talking...what do they teach you kids now-a-days? Never mind that, we'll start with introductions. My name is Baset..." Kay didn't want to believe it but played along. "Baset huh? WEll I'm Kay," Baset stopped her by putting her tail in Kay's mouth to shut her up and said. "No, your name is Kashikoi."
"No my names Kay..." I said at this cat. "Baset huh? What kind of name is that? And how are you talking?" I asked looking at the cat. Baset groaned and turned to face me. Everything unfroze and I heard Reo upstairs yelling. I laughed and turn to Baset, who purred. I stared at her "C-can you really talk...?" I whispered. It looked like Baset was going to say something until Reo came down stairs yelling. I blushed, and looked down. I totally forgot I was in my pajamas! I was wearing a shirt with mini shorts. I heard Baset meow; I blushed even harder when Reo looked at me.
Reo stopped dead in his tracks and turned red himself and ran back up stairs tripping over his feet. Once he was gone Baset aloud a small amused purr as she said. "I see you have friends Kashikoi, it's nice to have friends..." Kay had no idea what the cat was talking about and soon Baset disappeared and Nekora appeared. Nekora looked at Kay and asked. "Hey Kay, what did you do to poor old Reo?" They both just sat in silence for a few seconds and just started laughing for no reason. They heard a loud SSHHHH!!! And giggled harder and tried to restrain themselves, but the more they tried the harder it seemed. Kay and Nekora went back up stairs and said good night and headed for their own bed. Kay smiled a bit still and saw Reo curled up on the couch and almost took a picture to blackmail him, but decided she would wait till later, for she was tired.
I Yawned and headed to bed. "Seriously mature...." I thought before falling asleep for the second time. Once again the little me appeared. "Don't be so mean...He'll save your life one day..." she said. I looked at her. "Okay so now you’re talking about Reo?" I said rolling my eyes. "Look why couldn't you just tell me Baset, the talking cat was coming to my house?!" I said. She looked at me. "It's against my rules..." I stared at her in confusion. "Rules....?" I asked. She smiled. "I've said nice to him....remember what I said..." she said fading away. I woke up, and looked at my ceiling. I sat up and yawn, then looked at the clock. It said 8:53. "Wow I thought I would've slept longer...." I said aloud. I yawned got up, and went to my dresser. I smirked as I saw Reo still asleep. I took a quick picture. Then what little me said flashed threw my mind. I rolled my eyes again and got my clothes. "I should've asked her if he matured any..." I thought.
Kay got finished dressing and found Nekora down stairs cooking some omelets. Nekora said with a tiny but happy yawn. "Mornin' sleepy head!’Bout time you woke up!" Kay just stared at her as she said rubbing her eyes again. "It's 9 in the morning, what do you mean it’s about time I woke up? Your crazy Nekora...I swear!" Both girls just smiled for a bit. Reo came down the stairs almost falling over his own feet while Nekora asked "Hey! What an omelet?" Reo made a small jester of his hand as eh stretched and yawned really big. Nekora and Kay asked at the same time. "What kind?" Both girls quickly glanced at each other, for every time someone said something at the same time one of them was going to be hit in the arm. Reo was about to answer when Kay jumped for Nekora and she laughed and started to run. Reo watched in confusion as the two girls ran and tried to hit one another. Soon they gave up and hit Reo on both sides of him. They laughed while Reo looked up at the ceiling and mumbled some words. He said sourly, but at the same time playfully. "I would like your FAMOUS Cheese omelet with a side of your homemade orange juice madam’s..." Both girls once again shot each other a glance and almost started laughing. Nekora nodded and made 3 FAMOUS cheese omelets and some orange juice. The three sat down and started to talk. There was a slight pause when they heard a meow. Baset came in with something in her mouth. She dropped it at Kay's feet and trotted off. Reo asked. "Is that your cat or something?" Nekora nodded as they waited for Kay's reply. Kay sat without a word, not sure what to say or how to say it. So she lied and said casually. "Oh that cat? It's a stray that comes by every now and then..." Reo said before Nekora could ask. "Well what was it, it had in its mouth Kay?" Kay shrugged and picked up the artifact. She studied it with great interest. It seemed so familiar but she couldn't quite place it. Nekora said with a hint of confusion in her voice. "It looked like a loin with some weird