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Forgotten Memories Part 11

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1Forgotten Memories Part 11 Empty Forgotten Memories Part 11 on Sun May 09, 2010 12:43 pm

They cleaned up and started to walk. Kay got out her scimmars and started to practice swinging them and twirling them as she walked. Reo looked out over the land scape and Ulio kept an eye on Autmun. Kay decided to try to start a conversation. "So Autumn...worked for Rexor long?" Autmun turned his head but said nothing as they contuined to walk. "Autumn...?" "Maybe he doesn't want to talk! So just shut up okay Kay!?" Kay turned shocked. Reo never talked to her like that, or anyone for that matter! Kay's shock turned to rage as she spat back. "I wasn't talking to YOU now was I??" Reo turned his head towards Kay and stook a step closer to her side as they all kept walking. "Yo-" He was cut off by Ulio. Ulio remvered his arm and said calmly looking at them "Nows not the time for stupid quawls! Now would you two please get it together? Your best firends for peats sake!" Reo snarled "Who died and made you king all a sudden?" Ulio stopped and held Reo firm, his eyes glowing with rage but his voice quite and firm. "Shut up now before you start something..." Kay stopped to They all were about to tear eachother appart. Ulio was out matched. After all, Reo had Shadow on his side. Reo snapped at Ulio. "Bring it!" Kay raced in frount of Ulio and said with some fear in her voice. "You'll have to go through me too if it's a fight you want!" Reo for a heart beat looked at them as if he didn't realsize who or where he was. He shook his head and stood his ground. Kay pulled out her scimmys, Ulio his sword, Reo his knife and Shadow bared his teeth. Kay's ees went wide and misty. Was she really going to fight them? Just before anyone could make a move Autmun sudenly stopped and said pointing "Were here."
Kay slowly stood up and put her scimitars away. She breathed through her mouth.
“This isn’t over.” She warned. She closed her eyes again and turned around. She walked next to Autumn.
“So, this crystal, it’s hidden in some sort of cave, right?” She asked, hopeful. She was not looking forward to looking for a probably white crystal in white snow. She just felt tired thinking about it. She sighed and crossed her arms. Autumn didn’t answer, he started climbing. Regretfully the group started climbing the big hill. It seems like they searched for hours, while Autumn just watched. Kay’s hands burnt with frost. She blew on them, but it didn’t help. She stuffed them in her pockets.
“How are you guys?” She asked. Reo glanced up from his spot but didn’t answer. Ulio glanced at Reo. Both of their hands were blue. Kay hated this. Even though they had that fight, she still loves them. She shook her head.
“No…” She said to herself. “We will find Nekora!”
Everyone gave her a weird glance and went back to what they were doing. Kay stayed that way for a moment and then sighed. She stuffed her hands into her pockets again. She saw a spot the boys forgot. Well, she could necessarily tell them. She decided to do it herself. She started slowly, since she could feel her fingers. She heard something crack. She looked around. Something told her to run, but she didn’t listen. Her heart skipped. She was on thin ice, Literally! She bit her lip and stood up.
“Hey guys,” she yelled. They didn’t look up. She groaned and started walking slowly. CRACK.
“What was that?” She asked herself. She looked down to see a long crack. Her eyes went wide when it split. She screamed and held out her arm. The water poked at her from every side. She was panicking and felling deeper. Her lung were on fire. She grabbed her neck and reached for the top of the water. It was so far away. They’d never reach her. She let her eyes close as she went deeper and deeper.
"No..." Ulio whispered. reo screamed as he raced for the water, turning backinto his old self. "KAY!" Autmun started to go in but Reo grabed him by the scuff and said fericly. "Move aside." Autumn silently stepped to the side and reo quickly took off his weapon and twisted his hat back. he took a breath and dived in. IT felt as if knives all around him were cuting and slicing him. We swam harder. He saw Kay slowly starting to drift deeper and deeper.
