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Forgotten Memories Part 9

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1Forgotten Memories Part 9 Empty Forgotten Memories Part 9 on Sun May 09, 2010 12:34 pm

They all picked a spot on the floor and slept. Kay and Nekora were back to back, like any other sleep over, while Ulio and Reo pushed two couches close together. They put Nekora into one then carried Kay into another. Reo and Ulio also gave them each a thick blanket and a pillow. Ulio and Reo nodded to each other and found themselves a spot to sleep. In the end, all four looked like a rectangle.
Morning came and both Nekora and Kay stretched. They laughed as they saw how Reo and Ulio looked. They were huddled near the edge of the couch. It was a cold night after all. Kay whispered to Nekora and they took a picture of them. Trying not to laugh. They were about to take more when they realized that they did have some blankets and even pillows. Feeling bad, they took no more...but they did keep the one they already took. They decided to make Nekora’s ‘Famous’ omelet’s. Reo and Ulio awoke to the smell of melted cheese, cooked eggs, and other fragrances. “Just in time, sleepy heads!” Kay said, while Nekora added. “What do you guys want to drink?” Both of them said milk. Nekora was glad they did too, because there was no more orange juice anyway. Shadow popped out of Reo’s hat and while Reo was busy talking to Kay, Shadow took a bite out of Reo’s omelet. Kay tried not to giggle but failed and Reo turned and saw Shadow run off with his whole omelet, or what was left of it. “HEY! Give that back you crazy mutt!” Shadow said to himself. “Mutt, huh? I’ll show you mutt!” He finished the rest of the omelets and tackled down Reo. Reo put Shadow into a head-lock and gave him a knuckle sandwich. Reo exclaimed “Give it back!” Shadow replied slyly. “If you say so!” Nekora quickly jumped up and said. “NO! I-I mean...there’s more...” Everyone turned too looked at Nekora. Ulio and Kay jumped to her defense and offered an omelet to them and another chair for Shadow. After they all cleaned up Nekora and Kay quickly gave a look. They both wanted to thank Reo and Ulio. They talked about it for a moment. They decided that they would wing it, but make it short, they had to get going. Ulio had told them that Damieon would go looking for them. He was going to take them to some secret temple. Reo, being Reo, complained about it and god knows what else, but it was settled that once lunch time came they were going to start for the temple. So Nekora and Kay started to pack and forgot about thanking Reo and Ulio, for the time being. Ulio, Shadow and Reo would have been helping but they all challenged one another to a food eating challenge and had upset stomachs. Oh and they all tied because Nekora and Kay stopped making them. Mostly due to lack of ingredients. Despite the fact only Nekora and Kay were packing and stuff by themselves, they still managed to finish 2 hours later. They were done in 20 minutes but they had some things to do. You know, take a shower, get dressed, tell their ‘parents’ how long they would be gone, that stuff. Reo just settled for some old jeans, a blue shirt and a grayish, thin but strong jacket. He also hooked his pocket knife in the back of his pants belt. Ulio wrapped around his cloak. Under it though, he wore a simple green t-shirt and some soft pants, so they wouldn’t make noise. Finally Nekora and Kay came down. Kay was wearing a shirt that looked like the top of a kimono; it was mostly red and had some black and silver on it. She also wore some tattered jeans. Nekora had put on a white shirt and some sweat shorts.
