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1I'M BACK!!! Empty I'M BACK!!! on Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:30 am

An d my spelling astill sucks...haha. I know only a number...a very SMALL number really care heh, but figured i'd let you know that i'm back and Snow? Let's wipe teh Neko team and her story writers and posts back into shape and bring it back and past the golden days!! WOOHOO!!!

alright...k im done. hi.

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2I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:42 pm

haha, i changed the pic b/c i didnt tihnk you'd belvie it, but ... IT SNOWED HERE!!! a few weeks now, but haha. i had fallen, not really good with my fathers big work boots and jacket (i love that jacket, insdie pockets!!) and my firend was laughing and making fun of me, taking pics to i made a snow ball and threatened her. it seems this one escaped me as i had her delete them. gr...haha, but yup, it was great!! rubbed the back of my heels raw b/c of those cursed boots...haha, but it was very fun. love the snow. lots of tracks, little birds, just goofing off, eating the none colored bits, etc. haha. how about any of you? im changing my pic back once snow and my jap firend sees, haha.

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3I'M BACK!!! Empty She's back! on Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:17 pm

Woohoo! Hit is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:41 am

*Smiles largely* i don't care who knows this so , Hi love!! haha and yes i am! soon we will gather back our troops and grow!! ooh-rah and all that other fancy wording for spirit.

and mh for those that are curious for why i ever called hi mcuz- it'll be a LONG story t oexplain, but we are realted in NO way- haha, just making sure you fellas don't start thinking...ah nvm. haha. so lets to wip the team up again....

*does the winnie the pooh- think think think*

Last edited by hitrizdl on Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:48 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : DAMN YOU GET OFF MY CASE ALREADY YOU NOSEY LITTLE-stops short remebering Snow's rules and muttering and glaring at this cursed stupid 'reason for editing' box....How i hate you -.-)

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5I'M BACK!!! Empty hitrzdl on Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:25 am

Mh ^.^ hey love ^.^ and awesome way to inspire us all too! Buuuuut it may fail, haha, but either way you are amazing ^.^

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6I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Wed Mar 23, 2011 6:45 am

-.- you're fired.

Us OTHER more SOFISTICATED and CHEERY UPTHINKNING OVERLY OPTOMISTIC AND AWESOME people on this team ( hear this love? T-e-a-m?) It's what we all are here. if one falls we all do, so take soem heart and faith into this or i'll personally run you over with some random hotwired vehicle. Now! *claps hands together happily* lket us REAL Neko Team memebers bring the site back to life! Notihng impossible!~ damn hard, yes. maybe. most likely. never easy- got that got that.. But IDIOTS LIKE US NEVER SURRENDER! that, and heh, well, ive got some tiem to kill, so haha, i will fight b/c i can!!~ WOOHOO!!

Huh, got pumped but forgot the main objective...this is troubling to say the least.. *scratches head shrugging ansd just tossing a fist up* wooh. go team -lets, do whatever i had meant ot stir and do if u will join mer! *standsin silenct for a few hours* ....ok, not for me. infact. forget me. i am not here. just a bot. robot. with lots of writing time. yes. GO NEKOS!!!. i am done now. no really. i am. seriously. stop reading. ur wasting ur time almost as much as i am just writing this. go away. now. like now now. Do you still fidn ur eyes drawn to this? whgat part of bac koff dont u get? I am done speakiong, what more do u want of me!? jeez...persistant. fine. ijsut wont talk. . . . . . . . . . . . . not a word...... nope..... not-da. mh-mh. NNOOOOOPPPPE. Oh for Gods sake, STOP REAIDNG MY INCOHEARNT (usually) BABLING AND WORK ON SOEMTHING! LIKE IDK....write!! why do ui get the feeling im just being spited now at this point...? i am. i know it. -.- *sigh* good bye. yes. thats right. ileave now. REALLY I AM GONIG RIGHT NOW! This message is done. it ends right here. there's notihng furhter to say on my part. ,...u do realize i am jsut telling u now at tihs point that this is my last word here? do u get that? then WHY in the hell do u insist on still READING this!?! honestly... GOZ AWAY!!! yes. goz. not go. cat speak. ok im done.



