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A Story For Hitrizdl

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1A Story For Hitrizdl Empty A Story For Hitrizdl on Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:54 pm

“Bye guys, see you after school!” William yelled as he grabbed his backpack off of the island in their kitchen and ran out of the house, muffled shouts of him minding himself and having a good day following him out the door and dying in the cool autumn air. He jogged down to the sidewalk and made a left, adjusting the straps on his bag and hoisting the sucker onto his back. He sighed, and then breathed in deeply, loving the cool air as it filled his lungs. A slight breeze flitted past him, teasing his short black hair as it blew on by. He looked around, keeping to the inside of the sidewalk and making sure that he wasn’t about to walk into anyone. He couldn’t believe that he was finally living somewhere as nice as this place. His parents, both of them very hardworking people, had both been given promotions at their jobs and they had been able to afford to finally come out to a nice place such as this neighborhood and live. All of the homes were rather large and bore manicured lawns and sidewalks, not to mention roughly six trees or so at the end of the yards in the front of every house. The entire street was shaded on either side save for in the middle, when the sun would pierce the canopy of leaves and warm the asphalt. Up ahead, he could see the small crowds of students growing thicker as he neared the school. Unlike a lot of neighborhoods that he had seen or heard of in his life, especially seen in the movies, William had never heard of a neighborhood that actually had a school practically in the neighborhood, since it was almost literally right outside the gates, and thought that it was kind of weird, but, then again, he had never been in a such a well off neighborhood before, so, this probably was not too weird. Other than that, they had the usual wonderful collection of stores and places to visit just outside of the community, and that was a rather interesting area to visit, but mostly because of the bookstore. He loved the bookstore, and thinking about it made him wonder if he had remembered to bring a book to read today since it he was supposed to have some tests in his classes today, and he always finished early and loved to read. He crossed the street with another group of students, and then realized that he had luckily been distracted this long from remembering that he was new here. Great, he thought, as his nervousness instantly kicked in, his stomach churning as he made his way through the gates of the school and towards the large flagstone steps. He did some more skillful dodging and weaving, trying to make it to the hallway as the students milled about outside and waited for the first bell to ring for them to be forced to go to class. He nearly made it there without any problems, NEARLY, but then again, he was running on HIS luck, therefore life automatically saw fit to remind him that his luck was not good enough for it to be appreciated like that of everyone else. It was rather appalling, he thought exasperatedly as he clipped a girl with his shoulder and slightly spun her around, some of her books falling from her hands that she had been placing in her bag. He mentally face-palmed himself.

“I am SO sorry! Can you forgive…me?” He placed a book in her hand, and when she looked at him to take it, he saw that she was no ordinary girl. She radiated beauty like the sun radiated heat. She wasn’t dressed in anything fancy like most of the other girls, her dirty-blonde hair hanging down naturally and caressing her shoulders and lower back, framing her face and making her blue-green eyes seem all the more warm, as if they were capable of trapping the light of the sun as surely as they had his soul.

She smiled at him, his legs feeling as if they would mischievously give out just to see him humiliate himself in front of her. “That’s okay, they’re just books, right?”

“What?” Apparently his mind had the same thoughts of mutiny running rampant through its grey matter as it all but fled and stood at a distance, pointing and laughing as him as he tried to rally a coherent thought together, failing more with each successive attempt. “The…” he glanced at the book he was holding, and even then it took him a minute before a thought went off in his head. “The books! Oh no! I mean, erm, yes they are important! Well, unless you meant that it was good that you had not fallen?” His brains laughter petered off, actually feeling sorry for him now to such an extent that it grudgingly decided to start working on a bare level of intelligence before he completely destroyed himself in her eyes.

“Yeah…” she smiled at him again, nearly making him cry with happiness and finally quelling his brain, his thoughts frozen and numb. He quickly averted his eyes, the only thought alive in his mind figuring that it would be good not to see her smile again so that he could at least talk to her with some level of normalcy. “Thanks for the help…?” He could feel her eyes gently boring into him as he stood up straight. He gulped, and managed to gather enough courage to look into them. It was almost not enough. “William!” He was horrified at how he had said his name like a hyper kid talking about his favourite superhero. “I mean, you can call me Will if you want.” He could feel his face flushing with heat and hoped that she did not notice it or read into it too much.

