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Forgotten Memories Part 4

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1Forgotten Memories Part 4 Empty Forgotten Memories Part 4 on Sun May 09, 2010 12:29 pm

I walked down the hall for a minute till what Mrs. Brim said flashed trough my mind. "I DO recall Kay mentioning something about you guys learning about Egypt...On the 2nd floor, in the history section under Harry" I stopped for a minute. "Does that mean he's here?" I asked myself. I suddenly didn't feel so safe. I walked over to Reo so I wasn't alone. I'd hate to catch Harry alone. Then something else Mrs. Brim said flashed trough my mind "you'll find information about this, and perhaps a translation...but this might not be an easy task, please be careful on how you read it". I thought about it for a moment. "Be careful how you read it? Does that mean it could be hard to translate...?" I thought grimly. I shook my head, Reo looked at me funny. I smiled and pulled out a book, sat down, and started reading it. Well until I heard an all too familiar voice. "Why hello... Mai-fi...Right..." I groaned silently and turned around to face Harry.
Harry paused and said to Kay in a hushed voice...which would have brought attention to most people if it weren’t for the fact that they were in a library. "So...what is it you are looking at? Is this for your 'project'?" Kay mumbled some stuff under her breath and looked Harry in the air and said firmly. "Stop beating around the bush 'HARRY' lets first be honest before we talk, got it? My names not's Kay." The man called Harry shook his head as he said a lot quieter. "Your name here may be that, but were you belong it is, Kashikoi. As for my name, like your-self, I have no true name. Unfortunately no one ever told me or found out, so please just stick with Harry...the archeologist. I know what your here for and I know how to translate that paper as fast as you could read English...but instead I will teach YOU how to read it yourself. And not just those letters, but all 2,000 and more. It's too risky in this dimension....sweet Dreams...Kay." Harry left as Kay just stared out into space, absorbing everything said. Nekora and Reo came up and said. "Kay...what was HE doing here?" Nekora exclaimed with a small shiver. "He creep’s me out!!" Kay didn't move or respond but Reo nodded with Nekora's comment. Kay told her friends she'd meet up with them later and started to walk around alone...near her favorite view spot. She was reflecting everything that was happening to her.
"N-now that I come to think of it...he did seem familiar...But come on I was a baby! I can't remember that!" I thought sitting in a comfortable chair. Little did I realize how tired I was? I blink a couple of times, to stay awake. It wasn't helping much. I yawned and leaned back. Soon I got up and checked out some books, by now Nekora and Reo probably left. I looked out the window "Great it's raining...." I thought "At least it will wake me up...” I shoved the books in a bag Mrs. Brim gave me. I yawned on the way out, I seriously wanted to sleep. "How come I never noticed how tired I was...?” I said to myself. I was half way home when stuff started to blur. Suddenly I got afraid of the rain and ran home, at my fast speed again. I made it in time, I heard my mother started to yell "Sorry....Going to bed now!" I yelled up the stairs as I was running up them. I opened my door, I could've sore someone was in here. I shrugged and fell on the bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out.
As Kay slept she had many vivid pictures. All of them were going through her mind at what seemed light speed (probably was too). She heard little cries and screams as blood was spilt. She heard her mother and father pleading and saw only a shadow with a dagger standing over a red river. Soon she was moving and crying. She realized she was the baby and fell into the Nile River. As she began to sink under the water; more pictures of the piles and piles of bodies that lay before her. Soon the Nile was all red itself and she woke with a wet and sticky feeling. Kay never realized she was sweating. All her covers had been kicked up and she was upside down. She got up, only to fall on the floor by her head. As Kay sleepily got up rubbing her head she saw a movement out of the corner of her eye. Kay was at first a bit scared but then remembers Baset and called her name. When there was no reply she called again felling all over again uncomfortable. She saw a strange cat come up to her and meow. The cat coughed a bit then said. "Hello, Kashikoi..." Kay looked up at the cat and said with some caution. "Mr. Harry? Is that really you??" The cat sat up and gave itself a few quick licked on its chest before it replied. "Indeed it is." Kay didn't know what to think anymore and asked, not entirely sure if she wanted an answer. "Why are you a cat Mr. Harry?" Mr. Harry said while scratching behind his ear. "I suppose I'll tell you that listen up child, for I will only tell you this once, we haven’t much time." Kay was about to ask a question as she looked around her room fro a clock only to find she wasn’t in her room. Everything was a lifeless black color with only her and the cat. She wondered how she got here, how to get back and how she could see. She noticed the cat waiting for her and she said clumsily. "Oh, sorry about that..." The cat raised a brow and Kay added quickly. "Oh! Yes I'm sorry....yes I understand Sir." Harry said wishfully. "Understand what?" Kay said carefully. "I understand that you won't repeat, er...Sir!" Harry nodded and tried to hide his amusement. He sat down besides Kay and stared as he stared at nothing in particular. "...It's a curse Kay. Until we resolved this all me and many others like Baset are not only doomed to be cats at night, but are also doomed to live forever more till its all finished and done. I'd love to explain every detail to you but we haven't time, so listen up!" And form that night one, for every time Kay closed her eyes, even for a second, Mr. Harry taught her how to read the Ancient Egyptian words.