They all headed out. Shadow was strapped like a mule and carried the stuff. He even made a few donkey noises along the way, making them all laugh. They all climbed the cliffs, dense forests, even a mountain. Somewhere in the middle of a jungle they stopped. They had used help from others and different transportation, making their trip faster than most people could travel in a week’s time. It grew dark quick that day and they all woke early the next day. Despite Reo and Shadow’s complaining the trip wasn’t too bad. They were in the heart of the jungle when Ulio stopped everyone. He jumped down and told them to follow after he checked around. They did what they were told. There was a huge hole in between the roots of the trees which were in the swamp-like water. Ulio jumped into the hole. Nekora jumped in next but Reo, Kay and Shadow stopped and looked around. ‘What was wrong with them!? Are they crazy? There not getting me to jump into that hole! I’m sure it’s the same with Reo and Shadow.’ Ulio’s head popped out of the hole and he motioned for Kay and Reo, Shadow had jumped in while Kay was thinking. Kay and Reo shook each others hands and jumped in. Inside the hole there was a huge temple, mostly in tacked. It was simple, but still amazing. Ulio had a huge table and a small changing room set up in the middle of the temple. Ulio showed Nekora some stuff and she took them into the changing room. Without any notice he grabbed Reo and seated him into a chair. He ragged Reo’s blue shirt and then he tore off the sleeves of his grayish jacket. Then he took it and implanted body armor on the inside of the jacket. After that was done, Ulio got out a paint brush and put 3 red arrows running across from the right side to the left of the jacket. Reo asked a bit curious. “What’s with the arrows?” Ulio looked up from his work and said a bit impatiently. “It’s a trade mark, and it looks cool…” Reo heard Kay and Nekora laugh at that. Ulio threw the jacket at Reo. “Here, put this back on and put these on too.” Ulio said giving him a pair of black camo pants. While Reo changed Ulio said over his shoulder. “I also did some…re-modifications to your…hat. I hope you find them to your liking. And for Shadow? I have some armor; black like his fur, that surrounds a good deal of him, also you too can converse with the symbols on each other. Like a puzzle really, it’s all too fascinating!” Reo was puzzled. “Can you repeat that, in English please?” Ulio looked at him confused and Kay said “He means, can you explain it as if you were talking to a kid?” Reo huffed but blinked a thank you. Ulio nodded and said. “Basically you and Shadow can form together and fight like one, literarily!” Reo shouted before he could stop himself, “REALLY?! COOL!!!” Ulio nodded, and handed Reo some things. “Here, they’re personalized for just you.” Reo studied the items and said in a small voice. “Will I have to use this….why are you giving me these?” Ulio ignored his question and handed him another item. “You’ll have to figure this all out for yourself, and make sure you practice. Now this dagger here is ancient and one of my personal favorites…” Reo quickly interrupted. “What’s so good about this?” Ulio said through clenched teeth. “You’ll learn! But I warn you, its tip is poisonous and can be lethal.” Reo quickly slid the dagger into its case and tucked it away by his foot under his pants leg. Then he strapped the other two items inside his jacket and slapped on his cap. “So am I good now?” Reo asked egger to see how he looked. “Yea, you’re done. KAY! Your turn! GET IN HERE!” Shout Ulio. Kay came in and stopped, almost dropping the little mirror she was holding. “R-reo…?” Reo looked at Ulio really quick then back to Kay. He almost whispered. “What?” He took the mirror from Kay and looked at it. He touched his jacket, then his hat. “Is that really me???” Reo asked excited but uncertain. Ulio just nodded. Reo smiled and slowly handed the mirror back to Kay. Reo hugged Ulio, while he gasped for breath. “R-Reoooo! Let go….come…on! Can’t- breath…need air! Seriously! REEEOOO!!!” Reo let go and helped Kay get up from her laughing fit. Kay whipped a tear away and put the camera back into her pocket. Nekora stepped in. They all stopped, this time even Ulio. Nekora had a mask that only showed her eyes and some gloves that covered her whole arms, up to the tip of her hand where it tired between the thumb and the point finger. There were two swords crisscrossed over her back. She wore a dark robe, matching her hair like the other things on her. Nekora’s long black hair had some deep purple highlights. Her shoes were flat and quite, with it pinching between her big toe. Inside her robe she hides some numb-chucks and some ninja stars. She smiled and said with a small wave. “Hey guys!” Everyone moved guiltily around and someone muttered ‘hey’ and others just looked around. Kay sat down in the chair and Nekora shooed everyone out but