She laughed, making his heart feel lighter with every sweet note that escaped her perfect lips. “It’s very nice to meet you Will. I’m Sharon.” She was still smiling at him when she extended her left hand to him, her right holding her books once more.

He shook it, astounded that he had remembered how to shake, let alone grip her hand firmly. “It’s really nice to meet you too, Sharon. I…I guess that I’ll see you around then?” He was hopeful that he WOULD, and that he also would NOT, since he didn’t want to seem like a bumbling fool every minute of the school day in front of her, and he wanted to impress her, but, then again, how COULD he do that if he didn’t see her?

“I hope so!” She shook his hand warmly and than brought it back down to her side, he eyes still on his. “Who’s your first teacher today?”

He felt himself falling into her eyes, deeper and deeper, and then suddenly realized that she had just asked him something. “Uhm, I’m sorry, what?”
“Who’s the first teacher that you have today?”

“Oh, uhm….” He thought hard for a moment, glad that he was able to do this thinking thing. “Simmons. For Science.”

“Me too! Would you mind if I walked with you to his classroom?”

Yes he did. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to walk; it was taking all of his control to just stand around her…walking might be too much too soon… “No! Not at all!” She smiled at him and confirmed his fears.

“So, are you a new student?” She fell in step next to him as they slowly walked past groups of other students still waiting for the first bell.

“Uhm, yes! Yes I am.”

“Where are you from?”

“Florida. We thought that it was nicer up here, and then my parents came into promotions at both of their jobs, so we decided to finally move to some place nicer.” He managed to smile at her in what he thought was a non-idiotic way and accepted the grudging complement his brain lauded him. His legs and stomach, on the other hand, still needed some convincing.

“Oh wow, I’ve always wanted to go there, you know, to experience the sun and all without the wonderful accompaniment of snow.” He laughed at this, surprised that he was not cackling like some crone or moonstruck calf; both of which he felt he was.



“That’s pretty cool! I never really liked the humidity there though..and that was pretty bad; I prefer it here, actually, near the mountains and everything, especially the added beauty.” He silently congratulated himself on his ridiculously coherent sentence.

“Hmm, I’ve never heard anyone describe this place that way before. I like it.” She smiled at him again, which seemed like the millionth time during the short period that they had been walking. It was almost as if she was trying to make him make a complete and utter fool out of himself.

“Yeah, the moment we moved here,” he paused, staring at one of the pristine walls of the hallway as he recalled the moment he had moved here, “I saw the mountains, and the forests around them, and thought how breathtaking such a brutal, yet gentle, show of force that those mountains were. Restrained beauty, yet almost seeming to be arrogant at the same time. I still haven’t gotten over their splendor, and I hope that I never do.” He finished by looking at her and flashing her a smile. He was startled to suddenly see her cheek flush slightly red, but he quickly thought that it must have been at the thought of something else, or someone else.

“I like how different you are, William. Oh wait,” she laughed in embarrassment and quickly corrected herself, “I mean Will. I’m sorry!”

“Oh no! That’s totally okay for you to call me that! You call me whatever or whenever you want!” his brain mentally smacked him upside the head and rolled its eyes at him. “I mean, you call me whatever you want!” He could feel his face burning now, and knew that she could see it.

She laughed, rolling her eyes for a moment and earning brownie points with his mind. “You’re very cute, too. Maybe I will call you, what’s your cell number?”

His heart skipped a beat and he knew that he could have died there and then, a happy man. “!” He laughed nervously, and then quickly gave it to her before his mind decided to play a trick on him and make him forget it.

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2A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Wed Mar 23, 2011 6:48 am

*stares* eh?!? Me...? B-baka!!!! jeez... *rubs back of head* baka. -.- Mh, c-cool though, thanks! it was aweomse. um, yup. u see this fellow Nekos? We need more of these letter thingys put together in our site. come back!! we're back!!! And i may sound even close to the bordeirng of desperation- so be it!

oh but um..heh...thanks ^^

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3A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Haha Love is Funny! on Wed Mar 23, 2011 6:53 am

Yes ma'am, for YOU! You DO have a deserve SO much more than just this little old story, haha.

