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Live action role-playing game, how do I make one?

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Live action role-playing game, how do I make one?
I wanted to make a LARP, like an RPG but in real life, like acting it out like a play. I wanted to add some fantasy elements to it and a good guys team and a bad guys team for my friends to play. Anyone have any ideas on how I should make one, what the rules should be and what to name it?

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You know what? I got a firnedd i konw in reallife, perferably known as Landen-i'll sned 'em a messgae- first nad only person who introduced LARP to me-so, i'll see what i can find out-well, so long as it doenst bother them...and i'll do a little side research too-but not today- but i promise as soon as i can! oh- and welcome to Teh Neko Site!! Have fun, alright?

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lol! ROFFL!!!! lol! HAHA ,what a RELIEF! LARP is just Reguale Role play on the computer! Scared me for a sec...haha!! We never-well i never tired this kind of roleplay, but I'm will to gine it a shot and my all! Um-so lets see...I'll take hte tiem research some more and figure out soem ideas, but since it was YOURS, you wanna just give it a whirl and we'll take it from there? Develop more grouynd rules as we go and all?

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While it is by no means the only aspect of the game, the martial arts/contact sport side of Dragon Crest is extremely popular. We do our absolute best to accommodate those people who do not choose to engage in combat and help them experience the rest of the game to the highest degree possible. However, since most of our players choose to participate, especially the teenagers, we want to go into some detail here.

Just like soccer, football, karate, and even baseball, this is a contact sport. Also, like those other sports, we have safety regulations and protective equipment. Some of the equipment is optional, much of it is mandatory. We will cover them in further detail throughout this section.

OK, we've stated it's a contact sport, but what kind of contact is there? We do mock medieval style combat. Because it is mock combat, the terms we use are combat related, much as they would be in karate, judo, or football. There are two forms of contact attack allowed within the game. The first is melee, or weapon delivered attacks. These weapons are essentially padded sticks which we call boffer weapons. They are designed so that it is very difficult to cause serious injury, even if someone were to try. The primary padding is at least 5/8" thick closed cell foam. We put this padding on the weapons so that an unprotected opponent will still be protected from harm. On the tips of the weapons, we require an additional layer of open cell foam, as this part of the weapon is occasionally used in thrusting attacks. This is the material used in solid foam pillows and mattresses, typically found in large sheets at cloth and camping stores. Open cell foam gives very easily, and provides a really good cushion in the even that an accidental head or groin shot occurs.

The second form of attack is packet delivered. Packets are small squares of cloth loaded with birdseed. The finished size is about that of a 35mm film canister. At this size, the packet weighs enough to throw it accurately, out to 30 or 40 feet, but it is difficult to cause any harm with. We use birdseed because these items often get left lying on the ground, and the birds and squirrels do an excellent job of insuring that they get blended into the environment. We try to use natural fiber cloth because it more readily decays. We also see the occasional bird nest with our colored material worked in. But our relatively small impact on the environment concern us less than the safety of our participants.

Additionally, players are encouraged, even rewarded, to wear additional safety equipment. Since armor is a huge part of any good medieval costuming, this is relatively easy and popular to implement. Even a simple layer of leather or heavy canvas provides excellent protection from scrapes and bruises caused by the environment. Think similarly to other contact sports. Soccer players wear shin guards because they get kicked a lot, as well as elbow and knee pads because they fall down. Baseball catchers wear facemasks and heavy chest and groin protection, at least in league play. Football players wear helmets and lots of pads.

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*eyes go wide* sure don't waste time! I'm gonig to state the obvious and say you've done this before? And another wild guess-you're proably the first adult on here! (I don't count my family as adults-heh, so yeah.) G-guess I best work harder on my spelling then to set better example. Um, well this all sounds amazingly awesome (and outside events AND story playing!? HELL YEAH I'M THERE! I'd tear 'em to shreads or die laughing-no point unless we all have fun *grins*). But mh... I think I'll find a few pics similar to what you've described for those lazylike myself, and don't wish to read--though,ha, I guess I kind of did... But right- i know what the stick thing is, and maybe I can find a few cheap ideas to post up with hopefully pics as well-? I hope whoever is doing this with you has fun and I wish them all the best!

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Alright! As promised- here's a few ideas wtih pics as well! Know I'm sure all of you had some sort of jacket if you don't double pad on clothing -since I'm nbot sure where this is, i jsut know its really hot here, and many other places, so, make sure you don't over due it!

Now this is sometihng you'd find for Rugby.

No? How about paintball?

Motercyle helms?-or even bike?

I'd imagine close toed shoes would be best...? If no sneakers, and cant aford those steal toed boots, how aobut regualr types?

For below the waste- as said, you guys know what you need if you want it, but I think pants should do fine, yeah?

And i imagine the cloth you spoke of kind of looks like this? (reminds me a bit of aspangae)

Oh-also apearntly in weddings, they have bags of birdseed as well-but that might be a bit much...-Just saying however for refrence ideas/pictures
And for those idiots (much like myself) who may of forgotten or need a recap on what a film canister is/size veiw, here you are

And for that stick you talked about-reminds me of a Pugil Stick-here's example pics-the rest is up to your imaginations i suppose! Make sure you try soemthing 'diffrent' eh?

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wow O_O
that looks like a lot of fun

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I KNOW!! I really wish i could particiapte in sometihng like this!! Anytihng outdoors and im there- of ocurse, im also cool with just hanging inside!! ha.

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