Kay. Nekora looked around for something for Kay. She found a nice shirt that looked sort of like a Kimono top. It was mostly red and laced around with gold and black. Nekora held it up to Kay and said pleased. “Perfect fit, if I do say so myself!” Kay took it and went into the changing room while Nekora looked around for some more stuff. Kay came out, her new shirt on and sat back down. Nekora picked up a funny looking sheet. She told Kay it was body armor and that she needed to lace it around the inside of her shirt. Kay groaned and took it, walking back to the changing room. When she came out, Reo, Ulio and Nekora held something for her. Nekora came forward and gave Kay two ancient scimars, bronze colored. Kay slid them into her sides of her Belt, which made the perfect hold. Nekora went back and Ulio stepped forward and handed Kay a very uniquely designed case, and a pure gold knife, like the case. Ulio whispered. “Like Nekora and Reo, I hope you never have to use it…” Kay just nodded and put it by her shoe, where a strap was hidden under her pants leg, like the others. Ulio bowed stiffly and walked back next to Nekora and Reo walked up. He looked at Kay and smiled. When she smiled back he almost dropped the object he was holding. He dipped his head and got down on one knee. He kept his head down and held up the wrapped item. Kay let out a small laugh, mixed with confusion, but took the item. She carefully unraveled it and something dropped from it. Reo quickly caught it and stood up and gave it to her. She turned over the item and looked up at Reo questioningly. Reo said softly. “It’s a bow and arrows, hand made by the remains of your cradle where you ancient parents kept you… Oh, and Baset had given me this and I held onto it… I never cared for stuff like this so I thought…well it seems it rightfully belongs to you and, well-I…-“Kay dropped the items onto the floor and hugged Reo tightly, tears streaming down her eyes. Reo stood stupidly for a moment in surprise but hugged her back. Kay said thought her sobbing. “Thanks-” Reo slightly pushed her back and gave one of his big, goofy grins. Kay tried to match it and wiped the tears away. Reo the necklace put on Kay, and backed away to stand with the others. All three looked at one another. Kay picked up the quiver and bow. She strapped them tightly around her shoulder. Ulio bowed once more and silently left the room. Nekora did the same and jumped over the wall. Reo opened the door and halfway out he turned and looked at Kay. He smiled then turned and closed the door behind him. Kay sat down looking in the mirror. She remembered her gift and yelled. “Reo; hey, wait!” The door opened quickly and Reo popped his head in. He ran over to make sure everything was okay. Kay went over something and handed him a belt. She said quickly. “It’s to hold your knife, so you don’t have to worry about your pocket knife falling out of your belt. You can put it back beside your shoe.” Reo slipped out the old pocket knife from the back of his belt and slipped it into his shoe as he took out his other knife. Reo was too happy to correct Kay that it was a dagger. He slipped the dagger into the slit near his left and said still looking at his new belt.
Reo looked at her weirdly and asked a bit concerned and confused. “You alright Kay?”
“Hmm? Oh! Yes…very.” Kay sputtered out stupidly then added a little more coolly. “Uh-never mind…oh and thank you again.” The two sat in silence. Kay broke it and asked. “Want to go out on the roof? …well if there is one?” Reo laughed and said. “Yea sure, I bet there are tons more stars and stuff to see all the way out here than there was back-” Reo dropped off and Kay nodded knowingly. The two walked off and looked for a route to climb up and after some talking decided to climb the large tree. Nekora jumped down from the shadows and sighed as she walked away. She had heard and watched everything. Ulio popped up beside her and she sighed sadly once more. Ulio asked. “What do they remind you of?” Nekora said looking at nothing. “I don’t know anymore…I just can’t believe they’re so blind…if I had even half the chance they did when-” Ulio stopped her and said “They’re not you…don’t worry Nekora! They’ll figure it out soon enough!” Nekora looked at Ulio doubtfully. She shuddered as vivid memories came back to her. A tear fell as she said walking away. “I know…but I couldn’t stand it when I left someone close. I would never have gone if I known what would have happened!” Ulio stopped her by grabbing her arm as he snapped. “If you had stayed you would have been killed too!” Nekora said pulling away and looking at him dead in the eye. “Maybe…maybe not…it’s too late now, isn’t it? One more person could have been still here today if I stayed…and you know it!” Ulio watched and Nekora slipped out the door. He quickly ran out the door and tried to yell after her, only to find she disappeared. Ulio slumped down against the door frame.