"So I'm going to turn into a cat...?" I thought looking up at the board. The teacher said something. I wasn't really paying attention. "Ms. Kay is something wrong?!" I head my teacher yell. I looked at him lazily. "No sir...." I said looking him, he huffed and turned back to the board, and I turned to the window. I heard a couple of snickers, but ignored them like always. I felt my hand tingle. I look over at Nekora, she was working on something. Reo too. "Should I tell them the truth...? I mean they are my friends...Even though Reo is immature...and Nekora is shy..." I thought. I saw a bird fly by the window. I looked at it for a minute, until I seen a girl with brown hair and cat-like emerald eyes. I started at her; she turned her head to me. I seen whiskers on her face, she even had mascara on I think. I couldn't stop myself from saying "Baset?!" I said it quietly. I looked around, no one heard me. I looked out the window again and the girl was gone. "Wait a minute Reo was right! But how'd he know...?!" I asked myself as I looked at him.
Reo noticed that Kay was looking at him and suddenly the whole room seemed to be an uncomfortable temperature. Reo felt as if you could cook an egg on him, and at that moment, you probably could have. Nekora noticed this too and let a tiny smile come on her face. Someone was texting one their phone while Kay tried to scoot her desk near Nekora and Reo. The teacher came up and demands that he wanted the phone now, from the student that was texting. When the student started to protest and deny that’s when Nekora, Reo, and Kay found their chance and quietly slipped out the door. The bell was to ring in a few minutes anyway. Kay said barely above a whisper as they all sped walked down the hall to the exit. "Guys...I got to tell you something....And most people wouldn’t believe me, but you guys already seen what happens to me so maybe this won’t seem TOO far-fetched. You see..." Kay kind of trailed off as she spotted the browned haired girl. She quickly hurried towards her with Nekora and Reo cautiously at he tail, not literally of course...Anyhow, when Kay turned the girl over she saw that her face was normal and felt a small pang of disappointment. That quickly went away when she noticed that the girl was wearing weird shaped gloves. Kay asked softly. "Baset?" She didn't say much more. The girl’s only response was when her eyes went from a green to and emerald cat like green in a flash then back. Kay noticed it and so did Nekora and Reo. Kay said happily and she grabbed Baset by the arm. "We must talk, and now....come we can't here." Baset purred and followed as said with a meow or two in her statement. "You’re right...this isn't the place, but the time couldn't have been more purr-fect." Baset loved to use cat tongue and human together that sounded normal but meant 2 things. She wasn't sure why, but hey when your that old you got to entertain yourself somehow, right?
The 4, er kids made it to Kay’s house. At the door Baset hissed. "No...Not here, they'll check here first." Kay felt a bit disturbed about what she had just said and noticed that her friends were a little edgy too.
I looked at Baset. "What do you mean 'them?’ Who are 'they'?" I asked suspiciously. Baset smiled a little and turned to me. "I can not tell you..." I caught a glimpse of her cat-like teeth. I stuttered. "B-Baset...Who are you...?" I asked raising an eyebrow. Baset started playing with her curly brown hair. "T-That's something else I'm not allowed to tell you..." she said looking down.”Why can't you tell me? Who's stopping you..?” She kept on looking down. "Don’t tell’re not allowed to tell me that ether..." I said rolling my eyes. She smiled sheepishly, and I sighed. "Fine...Let’s go to Reo's house then..." I said suddenly. Reo looked sternly at me, while I smiled my innocent smile.
