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Forgotten Memories Part 10

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1Forgotten Memories Part 10 Empty Forgotten Memories Part 10 on Sun May 09, 2010 12:43 pm

I watched as Nekora and Ulio looked at a pet shop. Reo was looking at new collars for Shadow, which made him growl, playfully, at Reo. I smiled. Everything seemed…normal…for once. I blinked and quietly laughed. I decided to walk off on my own. I’m not smart am I? You think I’d want to be with my friends by now. Nope, but that’s just who I am. It’s not that their annoying, I just wanted to think about my dream. Did I really know Nekora back then? Was she really my pet cat? No, more like my best friend. But, how can that be possible? I sighed and shoved my hands into my pockets. “I give up,” I groaned as I started looked around the mall. Something flashed trough my mind. It was that boy with orange hair. What did Rexor call him? Oh, that’s right Autumn was his name. Just who was he? He has to be a vampire, I think Rexor made that clear. I stopped suddenly. Something caught my eye. I turned my head to see a cat face sapphire necklace that had a gold scarab on it. The sting was gold, and it looked like a chain. My eyes sparkled, until I seen the price. My mouth dropped. It was worth 40, 000 dollars! I sighed. “Aw,” I mumbled. “Hello there,” I heard. “It seems you are in love with that necklace, right?” That voice. I blinked, shook my head and got up. “Who wants to know?” I asked. Suddenly I see a girl with long, very long orange hair. It went to her knees. She was wearing a red dress that sparkled in certain lights. What was the most outstanding thing on her were her eyes. They were covered in bandages. I blinked at this girl. Was she blind? “Oh,” I said. “Yes I am, it very beautiful.” I mumbled. It felt kind of weird to talk to her about the necklace. She couldn’t see! She laughed. “Yes it is. Actually, I own the store.” She said. Was this girl for real? “Hmm, it seems you want to know about my eyes.” She said. I blushed realizing I’ve been caught. “Uh, wait what no!” I said quickly. She laughed again. “It’s okay,” She said. I scratched the back of my head and laughed. “Well, my names Vixen.” She said. I shook her hand. “It’s wonderful to meet you Vixen. I am Kay.” I told her. She smiled.
I smiled back. “Are you the same Kay that knows a Baset?” I almost tripped over her words. “What…?” I barely mumbled. “Ah, I knew you sounded like your mother.” She said. “Wait, how do you know my mom?” I asked. She laughed once more. “You mom had friends you know.” She stated out. “Well, yeah, but you must be like 5,000 years old!” I exclaimed. She nodded. “Yes I am.” She simply stated. I coughed and looked away. The rest really should be hearing this. “Oh and that necklace you were looking at was once your mothers. That’s why the price is so high. You know actually I was going to take it out. I don’t want to sell it. I put it there because Baset wanted me too.” She put her hand to her chin in a thoughtful way. I shook my head. “Wait, you’ve seen my mom recently?” I asked hopefully. She nodded. “Yes I have. Why don’t you get your friends and we’ll discuss this over some tea?” She asked. I nodded exaggeratedly and ran off to find the others. When I was gone she took the necklace off the shelf and held onto it. She closed the store as well. Once I came back she smiled. “Hello,” She said. Reo, Nekora, Shadow and Ulio all looked me as if to ask what was with the bandages. “I will tell you why my eyes are like this later. Right now I need to talk to all of you.” She said. For some reason, Nekora moved as if it were her mother. We all went inside and had a cup of tea. “So, how do you know us all?” Shadow asked. “Well, I heard from Baset about Kashikoi and her friends. Though Ulio, you’re new, and you’re too Shadow.” They both nodded. I looked ay my tea. “How long ago was it you talked to her?” I asked. She smiled. “It wasn’t that long ago. She mentioned something about you coming here Kay.” She said picking up the necklace. “I guess that’s why I could never sell it.” She mumbled. She handed the necklace too me. “It’s rightfully yours.” I smiled and wrapped it around my neck. It seemed to glow in the bright lights. “Alright, but how can you see? Aren’t you blind?” Reo asked. I slapped his arm. He groaned and rubbed it. “It’s okay. I’m use too it.” Vixen mumbled as she pulled out a necklace that was hidden under her shirt. “I am not blind. I just wear this so no one can see my eyes.” She put her necklace back. “What’s wrong with them?” Reo rudely asked again. I slapped him again. “Seriously, stop.” I warmed. He looked at Vixen, as if he didn’t hear me. I narrowed my eyes at him and turned to Vixen. “Well, they’re not really what you would call human.” She mumbled. She tilted her head to the floor. “I have cat like eyes. Baset was the only one too see them.” She kind of whispered that last part. Reo was about to say something, but stopped.