*wimpers* Snow....-.-'

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7I'M BACK!!! Empty Wow.. on Wed Mar 23, 2011 6:50 am

Love? You are crazy. THAT'S so amazing! One of the reasons why I am in love with you ^.^ Thank you for being so amazing ^.^

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8I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:01 am

D-d-d-d- n't go saaying soemtihng like THAT!?!?!?!? And so bluntly and boldly- dear God! You;'ve been hanging with me too much -.-'what have i done...?

*bows playfully grinning* but i will keep my manners and thank you- ha, but behind close hitting u with soemthing...w-w-wait! THAT WAS NOT TO SOUND- AHHH!!! GRAH DARN IT! i i meant..oike a bludgen...l-like rock or stick or hell, flame thrower...maybe all of them at tihs point -.-

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9I'M BACK!!! Empty You Are So Dang Funny Hit! ^.^ on Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:05 am

Hahahaha oh wow, you are SO amazing love ^><^

*Returns the grin* And I will await that time love ^.^

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10I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:19 am

CALL ME LOVE ONE MORE TIME AND I SHALL SHRED YOU TO PEICES!! This is my best friends sight and and, darn u take it off, quick off!! or i shalll send my 2 hgihly trained cats t odestroy u slowly! oh and hey. whats up, how was ur day?

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11I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:21 am

Hahaha, okay okay, I will save that talk for less public places. And pretty good! ^.^ How about yours??

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12I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:18 pm

The days still burn like a song in a Barbains heart in battle

and i know that may of sounded cool, but my real analogy is, its HOT AS HELL ALREAYD HERE IN TEXAS! i am not cut out for the heat....-.-' i liek snow, winter, the fall, and psirng, but summer no!! TOO HOT!! O.o sigh, ah well ,yeS? mh but no, not too bad, good news bad news. bad news having soem good turns, bads news coming up or getting worse. just kinds flies about like leaviesi n the wind. and its driving me nuts!! And my physical is on monday, heh, fun. any strength and such ill be fine, but any long period aerobic stuff i am not sure. like runing. i got alot of stamina!!! jsut cant breath worth a damn, haha mh....-.- yes people, second hand smoke is real- and yes, everyone in my family or people that i know that do it, deny it. they ALL do, jeez..-.- but thats NOT a topic to bat and argue with. people fiht hard aroudn ayithng like thart. its soemtihng ive learned no matter what you should know hwen u are with others (i leanred tihs for living with many others all my life) And well. here you go


Religion. Really touchy. Be kind,listen, dont be too rude or never push ur own. ITs a given deal. If need be, for the hell of peace, lie a little jsut ot make all happy- im not saying liek a lie lie, but those white ones, haha mh. Its jsut easier at times.

Politics.Goes over my head anyway! and i wont share my vview on what i do undertsand, jsut listen and agree and if u know soemthing, be casurefulk how u add or combat. u dont want ot being the warm home, you know?

And there is more, but it falls late, and i still have soem other tihngs to rpely too, haha but the jist of it has been posted!!

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13I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:46 pm

Mh, you will do great on your physical Hit!

And hahaha, mh, heh, yeah...those sure as heck are some touchy subjects...I would know... ^.^

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14I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:01 pm

Ah yes. Habits like the cigeretts and such shoudl be very guardedly mentioned to them or if they seem to have child like qualities, such as, yellnig profound tihngs or things to put the other team down and voer extemee root ur team on ESP WHEN THEY ARE ONLY 9 and 3 YEAR OLDS PEOPLE, u sometimes.. cant say anytihng or ull be living with the enimey and not yet married. haha ^^

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15I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:07 pm