Reo eventually couldn't contant himself and agreed but the whole way he kept complaining. He said stuff like, "what do I tell my mother?’It’s to dangerous to go to Kay's house because some ancient Egyptian creatures are trying to kill us so we thought that it might be better to crash at my house?'" And he went on and on. Kay smiled a bit and so did Nekora when they saw Baset turn he ears into cats and plugged them tightly about half way there. Baset looked curiously over at Kay and she just smiled and so did Nekora. Reo made it to his door and as he got hit key and unlocked it he made one last attempt before defeat. "Come on guys...really, what am I going to tell my mom? I can’t just bring three girls into my house! She'd freak! And what's worse?" Nekora and Baset rolled their eyes as Kay said trying to hide her amusement. "What could be worse than your mother finding out? Hmmm....let me think...oh I don't know, maybe being killed by those creatures?" That shut up Reo and Baset let out a small purr of amusement and approval. They entered his house and Reo locked it behind him while the others walked in. Kay and Nekora stood in awe and Baset looked around for some milk and maybe even fish. Reo said humbly while trying to put his keys back into his pocket. "Well, it's not much, but its know?"
"R-Reo this is where you live?!" I said staring at everything. "Wow you must really like golden retrievers...." Nekora said looking at a picture. I turned to Reo "So I take it you hate me then...?" I said looking at a picture. Reo looked at me confused. "Well I mean you like dogs...I'm obsessed with cats..." I said rolling my eyes. Reo simply smiled. It was my turn to be confused. I was going to ask what his problem is, but Baset purred. "She must've found some milk or fish...." I said lazily. Suddenly we all heard a dog bark and a cat hissing. I ran into the ketchup and found a big golden retriever. "Reo call him off..!" I yelled hissing at it. I never hated dogs, actually I kind of like them. It's just well when you're a cat and you have a big dog in your face, there’s going to be a problem.
Reo ran over and yelled. "Down, Aurkin, Down!" The dog obeyed and laid down with its head on its paws as it whimpered. Baset got off the counter and ask curiously. "Aurkin, huh? I seem to recall one of my ancient brothers being named that...I am a bit curious how a dog person could love cats and Egypt so much..." Reo started to turn a bit red. Nekora broke the growing silence and said. "Remember what we came here for guys?" Kay gave Nekora a thankful glance but she wasn't to sure she wanted Reo to shut up at that moment. Baset looked out the window and said spacing out. "Is there a an attic?" Reo said slowly not sure why this cat person wanted to know. "Yea...there’s a hatch above my room that leads to an attic..." Baset licked herself as she said walking up the stairs. "Good..." The others followed close behind...sort of. Once they were up in the attic Kay had paws, claws, a muzzle, ears, a tail and fur and cat eyes as well. Baset had started to show the same symptoms. She said with a bit of soreness in her voice. "We'll sleep here tonight...for you cannot go now...but you two may if you wish..." Baset had pointed her tail at Nekora and Reo. Nekora wanted to stay badly and so did it was settled. They all made a spot to sleep in. Kay asked Baset with interest and fright. "How come I'm only half human and cat and you fully turn into a cat or human?" The Baset said "Your strong Kay, you won’t change into a full cat till a few more hours..." Kay didn’t press for more answers. The four had a circle of sleeping bags near the heater as they talked. Baset said with some dismay. "...And you see this is why you might be separated from your friends if not for a long time, but perhaps forever...tonight we will celebrate..." Kay said upset. "Celebrate? What for? I don't see this as a reason too." Baset hissed. "If you let me finish please..." Kay rolled her eyes. "As I was saying...we are going to celebrate friendship and happiness, for it may be the last time you will be able to for a while, if not for-..." Kay stopped her and said. "Yea, yea I got that part...aright?" Nekora was upset about the thought of never seeing Kay again...but Reo...he didn't seem to want to even talk. He just watched Kay with a blank expression. Nekora and Baset didn’t seem to notice this but Kay did and felt a small pang of sadness and something else.
I stared at the floor. It was extremely quiet. I looked out the window at the moon, it was full. "Never see Nekora¼Or Reo? I mean Nekora awesome....and I guess Reo had grown on me a little...." I closed my eyes and laid down while whispering "There’s no reason to celebrate if you’re in it alone...." I could’ve have sworn Baset hissed, but I ignored it. The only sounds was our breathing, I sighed. "Baset, why can't they come along? They were with me through it all so far...." I said looking at her sadly. I started to change into a cat even more.