"Who are you...?" Kay looked around for the voice but didn't see anthing. "Hello? Anyone!?" Sheheard some soft rusling behind her and instantly turned around. She was facing a pair of eyes. Kay's breathing started to quicken as she gasped. She took control of herself and said with as much confidence she could muster. "Come out where I can see you...what is your name?" For a moment nothing. Then the eyes disapered and a cat walked up to Kay. Kay lossened her fists. She hadn't realized she was clenching on so tightly to something. She started to look down at her hands when the cat spoke. It sounded far and distant but somehow familar. "Kashikoi, daughter of Baset and--." The voice dropped for a second then quickly picked back up. "Why are you so far from home little one? Why could song a fine young lady like yourself be playing in the snow?" Kay wasn't sure how to reply. Playing in the snow? Sure, that was ONE way to put it. Kay strangly couldn't feel angry. She just shrugged and stammpered. "Well you see, I, we," An amused purr rippled through the cats throught as it said softly. "YOu are searching for a crystal, are you not?" Kay nodded again. The cat smiled and said. "Thought so. Nekora...she is the reason why?" Kay was starting to get a little agitated. This cat knew what he/she was talking about, why even ask such stupid questions. Kay said hurriedly. "Yes! We need it to get her back! I can't loose her! She's my best friend..." Kay had whispered the last part. The cat nodded knowingly and siad with some sorrow in her eyes. "Even if you found such a crystal you could never retrive it. Even for such a noble cause." Kay steped foward and gasped a little. " no no no!! Please! There must be a way!! Pease!" The cat sat unblinking. A moment later it disaperd but the vocie remianed. "Are you willing to do anytihng for this 'friend?" Kay answered instantly "Yes!" "Even die?" Kay started to get a little scared but said firmly. "y-yes!!" Everytihng started to spin and the place went from black and white to clor. it was all blury as Ulio, Shadow, and Autmun (at a distance) leaned over her. Reo spat out water as he askedshivering. "K-Kay. a-are y-y-you alright?" Kay nodded and started to sit up. She looked around. Reo and ulio had given her they jackets and Aumunt must have pitched in a blanket. Reo sat shivering with a white t-shirt and his soaked camo pants. He called Shadow out and whispered to him. He padded over to kays side and curled up around her and layed down. Kay thnkfuly for the warmth but feeling guitly said. "Why don't you come over here Reo?" Reoto cold to complain for once nodded and came over they both turned into cats and all three of them curled up around eachother and the blankets. Ulio drank a potion and turned into a cat. He curled up near Kay and them to help them war meven faster. Autmun stood nearby and watched as they all started to rift off to sleep. Kay felt a sharp sting in her paw. she lifted it up to her eyes. Was that a thorn? It was white. Kay puled it out and stared at it. It was the crystal! She pulled a string from the blanket and made a neckalce. She slipped it over her neck. She curled up even more and started to think. She looked around and saw that Ulio and Shadow had fallen asleep. Reo was shivering still and Autmun was watching them and everywhere else.
Kat sat quietly watching the pool she just fell in. Her mind started wondering.
“What was all that about?” She questioned herself. She shook herself and stood up. She transformed back into a human and slapped her fist to her chest.
“We c-can’t just r-relax!” She stuttered. “Nekora is in trouble!”
She looked down at Ulio and Reo. Reo nodded and stood up. Thankfully their clothes never disappeared when they turn into cats, they just shrink. Kay shook her head and put her hair into a ponytail.
“Okay, now, it is time.”
Kay smiled lightly when she watched Reo.
“Thank you, Reo.” She mumbled and laughed. “If it weren’t for you, I’d be at the bottom!”
Reo rolled his eyes. Ulio crossed his arms childishly.
“You’ll have your chance, Ulio.” She informed him. She blinked and turned to Autumn, who was watching something in the distance. Probably letting his mind wander. Kay smiled lightly and walked over to him.
“Thank you for the blanket, Autumn.” She said softly. She could see a bright pink flash across his face.
“YOU have to give Rexor the crystal, not me. That hard to do when you die.” He said and looked away so she couldn’t see his face. She smiled and nodded.
“Of course.”
They weren’t as cold as before, but they were still pretty cold. Kay wrapped her arms around herself as they climbed down the hill. She looked up and waited for Reo. He sighed in annoyance.
“I hate climbing.” He groaned. Kay would’ve laughed if she wasn’t freezing. Instead, she nodded. She looked around until her eyes spotted a small cottage. She smiled brightly.
“Maybe they can help us get warm. We’ll call Rexor from there.” She pointed out. Reo and Ulio didn’t seem to mind. Autumn just crossed his arms and looked away. Kay remembered he was a vampire and couldn’t feeling anything. She felt bad for him, but he was currently going down the wrong path. It will only be pain with Rexor, then again if he doesn’t have anything…
“Kay, come on!” Reo knocked her out of her though.
“Oh, right.” She nodded. She followed after them and knocked on the door. It took a couples of minutes but a woman answered the door. She looked to be Kay’s age. She had long dark purple hair and violet mysterious eyes. There was a German shepherd with her. Kay smiled as much as she could. She could feel the fire from a fir place nearby.
“Um, excuse me can we come inside and get warm?” She asked lightly. The girl nodded and moved out of the way.
“I’m Raven, who are all of you?” Despite her voice sounded bored, she seemed really nice. Kay smiled and added, “I’m Kay.” She pointed to Reo.
“This, is Reo.” She pointed to Ulio.
“Ulio and Autumn.” She pointed to Autumn too, who was leaning on the door frame. Raven nodded and handed each one of them some hot cocoa. Kay didn’t notice it was hot and drank it fast. Reo and Ulio watched her curiously. After a moment her brain kicked in and she started jumping around the room.
