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Forgotten Memories Part 8

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1Forgotten Memories Part 8 Empty Forgotten Memories Part 8 on Sun May 09, 2010 12:34 pm

I looked at the fish like thing and then back to Ulio. “Do you expect me to eat this? It could be poisoned!” I mumbled as I sat down. “I usually don’t eat food from strangers.” Ulio sighed and set down the awful smelling fish like food. “It’s not.” He simply said. I started at him for a moment. There was something about him that I didn’t like. “How do you know Nekora?” I asked. He didn’t answer. “Fine, to answer ONE of your questions, that boy back there was Damieon. Me, Nekora and Reo just meet him a day or two ago.” I said. He turned toward me. I felt a cold chill go down my spine. Just who, or what, was this guy?! “I’m not telling you anything, until I know how Nekora is.” He said deadly. I quickly got up. “Whelp, my times up!” I said turning around. “You’re not going anywhere.” He said. I bit my lip. Why does this stuff happen to me? I sighed, turned around and ran into him. I gasped and backed up. “Just what do you want with me?!” I yelled. He grabbed my arm. “Get off!” I tried to pull away. When I got free, I ran. “Where do I go, Nekora or Reo, maybe Damieon?” I said as I ran through the wild vines and trees. I ran for what felt like hours. I couldn’t get out, no matter where I ran! Soon the sun came up and I sighed in relief. I could see perfectly. Then again, I could’ve just use my cat eyes to see, but come on! I had this crazy guy chasing me! I couldn’t think straight! I seen where the forest ended. I smiled and ran through it. Was I away from him? Was he still following me? Who was he? I couldn’t help but wonder thousands of things as I knocked on Nekora’s door. He said he knew Nekora, could that mean he was her friend? Or something else? I smiled when Nekora finally opened the door. “Nekora am I glad to see you!” Her hair was ruffled and puffy. “Kay? It’s 5; 00 in the morning.” She mumbled. I walked inside. “Nekora, do you know a man named Ulio?” I asked. She instantly woke up and looked at me. “Ulio¼?” She whispered. I nodded. “Why?” She asked. “He’s kidnaped me, to see if you were alright!” Nekora looked at me shocked and looked down. ‘If Ulio was Nekora’s best friend, how come I never heard of him?’ I thought as I looked at a picture of her and her family. I smiled as I seen how rich she was.
For some reason when Nekora looked up she was actually smiling...just smiling. “Ne-Nekora?” Kay asked a bit confused. Nekora turned to face Kay, stars in her eyes and she soon busted out laughing, hugging herself. At first it kind of scared Kay, but then after she thought it over she joined Nekora. After all...your bests friends, past best friend kidnaps you, feeds you and returns you, just about only asking how she was, why wouldn’t that be funny? Once the two controlled themselfs again they went into the kitchen. “’d think for such a big house and full of so many people, there would be at least something to eat that wasn’t a week old left-overs!” Kay commented. Nekora grinned and said quickly. “Hey, whoever gets the phone first and orders the pizza the other one will pay.” Kay answering just as quickly as Nekora said excitedly. “Your on!”Kay thought to herself privately ‘Haha, Nekora! I remember where the phone is! I’m glad I took it with me once I entered! ...maybe we should invite Reo over...maybe even Damieon, well okay, maybe not him. Like I want to be kidnaped by the Ulio guy again! I wonder why Nekora was smiling when she heard about that...Hey wait I know! I’ll find him! I’ll call Reo and have him help! Nekora will love it!’ Kay tried to hide back a smile as she say Nekora searching her biggest couch as if it was under arrest. Kay quietly slipped out the door and dialed the number for the pizza and ordered. Then she called Reo up.
“Really! That would be awesome! Uh–I mean...yea sure I’ll just, know do...stuff. Oh forget it, I’m there!!!” Kay silently said a thank-you while looking up at the sky. That was one of Kay’s favorite thing about Nekora’s house....even though they were in the city, you could see just as much stars up here on the roof as you would camping in the mountains. Kay said quickly, as she realized Reo was still on the phone. “Reo...I need you to do me a favor, don’t knock on the door, climb to the roof. Alright? I’ll tell you the rest when you get soon will you be here?” “This fast enough?” Reo asked climbing next to Kay smiling. Kay gasped slightly and turned off the phone. Reo hung his up and slipped in into his pocket as he seated himself. Reo asked while he gazed at the sky with Kay. “Why did you want to talk to me all the way up here?” Kay replied softly, ignoring Reo’s question. “Beautiful isn’t it?” Reo turned and smiled. “Sure is...” Kay looked at him and blushed a little as she realized he was looking at her when he said it. She quickly said trying to hide her embarrassment.“Can you help me find Ulio? It seems Nekora knows this person and would really love it if we found and brought him here...I ordered enough pizza’s for us.”
