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uh-huh...right, sure you are

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1uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty uh-huh...right, sure you are on Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:57 am


well how about a roleplay with all the members? just for the heck of it, so we get to know eachother better!? plus its fun and im always in for a good laugh! okay, so call me hit (of coarse u already know that ,now dont u snow and blackcat?) im a white bangel tiger (my spelling stinks), thats about it. so come on! snow made these tihngs so lets put 'em to work!! ugh...idk if i like that word work, sounds like about...lets use! forget it! just use them or soemthing!

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2uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Thu Aug 13, 2009 3:57 am


hitrizdl wrote:well how about a roleplay with all the members? just for the heck of it, so we get to know eachother better!? plus its fun and im always in for a good laugh! okay, so call me hit (of coarse u already know that ,now dont u snow and blackcat?) im a white bangel tiger (my spelling stinks), thats about it. so come on! snow made these tihngs so lets put 'em to work!! ugh...idk if i like that word work, sounds like about...lets use! forget it! just use them or soemthing!

Hmmm...i supose i'll take this as a no to you guys then? well...alright...*grumbles and fidjets with sting on jacket.* so what now then? *sighs and slumps down in a tree, laying down, facing the tip of the branches.* can u hand me a sweet tea plz? not in mood for soad right now...*i take the water bottle filled with tea and nod my thanks.* not too bad out today... think i'm gonig ot go hang outside for a bit*gets up and stetches* well, whenever someone replies make sure you do it beofre i die of boredom... late *jumps out of tree, turns around waves grinnig stupidly, then jumps off cliff into water, yelling 'CANNON BALL!!!!'. get out of water and runs off* see u all later then!!! --dotn touch my spot! i evne put up a sigh so no mistakes in it! *glares behind shoulder* yes, that means you too me lips, NO-To-uchie! None! ...thanks. i expect that to be in its place when i get back! *i eye snow and blackcat suspisoucly then run off*

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3uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Mon Jan 11, 2010 7:05 am


OK! Snow- you know the site- zetapets/mythodreas? wella while back, i started up a new club (sicne they wiped ours out) im gonig ot scratch it out too myself, just had to write soemtinhng down is all- i wanted ot make back ground stories for all my pets one day on that site- didint get far- only a small summary of the first one i ever got-so im posting it here (i wanted you to read, to see what you think, seeing how we are always role-playing aobut being in public, i highyl doubt in real life, peolpel would be so calm or let us passs by without notice, if we walked as we were- so enjoy the breif note, k? alright!)

The names Pussinboots2. Yeah...that's a real name, what you make of it? Call me puss, boots or flake (gold flake on account of the fur?) Okay, to put it short sweet and simple, I'm adopted. Well sort of. Hit (that’s what I call my partner/friend up here, kind of saved my neck. It happened a while back, been together for a little over 3 possible 4 years now. It’s been a quite life mostly. But when we do go out, we've have a heck of a time. It's a very complicated subject to explain as to how I came into the care and guidance of Hit. So here's the rap of it. Not going to explain at this time why, but my clan/herd/family/gang/peers/ pack, whatever you want to call them suddenly went raving mad a few years back. started attacking everything and everyone, even themselves. i usually got into a lot of trouble, so i was doing 'character building' work (aka, hard labored chores for the lazy and old) by fetching some water in buckets for the old fashion types without indoor plumbing and junk. i came back into this mess. i was confused when they started to attack me. unsure how to respond, i ran. now, I’m no coward and all, but i couldn’t fight them. i mean, gladly I’d have fought every last one of them, but this wasn't right. so i left. As far as i could go. i spent about a week running, and traveling. starving and drinking puddles and even degrading myself into scraps from people and trash cans. i never been so thin in my life. and just when i thought i couldn’t make it, i see something out of the corner of my eye. instinctively after all that i had been through that week, i jumped up and snarled, claws out and everything, rearing to go. that’s when I saw her. Hit. i stood frozen, my face frozen in a half snarl. she had a human posture, and those around her seemed to be a human. but when the light was reflected into my eyes, i saw her for what she was. a cat. but not just a cat. a white tiger. trailing beside her playfully was another person like cat. both were white. but she was pure white. came to know her as Snow. The two seemed to chat with an odd crowd that followed. It looked like a bunch of kids, preteens. and teens just hanging out and having good clean fun, but in my eyes i saw many things. dragons, wolfs that looked like dogs, people with gifts, dragons disguised as birds flying close by. all kinds of critters. even a vampire and a full bodied knight! in black armor! not a single peep hole! even in her human form, she seems to slip into the shadows. but she stuck out next to the tall autumn color hair and pale skinned boy. and then i saw 3 kits, looking much like 8-12 year old siblings. i was shocked and speechless. i looked around and saw another cat. i probed them and pointed over to the passing by 'people' and asked 'who are they?' 'oh Them? Cant really say if you don’t already know. but they're best to stay away with. the Nemo’s' 'Nemo’s?' 'means nobody in Latin.’ ‘why would they be called that?' 'just look at them? their neither human or creature. their not really even a mix. their Nemo’s. -oops, got to run!' 'w-wait!' but before i knew it she was gone and so was the passer buyers. Nemo’s huh? Well i figured, what could it hurt? i emerged form the shadows-oh, i said this was going to be short, huh? ok so basically i made contact with them and they agreed to help me. check out the forums in the club to find out what happened to me, my clan, and new friends!!

