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Mid gap-read small bit plz

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1Mid gap-read small bit plz Empty Mid gap-read small bit plz on Sun May 09, 2010 12:32 pm

So the new adventure began for the three teens as they set out to find a way to save Baset and even cheat deaths itself. But something none of them knew was what else might be in their paths, and will they perhaps find just more...more than they're looking for? And can Kay learn how to control her powers, Nekora find her lost friend (Ulio) and can Reo find out if his real family is in Egypt as well? What’s up with Reo and Kay? The biggest adventure has only begun, and we've only introduced you to the fun...
It had been four days since Reo and Nekora had found Kay once again. Their homes and family’s and life as they remembered were once again what they called normal. So everything was going great. The three became a very close and unbreakable bound. They made a pack and all swore that once school was done that they'd go for it again. You know the mission? Plus they had missed their adopted families and life’s. They learned more about one another and more about what was to come. Before they knew it, it was the last week of school, and they were already packing and saying goodbye.

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