Soon it was past mid-night and everyone was sound a sleep but Kay. She was a full cat, but could still talk as a human. She was cold and curled up to the nearest person and heaved a small sigh and soon feels asleep. She didn't have a dream the night hand woke up when the light was barley up. Everyone was still asleep. Kay was part cat and human again. She stretched and curled up more and quickly got back up and stared with wide eyes, and was fully red. It was Reo! She prayed no one would know of this and stalked off a bit towards the window. She sighed and mumbled softly. "I guess I grew to found of my friends here...but I never knew someone like me would ever be expected so much...and know I have to banned my friends and family and life...which that last one might not b too bad...but the people...I don't know if I could..." Reo stirred and Nekora and Baset turned over. Baset was still fully cat form and was curled up at the feet of Nekora. Reo noticed Kay’s swishing tail and whiskers in the dimmed light.
"I can't leave them...!" I yelled covering my face. I looked at Baset who was staring at me shocked. I looked down. "I can't do it won’t do it without them..." I said glaring at her. "Even if the worlds going to crumble...I wont be considered trash, because I left my friends behind...and I guess Reo annoying as he is..." I paused as I heard Reo say hey "They're my friends.....” I kind of whispered the last part. Baset more glared at me then looked. My ear and tail twitched. "What will she say...?" I thought wiping my eyes "Will she yell? Will she say no? What will happen?” I sat at the steps waiting for her answer. When she answered I couldn't believed what she said.

Baset and Nekora backed off a bit and went down stairs for some food. Kay had now only fur, paws, ears, tail and whiskers. Reo laughed a little when a bit of water fell on Kay’s whiskers and her nose twitched a bit. Soon she laughed too, but it didn't last to long. Kay very slowly started leave and felt a small tear fall. She tried to hide her sadness but when halfway to the stairs she started to break down and cry. "I-I can't do it..."

I could hear someone's breathing change, so I turned around, and saw Reo. "Hey Reo...." I said quietly as I looked down. He didn't say anything, which made me feel worse. "Sorry I picked on you Reo...." I said. "This is killing me..." I thought "I don't want to leave my friends or family...” I heard Reo sigh, I saw Nekora turn out of the corner of my eye, and Baset did the same. I sighed too and looked at Reo, who seemed extremely sad. "I guess this is it then...?" I said weakly "I wonder if Baset will allow you to come...” I smiled flakily, and Reo shook his head. "Don't think so..." he finally said.
Baset said with a fire in her eyes* "Fine...but only if THEY wish too, for they are putting themselves up to danger and maybe even death upon their own families...but like I said, it's up to them." Kay was crying again, but this time with joy. She and her friends dismissed the small warning Baset told them and at the same time said happily. "Agreed!" Baset only nodded and Kay, Reo and Nekora gave each other group hug. While during the huge, Kay stared to lose her muzzle and ears. She did however forget to put her claws back in and the hug was over quickly. Baset rolled her eyes and started off for the door as she said. "You'll learn to control that, now come you three, we haven’t much time, they could be here soon. I know only few places that our safe now and the closet one is in a whole other town..." Nekora stopped Baset with her hand softly and nearly gasped. "You mean...leave our families and homes?" Baset nodded and Reo said in a rushed voice. "We can't do that! Plus even if we did tell our parents...what would we tell them?" Everyone groaned at Reo and Reo put his hands up in frustration as he simply relied. "Just saying..." Kay said sourly. "He DOES have a point..." Baset said in that same calm and small voice. "By the time they figure out your gone they'll be busy with...other enough of this, we must go, NOW!" The three gasped and looked back and forth at each other. They, of course, had no choice and followed.
"Geeze, cold much?" I thought as we were heading to my house. I remembered what Baset said before we left. "Quickly get your stuff we will be gone for a while....” I stared ahead of me; all I could see was a little part of the sun. "The’s just starting to come up...." I said opening my door. I quickly rushed to my room got bathed, got dressed, and packed. I wrote a letter to my mom, since my dad wasn't home yet. "The worst part is it's my birthday..." I thought grimly as I set the letter down on my mom's desk. She'd see it as soon as she woke up, she's always at her desk. I sighed quietly and walked downstairs, headed out the door, locked it, and headed for Reo's house again. "Baset said to meet her back there to get ready to leave...." I thought as I looked at the clouds. In a few minutes I was at Reo's, and my ears tail whiskers, and everything was gone. I was me again. I looked at Reo, and Nekora. They were both looking down.