Nekora saw Reo and Kay up in the tree. She started to stealthily climb up next to them but stopped halfway. Something…something was different. She looked closer. Though they were talking about how the stars looked she noticed neither looking at the stars. Nekora quickly slid down and walked off. She looked back once more then at Ulio. She said aloud to herself. “How did this happen?” Then she thought even more silently. ‘how could this repeat…I mean, I’m finally here this time and still have no power to stop it! Maybe Ulio was right…it didn’t matter one way or the other if I had been there. But still…I just can’t help thinking…’ She was cut short when she reached into view of Ulio. She held out and hand and he took it gratefully. The two walked off and made a small fire and laid out some sleeping bags.

I yawned and looked at the stars. “Sometimes I wish Baset was with me so I could tell her everything.” I whispered. Reo nodded. I kicked my feet back and fourth, until I got tired. “Let’s go fine Ulio and Nekora. Maybe they have the tents up.” I joked. Reo chuckled. We both hopped down. I yawned and stretched. We lost track of time. I suddenly felt dizzy. I shook it off, believing it was because I was tired. Reo remained silent as we looked. I thought it was strange, but shrugged it off. “Ulio… Nekora,” we search for a while, until it hit us they were gone. I stopped and rose up. My heart started beating. “Reo, Nekora and Ulio are gone!” I said. He looked up. “What? But they were just here!” He stood up and ran over to me. “Okay, we’ll have to spilt up.” He said. “B-But it’s nighttime, what if one of us gets lost? Then we won’t be able to find each other.” I mumbled. He nodded. “That true,” he said. He put his hand to his chin and started to think. “Alright, we’ll look together. But we have to spread out.” He said looking up at me. The look on his face was so serious. I never saw him that way. I nodded and blushed. “Alright captain!” I said. He sighed and started walking. Why was he so serious? I mean it was a big deal and all, but Ulio was with Nekora. I blinked as I watched him. I started looking around, but to our luck we didn’t find them. The sun started coming up. We were both exhausted. I fell on my knees. “Hey, maybe we could take a break?” I mumbled. He picked me up. “Alright, then we’ll continue.” He said. I nodded and followed him home. ‘Wait,’ I thought. I picked myself up. ‘How’d Reo know the way home?’ I started to back away from him. I saw a smile cross his lips. “Aww, what’s the matter? I’m not your boyfriend?” He said. I growled. “Hey, wait. He’s not my boyfriend!” I yelled. He laughed mischievously. I backed up and pulled out my two Scimitars. “Who are you?” I demanded. He laughed again. His teeth grow sharper. He opened his eyes wide to reveal red glowing eyes. I shook my head. What was going on? And where was Reo…?
