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A Story For Hitrizdl

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26A Story For Hitrizdl - Page 2 Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Mon Apr 25, 2011 5:33 am

i was abortu t osay 'i love you, i really do' too haha when this guy in this song from the radio jsut said those dsame words!!! hahaha!!!! forget you i tihnk its called? odd as hell it alot to they do, but i guess its not bad--kind of funy i tihkn. but yes! i love you!~!!! and hye..what the hell people? This..pardon my words Snow, reonioon sucks!! does ANYONE rmeeber the plan to reunite and bring this place back to life? i check it about 5 times or at least everyiem i pop up the intenret, to see if someone siad soemtihg!!! wake up people we be g of you! hell, no i beg! the others cna beg o ntheir own, yes, i dont care abotu begginig this time, me beg *gets onknees* see? i beg. i ereally need $5 for this cool giant iceream--im ena, i um, wnatu all to come bakc! yeah!!!! i'll even...spell check EVERYTHING i've ever wrtitten on ehre an for now on too.

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27A Story For Hitrizdl - Page 2 Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Wed Apr 27, 2011 5:34 am

Ah, but, why are you letting him speak for you, eh? Haha. And oh...that one song by Mr. Green, heh, yeah, I guess it's an okay song, but could be so much better and such! I liked the iteration that Gwenneth Paltrow (If that is how you spell her name) performed on Glee, and it sounded SO much better!

Oh wow, she is begging so much, and so passionately that she is misspelling almost every single word! She is serious!!! ^.^

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28A Story For Hitrizdl - Page 2 Empty Re: A Story For Hitrizdl on Tue May 17, 2011 10:14 am

H-hey?!?! Ha, t-thanks i tihnk...really -.-' But mh, i know, oyu have that song on your ipod, haha, they're both okay, but i seriously think its funny when he sings that one odd part!!!

speaking of music...I LOVE IT!! guy ,guyw, guys, guys, guys!ame em. good ones, you like, or strnage or hate and why!!!!!!

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