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Tick tock bome

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1Tick tock bome  Empty Tick tock bome on Mon Dec 12, 2011 12:20 pm

In a small room in a house barely seen on the busy road, sat a girl alone in front of a computer screen. The walls were purple with a also purple borderline, that had a many copy of a cartoon character that when almost around the room. Almost because of the irregular shape, because of this it was called the purple room. The character also covered the walls, for it was the theme of the room. Along one side of the room was a giant deep crack that pushed inward to the room. Usually covered by a bed that would be place there in the day. Another bed layed on the floor horizontal to the other. A room she knew someone slept in, a room that was only meant to hold those rare guest that came, but it could not be help.

She would stay in this room for at least eight hours once a week on the only useable computer located in the home. As she sat in front of the computer screen typing, heavy thoughts enter her mind. The song she was listing to had lost it charm to her, but played to denie the thought that held on to her. But every time it would pause she would stop and look at the half-open door and strain her ears to hear anything abnormal. She would stop and look around the room to ease herself, then go back to typing. She had been going though some of her accounts, trying to remember both her username and passwords. But the though stayed with her. She wanted to not think about it until her time was up. It was such a sad and upsetting though, it always made her tense. She didn't want to go yet, here she at least didn't have face it like she always did. Didn't have to worry to much or at least try to make sure things were okay. She looked at the time and place her hands to her face and gave a heavy sigh. So many thoughts were passing through her mind. Of the past, present, how the day when and the tight tension that loomed all around. She shook her head as she heard faint voices she knew. "Their killing us" and logged off.

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2Tick tock bome  Empty Re: Tick tock bome on Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:00 pm

i feel that i should say sorry about the story. Is not very good and looking back...its not good at all. Thanks for cheeking it out thought and all that jazz. i well improve...hopefully.

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3Tick tock bome  Empty Re: Tick tock bome on Sun Mar 18, 2012 8:34 am

To be honest mate, I do like what you were trying to go for, I can see this possible evolving into soemthing quite great! The few small normal problems of spelling errors (not that I can say much haha) and repetition of words, the only big problems i see if soem flushnig and more defining we need to do. It's ok at this point if you want me to be blunt. I wouldn't post it up on the story board just yet, but can you tell me what ideas you had for this, you had soemtihng in mind when you wrote it yes? A little play of words, a switch here and ther,e and i think youll come to be shocked you even wrote it! ^^ I'll help, jsut let me know and tre-read what you wrote- if its not clear- make it. we can make it pretty after we can see it.
Do you udnerstand what I mean, heh? ...^^'

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4Tick tock bome  Empty Re: Tick tock bome on Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:48 am

Thank you very much for liking this idea and thank you for pointing out what I need to improve on. I've never really done this before and do wish to write more properly.

Unfortunately I can't recall the idea for this story. It was a random idea on the dot that I posted up, sorry for taking up space. I wanted something with suspense and a air of mystery. Again really sorry and thank you for the comment.

Oh! is their a way here where I can practices on my writing? or is that not allowed? Or can i just run my ideas to you through messages? If you don't mind that is and don't feel like you have to also okay. Thank you again and sorry for the late reply.

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5Tick tock bome  Empty Re: Tick tock bome on Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:47 am

BWAHAHAHAA!! Mate! Dixia! What do you think this site IS!? Hahaha man, for gods sake does anyone even remember? Of course, write to your hearts content with no fear and we'll give back honest and hopefully helpful feed back, jeez ^^ ^^ ^^ Its fine, and if it was on the spot, try it again. alot of stories and rps we done tarted randomly in the middle. the story TLT i began freshman year started with me jsut wanting to write, so i started little funny scenes, and ended up gonig off one for a while. the part i wrote on the computer a few years later i added as the begging of the little story i sprung off from. and itied in a few other short page stories into it, ill show u sometime ^^ writing is suppsoe to be fun- it s thereputic did ya know? Dont make it work and dont do it if it fels like it, only do it when its something that feels like it IS fun, something you'll enjoy! Nothing great comes from force.

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6Tick tock bome  Empty Re: Tick tock bome on Mon Aug 13, 2012 2:13 am

YOU ARE AMAZING !! Just reading that and I feel like I can write great stuff, or at least good stuff, or not to well but almost there but not really there stuff. Thanks that did wonders on me ♥!

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7Tick tock bome  Empty Re: Tick tock bome on Mon Feb 04, 2013 4:53 pm

I...Oh. Um, well thank you very much Dixia! ^^ its been a while hasn't it? I try to check up on here every few weeks or months to see if anything new has come along. I graduated High School last year and work at the closet place at hand to home, in a gas station by myself. I can't go to college til our luck turns around.Bit of a long story, as always, but we are able to eat and lal those grand things, so things are just fine. ^^ How about on your end? Lets try Facebook eh? I don't really go on very much honestly but have been making a better effort due to family deals and distant friends ^^' Victoria Hitriz! I have a wolf picture in snow and in chains as my profile pic. you add yeah? Matter of fact, anyone may do so, just know I am not huge on it ^^'

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8Tick tock bome  Empty Re: Tick tock bome on Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:47 pm

long time no read!!
congratulation on your graduation from high school!!!
sorry to hear about your tough times, hope it'll get better.
I'm fine, thx for asking. You?
I was being to think i was the only one who came here.
I understand though, their are more important things.
yeah I have one too, but I don't go on it as much too.
Glad to hear from you !!

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9Tick tock bome  Empty Re: Tick tock bome on Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:11 pm

So the more important question...have you been writing? One of the most recent private stories I am writing was a personal challenge and may be over my head..its...ah..hah...awkward and embarrassing but its suppose to be sweet. I had a friend make a few point and I being an anime and manga was Bound to happen!! But its still weird..-.-' Nevermind that though!! ^^

No kidding about the long time mate; sigh...I really need to work on this. I am going to get a full time job at a body shop working with computers and people as well as cars. Just need my license. Can't wait ^^ Well...I just don't enjoy it...dads mood has never been great-- he is very humorous and fun and all..but that TEMPER and its been worse in these last 5 months getting even more worse. I don't even get out of the driveway before he is screaming at me all the way to work; only making it all worse..-.-'

Thanks! ^^ I don't find something like that really anything, when I get to college and beat THAT then, and only Then, will I celebrate and feel proud. ^^ don't know the HALF of it, but hey, there is still a slim chance we will keep our house, dunno yet. ^^' Things could be worse though. I thank you mate, I hope times stay good for you! ^^

I'm breathing *grins rubbing back of head* not much more than that ^^ I'd like to be getting more than a meal a day but what can you do? (I am NOT starving just, kind snacking on things and really only eating one meal usually being a can of soup). Sigh..I love food so much too T.T

HAHAI know I know, I've been horrible, bad, an ass ^^' I am to get on much more though. I make a point to check this, and post too! See? ^^

Sure there may be, but I think year spans between post is a BIT much eh?

Ha well add me when you can pal, be nice! My mom usually post bad stuff up so you can get a kick out of that ^^ haha

Mh, same to you, I am relieved you are at least here ^^ I noticed we had a few new people but I never got to talk to them..bit bummed on that ^^' Ah well, lets liven up the place again shall we pal? I'll do my very best!! *salutes* ^^

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