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4uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Mon May 24, 2010 7:08 am


LOL your funny when your lonely Very Happy
hope I'm doing this right XDD
so whats the story then?
any ideas at all?
well come up with something, okay
I want to play XDDD

5uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Mon May 24, 2010 7:13 am


H-hey!!!! *grumbles* ...Alright, sounds cool!! What kind of style you like? (um...well...i dont think i worded that rgiht-lets try that again) okay! Whats your..genre? aw dang it, what kind of rp u have in mind? *sighs and slumps down* take ur time, i'll try not ot get lost in my little world over here.

((you know to be honest, that first line still hits me, ahh!! i mean, good hummored so i find it amusing, but i feel like crying and laughnig! ha its sadly true!! WHAT AM I TO DO!?))

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6uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Mon May 24, 2010 7:31 am


I 'm in the mood for horror right now
or some life death thing Razz
any ideas?

7uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Mon May 24, 2010 7:34 am


horror huh? interesting... makes me think of my sibling... but alright! firs things first, fantays, realtic, future, past, and how will it be? form childish an clean-to God Of War graphic.

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8uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Mon May 24, 2010 7:43 am


seeing how i dont really know mcuh to anything about you, im at a lost as to what would intrst im to spill out a few, u tell me what comes clsoe to home, and we'll work from there? --well wait, one problem? i like humor in my stuff, evne if is scary..but do u want it PURE scary? no funny business? le tme post up soemtihng like that i wrote a few years ago,really late and runnig on Dr. Pepper.

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9uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Mon May 24, 2010 7:53 am


(not veyr good since i wrote this about 2-3maybe even 4 years ago. It was part of a nightmare i had. just the mans shadow, everytihnng else was unreleated and made up-later!)
As She walks by she notices he has no shadow. She follows the man around many twist and turns till late day to find out why. He finally stops and without turning around he demands what she wants. The girl, petrified when the man turns around, doesn’t answer. His face is half blown off and half molded and rotted. Maggots and worms sliver through his old ragged cloak and his voice is so high pitched it could crack any piece of glass had he spoke louder than a whisper. The girl starts to run unable to say a word. The man watches her then slowly turns around and continues to walk on. The girl finally makes it back to her street and stops while taking deep, rapid breaths. She feels a small chill and rubs her arms to keep warm. She screams in horror when she feels a moist, bony feeling. She looks down and sees her hands being slowly rotted away and it crawling up her arms. Before she can scream again. She was completely rotted away, and the last thing she saw was a shadow, but not of a man, but of a monster… The girl wakes to find herself in bed and lets out a relieved sigh. She turns on the light and just stares blankly…for she has no shadow…

(sorr,y i know it sucks, ha, but an idea as to what u may or may not like? will help u know!)

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10uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Sat May 29, 2010 12:36 am


its good i guess -_-
but how about some demons
humor okay
it will spice thing up Very Happy

11uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Sat May 29, 2010 1:02 am


Demons, huh? Alright! A humrous, scary roelplay. This wil lbe fun! (and i told you that other thing sucked, and ha, it wasnt a roleplay or anytihng, i jsut had been reading too many of those 'Stories to tell after dark books' too much-and gave me the idea. Alright then!! Demons demons...
well, want ot start off with some bios? or the plot first?
If i may, can i do twins, a brother and sister? if not, i'll either have a lone, or an oddly open one. ha, wait, if its scary, i want to have the dumb blond demon that dies in the begining by triping over notihng! plz? yes!? plz!? oh well-um. yeah. so what was ur idea, then?

