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Are You Excited?

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1Are You Excited? Empty Are You Excited? on Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:54 pm

I figured this is the best way to ask, you know? Anyone ready for another year of heart pounding suspense? No I'm serious...I hate getting my reportcards-even Knowing it's good...-.-' Another year-its been many years since we met now, huh Snow? As well for a few of you others-only a few people on here I've known longer! How has everyone been? We HAVE been writing, honest! Just no posting-though i try to check here before i go on to procrastinate ^^ I'm typing slower in hopes of...well...less mispells. Good luck this year everyone! I hope we can liven back up the site once more too! WOOHOO!!!! ^^ Finally, one step closer to begin done with this! (ps. those im personally writing with, in any form-let me know when you're available, i shall pick up my slack, i swear it!) Have a great night and day everyone!

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2Are You Excited? Empty Re: Are You Excited? on Mon Aug 22, 2011 6:55 am

It really is a nice thought to know that your always excited, I'm fine. Sadly though i have not been writing as long as you and many other here or as much in fact, but i will try me best!!
8(> w <)8

Sorry this is a diffrent subject but what is the diffrents between Neko Stories and Stories?

Have a great day everyone!!!

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3Are You Excited? Empty Re: Are You Excited? on Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:26 am

Me? Haha well thank you ^^ I love to write, though I have procrastinating like hell ^^' And good! You best be fine!! Ya hear that Dix--Jiku ^^ haha study Oh? Its fine if you are not a full time writer ha, this is meant to be for fun and when you feel like it, not a job of a full time gig my friend! Write when you want-what What ya want! And no that is fine--the stories are actual books we are working on-minus ASWAT for some reason...? Ah well--so much editing going on it that one, ican't blame it. But yes! Neko stories is more or less to to write what you want-free for all-short whatevers- and stories are only able ot be posted by Snow in the story forum- i mean a new post-- i can add to the ones already made. Basically you wreite a story and it looks like you'll go n with it, you request it to go t othe books and ta-da! You got yourself a spot to do it!! Awesome, no?

Yes! Will do! (no choice either guys--you must be jumping through f-ing rainbows happy -.-)

ps. Just got 9 big books under $50, hell yeah its good today! ^^

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4Are You Excited? Empty Re: Are You Excited? on Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:42 am

my goodness, that is a good day, i can't help but ask where? XD
wow i didn't know that about the stories fourms, sounds hard
thank you for that infomation and good luck with that too Very Happy
and yes that totally sounds amazing!!

thanks again and have another great day 8(> w <)8

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