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Forgotten Memories Part 3

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1Forgotten Memories Part 3 Empty Forgotten Memories Part 3 on Sun May 09, 2010 12:29 pm

"...What am I going to do?! Why is this guy helping kids he doesn't even know anyway...?” I thought. I felt my other hand start to turn into a paw again. "..Er...uh mister...Can we know your name? Ya' know just incase the teacher ask who or where we got the information from..." I said smiling my sweet innocent smile; it works every time. "And also are you British...?" I asked raising my eyebrow. Nekora noticed that too and smiled. "Are you...? I always thought British were way awesome? But what was your name again...?" she asked.
Despite the temptation the man just laughed softly as he said. "Ah...British? I think I'm part British on my mothers side...and my name is Harrison Hankon, but most people just call me Harry...And what would be your names?" Kay and her friends exchanged cautious glances. Reo said slowly. "I'm...Tod...this is Kira, "He pointed to Nekora."...And this is Mai-fi..." If the man didn't catch on to Reo's...I mean Tod's response he didn't let on. Kay's/Maifi's ears started to change and she nudged her friends and they quickly put a hood over it and said as they got up. "Well’s been nice talking to you, but it’s getting late and we must really be leaving..." The man got up too and Kay fell the hairs on her back turn to fur and stand on end. Kay was tempted to scratch and hiss at Harr-y but Reo and Nekora kept a firm grip on her. The man seemed to want something and took a step towards the children as they backed up as one.
I nearly growled. "Yes can we help you?!" I said eyeing the man known as 'Harry'. I watch him carefully as he took a step closer to us. I backed up, now I really wanted to claw his face off. I was about to until a woman screamed for help down the hall. Harry turned and that was our chance to get away. I grabbed Nekora and Reo by the arm and ran. I had the fast speed again. "What is going on...?" I asked a little frightened. I could barely stop. It felt really good to run. I turned back and saw Nekora, and Reo were out of breath. The weird part was I wasn't. "Sorry..." I mumbled opening the door to the exit.
Reo said exhaustedly. "Wow...I knew cats had great vision and speed" Nekora couldn’t talk. Kay locked her door when the three were back at her house. Baset came in again and dropped a piece of paper with weird pictures. Kay wanted to rip it up, but stopped when she saw the pictures. She ran up stairs while Reo and Nekora groaned and followed clumsily. Kay searched through Reo's backpack till she found his drawings and studied both his and the ones Baset gave her. He eyes went wide and she fell.
I was looking at the paper and for some reason I felt another vision coming on, but this one was different. "H-hello..?" I asked as my voiced echoed. I looked around, and saw nothing. Just black darkness. "Over here..." I heard someone say, I twisted around to see who it was. It was...Harry?! I looked shocked at him; no wait...There was something different. He was age. "Hello kashikoi...” he said as he smiled.”H-how'd you know my name...?" I asked weakly. "I know a lot...and yeah I am British on my mom's side...” he says rolling his eyes. I laughed a little, and then got serious. "What did you want?!" I asked. He smiled, he was about to reply when I felt water splash on my face. I sat up and looked around. It was my mom. "M-mom..?" I asked faintly. She looked at me sternly. "Kay this had got to stop! What is going on with you recently?!" she asked. I looked behind me at Reo, and Nekora.
Kay’s mom sighed as she said. "I don't know if my old heart can keep taking this Kay! Honestly!" Kay was a bit upset that she was woken up but didn’t say anything and just hugged her mom as she left the room. Nekora and Reo came to her side and helped him up. Nekora noticed the look in her eyes and asked. "You had another dream this time....didn't you?" Kay nodded and Reo said hastily. "About who and what?" Kay said trying to gather her thoughts. "I don't remember much but...Harry..." The three stood in some silences while Nekora and Reo gave each other a confused gaze and then to Kay. The were about to press for more when Kay's mother called them for dinner. Kay muttered in a grimly humor. "Dinner already? Time sure does fly when you’re having fun..." Nekora and Reo gave a grim smile in response and even a small laugh. It died quickly as they made it for dinner. Kay asked suddenly. "Mom?" "Hmmm?" "Where's dad? Wasn’t he supposed to come home today?" Her mother suppressed a small sigh as she slopped the food onto each plate. She said solemnly. "No I'm afraid not..." "But he said he would be here for my birthday...and that’s only two more days’ mom! He promised!" He mother gave a stern look as she said. "Your father promises a lot of things Kay, your just going to have to face the facts that he's not eat up." Reo was dying to ask a question about what she meant but realized this wasn't the best time for it. Nekora to the other seat on Kay’s side. They all ate while Kay muttered disapprovingly. "I bet my REAL father would have had the whole Egypt there for my birthday, and HE would be there too." Nekora and Reo ate slowly as Kay played with her food. When they did finish Kay got up and went to the computer room. Reo followed and so did Nekora. Nekora and Reo asked at the same time. "What you doing Kay?" Reo put his hands up in defense from Nekora but relaxed as Kay said with the papers in her hands. "I'm going to find out more about this Egypt stuff and find my family...and what these drawings are." Before anyone could say a word Kay read aloud. " ancient form of writing...English has 26 characters that are combined into words then soon sentences and stories, as for this ancient Egyptian writing had 2,000 characters that represents a common object in Egypt. They could also represent the sound of an object or an idea associated with an object...Rebus...all kinds of stuff guys! Take a look! I bet if we looked at this stuff for a while we could read this!" The others nodded and smiled in agreement and soon began to read and translate.
I smiled at my brilliant idea, but my smile soon faded once I realized I didn't know how to read Hieroglyphs. I sighed and looked up, so did Reo and Nekora. "Anything yet..?" I asked very bored. They both shook their head's no. I sighed again and got up. "Alright to the library then..." I said heading towards the door. All of a sudden everything became more clear and close. I shook my head and closed my eyes. I opened them again and headed out, I wasn't sure if Nekora or Reo were following. I probably should have told my mom I was leaving. I'll just get yelled at no matter what I do. I saw the library ahead, and I smiled. I always loved books, and anything to read. So yeah...The library was my favorite place to sit and think about stuff. But most of the time I had my I-pod.
Once there, the librarian said happily. "Oh, hello Kay, it's been some time, were you feeling alright right?" Kay smiled, for she liked this woman. She had a name but it was too hard to pronounce so people just called her Mrs. Brim. Mrs. Brim was a nice woman but didn't tolerate horse play in the library but sometimes if not too many people were there would let it slide. Kay replied softly as Reo and Nekora came up. "Yes Mrs. Brim, I just been a bit busy was all..." Mrs. Brim nodded and smiled. She exclaimed as she saw Kay’s friends. "Well, looks like you have a new friend! And what is your name young man?" Reo shot a question-gly glance at Kay and she nodded with a smile and Reo said happily. "My name is Reo Mrs..?" "Mrs. Brim is what I prefer, thank you...Oh and Nekora, it’s so nice to see you again! How's your mother these days?" Nekora just smiled and said with a small hint of sadness. "She's fine Mrs. Brim...just fine and so am I." Kay didn't wait any longer to get on with her search and asked quickly. "Mrs. Brim?" "Yes, Kay?" Kay grabbed out the papers and handed to her as she said. "We need to find a book that can help us translate these words..." Reo quickly put in. "...For a project..." And Nekora finished. "Were all in a group as well, sir" The three smiled as Mrs. Brim looked at the papers and said with a small smile. "I DO recall Kay mentioning something about you guys learning about Egypt...On the 2nd floor, in the history section under Harry, you'll find information about this, and perhaps a translation...but this might not be an easy task, please be careful on how you read it!" The three thanks her and went to look for the book.

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