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12uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Wed Jun 16, 2010 4:11 pm


Was my ideas or questinog really that horrid!? AH GOMEN!! Im sorry- but im so use to a kind of system, i cant really just write off on the spot like that. i need some ground before i can walk, you know what i mean?

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13uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:29 am


lol that sound cool and funny Very Happy
sure you can do twins Smile
or the blond demon lol
hmm does that mean we can play more than one person??

i think first plot then bio
and for bio can we load pic in as our character

as for idea not sure yet ;-;
i was think maybe in a ghost town
or locked in a very big mansion or something like that
for location ( got that form another RPG I'm playing in, sadly its going slow )
just something creepy

but who's going to be the one in control of it all?
we need hot bad guys D:<
hmmm...action, twist and turns, two face people thing, deceivers, lies who lie that their the lies, both that meek and the shy, ( is that the samething XDD ) singers, killers, creepy love, that crazy old man who throw things at people when that get to close to his lawn, anything that can fit in with the story line XDD


well what about you? ideas ? plot?

14uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:00 pm


hahah, i love it all-even made me laugh as i started to picture and imagine things! and hmm..tihs is ur genre and idea- so u can be boss- but its up to u. if u want, we can make Bob boss. (bob is an awesome name-dont question it. just nod) ah-everytime i tihkn of bob, a particualr quote coems to mind-> 'my imaginary friends think you have serious problems' and u know what? they do. but i should stop talking ot mysefl and to u now

I APOLIGIZE FOR THE LONG WAIT!! having difficutles with ocmptuer/family/ life/ weather/escuse/random/okay! gomen.

and di u say i sound cool AND funny? oh man, i do rock. Wink Rolling Eyes haha

hmm....well, im sorry to have also made this roleplay slow--even if...we hadnet really began. and pics huh?? sure thing, i tihk i can find some-and if all else fials, i can try my hand at drawing a few demonds-could prove to be fun!! alright, im pumped now!!!-no wait- i jsut need to go, brb/. ah ok, better. dont worry, i washed my hands. no seriously i did. hey-when u gotta go, u gotta go-but its not like i'm gonig to talk about it for 5 hours *5 hours later* spins faster in hotels--you know? What a Face

no ok, back to buisness. well to be honest, the idea of a huntermasnion apealed ot me the best, but when i thoguht about it-do u want to really hold it off in one spot? paerhpas a combination of the ideas? when u talk about all this a move comes to mind- the nightmare before christmas and all. i will check out that one anime u and Snow mentioned-my computer willing, ha. to as get a better idea. and tomrorw, once grandpas gone (doenst like noise much) i'll check out those vids u posted up a while back. i tihkn that might be enoguh for me to get the idea for it.

more than one charater? *grins and folds arms* sure- do a 100-if u tihnk u can handle it. haha-no, im sure u could veyr wle do more. my god-when i first started writing years back, with snow actually- we'd role play with so many characte,r and keep them striaght in line too- even asi look back, consiering myself and memor,y im amzaed at how we, let alone i, managed it. and even thoguh its been nearly 5 years- i still can rmeebeer em. personality, looks, likes, dislikes, problems, manners (if anyhaha), etc? its...simple. i love it! i can picture it all, just like a movie. but mh. ah-sorry. babbling.

hot bad guys? w-well, i wotn say no-ha, but if -ah...must htye all be bad? or is one going to become good-and one that was good go bad? (at a part of the two faced leing type of thing umentioned?)_ ah, wlel never the less, i secound the motion for the-eh-hot*cough* guys *cogh* I AGREED TO NOTHNIG! Embarassed
yes yes, i am rather imature at times, but ha. hm. no comlaints. jsut rmeebe,r they msut be wearing somethng- this i a-moderatly family firnedly site. heh heh.

and ideas huh? alright!!

