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1 HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE on Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:35 am

Been working all day in the kitchen cooking and baking for this hoilday. :D Need to go back now

hope everybody is having a great day today

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2 Re: HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE on Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:07 pm

Haha thanks mate ^^ Glad to hear your Easter went well ^^ Mine was horrifying O.o My 'friend' Riley is what you would call a girl through and through and if you recall mate, I'm a tomboy- I never once even owned a skirt, dress, make up, or any of that...Well she has bugged me for the last year to do my hair, put make up on, dress me up, etc, ya know? SO finally I decide since it was a holiday and no one had any money o really do anything that I'd let her 'straighten' it. I bit my lip and let her get it over with. Now mind you, this girl is smaller than me and though able to carry her own stuff, strong doesn't come to mind. Well she got all happy about the hair thing and wanted to put make up on now. I argued the case fiercely. She gave in and said she would only do something called cover up. Like hell. I still argued I needed Nothing on my face. It went on like that until this psycho literally pins me with her frickin Legs to the ground and forcibly places this cover up on me! I am not sure what kind of hold that was but my arms were crushed against my body and the move a struggled my head the more she would try to crush me with this amazingly little person strength- using her other hand to hold my head still. T.T Horrible. T.T I mean what the hell..who pins their friend to the ground with their legs and does that!!? O.o After I was free I kept my guard up like a wild animal. She laughs about it still. My father and other friend Madi only giggled about it. Yeah...thanks. That was this years Easter. Woo-hoo. -.-

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