Despite the sun being up, everything still seemed dark. Kay gave the two a reassuring nod and they tried to smile. Baset came along like a paranoid mother and said quickly as she kind of ran. "Come on guys! We must go...keep up!" The three only walked and the farther they went the slower and sadder they looked and felt. Baset noticed this and said annoyed and impatient. "Look you two...beside Kay, you had a choice to come, so suck it up and come along and would you three please pick up there paste! I’m nearly older than the world itself and I’m still faster than three, young teens!" Kay and the others took a few deep breaths. Nekora said. "¼You going to do it?" Reo replied to no in particular. "I'm willing if you are." Kay nodded and said. "Well I let’s get going!"
I smiled a little. I sort of felt better, I turned to Baset. "Alright! Like Baset said, we need to get moving!" I said walking up to her, I gave her a small smile, she did me too. "So...Baset do you have a mom and dad?" I asked trying to start a conversation. Reo was looking down still, I started at him for a minute, and Nekora did too. We looked at each other, slightly smiled, and nodded. "Alright Reo...!" I said walking up behind him, Nekora did too. "Time to cheer up!" I said tickling him and tickling him. Nekora did the same, soon Baset joined in. We were all laughing, and tickling each other, until it was dark anyway. Soon we set up camp and sat by the fire.
Reo and Kay were talking about stuff they did when they were little and telling funny jokes. While the two laughed their heads off Nekora went to talk to Baset. Nekora asked. "Baset...?" "Hmm?" "I was wondering..." Baset got up and said impatiently. "Go on Nekora, spit it out!" Nekora smiled a little. Along the way the three teens had gotten use to Basets’ talking and even grew a bit fond of it too. Nekora said with some uncertainty. "Well-you know how we’re leaving and stuff?" Baset sat beside her and sighed as she said. "You want to know if you'll ever go back or see them again, don't you?" Nekora was a little shocked that Baset knew what she was thinking and was about to ask how when Baset continued. "When you lived as long as I have Nekora...oh you'll see many beautiful things, some ugly and wrong and others just normal, per-say. They point is Nekora, that we will all eventually move on, alright? Your young and I can see that, so you have time to understand can always go back now, but once we make the pass tomorrow there will be no more back." Nekora said uncertainty. "But Kay and Reo seem to be over this a lot quicker than I...what if I should go back, Baset?" Baset let out a small amused purr as she got up to leave. She said happily over her shoulder. "It's not my life to make a choice such as this...and your friends are not over this event, they just found a way to...move around it for the time being, and you should to. Now off with you, join your friends and think this over, alright?" Nekora nodded feeling a bit better.
I could help over hearing what Nekora and Baset talked about, considering I was a cat. My ears went down and I went back to the fire. I ate a marshmallow, and laid down. "What if I never see my step-mom again? I mean it was her that raised me...And how will I even see my real mom anyway? She's dead right?" I sighed and got up. I walked to my tent and crawled inside. It was a little big for a cat, but I'd get use to it I guess. I heard Baset talking to Reo and Nekora. "What was she talking about...?" I thought putting my ear up to the tent.
"...Kay cannot finish her LIFE mission with you two..." Nekora and Reo interrupted her and protested. Baset couldn’t look at them, for she had grown a bit fond of the two. Baset replied simply with a small hint of sadness. "...I'm sorry...but this doesn’t require children. Plus you could and might even die, and I'm sure Kay wouldn't want to be responsible for that as much as I’d hate to be." Nekora said hastily. "But you said so yourself that there would be no going back once we made it through that pass and that there would be nothing to go back too!" Reo added. "Plus we are Kay's friends and WE'D go anywhere with her! Even if it meant death, Baset! You just got to let us come!" Baset saw the two faces with strong eagerness and determination. Baset realized that no matter what she threw at them, they'd just throw it back. Baset said quietly. "I'll think about it...but for now you sleep!" Nekora and Reo were almost as happy as if she had just said yes.
I sat quietly, thinking about what Baset said "Kay cannot finish her life mission with you two...” I thought about it. "No....No matter what she would say their coming along...." I felt kind of greedy. The only reason I was bringing them along was because I didn't want to be alone. My ears went down as I walked out of the tent. I saw Baset still by the fire, probably thinking. "You know...Don't you...." I said sadly. Baset simply nodded. "Then why didn't you tell me or something...." "Cause you wouldn't have listened..." she shot back. I looked down, she was right. I sighed and went back to my tent, saying goodnight to everyone. Maybe the mission won't be all that bad...

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