so we'll set pu charaters laster- but here it goes. reaosns will be filled in soon. but somereason or antoehr, a group- or maybe a few demons, form around are in some kind of ghost town- all lsot or there for one reason or antoehr- or hlel, u knw ,what, lets say they all were 'invited' for some kind of 'party' or soemthing-or wlel, each had their reasons- black mail, party invite, etc. a few of them happen to know eachtoehr (for better or worse- aka, soem hate eachtoehr, others kind of like, some related- and so on-and perhaps a tag alogn or two-and a pet or two-jsut love them) anyho,w so they all make it to the mansion- go in, despite it being creepy and many of the mbickering with eathother (we'll need someone to take charge for a bit-- i will have my twins bikering much with eachotehr) and the dumb blond-hmm..i questino as if to jsut have her killed to set the drama in for it all, or a compelty random openilng with her runing-haha. i'll think.
so they go in, get locked in-like huntermasion- couldnt even break the glass b/c it regerneated or sometihng. and they are trying to find a way out- voices, and wierd things, people bakc stabbing, etc. we'll develp the plot as we go along, or more so even now if u agree to this- if u like the idea.... -.-'

no when u say demons, i would like to know, will they all or any had a human or half human apreance, will it be more like the nightmare before christmas, or will it be full blodded demonic looking? i can really do much if i am not sure where to start there. (aka, my ground)

and well- i'll stop there until u answer-and sorry ocne more. idid not blow u off, and a, rather glad u seem to be getting excited and into this! *grins* very glad! alreayd im looking even more fowrad to writing with u! later!! *waves*

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15uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:10 am


it's okay that ur late to replay Very Happy

well to be honest i though you were going to take control
of our game. I'm really not good at plots or storyline, or putting thing in order.(Plus I've never been a boss of an rpg b4)

as for location I was thinking of multiple area.

a mansion -- the main building that everyone sees depending on your location. It very big with many rooms and secret cambers.

a forest -- starts thin but the deeper you go the thick it gets to the point that hardly any light comes through
and you lose your sense of direction.

a graveyard -- I'm thinking multiple ones like 2 or 3 a main one, located behind the mansion but far off just enough to be seen(did that make sense?)and some small but pact(grave are very close together)located in the forest and a random one, basically it appears and disappears in different location and yes even in the mansion.

a ghost town -- again multiple, 2 or 3 they all disappears and reappear like that one graveyard. each are different

1st gt - normal condition for people to live in mainly building but only shadow of people are there

2nd gt - same thing only more traditional home with a circles and carnival there with dark thing going on, more info later

3rd gt - smaller and looks more abandon then the other

maze/catacomb- both above and underground

that's all for now bit too lazy at the moment

character XDDD

hot men can be on either side (if their is one)
control as much as you think you can control. Yeah can be in any from but be aware that humans will run away when your are seen in your non-human like from. (?)
to lazy to properly think


yes they all will have their own reason why, mainly invented all that stuff u said and kidnapped. I like the idea of the guest knowing some of the other and the whole relationship they have, hate,like,related etc. good times, good times (really like the idea).

that all i can think of for now tell me if i missed anything in your replay Very Happy

I'm so happy XDDD

16uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:57 am


Ah! As am i!! You liekd one of my ideas!? SWEET! And really...? You've NEVER lead ANY rp...? You seem to be doing a fine job enough! If theres anything ican do, i will help, but you seem very well suited for this! Don't sweat it! *grins and nods*

and ha- as many characters i can handle, huh? Once make a few bios on paper and have a basic idea for each- there's no limit. you seem qutie organinzzed (or well, enoguh, ha, more than i!actually-still have teachers barking about that to me...) so pehaps u should consider so urself if u want? and yes!! i dont want you to have to think everytihng down to the esact detail at all yet! ha, so long as we have a basis (and we do now!) we can creatre more as well go now! awesome!

and the graves tihng- acutally, when i lived in japan- alot of people have thier own family (off base, mind you)cremated and burried (well, big tombstone like tihing) in there very back yards. quite common. and i got what u meant, ha, dont worry. it sounds aweosme! my friends and i would play a game where u held ur breath till u passed them. and let me tell u...when driving for a wihle off base- it sucked- nearly passed out, haha. i tihnk i may have a few characters try that ot save some boredom as they move along? heh. if u dont mind that is of course though! and a moving grave..yes...rumors or stuff liek that many places- i lvoe that. perhaps even a little soemtihng more than jsut the grave- but with a trick or two up it? can be debated from like a ghost, to where u touch it and it places u in a random location -or heck, they get locked in this masion, find this grave- touch it, and they end up in the mdidle of that dforest- and make it out into one of the ghost towns?
duntknow. spilling out ipdeas is all. gomen. ha. *rubs back of head* i am trying. im sorry.

so um. please share ur ideas now? (i'll brb, to read ur reply once i well, get back. ha. it sohuldnt take too long.) *waves anbs salutes* good luck soldier!