“Ow…It’s hot!” She yelled as she stuck out her tongue. Raven laughed and nodded. She gave Kay some ice. Kay munched on it painfully. Reo and Ulio were laughing to hard to see Autumn scoff. Kay wiped her eyes and smiled. The German Sheppard barked. The group looked down at him.
“Oh…Sorry. This is Hikari, my dog.” Raven introduce.
“She seems to like you Kay.” Kay smiled and blushed. She slowly pet Hikari. Hikari laid down next to Raven and watched Kay pick up the phone. She sighed and dialed the number that was on the note.
… “Hello?” There was a slight pause. “Oh…it’s You. Well do you have what I want?? Hurry up! I don’t have all day for these games!” Kay hesitated a little longer as she triwled her fingers in the phone cord. She took a deep breath and said. “Y-yes-“ she coughed and repeated. “Yes we- I do.” Rexors voice had that snake like snap to it as he replied with grim satifaction. “Vvvery good, Now Kashi- Kay… you will meet me in 2 days at a sacred lake in the middle of the forest-“ “Forest? In the middle of this weather!?” Rexor impantently snapped. “Will you please let me finish!” Kay gulped and nodded, then realizing she was on the pohne managed a yes. Rexor said quickly “Good enough then. Autmun has a map- don’t be late. See you soon…Oh how rude of me I almost forgot! Do you want to say hello Nekora!?—Oh that’s right- nevermind, bye-“ Kay nearly yelled “Wait!! You promised you lieing-“ The phone clicked. Kay slowly sank against the wall and hung the phone up. Raven and Reo looked over to Kay. Kay saw they and shook her head with a smile and walked over. Reo gave her a look and she said “It’s nothing. Everythings good to go.” She could tell none of them belived it, even Hikari. The group filled in why they were out there to Raven so she understood why they all seemed distresed. Raven got up and said “Anyone want some homemade beef stew?” Shadow and Hikari barked and everyone else nodded. After all they need there strength.
Kay just poked at her soup. Reo and Ulio knew better. Even still, they ate their soup. Kay watched Hikari much at her dog food. Raven left to get more food. She said she be back.
“At least we can stay here for the night.” Reo chipped in. Kay nodded at that, thankful she didn’t have to sleep in the cold. Kay looked up at Autumn. He was looking out the window. Kay looked back down to her soup and stirred it. She slowly started eating it.
“She’s okay…Nekora wouldn’t let anything happened to herself. She’s a strong one.” Ulio blurted out. Kay took that and sighed happily. Besides, she wouldn’t let anything bad happening to Nekora in her mind. She watched the steam come off of her soup. Hikari barked at Reo, well more to his hate. Reo blinked and pulled Shadow out. Shadow just starred at the German Sheppard. Hikari sniffed him. She barked again. Shadow looked like he was going to fall over.
“Wait, you’re Hikari! I haven’t seen you since you were a little pup!” He chuckled. He hugged her.
“Uh, you know Hikari, Shadow?” Kay asked after a moment of silence. Shadow nodded.
“Of course I do, she’s my cousin.”
Everyone stopped and stared with blank faces. Autmun turned his head with a question in his expression. Ulio and Reo had spoonfuls of soup halfway to their mouths, sat unblinking. Shadow and Hikar looked at one another with confusion and delight. Raven just smiled…then said almost agasint her will, a little loud might I add. “WHAT!??”
Everyone slowly calmed down. Kay looked over at Reo.
“How could you no know this? He is your guardian wolf!” She smiled. She stood up and stroked Hikari’s head.
“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that Shadow’s has a little cousin.” Kay said happily. Shadow laughed.
“Little! She is older then me!” He barked. Kay cocked her head, as well with Ulio and Reo. Kay looked up at Hikari.
“You’re older then Shadow?” She mumbled. Well, it’s totally not unbelievable. Kay laughed lightly and scratched her head.
“Um, well it truly nice to meet you.”
After the shock wore off, Raven made some more soup and offered them rooms. Of course, Ulio, Autumn and Reo had to share a room. Kay slept in Raven’s room. She made up her bed and laid down in it. She sighed lightly. It was way to late to go see Rexor right now. They could, but it would be best if they had some rest first. After all, there might be a fight on their hands. Not with them, but Ulio, Autumn and Reo. Kay laughed at that thought and curled up.
“Good night, Raven. Good night, Hikari.”