looking head of a girl and an old fashion hat. What do you think it is?" Reo shot up form his seat and ran into the computer room and went to Google. The girls followed with the artifact. Reo found a picture with a little description. Reo exclaimed, "Ah ha! I knew it!" Kay asked, "Knew what? Come on Reo, spit it out!" Nekora watched with interest and didn’t notice that Kay had a tail. Reo said as he read on. "...It's called a Sphinx...It has the Body or a loin and the head of a warrior, they say this Sphinx was made in the 2,500Bc but now they believe it to be much older...they believed it to be made around the 10,500BC...Okay so this thing must pretty old apparently," Kay said irritably. "Yea, what else does it say?" Reo skimmed down the page and said disappointed. "Well the scientist believed that if they were wrong by how old this Sphinx was then they are probably wrong about the information the have about Ancient Egypt. There are also some theories to the Sphinx and a few legends...but basically this huge creature was thought to be made with water from the Nile River..." Kay froze and she thought really hard. The little baby appeared again and she saw it falling into the water and being fossilized in the mud alive while it cried. Kay couldn’t take it and yelled out loud. "NOOO!!! Stop it, please!" Reo and Nekora turned to face Kay and watched her with large eyes. Nekora came to hold her friend and Reo stood by. Reo said, almost fainting. "K-kay? L-look at got a tail and...Well look at you, wha-t happened?...Kay?" Kay didn't reply; she just broke down crying. When her mother came in to see if everything was alright, Kay’s tail, ears and paws disappeared. Kay’s mother quickly calmed down her and soon left the room again. Reo and Nekora stood by not daring to move an inch. Nekora asked cautiously. "Kay...what’s going on? First the eyes, then my this, plus a cat bringing mini ancient figures to your door! Kay please just tell us what IS GOING ON HERE!!!" Reo said quickly. "The curse..." Nekora sneered. "Shut up Reo!" Reo backed up a pace and put his hand up for a brief second. Kay gathered herself and said through sobs. "I-I don’t know Nekora...I just don't know..." The three stood talking and soon left the room.
I stared at the floor for what seemed like hours. Nekora finally spoke. "So what are we going to do today?" she asked. I knew for a fact she was trying to get my mind off of what happened. I closed my eyes for a minute. "T-that baby...Why does she seem familiar...and maybe this curse isn't just a legend..." I thought. I looked up at Nekora. "Huh? What? I didn't hear you Nekora..." I said still thinking about that baby. Nekora sighed, and rolled her eyes. "I said what are we going to do today...?" she asked. I picked up the little artifact Baset brought in. Without even thinking I said "Let’s go to the museum...". I heard Nekora get out of her seat. "Yeah it'll help us solve this whole thing!" She said grabbing my arm. Reo hopped up to "The curse..." he said. Nekora and I both rolled our eyes. "Grow up..." I mumbled.
The three made it into the museum. They started to look around and spread out looking at some old western stuff and Indian objects. Kay said sourly. " this rate we'll be here all day long! Were do they keep the Egypt stuff??" Nekora and Reo walked up to Kay as they looked at a map. Nekora pointed near the top left of the map and said. "There! Floor 3 in the 5th room to our right...Lets go guys!" They turned and started to run and Kay ended up bumping into a man. Kay said apologetically. "Sorry sir!" The man just laughed and helped Kay up and he said. "Not at were would 3 teens be going in a museum on a weekend?" Kay found herself lost for words, when Nekora quickly said. "It's for a project sir. Were all in a know a Social Studies project? Were studying Ancient Egypt and stuff...Sorry sir but we must go..." Kay and Reo smiled and nodded in agreement and turned to run as the man said with an eyebrow rinsed after them. "Al-right-y then...see you all again soon..." Reo asked as they all kneeled panting at the elevator. "What did he mean he'd see us soon?" Kay and Nekora shrugged. Kay looked at Nekora and said as they went into the elevator. "Nekora...why did you lie? You never even lied to your own mother!" Nekora blushed a little and stammered as the elevator opened at the 3rd floor. "I-I don't know why I did...I just didn’t like the man for some Kay, think about it. Who would believe us if we even told them what we were really here for?" Kay thought about it for a moment and said defeated. "Yea, your right...but I still can't believe YOU lied...oh well come on guys! The map said it would be right around this corner..."
