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Truth and Lies Go Hand and Hand

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1Truth and Lies Go Hand and Hand Empty Truth and Lies Go Hand and Hand on Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:19 am


A young man dressed in all black stood on a rooftop looking down at the city around him. People were walking down the sidewalks and cars drove through the busy streets. He could see things shifting in the shadows of alleys and buildings. Everybody on the streets was blissfully unaware of the dangers that lurked in the shadows around them. They thought that the only danger was what was shown to them on TV and in the newspapers. They had no idea how blissfully wrong they were.

The man on the roof stepped back and was engulfed by shadows. He appeared unnoticed in an alley and stepped out onto the sidewalk. He fell into step with the crowd, blending in despite his strange appearance. Nobody gave him a second glance but they did give him some space as he walked past them. He paid them no attention to them as he shuffled the deck of cards in his hands.

The man failed to notice a teenage girl running down the sidewalk in the opposite direction he was walking. People stared at her strangely as she ran, wondering why she was in such a hurry. He was so focused on the deck of cards that he was shuffling that he didn’t see her until she ran right into him.

Time seemed to slow until it was like everything had frozen for a second as their eyes met and one of his cards started falling to the sidewalk. The girl pulled her eyes from the man and snatched the card deftly out of the air. “Sorry,” the girl said quickly. She handed the man back the card and then took off again down the sidewalk.

The man looked at the card and was surprised at what he saw. ‘How interesting,’ he thought as he stood there on the sidewalk amongst the moving crowd of people and stared at the card in his pale hand; for there, held in his hand, lay the queen of hearts.

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2Truth and Lies Go Hand and Hand Empty Re: Truth and Lies Go Hand and Hand on Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:22 am

Chapter 1

‘My mom’s going to kill me,’ I thought as I ran down the sidewalk. People stared at me as I ran but frankly I didn’t give a rat’s ass. I was already late and I wasn’t about to slow down to avoid being stared at. Okay so maybe I should slow down since I ran into that weird guy, but I really needed to get home. It wasn’t until I reached my house did I realize everything had just stopped. I swore under my breath as I panted and willed everything to start again. I really needed to learn to control my powers.

I entered my house out of breath and jumped when my mom appeared in front of me. God I hate it when she does that. It means that she’s really mad at me. What did I do now that she’s this mad with me?

“Where have you been?” my mom demanded angrily.

“Sorry mom, I got caught up at practice and lost track of time,” I said quietly while trying to catch my breath.

“You know I don’t want you out after five. It’s too dangerous for you to be out too long,” my mom said.

“I know mom,” I said resignedly, “I didn’t mean to be late. I tried to be on time.”

“Speaking of time,” my mom said crossly. She put her hands on her hips and I knew I was in trouble now. It was never a good thing when my mom put her hands on her hips. “What were you thinking freezing time like that!?”

“It was an accident,” I admitted, looking down at the floor, “I didn’t know I had frozen time until I got home.”

“Kida that’s why I want you to stay home,” my mom said comfortingly, putting a hand on my shoulder. “You need to learn how to control your powers. I can only do so much but the lessons don’t interest you.”

“I’ll go get cleaned up for dinner,” I said quietly. It was obvious I was changing the subject away from my out of control powers, but my mom didn’t say anything. She nodded and let me walk off into the back of the house.

I had just finished washing my face when there was a knock on the front door. “I got it,” I called to my mom as I started toward the other end of the house. There was another knock as I had almost reached the door. “I’m coming!” I yelled annoyed. Man today just wasn’t my day.

I stopped in front of the door and unlocked all seven locks. My mom was a little paranoid. When I opened the door my eyes widened in shock at the man standing there, it was the same man I had run into on the sidewalk on my way home.

“What are you doing here!? How do you know where I live!?” I demanded in a shocked whisper.

“Your wallet fell out of your pocket when you caught my card. Everything is still in there. I only opened it to find your address so I could return it to you,” he said while holding out my wallet.

“Uh…thanks,” I muttered awkwardly as I took my wallet from him. I wasn’t used to talking to people because my mom kept me inside all of the time.

“I’m Alister,” the man said, “but everybody calls me Ace.”

“I’m Kida but you probably already knew that,” I muttered embarrassed.

Alister let out an amused chuckle and gave me a charming smile. I felt my ears heat up which meant I was blushing.

“I’ll see you around sometime,” Alister said.

“Yeah…maybe,” I muttered and then shut the door.

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3Truth and Lies Go Hand and Hand Empty Re: Truth and Lies Go Hand and Hand on Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:10 pm

*is on edge of seat* jee, even thoguh i've read farther than this, i am still on edge ot read more! u r cruel, u know that...? *grins* ur noton much, or post much-is everytihng alright? -ah,hows ur summer going?

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