Vixen picked up her tea and took a sip. “Kay, there is something that you need to know.” I looked away from Reo to her. “Yes, what is that?” I mumbled. Vixen didn’t speak for a moment. Even though I couldn’t read her eyes, her face seemed serious. “It’s about Baset. She said she can’t talk to you right now. You see, part of her memories was erased when you were brought back.” She told me. I blinked. “What part?” I asked eagerly, almost not wanting to hear the answer. “Well, she doesn’t remember you now.” She turned her head to Reo. “Or your friends,” she added. “Huh, then how did you talk to her about this?” I asked. “Well, after we talked, she lost her memories. But she still remembers me.” I closed my eyes as I held back the tears. “Then why are we searching for her?!” I growled. Reo tried to pat my shoulder but I pushed him off. “I knew this was a waste of time!” I said. I pushed Reo off and stood up. I opened the door. I was a bout to walk away, but I stopped. I ripped the necklace off and through it at Vixen’s feet. She didn’t seem moved at all. Well she WAS blind. I growled and stopped off. “Why did they erase her memories? That was the whole point to this! I was supposed to find her and…” I stopped suddenly. “Wait,” I whispered. “What am I suppose to do after that? Just go back home like it’s nothing.” Reality set in deep. I realized that I didn’t have a plan or anything after I found her. I sighed and plopped down on the fountain. I put my head in my hands. “This is all just a waste of time.” I sighed once more and started listening to the water. It was so peaceful. I got up and sat down against it. Maybe a short break away from the world will help me clear my mind. I slowly closed my eyes to the sound of the water. I opened my eyes to see darkness. Wait, did I open my eyes? “Kashikoi,” I turned my head to look over my shoulder. It was a cat. Oh, wait, it’s Nekora! She blinked and walked over to me. “Come on tell me what is wrong, dear friend.” I frowned. “The whole world is Nekora!” I growled. I was little again and I was by my best friend. She rubbed up against me. “Aww, come on dear child. I am here.” She said. Her words were so soft. “I know Nekora.” Suddenly a human face flashed through my mind. “Wait, no,” I whispered. I got up and shook my head vigorously. “Nekora,” I whispered. I opened my eyes to see my human friend, Nekora. I blinked. Something hit me. “You could turn cat all along.” A smile crossed her lips. I quickly opened my eyes from water hitting me in the face.
I shook my head and looked around. I could hear faint cries, calling for me. “My friends,” I mumbled. I sighed and stood up. “How long was I out?” I felt arms wrap around me and let go. “There you are,” I heard. I turned around to face bright blue eyes. “Reo,” I mumbled. I smiled and hugged him back. “Where is Nekora?” I asked. He smiled and pulled her arm. “Right here,” he said sarcastically. I frowned, but smiled when I seen Nekora. “Nekora,” I mumbled. She smiled. Just like in my dream. “I need to talk to you alone.” I told her. She took my hand and started walking. “First, Vixen needs to talk to you.” She said. I nodded. I felt bad about how I treated her. I looked down as Nekora guided me back. She opened the door and through me in. “Ah, feeling better?” I heard. I bit my lip and sat down as I scratched my head. “Yeah, I’m sorry about that.” I mumbled. She sat down and headed me the necklace. “That is alright, I understand. I would be angry too if I found out.” She smiled. I felt as if a wait was lifted off my shoulders. I let my shoulder droop as I put the necklace on again. “Now,” She said clearing her throat. I nodded. “I’m sure by now you’ve had a dream with a cat, named Nekora. Like your friend.” I nodded again, and said yes when I realized she was blind. She sighed. “That is the something I wanted to talk to you about. Nekora was your friend then and now. You seen, just like Baset, Nekora came back.” She said. I let my head tilt and all I mumbled was a huh. She smiled. “Well, you’re here for a reason we believe.” She pulled at her necklace again, as if this was bothering here. “What? No, I was frozen in mud and melting under the lights on the museum.” I told her. She shook her head. “That’s what they wanted you to believe child.” I shook my head. “What really happened was you were pushed into the lake and frozen.” She said. My heart completely skipped. “W-what, no, that can’t be-” I whispered. “I’m sorry honey, but-” I cut her off. “That why you hide your eyes!” She looked away. “Yes, they gave me these eyes to watch over you. You know Damieon right? He is my son. They made him watch over you too.” Everything was whizzing around in my head. All this stuff was making perfect sense, except for one thing. Who were “they”? “Vixen, who are they.” I asked. She bit her lip. “Sweetheart, I can’t tell you. They erased your mom’s memories so that she couldn’t tell.” Vixen whispered. My heart was beating out of my chest. The room seemed to get extremely hot. I looked around the room as I added everything up. Suddenly, everything came to a stop. “The guys who brought us back to life.” I whispered. Vixen stood up. “Wait,” she tried to warn me. I didn’t listen. I got up to fast and the world felt like it spun as I fell. Everything went dark and the only I could think of was Rexor. Wait, what did he have to do with this?
