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The Last Tategami! part 7

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1The Last Tategami! part 7 Empty The Last Tategami! part 7 on Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:48 pm

Kira's face froze and she fell to the ground. She quickly got back up, her face ashen white, soon converting into a shade of pink. 'Her shock and discomfort is written all over her' The boy mused whiling turning his head. 'Oh this is so wrong, but frick'in hilarious!!' He coughed. 'Okay, fun times over...I kind of feel bad now. ...It's strange...I've never...really gave a shit about another before... Why do I suddenly feel like this? Arr! Women!' He put his pack back down and faced her as he said carefully.
“Not here...that's what I meant to say... Sure you can, but I can't risk others to see, if you catch my drift.” The boy looked over his shoulder. The second he turned his head back his left cheek was met by a fist. Kira shook her hand and wiped it on her pants leg. The boy looks up at her, startled as he touches his face. He looks at his finger tips. There was a little blood. 'Wow...this chick can hit!' Kira looked up at the boy and said angrily.
“That wasn't funny you jerk! Making me feel like that! I have one nerve to-” The boy quickly placed his hand over Kira's mouth and pointed to a window while whispering.
“Like I said, not here. Too many people. Okay?” He let go and turned to his attention to his backpack. Kira was fuming but bit her tongue. 'What a jerk! If thinks for a second I'm going anywhere with him he's sadly mistaken!'
“Hey! Hands off my stuff!!”
“I was just trying to help you pack! Man!” Kira snatched her stuff and put it on her back. She turned and started to leave.
“H-hey! Where are you going-” Kira turned around and snapped.
“W-wha? B-but why?” Kira kept walking. The boy quickly chased after her, still trying to put his arms through his backpack straps.
“Is it because of that joke?” Silence.
“Oh-okay, I get you now. Look, I'm sorry. Okay? I won't pull another like that again. K?” He went in front of her, forcing her to stop. He gripped her shoulders and said.
“Promise. OKAY? ...Are we cool now?” Kira bit the inside of her cheek to hide her smile as she said just as plainly as he had said it before.
“Nope.” The boy was so shocked he didn't even move. Kira smiled and with one finger pushed him. He fell, still in his pose. When he hit the ground he propped himself up on an elbow and looked at Kira. Her back was to him. He heard a muffled whine. 'Is she crying?' He thought.
“Kira...?” He saw a few tears fall to the ground. He jumped up and spun her around.
“KIRA!...Kira...?” Kira laughed even louder, trying hard but failing to control herself.
“Y-you should have seen- should seen your...your-face!!!-” She kept laughing. The boy fell again. He'd been beat at his own game! 'I'm such an idiot! To fall so easily like that! What's wrong with me? can this girl have the nerve to toy with my head like that!? Doesn't she know who I am!? she...she doesn't! Yes! That's great! I can start fresh here! So long as she doesn't hear any of those rumors they make or have made about me. Hmp... but can I trust her? How do I know she's not like the others? Just trying to trick me and-' He was broken from his thoughts. Kira stretched her hand out farther. He took it, grinning and rose to his feet. He dusted his pants off and Kira said.
“Yeah...we're cool.” The both walked, listening to the cars drive next to them. A few yards away they turned left, onto a dirt road. A few houses were lined along both sides. A mother was kissing the forehead of a child as he ran off with a group of small kids, holding a soccer ball under his right arm. He held it above his head and then threw it. They all started to yell as they kicked it around around, laughing and shouting. Kira laughed a little and the boy smiled as they stopped and watched them for a second. He tugged on her sleeve and using his chin, pointed towards a pass between two of the houses. It was drenched in brush but a faint path was noticeable. She nodded and went for it. He followed. He looked behind him, back at the playing kids; his left arm holding up a low branch. The ball was kicked high into the air. It bounced off a car top, onto a roof and rolled off, landing at his feet. The kids raced over, shoving one another. The boy bent down and went to hand it to the little boy out in front.
“Gee, thanks mister!” The boy nodded. Some kids behind the small boy whispered and one shouted something. The boy in front went pale and pointed shakily at the older boy.
“Y-your...your that freak!! MOMMY!!” They all screamed and ran. The boy started for them, trying to calm them.
“Hey! Wait! I'm not-” He sighed and stopped. He heard the voices of a few adults. 'I'd better run.' He turned around and followed after Kira. She was on top of a hill and called out.
“Well come on already!” The boy raced up to her side.
“What took you so long?”
“Nothing. Lets go, not far from there.”

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