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The Last Tategami! part 8

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1The Last Tategami! part 8 Empty The Last Tategami! part 8 on Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:49 pm

About thirty minutes later they broke free into a less dense part of the forest. It was the front side of the small mountain (or a really big hill) behind their school. Kira whined while climbing up next to the boy.
“Are we there yet?” The boy grabbed her arm and pulled her up and scanned the area.
“Just about. Come on!”
“Uhh! You said that five minutes ago!!” The boy didn't answer. They kept climbing up a rocky outcrop.
“Where are we going anyway?” She jumped up and strained to catch up with the boy. When she finally got up to his feet she asked at the same time leveling herself up to him.
“Are you listening to me? What's so special about-?” Her voice dropped as she looked at the boy. He held a cloth in his hand and said.
“It's nothing personal, but I can't let you see the way to my hideout. You'll have to wear this.” Kira eyed him suspiciously. He added quickly.
“Just this time.” She slowly nodded her head, her eyes never leaving the boy.
“How will I get through any of this blindfolded? I can barely do it while I can see...” He went behind her and placed the cloth over her eyes and tied it somewhat gently and said.
“I'll carry you.” She turned
“What?” The boy smiled and said.
“Just get on my back.”
“O-okay...where are you?” She started to feel around.
“Oof, ow..hey hey! Watch it! Ow! That's my eye! The hair, the hair! Watch the hair! Aw crap, there goes my mask.” He tried to bend down and pick it up. He got it and slipped it into his pocket. He didn't need it right now, it wasn't in that form. He started up the rocky hill.
“Whoa, lighten up a bit on that death gripped of yours! Okay?”
“S-sorry! Not use to getting piggybacks from strangers...especially blind folded.”
“We're not strangers! I know who you are and you know who I am!”
“Yeah, but I don't know your name.”
“ name?” He slipped at little but kept going.
“You don't have a name or something?”
“Er, no...not really.”
“Well...what do people usually call you?”
“I'd rather not say.”
“Well...can I pick a name to call you by then?”
“...Sure? But nothing stupid, Okay?” Kira thought for a little bit.
“I got it!” She said loudly, startling the boy.
“It's just a temporary name, between us, but here I go. I hope you like it...”
“Well? What is it?”
“Autumn? Why?”
“Your hair.”
“But it's not orange, it's more of a golden, red/orange-ish color! And I'm not a vampire!”
“Book I read. Really good actually... but I like the name. Kind of cool, not too dorky or well, you know.”
They both smiled. He stopped and slid her off his back.
“Well, here we are.” She took off the blind fold saying.
“Finally! I was beginning to think we'd never get the-re...” She said breathless as she looked around.
“Wow...” The boy walked next to her.
“ you like it?” She looked at him and said.
“Yes! It's amazing! And nobody knows this is here!?” The boy laughed and said.
“Sadly, yes. Well, not sad for us now, but for others.” He walked over to a flat bolder and sat on it. She quickly hopped up next to him.
“But how come?” The boy shrugged and said while laying back, his hands folded behind his head and one foot next to his knee.
“People are too busy with their work and lives to care or take notice in natures wonders anymore. Shame, but hey, I'm not complaining. If it means less people, I like it...” He turned his head.
“But still...” Kira looked at him. She looked up and around then stopped.
“There's a lake too!? This really is amazing!” The boy sat up and said laughing.
“Yes, but you haven't seen nothing yet! Wait until night-”
“Night?” He looked at her.
“Whats wrong? Scared of the dark or something?” She smiled a little and said still looking at the lake.
“Nah, not really so much as that as it is my parents. You really think they'd let m hang out at night with a guy? Especially If that guy is the village ….um, well, whatever you are.”
“I see your point... hmm... Well damn. I guess I could always help you sneak out one night or two, just to see it!”
“But-” He quickly cut her off.
“It's a sight one would rather die than miss! It's in a cave. Sort of. I mean, yes its a cave, but the top is cracks and full of moss, grass and weeds. But the cool thing is, that at night; best when there's a full moon, it illuminates the whole cave. Its...hard to explain it. You've got to see it! All the stars! And the lake! Aw man, the lake! So what do you say Kira?” She slid off the bolder and kicked at the small layer of dirt on top of the stone ground.
“I don't know... It sounds wonderful...but still.” He jumped off the boulder and said grinning, a bit of his canine part of his teeth showing at both sides of his mouth.
“Aw come on Kira! Live a little! While you can, that is! Don't be like the others in the town! Look, I'll make sure your back before morning! I swear it!” Kira said.
“Alright, but on one condition.” The boy cocked his head.
“And that is?”
“Can I please touch your tail now?”
“Buh, uh...herm, yeah. Sorry, I forgot!” She looked behind him.
“I don't see it.” The boy moved his tail right in front of her and turned it a solid orange.
“There? See?” She blinked. Kira then poked the tip of his tail, just to be sure it was really there. It swished and she laughed. Studying it carefully she poked it again.
“That's so cool!” She exclaimed, looking up at the boy. He was red as if he was holding his breath.
“, Autumn...boy...? You alright?” A small laughed escaped from his lips as he said weakly.
“Yep, kimpff, fine...” Kira watched him. 'What's up with him? Does it have anything to do with is tail perhaps?' She poked it again, her eyes glued on his face. He turned redder, his arms wrapped tightly around his sides. Kira's eyes beamed as she said.
“Oh I see! Your ticklish!” The boy manged to say as he breathed deeply.
“Am not!” A sly grin spread over Kira as she took a step forward and said.
“Yes-you-are.” The boy tried to sound angry and serious as he replied.
“No-I'm not.”
“Are too!!” The boy took a step back. Kira quickly put him in a head lock and started to tickled him under his arm and at his sides. He busted out laughing and kicking. He tried to squirm away.
“Ha! I knew it!” The boy only laughed and sobbed while she kept tickling him.
“Say it! Say your ticklish an I'll let you go!”
“N-ne...ver!” He choked, now rolling on his back.
“Okay then...I didn't want to have to do this...but you forced me too.” She sat down and gabbed one of his feet. Using one arm, she locked it so he couldn't pull free and he other she took off his shoe and sock. Then she tickled his feet. The boy laughed even harder. He felt as if his insides were going to explode.
“Say it!”
“O-okay! Okay!! I'm....ticklish” He gasped.
“I can't hear you!”
“I said I'm-ah...I'm Ticklish! OKAY! I SAID IT! I'M TICKLISH! LET ME GO!!” She immediately let go and he reeled his legs up to him as he tried to sit up.
“Hey...your not wearing your mask!” The boy put his hands up to his face. He had forgotten.
“Well what do you know?” Kira studied him as she smiled really big.
“Why do you wear a mask? I see nothing wrong, maybe a little more brushing could be used, but other than that...”
“Cause it's not always like this.”
“Ah, never mind for now! It's payback time!”
“'I didn't want to do this, but you forced me...'” Kira gulped and tried to back up. She turned her head. She was against the boulder! Had he planned this from the start? She laughed as soon as he got her. Not long after it became a battle. One minute he would have, the next she would have him. They soon tired and sat back to back, laughing hard.

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