I was looking around the corner. There were a couple people, but not much. I grabbed Nekora by the arm and started to going into the room when Reo said something that caught me off guard. "Kay You have paws!". I quickly looked at my hands and feet. I stared wide eyed at them, and turned to Nekora, who was staring at me again. "You have whiskers!" she yelled. I groaned and ran strangely fast to the nearest bathroom. I looked at myself, and I had cat whiskers, ears, eyes, and paws! I closed my eyes for a second. "This isn't real...This isn't real..." I kept thinking, and when I opened my eyes everything was gone. I was back to me! I sighed and leaned up against the wall. "Thank goodness it's not real..." I thought "I mean I have a slight obsession with cats...But this is unreal!"
Kay came out of the bathroom and went into the room with Egypt artifacts. Reo and Nekora waved for Kay to come over. Kay walked by their side as they pressed their faces to the glass and looked at the mini modules of pyramids and the Sphinx. The three looked at the cards by them and read on about them. When they got to the mummification Nekora almost threw up. Reo just smiled and read on while Kay and Nekora listened. "...Then they took out his brain, they once used these wired hooks and stuck it up their nose and fished out the brains and turned the body over while the brain came out like a thick liquid substance..." Kay and Nekora said at the same time Eww, but this time didn’t try to hit each other. They listened for a while. "...the liver, stomach and the brain were put into 3 separate jars with 3 different god heads on them....the bodies were soaked in pounds and pounds of salt in their own home for a few weeks....the bodies were washed off and dresses...clay masked molded to their face, even for their pets, such as cats or dogs which were mummified as well and stuck in jars, had many colors, gold was a highly chosen one. The pharaoh also had hi family and close royal people in nearby chambers. they were buried with all their positions...they built these tombs in pyramids and made many chambers some people couldn’t rob the graves...The Egyptians believed in after life/reincarnation..." Reo looked up at them and smiled as he read the deception after he said. "Told you...Anyway...its when you die you go to the gods and they determine if you go to the underworld or get to come back to life in the form of an animals or on same rare occasions in the form of a human...They had many gods, but the sun god, or the lead god was called Ra...Body of a man and head of a type of bird...many gods...etc...Oh and they believed in many legends and curses and stuff like that..." Kay rolled her eyes at Reo and they all sighed and turned to leave. The man they saw before was behind them. Kay tried to smile as the same Reo and Nekora. The man said through sips of his coffee. "Hello again children..." Kay’s low growl soon turned into a hiss. Nekora grabbed Kay’s arm and Kay said hastily. "Hello and sir...what brings u here?" The man stirred his coffee for a few seconds and took another long sip. He said a few seconds after. "I am an archeologist, I helped also with finding this information, plus I'm just fascinated with these people, the Egyptians...aren't you? I ecstatically love their beliefs in curses and gods and what not..." Kay felt her arm start to change into a paw again and quickly put it into her jacket pocket. Reo noticed and nudged Nekora and eyed Kay and back to the bathroom. Nekora caught on and shook her head and started to take Kay to the bathroom when the man said after them. "What’s the hurry child? There is so much I must tell you about these marvelous people! Come, please get comfortable...I will help with your project." He sipped his coffee and grinned. Kay, Nekora and Reo saw no way out of it and sat nearby. Reo and Nekora kept an eye on Kay as the man talked with a hint of suspicion in his voice.

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