Kay woke up back at her house-wait…this wasn’t her house. It had a sweet smell rolling around. It was all so fresh. Traces of cookies, breads and other dishes filled her mouth and nose. She tried to get up but was startled when she saw a little girl looking at her. Kay not knowing what to do to the wide eyed little girl simply said. “Hi.” The little girl screamed and ran out of the room. The door was a curtain with unique but simple designs. Kay grinned slightly. She then saw the curtain move again and Vixen walked in, with the little girl she meet earlier hiding behind her, peaking over at Kay. Vixen laughed and patted the little girl on her head. She asked then looking at Kay, well sort of. “How was your sleep dear? I’m sorry about this little one. She’s as curious as a-oh as a-“ The little girl interrupted. “A cat?” Vixen laughed and said. “Yes, exactly.” Kay looked around and saw her friends waking up too. They must have spent the night. Kay sniffed the air. She felt her stomach rumble. Vixen said cheerfully. “Hungry, are you? Well come on dear. Wake up your friends and meet us in the kitchen.” Everyone started to get up and head out. Kay lingered for a moment. She couldn’t help but think about her mission. ‘What purposes did my friends have? I was looking for my family, and they were pretty much dead. Didn’t they have a better purpose? I know they’re my friends and all…but…’ Kay woke out of her thoughts and Shadow nudged her to the side to get into the kitchen. Kay then almost fell at once. Vixen was only just a close friend of her moms-she was her mother’s sister. Her aunt. Her blood-and alive! She smiled as she finally realized that this was her god-mother. She wanted to rush out and hug Vixen, but stopped and just sat down with her friends. Watching Vixen carefully. For what if she was-wrong?
I could fell my heart beat in my chest as I thought more about it. I sighed and played with my food. I really shouldn’t get so upset. I looked over at Reo, he was chocking down his food. But, in all honesty, what are my friends going to do? I don’t really need them. I bit my lip as I turned back to my food. I shook it all off as I took a bite. After I clean my plate, I walked outside. Huh? It was snowing!
“Where am I?” My voice was hysterical.
“Oh, that’s right,” I heard. I whipped around to see Vixen. She changed the bandages on her eyes, making sure too keep them closed. The bandages were a pink color. She smiled.
“I’ve only seen the snow once.” She said. I smiled back.
“Vixen,” I said as I slowly turned around.
“Oh, dear, don’t even ask it! You can tell from blood! I mean look, you have my nose!” She said as she guided her hand to her nose. I smiled and laughed as I hugged her.
“I knew it.” I whispered. She nodded and pulled away.
“Uh, you said Damieon was your son, right? If that’s true, why is he acting this way?” I asked. She sighed.
“Well, hopefully it was to allure you off, dear.” I nodded at that and looked at the sky. It was a bright blue. I blinked.
“Vex- err, I mean grandma.” I said carefully. She laughed.
“Just call me Grandma, Vix.” She said happily. I nodded again.
“Grandma Vix, I need to ask you something.” She turned her head in my direction.
“Yes, what is it, Kay?” I was surprised she said ‘Kay’ instead of dear. I was about to say, but everything start to shake.
“Oh!” I yelled as I was knocked over. Grandma Vixen did the same.
“What was that?” I asked shocked. My heart was thudding in my chest. I stood up.
“What is going on?” I yelled. Reo slammed the door open.
“Kay, its Rexor! He has Nekora!” He yelled. My eye went wide.
“What happened?” I started to freak out, until grandma Vix put her hand on my back.
“Sh, everything’s going to be aright, dear.”
Kay looked up at her grandma. she didn't seem at all fazed by the current event. Kay wondered why but shook herself. Nekora was missing! She had to get to her friend and fast! What if Rexor kills her? Or worse... No! Kay shook her head. Shemusn't think like that! She gathered her strength and raced after Reo while he guided Kay into the houswe where Ulio, Rexor and Nekora was. Kay suddenly shouted without thinking. "NEKORA!"
Nekora frightened face scared me. I hissed.