I stared into his glowing crimson red eyes. “Who are you?” I asked again. He looked me straight in the eyes as well. “You mean you don’t recognize me?” He said deadly. I stopped. Suddenly it hit me. “Rexor…” I whispered. No, it couldn’t be! I wasn’t ready to fight him yet! “He laughed once more. “I’m going to enjoy destroying you, my dear Kashikoi.” He said humbly. I sneered. “Well at least you’re nice about it.” I growled. He grinned. What was I going to do? I certainly couldn’t fight him by myself! Reo, Nekora and Ulio were gone! I couldn’t do anything but give in, but that was weak. I’ll fight to the death, no matter what. I pulled my Scimitars closer. “Oh now, don’t you want to hear what happened to your mother? After all, I did die. I know what happened.” He said. My eyes opened wide. “Where is she?” I yelled. “Now, now, do as I say and I’ll help you.” He said. I sighed and dropped my Scimitars. “Get on your knees.” He growled. I growled as well. I stared at him with hatred but did as he said. It would be worth it if I could see my mother. He laughed and picked me up. “I thought I would never see this day.” He said. Suddenly hand cuffs were put on me. I looked up to see another person. They had orange hair and bright purple eyes. “Thank you Autumn.” Rexor said. I turned to him. “How did you live?” I yelled. “I made a deal.” He said. Then I felt something hit me over the head. I fell to the ground and closed my eyes. The darkness took over as I let it. It was quiet and peaceful in my dream. I was just a little girl wearing pigtails. I had a short white dress on with gold lace. I was playing with a little doll, which looked like a cat. It was all black with a scratch on its right eye. I mumbled the word “Nekora”. Baset walked over with a plate of cookies. “Here you go honey.” She said. I took a cookie and ate it. It was delicious. I laughed and stood up with the doll against my chest. A cat walked out. It looked exactly like the doll. That must’ve been my pet cat, Nekora. Wait, Nekora?! I woke up to see bars. Was I in another cage? I looked around to see I was still wearing hand cuffs and I was on the floor. I pulled myself up. I saw that boy with orange hair, Autumn, sitting in a chair watching me. He had an extremely serious look. I looked away to the floor. “Where is Rexor?” I asked. He didn’t answer. “What, don’t talk?” I asked as I looked up at him. He looked to the door and then back to me. I sighed and looked away as well. Suddenly the door opened. I looked up and gasped.
I shook my head and looked again. It was my mother! “Mom, is it really you?” I yelled as tears fell down my face. She was serious. “M-Mom…?” I asked again. She didn’t answer, but she did open the door. She walked in and unlocked me. I smiled and hugged her, she hugged back. “Mom, I have been looking for you. It feels like forever since I seen you.” I whispered. “Me too, baby.” She said. I hugged tighter. “Come with me.” She said. I nodded and followed obediently. It was quiet as we walked through the big, I’m guessing, building. We finally made it too a big oak door. For some reason it felt like I was forgetting something. She opened the door to reveal Rexor. “Like your new mother?” He said. His right leg was crossed over his left one and his had his hands mixed together, on his knees. His chair was made out of gold. Come to think of it, everything was. “What, my new mother?” I asked as I looked over at her. I sighed. “It’s was too good to be true.” I whispered. “What’s the matter honey?” She asked. I pushed her away. “Go rot.” I growled. I was in no mood for this. She gasped and backed up. I furrowed my eyebrows and turned to Rexor. “Listen here Rex; get me out of here, now!” I yelled. “Or what, you’re going to attack me? I’m different now, more stronger.” He said. I soften my look to sadness. “At least tell me where my friends are.” I said. He smirked. “Very well,” He said. “Take…Kay, to her friends.” He said. The fake Baset nodded. I wouldn’t even stand next to her as we walked down the hall. I stood behind her. Eventually we came to another oak door, where Nekora and Ulio were locked up. “Kay!” Nekora yelled in surprise. I smiled and was about to walk in, but something hit my head again. “You… Witch,” I whispered.