Haha oh wow....very true! Geee, glad my family is not into sports AT ALL! ^.^

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16I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:13 pm

will admit, that wasa tense situation which i got HELL for POLTLY and quietly remarking to her aobut how that didnt quite seem right, maybe she shoudlnt do that, you know? kinsd of stoop low liek the other team? i got a big fat YOU're just a hcild, you dont tell an adult what to do, then some stupid authorotized cr-stuff, and mh, it was terrible. i mean, i was assaisnt coach for the 2-3-and 4 yr old kids who palted Blast ball (their little bases honked!!) and the nine year old was his 2nd oldest brothe rwhich i helped train soem with him and played and watched 2 yrs ago. ha yikes. it seems my words were always being turned on me; diffirent perceptions of what i siad. like, somhwo id say one thing they hear another?? alwyas usspiscious, as if we kids, us teens were thevious horders who alwyas lied and had soemthing to hid or did osmthing. grah. ah well. they really werent bad, jsut those times..yikes. heh. ^^ anyhow, happy topics happy topics! Like SNOW YOURE FINNALLY@ ON! why now? i wouldnt stay up this long had it bee nany other day that wasnt weekend, but its friday day so its cool. i can make 1 tired day ^^ plus i am in a mood to write tonight! *stretches tail fluffing out fingers at the ready, tongue stickonug out to the side determinadly asd was my stern gaze at hte keys, jsut staring for a bit then sigihng leaning back* well..soemtihng will com-AH!! GOT IT!!

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17I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:26 pm

Geeeze...I am so glad that I was never involved in sports in that case...they can get WAY too crazy, and apparently I was right haha, sheesh...

And yeah, SNOW is on! Woot!! I am feeling the writing bug as well ^^ MUST WRITE TEH MOARZ!!!!

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18I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:42 pm

Ansuddenly the OS eeling is coming on when i see the time and realize ive schoolyet haha ^^ i will get sleeping soon- but fear not my adoing public!* puases only to get crickets, my ears and smiling falling into an 'of course' grimace* i shall return later!

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19I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:56 pm

*Grabs a remote and presses a button, applause shattering the silence around us and grinning at Hit's reaction*

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20I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Fri Mar 25, 2011 2:40 pm

eyebrow anear twitches looking at u doubtfully but tryingto seem somehwat thnkful, not sure it that just made matters worse or not. shakes head and smiles* night to you all!!!!!! And mh, you too love i guess. i mean u gr..tired so iguess ill give u that! but that and nothing more. *nods to sled as if personally satisifed with speech--can hear Auk snicker soemtihng along the lines b/c im the only one who listens or likes them.' throws soemtihng at him, hearign an even mroe satisfying yelp, getting huge rounds of appluse and bowing ,sticking my tongue out and grnning. Scar andStamp run up to me and i hand them the mike *its all urs buddies! *Stamp has a little red bow tie while Scar has a white dress collar and a lgiht black bowtie ((for u Leaf, they are 2 wolves, Scar older brother, more timid and talks alot with no real talents but fighting verbally iwth me and pourly, andcookings, odd enough. Scamp is a full black but small awit hclumby big backs and ears, one usully fallingf somewhat over and eye and a milky white splaced over his face and muzzle as if he doves into a dish of cream--confident and cokcy curois, little boy additute wit hlittle fear) Scar clear his throat and says qit ha light scuq, gahteirng laughs before trying ot xclear his thorat "T-tonights night i is gonig to be -oow! mh, sosrry folk, heh mh. urges. tongiht shall be the one and only *Stamp jumps up and takes the mike yapping, his paw thrust up and out happily, Scar glaring. *Talent show!!!! *lots of claping. i look at u and Snow ,shrugging, moving the lgihts onto the people. Snow annouces on the intercome in the middle *ok, first up- *drum rolls and a puase goes on for a while* well...any volentees!? *stamp jumps up and bakrs 8Ill go, ill go! *Scar quickly grbas his tail pullnig him back growling, Stamp glaring unhappliy, folding his paws*