“What about Damieon?”
Kay noticed some hostility in his voice as he said Damieon’s name. Kay shifted a litte and said a bit to queitly. “ Nekora said he was a real jurk...that’s all I’d like to say on that issue...”
“Alright then, I’ll help you find this Ulio guy.” Kay looked back at Reo and smiled really big. “Thanks! I knew you would! Now...lets see...” Kay pulled out the stick of spare fish-like-thing Ulio gave her. She handed it to Reo and said. “His’s on here somewhere...” Reo took it and studied it. “Alright...”
“How do you do that?”
“Do what?”
Kay turned for a moment. The question she asked wasn’t really about finding Ulio. She shook herself. ‘Come-on Kay! Can’t this wait? Nekora is your best friend too! Focus on finding that Ulio guy!’ Kay took a deep breath and without meeting Reo’s eyes asked once more. “How do you do that? You know...find things or people by their scent? We’re part cat, not blood-hound after all...” Reo looked around carefully and took off his black hat, neatly outlined in white. Reo never went anywhere without it. Reo hesitated for a moment, as if deciding weather or not to tell Kay. “Whats the matter? You can trust me. You don’t have to tell me though, well if you want, it was just a question.” Reo twisted his hat in his hands and seemed to be talking to himself. “Okay...but first you must swear not to tell ANYONE about this...”
“Not even Nekora?”
“Well...maybe later but not now.”
“Of coarse...”
Reo took a deep breath while he handed his hat delicately to Kay. “I really don’t know how to explain this, so I’ll let him do it...”
“Wh-?” Reo softly quieted Kay and said something in a special tongue. Kay translated to be the word ‘Shadow’. The hat in Kay’s hands started to shake and in the top middle part something started to come out of it. Kay covered up a scream with her free hand as a huge, black wolf popped out, leaving a white imprint on the hat. The wolf walked over to Reo and Reo whispered to ‘Shadow’. Shadow came over to Kay. She dropped the hat. The wolf neared her, snarling. Once touching distance, Kay started to tremble a little The wolf then quickly howled and was so close to Kay now, she could smell his breath. Shocked Kay blurted out. “Pizza?” ‘Why did this wolfs breath smell like pizza?’ The wolf said a bit embarrassed. “Oops...sorry about that...had a few slices for lunch today.” Kay just stared. She let her curiosity get the better of her and slowly reached out to touch Shadow. About a quarter of an inch away from his pelt, Reo said boo, making Kay jump about 3 feet. Reo and Shadow broke down laughing and high-fived each other. Kay got back up and mumbled some stuff under her breath, but she was smiling.
“Kay...are you alright? I thought I heard yo-...” Nekora stopped, staring at Reo and the wolf and Kay. Nekora managed to catch herself and pulled herself up on the roof. Kay, Reo and Shadow exchanged glances and broke out laughing hard. The look on Nekora’s face was priceless. Nekora shook her head, as if she didn’t want to know and joined in the laughing. “Are...are you alright?” Nekora turned around and out of the tree’s landed Ulio. Shadow quickly stopped laughing and started to snarl and bare his teeth. Reo hopped onto his back and got out his pocket knife his dad gave him years ago. Ulio quickly dodged their attack and before Shadow or Reo could turn around they were knocked off their feet. Kay went to defend them and Nekora jumped into the middle of everyone and said sternly. “Stop!” Everyone stopped and stared at each other while Nekora sat down exhausted. Everyone put away their weapons and sat down in a circle. Shadow padded up to Ulio and held out a paw and said formally with Reo doing the same on Shadow’s back still “The names Shadow, and this runt here is Reo.” Reo turned his hand into a paw and swatted at Shadow’s ears. Shadow grinned just like Reo. Ulio shook both their hands and said. “Pleased to meet you, my name is Ulio.” Kay helped Nekora back to her feet and walked over to them. Kay said playfully. “Break it up love-birds.” Shadow growled back, smiling and Reo just stared at Kay while Ulio did the same. Kay said. “I’m Kay and as you maybe know, this is Nekora.” Ulio bowed, taking off his hat at the same time. Nekora staggered over and tipped a little off balance. Ulio quickly grabbed her and sat her down. Kay watched as he pulled out some stuff and whipped down Nekora’s head and gave her something to drink. Kay looked at Reo and he just shrugged. Before anyone could do or say anything else Ulio asked. “Somebody help me get her off the roof...”Shadow quickly ran over and Reo hopped off his back. They carried Nekora down while Kay put some blankets and pillows on the couch. Reo patted Shadow on his head. He then put his hat back on his head and said. “Goodnight Shadow.” Shadow dipped his head and Reo touch a spot between his eyes and muzzle. Shadow howled while he disintegrated and went back into Reo’s hat, making it a fully black hat with a white trim once more. The three talked a little.