I opened my eyes to see Nekora frightened face. I groaned as I felt my head pounding. I think that fake Baset hit me harder then Autumn. I shook my head and pulled my arm up. They were in chains. “Huh…?” I mumbled. “That Baset imposter locked you up. She seemed mad.” Nekora read my face. “Oh,” was the only thing I said. Ulio was looking at the door. “What happened while I was passed out?” I asked. “They brought Reo in. He’s over there.” Nekora pointed. She wasn’t locked up. I looked over to Reo and then back to Nekora. “Why aren’t you chained?” I asked. “For now we are useless. Rexor made us drink some kind of purple stuff. I lost my ability to turn into a cat. But you still have your powers. No matter what, he can’t take away yours.” Nekora said. “Why?” I asked. “Well, you are the original Neko. It’s a half cat and a half human thing.” She said. I nodded. “Wait, but these powers were given to me right?” I asked. Nekora shook her head. “No, in your family trait there are others that can change. Like your grandmother. Baset couldn’t change. It skipped her generation. So she used magic.” Nekora explained. I soaked it all up and nodded. “Alright, but did you learn anything about the dead? Remember My mom’s dead, and we don’t know for sure, but she still could be out there.” I said. Nekora nodded and sighed. “Unfortunately, I haven’t figured any of that out yet.” She said. I sighed and relaxed against the wall. “I wonder how long he plans to keep us here.” Ulio finally said. “I’m pretty sure a long time.” I whispered. He growled and hit the cage bars, it just echoed and woke Reo up. He yawned and looked around. “What happened?” He asked. “You were captured.” Nekora said. I looked at the cage door. “Maybe I can get us out of here.” I said. “Nekora, hurry unlock me.” I told her. She sighed. “I can’t. Rexor used some kind of magic to chain you up.” She said. I screamed in frustration and sighed. “Why does this have to happen to me?” I whispered. Nekora patted me on the back. The door opened and Autumn came through. We all looked up at him. He unlocked the door and opened it wide. “Don’t try to run away.” He warned. He seemed familiar. I shook it off and waited. He had a glowing yellow key that unlocked me. We all followed him to a huge oak door. The one Rexor was behind. He opened it and walked through. We all followed. Rexor was drinking something red and warm. I frowned. “It’s blood!” Nekora yelled. We all back up. He licked his lips and laughed. “That’s right Nekora. Remember that deal I mentioned earlier Kashikoi?” He said. I furrowed my eyebrows. “Well, in order for me to stay alive, I need to drink blood. And so doesn’t Autumn here.” He explained. “So you’re vampires?” I asked. He smirked. “Yes we are.”
We all stared at Rexor in hatred. We were all thinking the same thing, he’s a monster. I looked over at Autumn. What was his explanation? Why was he here? I growled and closed my eyes. “No,” I whispered. As much as I wanted to show this guys organs to daylight, it was wrong. No matter what someone does, they don’t deserve to die. I smiled. Mother told me that once. I opened my eyes. “Come on. We have better things to do.” I said. Nekora looked at me and smiled. She knew what I was thinking. “Yes, she is right.” Nekora mumbled. Ulio growled but acknowledged it. “What is wrong with you all?” As usual Reo didn’t agree. I shook my head. “It’s okay Reo. Come on.” I said as I grabbed his arm. He frowned. “B-But Kay,” He whispered. I smiled. He sighed. “Alright…” I nodded and turned around. “Count your blessing Rexor.” I said as I stopped and looked over my shoulder. I turned around again and left. It was strange, Rexor accepted it. Almost as if he wanted to see what was going to happen. I hugged Reo, Nekora and Ulio. “It’s wonderful to not be alone!” I said. “I imagine it would be awful.” Nekora said. We all broke apart and smiled. It was quiet. Reo yawned loudly. “Well, now that, that’s over, can we get some sleep?” Reo asked as he rubbed his eyes. We all laughed. “What?” He asked. That made us laugh even more. These are the moments I’ll miss the most when this is all over. I stopped laughing and suddenly remembered my dream. Should I tell Nekora that? Should I tell her she was my pet in the past? Would that make her mad? Or would she be happy that we knew each other. In my dream it seemed Nekora was my best friend. I blinked as I looked at Nekora and back to the fire. We had set up a small camp and tents. Reo went home to get some food. Why didn’t we sleep in our own beds? Well, its’ more fun to see the stars. I grinned as I poked the fire. The wind suddenly blew. It was so peaceful in the forest. I yawned and starched. I wasn’t really ready to sleep, so I stood up. I walked over to Nekora tent. I had decided to tell her about my dream. Maybe she would be happy? I took a big gulp and opened the tent. “Hey Nekora,” I said as I looked up to face her. Instead I saw her and Ulio pull apart. I stared wide eye. Did they just kiss?!