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21I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Fri Mar 25, 2011 3:11 pm

*Laughs and then sits down to happily watch you messing around with your friends, grinning like an idiot*

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22I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Sat Apr 02, 2011 2:11 pm

*grins rubbing back of head, folding my arms on ur head and resting my chin on them, tilting my head and looking down at u upturned eyes grinning more and laughing before turning more to smile at Snow too, my tail swishing and watching the crowd. someone stands up, both Snows nad I jaw drops like tihs affraid poor Leaf like this confused as a person ion the audience, fully coated in afine black armor, not a peep or breathing hole to be seen- no indication of how one could put it on or off, speak, breath, eat or see, says im a quite yet contradictingly booming soft of voice, like one with authoirty* I'll go. *An oragnish somwhwat short spiked hair man next to the figure kisses what apears to the the cheek of the speaker before it makes it wa up the starge, everyone still gapping and staring, a deathly scilence. I shake my head and cough, Snow quickly fumbling with the buttons and annoucnes as Stamp just dumbly hands the mike up to the Armor suited person who sits down on a stool* Ladies and gentle men, welcome tonight first off with Dark- who is doing...? *Dark seems to turn her head and stare at us if possible. I hiss* Hey, no helms aloud!*she doesnt move and everoyne swutie again, Snow guawking at me to shut up and Leaf jsut sitting unblinking but rasing his hands up to rest over my mouth, i growling more* Poetry. *everyone looks at eachother. Snow shrugs and yells it out and everyone goes quiet as we all gather around and listen to her. mintues pass and we all guawk at the feeling and heart she puts into her words- flinching at hte grousome storng feelings, laughing at the high spirited, droolnig at hthe mention of the food and crying at the descriptions of the dark times. When she finsihes we all laugh and cheer and clap. she syas not a word and walks to sit bakc next ot the oragne head pale skinned man who, without both looking at eachother, grabs hands in the back, staring right ahead. I lean down mumbling into Leafs ear* Thats Autumn. He's our vamp. in FM, Dark was in our first roleplay, shes the one who was our main enemy and had u locked and beat before a few turn of events palced her in more better terms with us. Not really sure how thsoe two yeah...but its how it is. despite thier not too over firnedly showing, they're obviously happy together! now aint that just wodnerful! *curls tail up grinning and laughing Snow scowling nad looknig over her shoulde,r expecting an attack, fearful of my bold words, considering the two. Snow clasps paws together and says* alright, whos next?

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23I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:00 pm

*Laughs and pats your sides with my hands as the armoured person makes their appearance and delivers their poem, amazed and enthralled the entire time* Ahhhh, okay, okay, dang...that was random, haha!

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24I'M BACK!!! Empty Re: I'M BACK!!! on Tue May 17, 2011 10:39 am

