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Favorite quotes from our characters/stories/writers

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I'm sure there are some quotes you just love- even if you wrote them! Go on and share them! it doesnt have ot be a quote- but what i mean it, just 'quote' or 'copy' a line or two, or even a favorite scence from any of our stires! you can even add ones that havnet been placed up or written yet!

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Is it so wrong that i have a few of my own? ha I'm sorry, but i did love these vbery much!!

From: A Story Without A Title (ASWAT)
"Go kiss an Adder!" Ivy and Auk bickering, basically tellnig him to go kiss a posionous snake.

"If Ivy won't, then I will!" Soon to come but Auk replies this a little too happily to Dane--i had sometihng written diffrently, but Shallow thoguht of a few better- and out of what he suggested, this was my favorite!

ah, it just seems too odd ot me to be posting up abotu such a new story- ha, i'll let u guys do so if u wish!!

From: The Last Tategami (TLT)
"...And the snooty wanna-never-gonna-be's mom and dad have over all the time...?" Kaen beign an arrogan idiot while arguing with his brother Ty.

'Death awaits the over confident' Though Ashi thought this- it was a quote i heard form an awesome video game i played called Star Ocean: Till the End of Time!

“You heard me. I said my tail, T-A-I-L, tail.” Ashi barking at Kira-when i first wrote that on paper, a friend of mine in my freshman year in...Gorgia i belive (was in Va for first half of it) siad that was his favorite part-ha, and i agree!

“I-WAS-JUST-WONDERING-IF-I-COULD-TOUCH-YOUR-TAIL!” Kira to Ashi-not my favoirte, but also at the same school as i mentioned befor-e by a firned i refered to sometiems as Lizzard (ha, she'll kill me if she finds out i called her that again!) siad she liked it.

“Hey! I found something!”
Kaen yelled, while banging his head on a low part of the cave.
“What about a muffin?”
Ty yelled back. Kaen groaned and said louder, his ears ringing from the echo.
“I said I found something!”
Kaen was shoved into the small area and his head landed heavily against the wall. Ty entered cautiously and looked at the boy.
“More like someone...”
“Well come in by all means!”
Kaen snapped rubbing his aching head and standing up.
“Right in the same spot too you lousy mother f-”
“Kaen look!” heh messing with Kaen.

“Little brat, not even listening to a word I” Ty! Razz

“I'm not going to even do a thing to you immature brats. Be kids for there rest of your pathetic lives if you want--”
Kaen broke in, setting them all into a stronger fit of laughter. And you wonder why Nabakas the way she is!!

“Well lookie here, its me older twin, Degara. Steal that name off Naruto did ya?”
Degara gave Kaen a stern glance and said.
“Enough Kaen, and no. Did you steal your name off an ass?”
“What? Why you- of coarse not!”
“Really? Cause you look like one-and you're acting like one.”
Ty snickered.
“Both of you. Now get your acts together before I make you. And for the record its pronounced De-g-air-rah, not De-Gara.” quite alot of cussing in this story...must tone it down a bit...mental note to self--

well this is frustrating- i have os many better funnier ones wrirten- but sicne its on paper-im too lazy to type and you guys obviously havent read the 70 pages frotn and bakc aside from what i posted, i wrote- i cant post nothing esle for TLT! sorry!!

From: Forgotten Memories (FM-creative with these, arn't we? haha)

"Is he going to be hanging around us often? Kay...? KAY?!" Kay was shoving her food into her mouth at great speed and chugging her drink and said quickly. "Nekora, I got to go to the bathroom..." Reo was just watching with his mouth half opened with his sandwich halfway. Nekora was dragged once again. Once they were in the bathroom Kay sighed and slid down the wall a mad a thump sound as she hit the ground. Nekora said quickly. "Don't get to relaxed...her comes the medieval quadruplets...quickly Kay get up!" sorry its a whole scene, but i loved em both!

"Reo...come here..." Reo got up and walked to her side. Kay said again. "Closer...Closer" Soon Reo was so close they almost touched. Then Kay brought her hand up and slapped Reo right across the face leaving a red imprint. Nekora started to giggle. Kay replied. "Don't ever do that again without my permission!" Reo was too stunned to move and Nekora was laughing even harder and soon so was Kay. HAHA, sorry Reo! We dont hate you, its jsut all in good fun! (and i guess you DID deserve that-even if it was ot save her life)

"Did you just...No...I must be watching too much Anime..." Kay talking to herslef when she thought (and did) her Baset- the cat, talking. Comeone! Seiosuly ,am i the only one who feels like this sometimes!? ha

"I would like your FAMOUS Cheese omelet with a side of your homemade orange juice madam’s..." Reo to Nekora and Kay-playfully but seirous. Ah- if i rmeeber correct, Amalu and Akaleu-you fellas loved my omlets amnd grilled cheese, huh?

"The curse..." he said. Nekora and I both rolled our eyes. "Grow up..." I mumbled. wow...,maybe we are TOO mean to you, huh Reo?

i'll loo up some more later! promise!

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Alright, i know this isnt a book- but in Cats and Dogs, my favorite line is when Butch-the retirver/lead dog i guess? says "Son of my mom!" hahahaha-it took me a moment ot get it- i really do need sleep, but ha, i lvoe it!

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Oh god-you're gonig ot hate me for this Snow- but i loved this so much!! I msut post this up for the world to see!! a quote made by Snow- well, she wrote it in cuzin story forum- roffl
'Sure, I'm not the brightest cookie in the jar but I have a lot of chocolate chips!'

funny right/ comeon. i know i'm not the only one here that thinks so!!! lol!

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i dont kno who wrote this, and im taking no claim to this.,but i kinda..liked this one

'Sometimes you make me so mad that I want to throw you in the middle of on-going cars. But then I realize, I would probably kill myself just to save you..'

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The cookies quote was very funny X3
i like the other quotes too
sadly i can't think of any at the moment T^T

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Cheer up pal! Think! Think like Winnie!

I got a new quote i wrote!

‎'hahaha-let us both be blind with the eyes of the norm of man and women, but does not need eyes to see something speical.'

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I like the very last quote that you posted's very true and motivational.

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yes it is, very lovely.

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