I smiled and left. “I won’t tell.” I whispered. I got up and walked way. I stared at the big sky filled with twinkling stars. I put my hands behind my head and closed my eyes as I relaxed. It was so peaceful and soothing. I saw a patch that was bare and open. I sat down under a tree and leaned against it. I must’ve dosed off because when I opened my eyes again, the sun was just barely up. I yawned and stretched. “What a peaceful night.” I whispered. I stood up and walked back to the campsite. Reo was snoring in his tent while Nekora and Ulio were gone. I smiled and walked to Reo’s tent. I stopped and sat on a log by the fire. Why wake him up? I’ll let him sleep. I decided to turn into a cat and get some exercise. The weird thing was that I was different. I was all brown with orange spots in my fur. “That’s new.” I mumbled. Maybe I’m just maturing. I started running. I don’t know how far I ran, but I could always find my way by Reo’s scent. I stopped to catch my breath. I made sure I could still smell his scent and I ran further. Eventually, after an hour or three, I came back. I turned to the human me again and stretched. “I always love doing that.” It was still morning. Well, maybe about ten or eleven. I opened Reo’s tent to find he was gone. I shrugged and went home. The smell or Nekora famous 3 cheese omelet killed the air as I opened the door. I smiled and walked into the kitchen. Nekora, Reo and Ulio were there. “It was nice of someone to tell me!” I groaned. Nekora laughed. “Well, you were gone!” She said. “Ah, don’t give me that! You could’ve used Shadow!” I said as I pointed to Reo’s hat. He smiled. “Yeah, we could’ve.” He said. I put my hands on my hips. “Well, thank you!” I said sarcastically. He laughed. “You’re welcome.” I rolled my eyes and sat down next to him. He smiled and so did I. We all had some of Nekora omelet. We all took baths and got ready for the day. “Let’s go to the mall!” Nekora suggested. “Yeah, that sounds awesome!” I said. We both laughed. Reo and Ulio sighed. They knew they were going to get stuck carrying the bags. We grabbed our stuff and ran outside. We waited for Reo and Ulio. We all hopped into Ulio’s car. Wait; was he old enough to drive?!
As if reading Kay’s mind he laughed heartily and said. “I’m at least 5,000 years old if not more. I think I’m old enough to drive.” Nekora and Reo laughed along. Kay smiled and hopped in. It was a convertible so the top was down. Ulio and Nekora were in the front. Kay and Reo were in the back, with Shadow hanging his head out the side like a real dog. Though he claimed he was only doing it to keep suspicion off, Kay thought he liked it, maybe even loved it. Kay immediately thought of her dream the second the mall came into view. She tried to shake it. They had enough for one day, perhaps just a few 7 or 8 hours shopping would calm her. She smiled and found herself laughing. Nekora catching what must have crossed her mind laughed too. Ulio and Reo didn’t laugh, so they must have caught on too. Kay’s smile widened. It was good to be with her friends again; people who understood her, who were like her. The same. That seemed so good to hear. She whispered it. “The same.” Kay was just so caught up she didn’t realize that she forgot to unbuckle when she tried to get out; causing her to slingshot back into her seat
accidently squishing Reo. “Sorry!” Reo mumbled something while he pressed the button to unbuckle the seatbelt. Kay quickly got out and helped Reo. Shadow growled as they put a leash on him. Nekora whispered. “It’s only for a little while.” Shadow just snapped a bit. Reo added hastily but soothingly. “Would you prefer to go back into the hat?” Shadow instantly stopped growling and straightened up. Reo smiled and said while he petted Shadow around his ears. “Good boy.”

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