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17uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:48 am


wow love that idea on the graveyard!!! the whole touch and BAM! your somewhere else!! love love love !! ><

so...ummm....sorry that i haven't been replying ^_^;;

I really doubt I'll be a good leader on this rp of ours
well i can't think of anything else at the moment other then out plot/storyline opening and the tittle of our game, can't think of any though...

and i most also say you write alot O_O
i mean i'm not trying to say that's bad or anything but don't get the wrong idea i'm just deeply impress...deeply impress...

so anyways for the characters we put basic info on them, pictures are okay.

Hair color
Eye color

well that all for now Sad
well all that i can think of, can't help but think that i may have missed something... oh well
and what are your thoughts? :3

18uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:53 am


I have been thinking about this rpg for a good while
i have re-read this and i like a good amount of it...
i really think i'm just going to have a swing at it and just go for it without thinking it all the way through...
know what i mean...
thought i'm not sure when though...silly me
oh well good luck to me and the rpg, if it every goes up that is, and to everyone who plays too.. if it every goes up that is

19uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Sun Mar 18, 2012 9:08 am


Hey, Dixia! Lets jump back on this, we get soemtihng going others will foam at the mouth to jump in! okay so--I'm going to re-read what has been palced together, make a few bio's to get us started, wrtie a few little tihngs, and let you put info and imput in and beofre you know it, we can begin to walk on a new ground!

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20uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:13 am


I promise I didn't leave, Just still writing

((oh and PLEASE don't expect anytihng grat--its just a test run hopefully to spark better ideas- im writing it all liek this--just offthe bat with a few little tweaks, im taking so long b/c of other matters gonig abotu really does take this long ,even at a steady working pace im afriad..))

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21uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:48 am


Sorry-sorry.... Last day of Spring break and was forced to sleep yesterday around ten ish since ive been gonig t obe an houyr or two after the sun rose lately haha--i am currently writing little sotires abotu each character--thats whats taking so long...I really will post up this one--I figured, every person or thing that is going to this place, will have seperate reasons--accident, mission (one im currently writing), dare, invite, and so forth. Will be done soon, promsie O.o

((Internet died again-sorry. Here we go again!))

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22uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Ta-dah! Hope this works... on Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:03 am


as we write- we can off the side discuss ideas- twist -or things we want to lead up to and hopefully keep out writing on track to. like say, I want Johnny to betray Joe soon- two brothers, and end up accidently killing his girlfriend and fleeing the eh shadow people who consume his body and later is revealed as a high henchman of the top dog whose been screwing around with this place, not letting those who deserve rest, rest. Ranging from the undead rouse- to rooms that leak gases to make u sleep, go crazed, bleed for the eyes, or bring forth images ,memories to your face to dangerously close and daunting actions- such as seeing u r worst enemy and trying to kill them only to blink and find your hands around the throat of a friend.

Right okay, sorry, I have many ideas already slamming into my head and since this was set to be creepy, I assume there will be much array. I think I’m just going to playfully write a beginning just for the hell of it, so as to get ideas for characters and for us to maybe pull and tear out some bits to make the real thing.

Ok here I go!

OPurr... Purr.... Purrr.... HISS!---merow-ow! Mew?
*sniffs* it
No ok, sorry will begin. Please seriously don't ask about that.

This is the third time we've been forced to move this week. Being hunted they keep saying. Haunted by what? A new Demon Lord over the Sierra Province? What has that to do with us... So many confusing things they say- and none is to us. Running, fleeing from ghost. And not the ghost we normally pass by and hang with on casual late nights, but the kind of the mind and myths-like Humans and things that shoot shiny exploding rocks with the sound of thunder from strange sticks by those...beasts. I wouldn't call us anything special, or as unique as a Human. There are indeed people, if that’s what you’re questioning, they do exist, but what we mean when we say Human, is something all together different from what is seen. I know they are real, for we are trained to hold a certain face of some strange soft fleshy pink or brown thing. Sigh, I suppose I should stop here before they catch me writing. It’s dangerous to leave any trail. I don't know, it all seems like Ghoul-plasma to me, but hey, while that Arch-trainer is here, there is no arguing the point unless you wish to trade your beautiful molten scales for the bodies of horribly disfigured by even our standard, humans. I won’t lose my claws and scales for a few words-ah here is my brother, I must go now-to whoever gets this message, and I pray to Luta that is not Him, but you must know this. Things are changing, we aren’t the only Daemon pack running from shadows and light alike, there is something seriously amiss, and it has to do with Shella’s box-what does an old Goddess have to do with matters like politics, for this seems to be the only thing I can figure this is about? I just know something is going down, something…sinister… Why are these houses…why...was …that- No! They can’t do this- The First—