And yes! People! Please come back! We all like challenges and friends to mess with and hone our skills with! ^.^

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4A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:05 am

Thats right! Likthe blad of a trained assain...ewait to strike--no wiat..that makes us sound like--huh well i will think of an AWESOME jaw droppnig analogy that will make u liek this! affraid confused Suspect cheers drunken and possibley this elephant then this :scratch but for the most part, for sure this cat get it? haha no? dotn worry... neither do i. jsut go with it and smile. haha .mh ^^ ahd ah- well, no, its cool? we should work on soemtihng for *whispers Snows name* and all! i mean, shes the site captian and my reason for the love to the script! fanatsy random funny fun!!

and shhh!!! the LAST thing i want is people to think im getting soft, jeez...-.-

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5A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:01 am

Heya hit,

Oh and haha, you DO have point..Don't worry people! She's not getting soft! She's still mean and everything to me! That's why she won't let me kiss her in public as much as I would like too! ^.^

And that WOULD be cool! Haha, we ought to!

Last edited by ShallowLeaf on Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:24 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Threat of death)

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6A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:21 am

Grsah- baka, bkaka, take off! i beg you! haha mh... u u gr.... ur fired again. -.-

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7A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:26 am

I did I did, I apologize. I won't do or say anything publicly anymore, I deeply apologize. I haha, didnt mean to embarrass you hit.

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8A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:43 am

Ah! er mh.... i' could be *bows hed* g-gomen... -.-' and ah...i mh..i-its fine a little i guess *rubs back of head looking away then folds arms* i mean mh, firneds do it all the time- haha its bound to happen one way or another and sicne ur a bit more, heh fien but not alot of ill the cats- beware my ninja kitties!! lame..... that doesnt even sound....scary. it would oif i named em Snow (heh heh.....)

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9A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:49 am

Haha well yeah, you could be a bit more kinder, BUT, I know why you sounded so harsh is because you have no experience with that type of stuff and are easily embarrassed in regard to that stuff ^.^

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10A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Fri Mar 25, 2011 11:21 am

*grumbles folds arms and looking at you from the corner of eye grinning a little* Baka...haha mh. perhaps *flicks tail* but even gr. grow. hiss. and all that, haha

Well fellow nekos, i know you may not know/care, ha, i say this alot, but ones buesiness is ther own and others dont usually care too much, but my firned is ALive!!!!!! I had feared b/c of the flood. I am sure my oki firneds r ok, but mh, i would like to hear from you fellas as a shout out!!! But yes!! Good news for that ^^

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11A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Fri Mar 25, 2011 11:24 am

Haha *grins and puts an arm around your shoulders, smiling at you and rolling my eyes*


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12A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Fri Mar 25, 2011 11:42 am

*swivles head to try and bite u, laughing some and decideing instead to rest again u, squishing u as much as i can, smilnig happily to self luaghing more* mh, yes it is!! And i miss the team one knows we are back! must we recruti new too? i mena, im alwyas open for that ,haha, but i would like our oldies to come as well!! was jsut getting to know them and ideas and and and *sniffs* miss em hahahaha jeez, but mh yes. final shout of Nekoens! COME THE HELL BACK!!! YES I AAAMMMM BEGGING YOU NOW! I HAVE NO SHAME! (see the personal connectiong b/w Auk and i now guys? haha ^^)

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13A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Fri Mar 25, 2011 11:44 am

*Flinches for a second with a startled laugh, then smiles, laying my head against yours and squeezing you back too, kissing the top of your head and patting it fondly*

I miss them too! Although..I didn't know any of them! Haha

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14A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:05 pm

*glares up at u laughing some and sticking tongue out* mh yes. so then., what ot talk about now then? Huh...tacos? OH! did you know Taco bell has this AWESOME $5 deal meal, u get about 3-4 different tihngs nad they are ALL amazing, u buy one and can spilt it b/w 3 people. its a wodnerufl deal and taste amazing! and guys, i dont do good with spicy food, just too much for my taste buds (ruined mine somewhat when iwas it or not, but i was not always this amzeingly smart, haha-as my spelling prooves my blunder) but this stuff rocked! not too strong or weak. ^^ the those cinommon things wer ewtih it!!! what are those things? i lvoe em!!

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15A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:43 pm

*grins some more and laughs, shaking my head* No I did not! Awesome! now I want some, haha ^.^ that stuff! Hahahaha ^.^ What else do you wanna chat about? I LOVE your stories and random info!

