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1OPPERATION-SMILE! Empty OPPERATION-SMILE! on Wed Jun 16, 2010 4:02 am

IDEAS!!! NOW! NEEED! ANYTIHNG-EVERYTIHNG! What makes you smilie? Lets share ot make others! Tribute to members and otherss here please! I'll be posting sometihng up for ALL our memebers soon! But lets starts with Snow first! As our leader (creator or site, good firned, and the reason why i am a writer) Sound cool? ALRIGHT! I'M PUMPED! LETS BEGIN! *awaits first comments*

Just thought i'd add that we our currently not gonig to add for a bit b/c we must gather accurate info! ha, and lazy-but do me a solid and smile for the hell of it, alright? haha.

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2OPPERATION-SMILE! Empty Re: OPPERATION-SMILE! on Sat Jul 03, 2010 1:39 pm

Well, random humor, and you, so, I pretty much smile all of the time.

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3OPPERATION-SMILE! Empty Re: OPPERATION-SMILE! on Sun Jul 04, 2010 8:57 am

Bwah-ARGH! I said Snow first you idiot! And uh-well..thanks i guess, but-! grr...what ot say? *ponders helplessly* oh-ah-you get that e-mail? for the new story? wrote near over 4 full pages last night--stayed up late 2 nights in a row- but no ideas came thefirst night and a video game distreaced today its a book-but ha, i stil managed ot make up for the lost time! hope it works out better? i tried ot make it funny-b/c thats my favorit thing, to make people smile, ha plus i get to grininng too when i think it up! i need to learn to draw decently...must show u guys the looks...and scneces i picture inmy head-then you'll all for sure laugh! yup. well--thats it for now! i have 99 managa chapters to read-around 30 pages each, and im only at 51 chapters, nad i still need to check out the newest one Snow offered me to read! I owe her after all! and i hope ur doing well as well leaf- and everyone else! sleep, eat, and all that--oh and try ot avoid anytihng and everytihng if ur as danger prone and blind as me. ha later!* waves*

*why do i have the feeling i've yet again spammed and misued a page for other than its purpose...-.-'

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