The rest was torn and burnt with a strange green splash. Sky and Storm looked at each other. They were part Indian sisters, or that’s the best way to describe their daemon family. Stark white manes, almost elven-like with the standard green eyes and purplish flesh. It was odd, but the two were part of a respected fighting force (not high up there, more like a boot-campers leading up to begin the real deal), they kept black and brown leather straps to keep weapons on them, hardly caring to really hide anything- for why should they? The creatures they followed, hunted and resided with didn’t hide in shame like the Humans in tales had, why should they? Long knives or soft with some strange gear was strapped to their fluffed and nearly shoulder length hair. The paper was rolled and slipped back into the boot of Sky, who stood about 2 feet taller, having been about 42 years older. A whistle came from the rotten blue cliff a way off. Nodding they hurried along. Many families happened to be gathering together, though it wasn’t strange, it was common for so many to be in peace without trading or other purposes like the few festivals they had. Daemons from all reaches of the 12th planes seemed to have gathered under the shifting domes roof. Sky frowned and Storm openly curled her lip at the ceiling shifted more with its sickly yellow and green mix, ugly beady eyes shifting toward them for a second then gone again, crawling other another’s body above. The biggest or oldest Daemons were usually head of a family, and from all the heads there was at least two Arch-trainers. Sky lifted Storm up onto her shoulders, paying no mind to the snarled hisses from those pressed stickly about them as they tried to get a look at a famed Thazur who was said to be an Arch-trainer and not past 200 hundred! Often referred to creatures of nightmares, they all filled every corner, quite literally since those who could climb and crawl or even float, did so. Such as rare was this large a gathering, there was no room for all there, so it ended up billowing out the walls, bat like fiends with huge ears echoed words and actions to the crowds about outside.

All 27 Arch-trainers sat down in the circle set in the center of the room on thrones to each liking, mostly fleshy bones of past kills and trophies, some preferring more natural bindings. “Quiet!” And just like that, every wrath was sucked in and held, every eye, if they had eyes that weren’t sewn together or there at all, snapped to the center. “There is talk of rebellion...war…and deep troubles to come. This matter can no longer be ignored.” Someone hissed from the crowd. “What do you think we are, Humans?” There was a large rumble of laughter. Sky and Storm grinned; what daemon didn’t participate in battles, wars, and death on a daily basis? It was nothing of sorrow to them. They laughs died down soon. “Had it been as simple and as little as that, none of us would have been here. Some may rejoice at the idea of such a large scale war, but others surely can grasp the concept of why even I am frightened.” That immediately shut everyone up. That was like…a king bowing to a slave in the olden times. It was simply…not heard of. Low mummers died as fast as they started when the shock had ebbed away some. A Nymph stood tall, waving her hand in an arch. “Now that you realize the deep trouble we have, we will waste no time in formalities. I believe we have one in our crowd who can read the Diary of Jasmine. In fact, come forward to me along with the piece you posses. We have no time to explain to you details, you will prove before us that you truly can read this literature, be given the high honor of retrieving the others, and return as soon as possible from the 5th realm. This is not a punishment but an honor, come forward now.”

Sky and Storm stared openly before the crowd began to shove them ahead. The two sisters were separated, Storm struggling to be free of this giant sticky glob that paid her no heed or made a move to help. It quickly became apparent to the two what was happening. They were purposely being separated, as leverage in case she should refuse to follow through with this task. Honor my ass. Lies; all of it. Everyone could read this scroll-just everyone saw something different, however- maybe...there was something to her version… Sky made it to the center and felt her body forcibly move to take the scroll out of her boot. She gave a vicious snarl and was quickly given her will back again. What light ground she treaded on here. The scroll was opened and she read what it said. There was more talk and the Nymph nodded sitting down, one of the men, semblance of a scarecrow only made with flesh not straw, live things crawling about his oozing gapes examined the scroll. “How do we know she isn’t making it up?” The response was immediate by another women Sky couldn’t see. “She isn’t- I assure you.”

