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Forgotten Memories Part 6

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1Forgotten Memories Part 6 Empty Forgotten Memories Part 6 on Sun May 09, 2010 12:31 pm

Baset and Kay didn't talk much along the way. When the sun was about near the edge of the land, Baset suggested that they'd stop for some water, food, and anything else needed done. Kay just nodded her head and the two once again ate in silence, for there really wasn't much to say, you know? Well when the sun was almost fully revealed over the hill side the two packed up once more and kept going. Kay every now and then would try to start a conversation or ask 'when will we get there?' and Baset just either nodded or said softly. "When we get there..." Kay pouted to herself every time Baset did either one. But eventually the two stopped when it grew near twilight. They set up camp and Kay wandered off a bit and watched as they day turned to a dead night. She listened to the sweet outdoor sounds till it took her in. Kay purred as the moon raised and settled above her with thousands of stars. Kay watched as the stars seemed to dance in the sky. She saw herself and two other cats playing around. The way they acted as Kay watched reminded of her friends Reo and Nekora when they went to the park. Kay purred as she started to turn more into a cat. She gracefully washed behind her ears and kept her eyes glued to the luminous sky. Baset noticed Kay and wanted to say something...anything really and had actually rehearsed something, but when she approached Kay's side she found herself lost for words. Kay did notice Baset, but only because she stunk as bad as Kay did. Kay kept looking up while she said soothingly. "Nice out; huh?" Baset was about to nod but thought better of it and replied casually. "Yeah..." The two sat in an awkward silence again. Suddenly Kay said "Baset, you think perhaps we can help your brother?" Baset was so caught off guard from the question that she almost tripped over her own paws. Baset had expected a question about her friends or family, or anything that had to do with her old life. Baset didn't know what to say but didn't want Kay to know so she said as she thought slyly while keeping her voice even. "I don't think so...why would I want to even try, Kay?" Kay said feeling a bit of anger. "WHY? Because he's your brother! Your own kin, flesh and blood, ring a bell?" Baset just shook her moist pelt and walked off. Kay gathered herself and soon fell asleep.
“Why, Baset? What did he really do¼?” I thought before falling asleep. I woke up to a very sour Baset. I could tell she wasn’t in the mood to answer any questions. I sighed and looked down. “Baset¼” I said quietly. She didn’t move; all she did was growl. I continued anyway. “I’m sorry about yesterday¼It wasn’t my place to interfere with your family problems¼” I said. Baset said humph, and walked off. My ears lowered. “Why do you hate him so much Baset? Did he really do something so awful, that you would hate him for the rest of your life?” I asked myself quietly. I was human again, considering the sun was completely up. Baset must have been human too. I got up and walked in the direction she went. I kept calling out her name, until I heard a sound. I turned around to see a little cat. It was orange. “Harry¼!” I called out. By why was he still a cat? He purred and walked up to me. I bent down and picked him up. “Harry¼Do you know who Zanku is?” I asked him. He flinched and jumped out of my arms, and then turned human. “Where did you hear that name¼?” he asked. I backed up. “Why? What’s it to you¼?” “It’s my name!” he said. I gasped. “So what Baset said was true!” I thought. I whipped around and started running. I called out Baset thousands of times, only to find out that she wasn’t coming. I tripped on a rock, and landed hard on my stomach. I gasped for air. “Weak human¼.” I heard someone say. I knew that voice all to well. Rexor. I got up and turned around to face him. “Why can’t you just leave me alone¼?!” I yelled. He laughed “My dear¼While you’re with Baset that will never happen¼” I heard Zanku say. I turned to face him. “What’s your problem? If your evil, why’d you help me in the first place?” I asked. He laughed this time. I heard branches breaking. I jumped into a tree and started to jump along the branches. I had to find you. “Baset¼!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. It gave away my position. Zanku was right in front of me, I gasped. I looked around to see nothing but trees. “My dear, come with us. Baset will never help you¼” he said. “I don’t believe you¼!” “Think about it¼She’s done nothing so far, but save you. Then again you’d never had been in that position if she was with you¼” he said, as he smiled grimly. I backed up more. “N-No..! Baset saved me because she wants to help me¼I was there because of my own fault! I didn’t listen to her!” I yelled back. He laughed. “So now what? Listen to her like a dog, or what? You’ll die¼?” he said. I stared to cry, there was no way out of this. I closed my eyes as I seen him come closer. “What do you want?!” I screamed. As soon as I did, I heard him say “your life¼” What did he mean by that?