Sizzzzz...pop.....sizzzz...clank. Kay woke up. The air smelled of eggs, sausage, biskets and toast. Her mouth watered. raven had to be the best cook she'd ever known! Kay got up and went into the boys rooms. Ulio and sleeping head at the foot of thre bed, shadow curled up on top of Reos lap and head on Autmuns lap. Reo had fall$en asleep by his head under a pillow at the head of the bed and his legs in a criss cross and as for Autmun, he was sitting, and seemed to be thinknig deeply, but his eyes were closed...for once. Kay smiled. She'd wake them up in a second. She walked into the living room and looked out the window witha blanket around her shoulder. Itr sure was buetiful here. "...oh, it's you Kay." Kay turned around. Raven smiled and elft for a second. She returned with two cups of cocoa and handed one to Kay. "Thanks." Raven dipped her head and looked out the window. "Amazing isn't it?" Kay nodded. Raven turned to Kay and said a little uneasy. ", Kay?"
"Hmm...? What it is Raven?"
Raven stired her drink for a moment. She took a deep breath and said looking right at Kay. "C-can i talk to you? You know...before the boys wake up? I don't feel comfortable talking about this infront of the others. You know, just a sister like thing?" Kay understood. Who could talk to those boys and expect them to listen anyhow? Well, maybe, but never mind. Kay turned to Raven and said with a hint of confusion. "Um, sure, anything. After all we owe you!"
Raven seemed to laugh a little at that. She drug Kay into her room and sat down on the bed. Kay sat down in her computer chair. Raven sipped her cocoa and looked up at Kay. Kay set her cocoa down on a coaster. She smiled at Raven.
“What is that you wanted, Raven?” She asked politely. Raven smiled lightly.
“Um…” she blushed and kicked her feet back and fourth. Kay cocked her head.
“Raven…?” She asked. Raven looked at her door.
“Um, the boy with light brown hair…” she looked up at Kay. “Reo.” She answered. Raven nodded.
“Is…I mean, do you like him. Not just like, but like, like him.”
The question stumped Kay as she almost fell out of her chair. It was Kay’s turn to blush.
“Uh…Well…I like him but I don’t know about any of that.” She answered honestly. Raven looked at the floor.
“So, would it be okay if I…I asked him out?!” She replied quickly. Kay felt herself blush as she looked away.
“Um, if you really want too…but we have more important things right now, Raven.” She pointed out sadly. Raven just nodded and stood up. She smiled brightly.
“Hey, where are you guys?!” Reo called. Raven giggled. Kay smiled a bit.
“Coming Reo, hold your horses, okay?” She yelled back. Raven jogged lightly into the room and started fixing her worlds favorite pancakes. Everyone loved them. Kay just poked at them. She wasn’t hungry. She looked at the phone. She blinked.
“We really should…”
“Relax…Rexor won’t do anything to her…yet.” Autumn replied at the door. Raven looked up at him through her hair.
“I haven’t seen you eat yet…” She mumbled. Autumn looked over.
“I don’t have time to eat.” He replied coldly. Kay smiled.
“But, it would help. I know you’re hungry. You haven’t eaten in a few days.” She replied. He looked away. Hikari barked.
“Hey, I have an idea!” She yelped. Everyone looked over at her, even Shadow. She stood up.
“How ‘bout we go with y’all?” She smiled. Kay thought as she looked over at Raven, who was blushing aas she watched Hikari. She smiled lightly.
“That’s a wonderful idea, Hikari.”
Ulio stood up and said a little conernced “But-well, will you be able to keep up and stuff? …What if we-“ “Slow you down?” Raven replied quickly. Ulio gapped a littled. Embaressed he nodded and slowly sat down. Raven said “I understand what you ment by that, so its okay.I can asure you we wouldn’t slow you down, right Hikari!?” She barked happily. Kay quickly said without thinking. “But what if you do come! Everytihng might be ruined!” They looked at her. Kay shocked by her own words quickly said in panick. “You know Rexor might not go easy on you guys. What if you get dragged into this mess too?” Raven said solmenly “We were dragged into this the moment you walked through my door Kay. And plus, it’s okay. We’ll manage.” Reo starting to think (for once) and feeling the distress, though he didn’t understand it added. “That’s all good and stuff but what if Rexor thinks we’re trying to trick him? We can’t aford to risk our friends life! But if we leave Raven and Hikari here they could get attacked anyway. I say for both there sake and Shadows, that they come along. Not like we have much a coice anymore, right?” Kays heart skipped a beat, deafeted with his logic. Why did he suddenly have to start thinking now of all times!? Ulio and Autumn nodded. Kay sighed. It was decided, they were coming. “Alright…lets get ready to leave.” Kay siad as they all got up. Kay said to herself ‘Why am I making such a deal about this? Not like I care or anything. So what of they come! I only said that stuff so they wouldn’t get hurt! Ya…so they wouldn’t get hurt.’ She shook her head. ‘Who am I kidding? Certantly not myself. But… Reo’s only my friend, plus I’d be selffish not to let him have the only date he’d probably ever get in his life!’ Kay smiled a little. ‘Well…we’re off again.’

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