“Rexor...You…you!” I was stuttering, making me look like an idiot. I wanted my weapons, but I forgot what happened to them. Rexor laughed.
“Careful, Kay, you don’t want Nekora getting hurt.” He was holding Nekora by her arms. I frowned.
“How dare you even touch her, leech!” He didn’t seem to like that. He frowned and pulled Nekora back. She whimpered. He tied her arms behind her back with rope.
“Now, now, Kay, if you ever want to see her again, you’ll do as I say.” He smirked. Nekora whimpered again. I wanted to punch him. Ulio hissed.
“We are in on it too.” I was surprised he used the word ’we’. I smiled and nodded.
“That’s fine. You three have to find an ancient crystal said to believe to make Vampire invincible.” He informed us. Nekora shook her head.
“Don’t do it, either of you! I’m not worth it!” She screamed. Rexor frowned and hit her over the head. I stared shocked.
“Nekora…” I trailed off. He caught her and slung her over his shoulder.
“Do as I say, if you want too see your precious Nekora alive.” I frowned and ball up my fists. Everyome was lined up to fight when Kay dropped her hands and looked down. Reo looked at her and was about to ask whats wrong when Kay nearly whispered something. Rexor turned hishead and asked smugly "What was that?" He sounded like a snake as hespoke. Kay looked up at him red in the face with a tear falling down her face as she said just as fericly back. "Okay." Rexor smiled and suddenly disapeared with Nekora. A piece of paper slowly floated to the ground. Autumn stepped foward. He picked up the letter and handed it to Kay without a word and stood there.
I took a step forward.
“Autumn…are you with us? Or are you here to watch us?” I asked carefully. I looked to Ulio and then to Reo. They were both ready to fight as soon as I said so. I waited for an answer.
“Well, what’ll it be?” Ulio asked impatient,. He looked up and handed me the note and waited a couples of seconds.
“I am only here to help you and watch to see if you will betray him.” He finally said. I frowned.
“Very well…Rexor is lucky or else I’d…” I trailed off. I lifted the note, slowly and read it out loud.
“it basicaly stated what Autumn had said and some detailand hints we migth need for our jurney.” Kay started to crumble up the paper. Ulio took it our of Kays hand and Reo patted Kay on the back managing a small smile. Autumn blinked as he asked softly "Are you ready to go?" Ulio folded up the paper and put it into a pocket and Kay sniffed and looked at Autmun and nodded her head. Autmun returned the nod and strted off. Ulio, Reo and Shadow (who just came from the hat) followed. Kay looked back at Vixen and nodded and walked off. Vixen simply waved. She knew more than they all knew about the crystal but would say nothing. she knew just how dangrous it was and couldn't bare to be apart of it. She just hoped they returned safe and that hopefully they didn't find it. She shook her head and sighed. Poor Nekora...
They were off.
Kay kicked some snow out of her way.
“How the heck does he expect us it find it in the snow?” Kay hissed. She shoved her hands into the pockets of her coat. She looked over at Reo, who feel due to ice under the snow. Kay sighed and helped him up.
“Reo, you’re acting pretty weird lately, are you okay?” She asked. Reo nodded.
“Yeah, I’m fine. He ripped his arm away from Kay and stood up. Kay’s face got red, but she nodded.
“Um…alright.” That was that. Kay breathed softly as they all walked, her eyes not leaving Autumn’s side. She couldn’t trust him as far as she could throw him, which was probably pretty far. Kay was strong. She crossed her arms and sighed, leaving a big puff in the air. Ulio watched Autumn every now and again. This silence was killing Kay. She shook her head and finally blurted out, “So, are we almost there?”
Autumn stopped but didn't turn his head. Before he could say anything Shadow stumbled out and raced by, snow flying this way and that. Reo just watched with a wired look inhis eye.KAy shuddered. What was with him? Ulio shook his head and turned to Kay but mostly spook to Autumn as he said "We should rest and eat for a mintue. Can't aford to lose anymore of us as it is and I'm sure most of us are a little more than tired." Kay felt flustered. So what if they were a little tired? Didhe actually think anyone one of them would stop? Nekora was her friend! Frsutration held Kays tounge for she knew that Ulio made sense as much as she hated the thoguht of it. Reluectuantly everyone sat down without a word. Why? Who were these people? So quite, as if strangers. Kay was about to snap. Ploop. She looked up. Autumn blinked and walked off just a little and started to eat. Kay looked down and saw a plate of food at her feet. Well that explianed the sound. Kay grabbed the plate and slowly started to eat. She couldn't taste anything. Her mind was off somewhere else. She observed her 'freinds'.

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