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Forgotten Memories Part 5

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1Forgotten Memories Part 5 Empty Forgotten Memories Part 5 on Sun May 09, 2010 12:31 pm

Baset came and woke Kay very early the next day. Kay grumbled and rolled over. Baset wasn't in the mode today and dragged Kay out till she had to either get up or get hurt. Kay got up and followed Baset sleepily. Kay asked rubbing her eyes. "What's going on?" Baset told Kay to keep quiet sharply and told her to follow. Kay was too tired to notice that Nekora or Reo wasn't there. Once Baset and Kay were a good mile away Baset sat down and washed. Kay was awake now and for the first time realized that her friends weren’t here. Kay looked around alarmed and asked in a frantic voice. "BASET! I CAN'T FIND NEKORA OR REO! WHAT IF SOMETHINGS HAPPENED TO THEM? WHAT IF," Kay trialed off and Baset got up and kept walking. Kay ran to her side and stopped Baset in her tracks. Kay held Basets cat face firmly in her hands forcing Baset to look Kay in the eyes as Kay spat. "Were-are-they-BASET?" Baset shoved her way free and kept walking. Kay was almost in tears now when she realized what had happened. Kay didn't move. When Baset realized this she turned around and shot back. "Kay! This will never do! We must keep going! They would have died wasn't my choice, I just wanted them to last longer and leaving them was the only way that was going to happen! Now suck it up Kay and let’s go! We haven' much time..." Kay looked down at the ground as she dug her claws deeply into the earth has she hissed softly. "Your right Baset...there isn't much time...not much time at all..." And with that Kay turned tail and ran back for the camp to get her friends.
"I told Baset I wouldn't leave them! I told her!" I thought as I ran. I heard Baset behind me, I didn't care. After a few moments of cat and mouse, I made it back to the camp. I quickly looked in their tents but saw nothing. I spat at Baset who was right behind me "Where are they?! Tell me now!” Baset simply glared at me. I deeply growled. "Tell me!" I screeched. "I want to know now!” Baset just kept glaring. I couldn't control myself. I lunged myself at her, surprising her a bit. I think she thought I wouldn't do that, guess she was wrong. "Tell me...!" I yelled as I threw her to the ground, she got up quickly. "Why should I?" she said baring her claw. I growled again "Why should I find my other family?! I had one right here!" I yelled. This time Baset growled. I wasn't going on this stupid trip till I knew where my friends were.
Baset hissed. "You ide-ot!” Don't you recognize me even the slightest! Plus it’s too late for you to return...and as for your friends I know once you fond to you'd try to find I did the only thing I could...I killed them!" Kay was overwhelmed by the news that she didn’t realize she was screaming with rage and had pinned down Baset.
I growled. I couldn't stop crying. "Nekora and Reo were my best friends, and this cat thing come along and kills them?!" I thought angrily. "I'll kill you! I don't care if I fond my other family! Their dead already anyway! Why should I care...!?" I screamed in Baset face. I got up and ran. "I don’t ever want to see you again!" I yelled back, the sad part was it was true. I didn't want to see Baset again. I wanted my normal life back, the one where I wasn't just some stupid Egyptian. I heard Baset yell something, but I didn't hear it. I was running back home. I remembered Baset said it would be dangerous to go back, I didn't care. I just wanted to see my mom and dad. My birthday even passed without anyone telling me happy birthday! I remember the note I gave my mom. "Sorry mom, I just found out something about my past. I won’t be back; I left the necklace here for you so you won't forget about me. I will always love and remember you mom. Goodbye. Tell dad I love him too. Sincerely your daughter Kay...” I looked a head of me at my mom. "I'll tell her it was a joke! Sure she'll be mad...but...She'll still love me right...?" I thought.
Once Kay got to the town she stopped dead in her tracks. Everything was empty. All the cars had just stopped where they were. There were miles of sand. Kay cried out and saw a few people. Kay ran to them in tears and tried to talk to them but they ignored her and kept working. Kay was confused. Kay heard Baset voice behind her as she said. "See Kay? There's nothing left to go back too...Now come with me and help fix this from ever happening...If you do I'll tell you the truth about your family and friends."
I held my head low. "Why me...” I mumbled turning to Baset. I looked at her sadly. "Why does this have to happen to me? In any case...I'll go...I mea I like empty towns as much as the next guy..." I said rolling my eyes. Baset stared at me for a moment. I turned around at my house. "Wait I want to see something..." I said going inside. I walked up to my mother room and looked on her desk, I seen the note was open. I smiled and picked it up. "She read it then...” I thought happily and walked outside.