Soon everything went dark like the time she passed out in her school and her room. Before she was completely asleep she heard blood piercing screams and cries, along with hissing and cursing and even clawing. The last thing she could see was a pair of eyes. She only felt a hot sticky liquid surround her and soon she was drowning in the fowl liquid. When she did awake she was back at the camp site where she last saw her friends Reo and Nekora. Kay looked around for Baset in distress. She couldn't find them but she did hear talking. She got up, only to feel a bit weak in the legs and a small headache. Kay grabbed onto a ledge just in time to catch herself as she recognized the voices. Without any more hesitation she ran out and went to go embrace Reo and Nekora. But when she did, she just went right through them. Kay fell onto the hard packed earth and pushed herself up. She turned around and watched her two friends. Kay looked around and said wildly. " guy’s dead?" Nekora and Reo were silent for a moment when they said softly with a hint of fear and sadness. " are..." Kay just looked at them, hoping they were just pulling her leg. Kay tired to laugh but neither Nekora nor Reo smiled. Kay shook her head in disbelief for she just couldn't grasp this...after all she didn't fell dead. Kay said shakily. "Then...if I'm dead, how are you guys able to see me...better yet how did I die? No wait, whatever happened to Baset?" Both Reo and Nekora whispered for a moment and said boldly. "We're not entirely sure...but if you asking if she lived...the answers no, but there IS some good news." Kay stared at them. She though 'good news? What good news could they possible have? I'm dead! So is Baset!' Nekora said before Reo could. "So is Zanku and his encompass..." Kay let out a small purr of relief. For the first time since she woken up she realized she was a part cat. She looked up and saw the sun fully up. Kay gave a questioning look and Reo said. "We're not entirely sure, now we must go..." Kay cried out and woke up into a dark room.
I was covered in sweat, and blood?! I quickly stood up to see if it was true. I sighed in relief when I realized it was just a blanket. “Easy now¼” I heard someone say. I turned around to see who it was. It was a boy, I think, it was to dark too see. “Who are you¼?” I asked. “I’m Micheal¼” he said standing up. He was holding something. It was a wet cloth. I could see him clearly. He looked like Reo’s age. “Er¼Hello..?” I asked. “Hello¼” he said cheerfully. I blinked and looked around. “Where are we¼?” I asked. He smiled and pulled on a curtain nearby. “We’re in a world of nothing ness¼” he said. I stared at him. “Huh?” “A world of nothing ness¼” he repeated. “How’d I get here?” I asked, seriously confused. “You died¼I saved you¼” he said turning to me. “Oh really, and just what are you? The Grim Reaper?” I asked looking out the window. “In a way yes¼I save all lost souls¼” he said. I turned to him. “Wait? Lost soul? Did he mean I was a lost soul too?” I thought. “You are a lost soul, and there was another one. Baset was her name. Do you know her?” he asked. “I don’t really know this guy¼” I thought standing up. “No sorry¼” I replied. He laughed. “I know you do. You came in the same time she did” he said. I gulped, and looked down. “So we really are dead? But I don’t feel dead!” I said to the guy. “I don’t feel dead ether, but it’s what we are. We are no longer seen by the living¼” he said. “Micheal, I have a mission I didn’t finish! It was to find out who I really am...” I said slowly as I looked down. “Kashikoi, right?” he asked. I looked up. “How do you know that?!” I asked. “I told you...I save all lost souls. I learn about them too¼” he