“But when? And more importantly, why? What kind of drug?”
“I’m guessing it was at the movies, and didn’t you guys know? He is a living retaliate of Rexor! And I’m guessing it was an ancient poison used to slowly kill one.”
Reo interrupted Ulio and Kay and said almost silently. “I knew there was something about him I didn’t like, right from the start!” Kay rolled her eyes and said. “You never would have known for sure Reo...maybe we would have believed you or our-selves that something was up if you weren’t so jealous!”
“JEALOUS!? HA! Of what? You don’t mean that low-life scum-...” Ulio faked a coughed, but Kay pressed on. “Yes, jealous! You couldn’t STAND the idea of him being with me at all! And also...” Reo was turning as red as Kay, Ulio stopped them and said. “She’s waking...” Kay stopped herself... ‘Why am I so mad at Reo? Was it really his fault after all? Man...I really messed up, I shouldn’t have pressed’ Kay was going to apologize but Reo read her look and said softly. “I know...” Kay sighed in relief. They all sat around Nekora as she stretched and opened her eyes. There was silence for a moment, but Nekora broke it and asked confused. “Whoa...did I miss something? Where’s the party?” Everyone started to move a bit and look around. Nekora got up and said. “You guys are weird...but anyway. I had this weird, but fantastic dream! You guys were there, so was this huge black wolf and Ulio...and you were all about to fight each other and...” She broke off when she turned around and saw Ulio sitting on the couch arm. “ULIO!” She ran over to him and hugged him, knocking them both to the floor. Tears were coming down her eyes. “I thought...?” Ulio got up and helped her up putting a finger to her lips and saying. “So did I...” He smiled and hugged her back. Kay smiled and watched them a bit. Reo and Kay looked at each other again and tuned red. “How did you know I was here? Or even…alive?” Ulio and Nekora started talking. Reo motioned for Kay and they both left quickly, turning away and left Nekora and Ulio alone to talk. Once Kay and Reo were outside the house Reo asked. “How come you never hugged me?” Kay looked at him and saw the playfulness in his eyes. So she replied heartily. “Awww! I’m sorry!” Reo looked at Kay with and eyebrow raised. Kay couldn’t help it and hugged him. Surprised, Reo staggered a bit and they fell laughing. “Well this is interesting...” Both Reo and Kay turned and saw Nekora and Ulio standing at the door. Both Kay and Reo tried to get up, tripping over each other and their own feet. They were both very red. Ulio asked. “Are we interrupting you two?” Kay gave Reo a look and he closed him mouth while she replied. “Sort of...but it’s...alright...” They all stood, looking around at each other. Everyone was blushing and no one knew what to say. Shadow popped out of Reo’s hat and stopped mid sentence and asked. “Did I miss something...?” They smiled at each other and at the same time they all said. “Nope, nothing at all!”
“Whoa...what did you guys do? Rehearse that?...REO!”
“What...” Reo asked a bit lost.
“What’s the matter?” Kay asked.
“Well I am part of Reo in a way...”
“Uh huh...and?”
“So I know what he’s thinking. That’s why I came out here.”
“That still doesn’t answer my question to why you yelled at Reo...”
Both Reo and Shadow grinned at each other and Kay playfully slapped them both. Kay and Reo turned into cats and played, Shadow switching sides every few seconds. Nekora watched, while clinging onto Ulio’s arm. Ulio laughed at the sight and Nekora tugged on his sleeve and whispered to him. And Nekora turned into a cat and Ulio drunk something and turned into a cat himself. They walked up and asked. “May we join?” Reo, Shadow and Kay looked at each other and laughing the whole time pounced on Ulio and Nekora. They all roughed-house until none of them could take another step. Somehow though, they found the energy to turn back into humans. Shadow went back into Reo’s hat and everyone went inside Nekora’s house.

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