Baset nodded and Kay as they walked out of the slowly destroyed town. Baset for some reason seemed a bit jumpy and wanted to leave, and quick. Kay was a bit confused by her actions, but dared not to ask. While they were almost out of the town and past the barrier, Baset made a quick run for it calling Kay to follow. Kay did of course, but before she made it through she thought she saw someone that looked like Reo. Kay was crying with joy to see one of her friends and ran to greet him. Baset hissed ‘no come back’, but Kay didn't listen. Baset watch hopelessly from the safety of the boundary as she watched Kay meet he own death. Kay walked up to Reo.
"Reo! I can't believe your-" I was cut off by seeing a knife. Reo held it above his head. I looked at Reo more closely. He had pure red eyes, and was covered in scratches. I yelp when he threw the knife at me. "Reo what's wrong with you? I mean I know you hate me...But I didn't think this bad..." I said. Reo laughed and pulled out another knife. "Silly human...I'm not your precious Reo...I took over his body...My names Rexor..." he said smiling. I caught a glimpse at his teeth. I shivered at the thought of Reo being the one to kill me; I turned to Baset. She was pounding on the shield thing yelled get away. I turned to Reo, but it was too late, he threw the knife, and it hit me in the arm. I clinched my teeth and pulled it out, only to see I was face to face with him. His breath was awful. "You are weak human...." he said shoving something into my stomach, I pushed away. “Look however you are...I'm not going to fight you..." I said pulling the knife. It looked like a Kunai Knife. I heard Baset yell louder. I tried to look at her, but everything started to get Dark, I closed my eyes, cursing under my breath. "No...! Blazin...!" was the last thing I heard, but it didn't come from Baset.
Kay woke in a room bounded in chains. It was darker than a moonless night in the country in this small cell. Kay heard a little noise in the back stir and it made her a bit uneasy. Once she heard foot steeps, sounded like two and two, she was really scared. Kay cried out. "What do you want?" The foot steps stopped as one of the voice asked with a little hope in her voice. "Kay...?" Then another voice said that sounded like a boy. "...Is that you?" Kay was crying with joy to hear her friend’s voices. Before she could answer he friends had found her and they all gave each other a hug. Kay said weakly. "Baset said...well she told me she killed you guys. I didn't want to believe it and I didn’t till I saw Reo..." Reo said while rolling his eyes (like anyone could see it). "Yea...make jokes, Kay. You know what I'm going to..." Nekora shut Reo up and said in a hushed voice. "We got to get out of here Kay...Do you know what happened to us here?" Kay mumbled under her breath, for how was she to even have an idea where they were. Kay asked with a bit of sarcasm in her voice. "OH MY GOD¼ WHERE???" Reo started laughing again and Nekora elbowed him in the stomach again. Nekora whispered something in Kay’s ear and Kay turned white. All three were very silent for the longest time. Kay decided she'd break the silence, but she didn't talk too loud. "So, what do they do her guys?" Reo and Nekora shuffled their feet and whispered back and forth and when they finally finished they sat beside Kay and told her. "...Kay, they torture us! They make even kids, I mean like toddlers age work. The only time you get a break or a vacation is if your dead, a baby, locked up or being controlled by Them..." They told Kay every detail of all the hard labor and everything they've learned and many, many more, but importantly they told her how it felt to be controlled by Them. Soon Kay grew more and more fidgety till she jumped to her feet. Kay remarked with a small gasp. "We HAVE to get out of here...and I mean NOW, guys!" Nekora and Reo stomped their feet as if to high five and agreement.
I laughed and looked around. "Wow no windows...Perfect...” I started walking around with Nekora and Reo close behind. "Hey you guys...Haven't you been through this whole place...?" I asked as I turned around. Nekora nodded and grabbed my arm. "I think I might know a way out..." she said. I just nodded, and so didn't Reo, strangely. We walked for a moment, until we all came to a big door. I saw Nekora eyes change red. I pulled back. "What’s was that...?" I asked. She looked at my innocently, and said "What was what Kay...?” I started at her until I heard that laughed again. I whipped around to see Reo laughing. It was that same awful laughed he had before I was knocked out. "Wait where is Baset then...? Wouldn't see come along too...." I said. Reo's eyes were red again as he spoke. "Weak human...You're stupid Baset left you here to die....She said something like you didn't listen and you weren’t a good use of her time...” I laughed "Yeah, yeah that again...Well I think I'll be getting out of here...." I said turning around and opening the big door. To my surprise it was an exit. "Oh come on...You'd actually let me go...?" I asked. I heard Reo laughed and say no. Before I could do anything Baset came crashing through the ceiling. I covered my face, and jumped out of the way. "I told you your friends were dead..." she said grabbing and jumping out the window. Wow for a half cat, she was strong. I yelp as I seen what looked like Reo was following us. "Er Baset...? Who is that?" "That's Rexor...Did you hear him last time...?" she said. "No I was to busy admiring that fact he wanted me dead...." I said sarcastically. Baset growled and I kept quiet. I mean when an evil villain, that wants to kill you, is following you, there's not much to say.