explained. I fell down on my knees, as I stared to cry. I mean you would too, would you? If you just found out you were dead? Suddenly Baset flashed threw my mind. “Micheal, where’s the other soul? Where’s Baset?” I asked. “Baset¼She’s here. She’s in the other room. But I don’t think¼” I cut him off. “Show me¼! Please!” I said. He sighed. “Alright, but I warn you, she not in the shape you’re in¼” he said. I stared at him for a minute. “What did he mean by that?” I thought. He turned around. “Follow me¼” he said. I did just that. It was a couple of minutes, and we heard groaning, and moaning. “The other ghosts that passed on¼” Micheal told me. I nodded. We finally made it to a dark room. Micheal walked in, I followed hesitantly. “Baset¼Time to get up...” he said. I heard Baset groan, and instantly stand up. I screamed at what I saw. Baset was covered in scratches and gapes! She had bandages all over her. “Baset¼!” I said. She turned to me. Her face had tons of scratches on it too. “A-are you alright¼?” I asked weakly. Baset looked down at herself. “Micheal...Why is she like that¼?” I asked. “Well, she died with a fight, so that’s how she’ll look. On the other hand, you died with a simple knife¼.Look on your neck¼” he said. I pulled up a mirror on the desk beside me. I had seen a tiny scratch that went across my neck. I gasped and dropped the mirror. I looked at Baset. “What happened?” I asked. She looked down. “What was wrong with her? Why wasn’t she answering?” I thought. I could help but cry. “Baset¼Please¼Answer me¼” I said pleadingly. I truly did want to know what happened. I heard Baset sigh, and then looked at me.
“¼Remember how you and your friends studied about Egypt¼Ancient Egypt? Well¼you see Kash-Kay; our family is protected by the spirits between the world’s life and death. For many¼many centuries our people, of our blood line have gone to be judged for an afterlife. So you see Kay, this is why me, my brother, your father, your sister¼everyone is still, in a way, alive.” Kay took it all in. Kay was already in tears so nobody-nothing seemed to notice the sudden flow as more fell. Baset finished with a small whisper. “Kay¼your mother¼she’s¼me.” Kay fell to her knees and when Micheal went to help her up she just pushed him away and stared hard at the ground. No more tears could be shed for they were almost gone¼
Micheal broke the dead silence as he said in a stern voice. “You must talk about this Later, for your Trial begins any minute! Let Ra hope you pass the Test!” Kay suddenly forgot what she had just learned and managed to sputter out. “Test¼Trial? For what? I haven’t done anything wrong...Well there was this one time during a very scary movie I nearly killed my cousins I scared them so bad¼and also when I switched my dad’s shampoo¼err well his hair turned different colors, down to the scalp too. He looked like a clown for 3 years! Also¼” Baset shut her up and said with a hint of sad amusement. “Forget this Kay; let’s just get on with it!!” Kay stiffened up and let out a small growl and pushed Baset away, dropping only a single tear as she did so. Micheal walked up to a very larger double door with ancient writings, mostly a godly looking. He announced Kay and Baset’s names in a tongue Kay was sure she heard of before and suddenly felt a bit unsure. The door’s slowly opened reliving a blinding light, of a color unknown to man. A voice, not much louder than Kay’s rapidly growing breathing called for the two to step in. It had an ancient sound to it. Baset walked up confidently while pushing Kay from behind. Micheal said as he walked out the closing doors back to where Kay awoke. “Don’t worry! You’ll both be just fine; you’ve both passed many times before!”