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16A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:07 pm

*titls head really?*grins and leans comfortably up in tree, grabbing and apple as its passed throguh my whiskers almsot right into my paws, giving me little effort in catching it, the second i have to lean over a bit and catch it, looking at it and grinnig throwing it at you saying 'here' somewhat hitting ur head by acicdnet and flinching wit ha weak grin and Snow droped down to my branch apples in her arms nad one stuffed partially in her mouth, her smile still aparent. i laugh and nod my thanks*

ah thank god u do, haha, or it semes thats the noly thing i am capaiable of....... ^^ rarely does a well stirahgt forwad intelegent conversation go thorugh--actuallty i can tihnk of none, haha ^^

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17A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:13 pm

*Raises an eyebrow at you questioningly with a grin on my face and shakes my head, taking the apple and tossing it back at you* no thanks, I hate raw apples ^.^

What're you talking about? We have plenty intelligent conversations and what-not! They are just not easily apparent as being so sometimes ^.^

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18A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:57 pm

i somehow feel like i got complemented and insulted *motinios to snow and she nods as i swing upside down, my legs twine on the branch and my tail curved, moving my body so Snow can slid down the apples and i catch them, hailing the mat u vbarking how ur an idiot and they're good for u D***it*

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19A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Fri Mar 25, 2011 2:05 pm

*Rolls eyes and takes one grudgingly, taking it and eating it unwillingly, making a face at the taste*

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20A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Fri Mar 25, 2011 2:19 pm

*sihs irrtiably* fine fine, grabs snows offerpaw and motinos towards u oeim back up with only one wordI* Snow?* She smiels and nods as she yells thorwing soemtihng* Have it cooked then! *and we quickly scurry away, aa pulled gernade wqith an evil twin smiles, painted like an apple smiling at u, then blowing up, both of us knowcked off our tail and rollling and slamming or skidding to a halt a few secounds later. we look over and grin laugihng hard, u still standingwith a wtf look, apples all around u perfeclty baked. we walk back over laugihng* Snows speical! Does jsut the trick without so much of the tick! *snow adds holding a micophone swinging the cord about* has a bang but it goes the thing! *togheer we add close tour face* Buy today now now for the price of ur dignity!! *laughs hard grabbign and eatingapples*

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21A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Fri Mar 25, 2011 2:32 pm

*Stands in shock and looks at you guys with surprise and wonder and anger, and then laughing grabbing an apple and eating it experimentally, enjoying the taste and plopping myself happily on the ground and eating it, blowing you a kiss and winking at you*

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22A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Fri Mar 25, 2011 2:50 pm

*jaw drops and qyuickly smarshes trhe apples in my arms inbto Snows face so as to hide my red and scowling, afirad of wehat u might do, promtley sitting on u and eating, irnogring pleas, eyes snow careuflly sure she will do something that could go either way for both of us...*

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23A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Fri Mar 25, 2011 3:10 pm

*utters muffled yells but stills self and shakes my head, growling lightly and patting your back, saying" Touchè my dear! Well played!

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24A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:37 pm

Ello my good man, furry friend and any other Nekoeons! Wanted t oshout out a hey and wll hey!!
Was chating with an old friend and i mentioned icecream b/c dad and i just randomly got one near 10 tongiht b/c we felt like it and hadn't had any in a while! Well anyway- i remeber Destiny and I went to the pool near the beginning of the year and were well swimming ha, and this guy walks by with an icecream cart. so we get out of the water and i ask. "Hey, you wasnt some?" Debates a little ofr a few moments. "Nah, he's too far away now." And i jsut shrug. "You sure? I mean, i know i want some! Sounds good-you konw?" And as soon as she said yes i yelped ok and sprinted like hell to the guy. hjaha the LOOK on his face hwne he realized my death sprint was aimed ofr him, hte look on my friends face behind me, i was laughing so hard, i dont know how i cuaght him. haha. but i did!
mh- fun everyday ^^ got an argumentive essay to work on (haha peah...going to put it off one more ngiht..mgiht work some on it, heh) but why do you fellas care!? well i dont so um ,nevemrind! *grins proudly for some odd reason* ah yeah..who doesnt lovce the old fasion cartoon dancing? My firend and k and i do it often! (u jsut wiggle ur finger! haha) mh yuuuup. right sorry guys, later! oh and love you Leaf

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25A Story For Hitrizdl Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Sat Apr 02, 2011 9:56 pm

Haha, I cna only imagine what your friend's faces looked like, and especially the face of that ice cream guy! Hahaha geeze, you have yet to have a boring part in your life, right Hit? Mh ^.^ And I love you too Hit ^.^ Very much so ^.^

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