*a huge jumlbe of waving fur sawrms throughout the feet of the audience who look down and about, some crying out in dear or anger , a blob or two jumping from head to lap to seat and ground, sqeezing between legs nad wigglni thier little bodies onto the stage, helpnig oe another. Snow and i both turn and smile once more, i leaning back once more to whisepr into Leafs ear* those 5 are hte kits in our first roelplay, but later into it. very long complication ,and though snow and i are siste,r at one point in al lthe wild mixed up sconfusion, do to our mess up and obsessive time travel, techincally she is my mother as well... and htose are her kits and my kin, my brothers and sisters. complicated, haha. *Turns pale wit ha fine blush upson my furry futures when i realize you had been speaking and i lean over mumbling* whats the act? *to which Snow nearly points, all three of us looknig to find them doing a play, sword fighting and teling a tale, Chain and Rose righting to the death, manuvoiring and bouncing off while Sky tells the tale, Zel and Mel doulbe teaming and fighhitng, forcing Chain and Rose, sworn enemies to work together and fight back, a whirl or taisl and paws oging this way and that. after a few good 20-30 minutes, they all lay littered upon the floor, Sky finishing his grand tale as the yall stand and bow laugihng and everoyne giggling and appluding still. Snow smiles happily, cheering and clapping loudly like i as she says to me privatly* neve r seen Chain so active or talkitive in such avents...this is good! ^^ *me* mhhm! jsut dont let the hard ball of fur hear ya! Or i fear there will be an act we wont be forgetting soon! Jsut rmeeber that diary scene!*we both stop lsughing and sweat for a moment, before i growl* WIAT A SEC! YOU GOT NE AND SCAR DRUNK AND LOCKED US INTO A CAGE FOR THAT!!!!!! *Snow quickly says * next event wqill be presented by Amari and then next Aries! One with a high scored time and tricks of running throguh over and beyond the boundries of a normal dogs ability and then Aries show of magic and fire!! *i look curiously at you* fire...? But her element is wind i thoguht...? *snow only smiles as amauri swats Scar with her tail smirking as she hops up onto the stage howling ot calm everyone down, fgonig throguh hops of fire, of ice, trodding threough pits of mud, running and jumpng, catching a rop and making it across a tank full of electiric eels, doing tricks and amazinf jumps. after thatm Aries, that small dragon slys up and gives us a run for out money, setting percice tihngs afrie with a torch then using her wind albilities t oshow pics and sotires, controlling the untamably dance of the flames into soemting jaw droppnig that held and demanded a respected scilenece. After a few more acts i jsmp up, grabbing Leaf by the collar iwht my teeth an dbacking out onto the stage smiling as we get on there* W-what are you doing?? *i let go and sit on my hind legs, washing myface nad whiskers, purring* its your turn!* Leaf* b-but-!*smiles more* its fine, love ^^ after your act, qill you help me with mine? *flicks tail at Snow* you as well? *Leaf tires to interject again but Snow blares out* Next is Leaf! A magnificent newcommer with no talent!! Give it up! *Leaf stares at me and u shrug laugihng* she said MAGNIFICENT!, whats wrogn abot uthat? *leaf still stares but laughs. i smile and hand him a seeirs of guns and kiss him o ntthe cheek quickly bounding off behind Snow, leering over her shoudler as i whisper soemting and she nodds pushing a few buttons both of us laugihng. Leaf looks to the gun to us then back then jumps as sometihng prods him behind and things start popping out. i yell out* SHOOT BAKA!!! *Snow flinches and swats at me, me grinning weakly and aplogxing some. After a few mintues you start o get the hnag of it, gathiehr ng some noise from the crowd. i sigh* snow? *snmow* hmm? *me* may i try soemtihng? *Snow* sure...? *i hop overt to the controls and girn roughishly turning some dials and nobs, psuhing others ad i mumble* time to ramp this up a bit form dull to hell yeah, wth! *Asynndely theres explosions, lights, fog and mist, moving targets, soem heavily padded robotic dummys coming ad Leaf from all ends, lazer pointers at hi mand walls popping up for him to hide behind. After its all done i laughing hard With snow, he stumbles over nad beofre he cna issue any sort of wording to me, he falls flat on his face, charred in the face with smoke and gun powder. We help sit you int oa chair and i boucne off onot the stage as i grab the mike and yell* alriht my creationss! Snows creatinos! THE NEKOS HEART! Are you ready to see soemtynig frickin awesome!?!? *cheers, i stumblling, bnot acutally expecting them, rubbing the bakc of my head weakly as i get up from beinh entangled with the cord. Shakes self and says loudly* hit it snow! *she puts on soem music and the lights dim, only the stge lit as i motion for Leaf* for my first act, *grabs your shoulder* i will show you how to properly take down a man in defense. *Leaf tires t oturn away but Snow pulls optu a chair saw quickly chaning hi mind and her sanity, i winknig wit ha thumbs up and getting it back from her. I( thorw a couple moves at you before callnig Snow to aid me, and show the propper way to attack in teams, when out numbered, and such. After a whiole we all bow, mostly b/c we cant stand, gring* thank you thank you!!

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