Baset barely made it to the pass with Kay still in her jaws. Baset spat Kay's fur out of her mouth dropping Kay on the hard packed earth. Kay let out a small cry, still she had no feeling in her legs and her heart felt like it was about to come out of her chest. Kay clutched her chest were her heart laid, while Baset said angrily. "You see what happens when you don't listen to me?? You could have died! How do you think I'd feel if that happened?" Kay gave Baset a cold hard stare as she remarked softly. "Your one to tell you the truth I'm not sure how you'd feel if I were to die. Why did you bother even come back?! Haven't you done enough!?" Baset didn't even flinch as she said smoothly. "Now Kay...I did what I must, and that's that...alright? And perhaps your right, maybe I should have let the shape shifters eaten you!" Kay was about to drone on and on how Baset ruined her life when she heard the word 'Shape shifter'. Kay almost smiled with relief as she said with almost no trace of hostility in her voice. "So where are Reo and Nekora then?" Baset cursed softly to herself as she sighed and replied. "I guess I should have known you'd figure it out soon...I should have told you when you first panicked..." Baset looked down at her paws and Kay rose to hers and padded over to her side. It was midnight now and both were full cats. Baset said in almost a whisper. "I'm sorry Kay..." Kay just looked ahead for a long time without a word. Neither two moved, that is till they heard a noise, but it just turned out to be the sound of an owl. Kay took a deep breath and put the tip of her tail on Baset's shoulder and said with hope in her eyes. "It's alright...but I must at least see them again, Baset. Do me that much?" Baset smiled a little and nodded as she thought about it. Baset managed to say with a few gasp. "May-maybe...I mean if-when, we find-see them...perhaps...I don't. I they would like, they could...uh..." Baset stopped talking as she tried to breathe, for Kay was hugging her too tightly and wouldn’t budge. Kay repeatedly said thank you, and Baset begged her to let go.
I nearly squeezed Baset half to death. I can believe this was happening though! First some cat comes and tells me I’m some ancient Egyptian princess, then A guy I meat turns out to be a cat. I sighed and sat down. “Thanks so much Baset..!” I said. Baset nodded, and looked away. I stared at her for a minute. “B-Baset, how do you know this stuff about me? Were you there? Should I have known you?” I asked. Baset didn’t answer. “Baset¼?” “Well, in a way yeah, you should¼.” She said, finally turning to me. I blinked. “I should know Baset? But¼How?” I thought. I smiled and asked how. She didn’t answer. A few minutes later she said “Alright, we should get going¼Now¼.” I didn’t argue with her, she was right. If I wanted to see my friends, then I have to stop being dead weight. I sighed again and looked at Baset. “Baset how can I be helpful? I don’t want to be dead weight anymore¼.” I said. She looked at me, and then looked away. “You can help, by listening to me¼” she said. I rolled my eyes, but if it could help, then I guess I’ll have to start listening. “Alright¼I will¼.” I said. Baset looked shocked for a moment. I don’t think, she would have thought I would say alright. I smiled and got up. I was weird to walk like a cat; Baset was already use to it. We started to walk in silence, until Harry flashed threw my mind. “Hey Baset¼?” “Hmmm...What?” “Do you know of a cat named Harry?” I asked. She stayed quiet for a moment. I wonder if she did know Harry, and if she did how? I mean him, and her seem alike. Baset smiled and looked at me. “Yeah¼He was my brother¼.” She said. I looked shocked at her. “Brother? I mean they seemed alike¼But I never thought¼.” Baset looked at me weird. “How do you know him¼?” she asked. I smiled “He helped me translate the hieroglyphics¼” I said. “He was always good at that stuff...” she said sourly, I frowned. Why the sudden change in attitude? She looked at me; I saw what looked like hate in her eyes. “Baset¼.Do you hate Harry¼?” I asked. She looked at the ground. “First his name isn’t Harry¼.” She trailed off. “It’s¼Zanku¼.and second¼Yes I do. He left us, when we needed him¼” she said. I stared at her. “Wait how can this be true? Harry seemed nice¼.” I thought. “Wait he doesn’t have any memories¼He doesn’t remember Baset¼” I said. Baset glared at me, I shivered. “Is that what he told you¼?” she asked. I looked down. “He seemed so nice¼I mean at first, he seemed creepy. Why did he help me then¼? Was there something in it for him¼?” I thought as I looked at Baset, she looked at me.

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