My heart started pounding faster. “What was going on? What did Micheal mean by ‘you’ve both passed many times before’? What was this?” My mind was racing with questions, which probably weren’t going to get answered. “Baset, the mother of Kashikoi, and Kashikoi, the daughter of Baset. This is who you are, right?” We both heard. It sounded like a man’s voice. I looked over at Baset, who seemed surprisingly calm. “Yes, that is me, and yes that is her.” She said pointing to me. I swallowed silently and said. “Yes, that is me. Can you tell me why I am here?” I asked. I couldn’t see anything but darkness and Baset. She looked over at me and waved. I blinked and mumbled “Huh?” She smiled. “You’re on your own!” She said. I gasped. “Wait, no Baset, come back!” I said. Before I knew it, she was gone, and I was on my own. My heart started to beat again. “Kashikoi¼, step forward.” I did as he/she said. This voice sounded like a woman. I waited for a moment. “Kashikoi, do you remember your death? Or the other deaths you’ve had?” It asked. I blinked. “I can only remember this one, and when I was a baby. But it wasn’t me that died then.” I mumbled. “Yes, we were wondering that. Very well, tell us how you died.” Another voice said. I thought for a moment. “Well, all I can remember was,” My wind started to wonder, until I shouted “Zanku and Rexor!” I said hastily. “Relax Kashikoi, they’re dead as well, but they will not see you.” That voice said. “Uh, what do you mean? Are they here too?” I asked. “No, they’re of no importance.” I heard. It was quiet for a moment. “Kashikoi, do you remember your friends?” I thought for a moment. “Yes, I remember Nekora and Reo!” I said happily. “Yes, well, we are going to erase their memories, so that they don’t remember you.” I heard. I gasped. “What, no!” I said. “Kashikoi, this is how we did it before, and this is how we will do it now.” The man’s voice said. “They were put into a lot of trouble because of me; maybe it would be best if they didn’t remember me. That way, I wouldn’t have fought with Reo, I wouldn’t have clawed Nekora’s arm, and they’ll both have normal lives.” I thought sadly. I sighed and hugged myself. “Okay, but as long as Nekora and Reo will have normal lives.” I said quietly. Deadly silence covered the dark room, almost as if I was alone. “Is this what you chose, to be alone for all eternity? Is that your choice?” The man’s voice asked. I sighed quietly again, and mumbled yes. “Very well Kashikoi.” I heard. I looked up and seen a bright light, after it flashed, I seen a normal face. It was Baset! I ran over to give her a hug, but I went right threw her. “What¼No!” She yelled. “Kay, what did you say to them?” My eyes widened. “W-What? All I said was,” I trailed off. “What?!” Baset yelled. “All I said wanted to be dead for all eternity, and let Nekora and Reo forget me.” I looked down and sighed. “Was that bad?” I asked. Baset sighed and looked laughed.
“Kay, you’re not dead,” She said. “I am.” I felt my heart stop for a moment. “W-What?!” I screamed. “Kay, you stuck up for your friends. That cost you another life, as for me, I had no one to stick up for this time.” She said. I blinked. “You could’ve stuck up for me, Nekora or Reo!” I said desperately. She laughed. “It would not have been the same sweetie.” She said sweetly. I started to cry. “Please don’t go Baset, you’re my mom, I don’t know you, but I do love you!” I yelled. She frowned. “Don’t cry, you will see me again one day.” She said smiling. I ran over and hugged her. I felt her slowly disappear. “No, please, no! This is what my mission was! To find my family! I found my mom, so maybe I could find my dad too! Please don’t take her!” I yelled. Soon, I felt nothing but air in my arms. “Kay!” I heard to familiar voices say shocked. I opened my watery eyes. I saw Reo and Nekora! I gasped. “Guys!” They smiled and hugged me and I hugged back. “Where’s Baset?!” Nekora asked. I frowned. “Baset,” I said sadly. “Won’t be coming back.” They both gasped. “What are you talking about Kay?!” Nekora asked. I sighed and looked away. What am I going to do now? My whole life’s mission was to find my family and¼Wait a minute¼That’s it! I have to find my family, and who knows, they might actually know how to get Baset back! I smiled as I felt my heart start to beat. I turned to Nekora and Reo. “Hey guys, are you up for another adventure?!” I yelled. They smiled. “What kind of adventure?” Reo asked. I laughed. “The one to find Baset of course!”

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