“Hmph.” The paper was slammed back into Sky’s chest. “Very well, we don’t need to give you details-just know its of grave importance you find the rest of this book. All its pages. All we know is its in this…4th realm.”


“5th! Just get the book, every page, and return at once! If you so much as stop to take a breath I will personally make it your last-and a last breath can be stretched to terrible degrees my love.” Sky snarled at him. “Catch fire straw man and back off. I’ll do the job, but I’m not going without my siste-r and I’ll sleep if I want.” There was some amused and angry faces all around her. “Careful, even in our world, formalities are important.”


“Hold your tongue or lose it!” Sky turned to the Scarecrow man and yanked out his tongue instead and dropped it. “Shut it. I’ll bring your stupid book back with as much haste as I can, but give me my sister.” The air hung dangerously about Sky. Maybe too bold…? The Scarecrow fumbled around, finding the rotted piece of gamey flesh and began to stitch it back into place, groaning threats. “Go then. We need not explain the punishment for failure or disobedience” Was all that was said aside from the scarecrows angry protest held back by another. Sky left the room, the crowd staring, forced her to shove her way through each body, pulling her sister free, who gave a few signs to the crowd without looking back (a flip off really), as they left.

“Jeez…You’ve got bigger balls than a Minator.” Sky laughed some at her sister. “Me? You’re the one who gave them those signs.” They looked about. “Alright, the map someone slipped on me seems to be moving north, so my guess is by the time we get there, it will be just in time to hear the screams of the night owls.” They travelled mostly silently till about 5 days later, when they finally came across a break in a huge rock. Sky tapped on two corners of it and once more on the top. It split open, eyes blinking. “Yeess…?” The ground softly shook. “Realm 5. Two travelling.”




“You’ve premizzzzon. Pasz.” They stepped through the bubble looking wall and found themselves in what appeared to be a strange ghost town. Storm scratched her head. “What do they mean Ghost town anyway… We would have met them as soon as we came into their territory. Humans are strange.”

“Shh. Let’s look around-and humans have always been described as strange. Don’t ask me to explain a fairytale.”

“They’re not fake. You even admitted they can exist.”

Can, not do.”

“I’m sure they do.”

They stumbled over some of the dusty rocks, looking at the strange town, old wooden buildings, some fancy, a random giant mansion hidden partly in the hills, the graveyard with cracked stones fitted close together in a small section near the town. “Let’s start there.” They took three steps when they were slammed into the ground gasping and whirling about with their weapons quickly set against the attackers atop them. The three pairs of eyes all sunk into the two on the ground. Screams echoed across by everyone. Sky and Storm jumped off, side by side weapons still held out in front of them, the shock already gone. The five on the ground slowly rose, looking at each other. This one girl huffed placing a hand on her hip after she dusted off her checkered red skirt and pointed with her other. “Hey you there! What’s the big idea going to all that trouble to scare us like that? Back off, the treasure here is ours. Right brother dear?” The boy named brother has an amazing semblance to his sister, same milk chocolate eyes, hair that would have matched, her obviously dyed black with a pink highlight trailing down a thick bundle of strands. “Ally- cut it out. You want to tell everyone why we’re here? And don’t baby me. I’m older than you.”

“Huh! By what, 6, 7, maybe 8 seconds? Grow up! Girls mature way faster than boys anyway.”

“Well that certainly explains a lot then…”

“Excuse me!?”

“Uh g-guys, I don’t think they’re fake…” The shriveled voice came from a boy a foot shorter than the lightly built boy who helped him up. He cleaned off his face with his black polo shirt. The three turned back to where Storm and Sky still stood, their weapons sheathed, already understanding no threat. “Jake, give it up. You should have kept your big mouth shut. Now you’re stuck with us.”

“That’s not fair…I didn’t want part of this. I accidently over heard, I wasn’t spying!”

“Well we can’t risk that, we need this treasure. You need to live up to the fact you’re simply our prisoner until we get what we want-it’s too risky to leave you back home. John, Rick, Farley, and Larry will force every word out of you if they find you.” Jake coughed. “Sorry for the...yell. I had assumed they found me. I just knew I wouldn’t get out of this well either way. Now who are you two, and why are you dressed…”

All three looked carefully examined the mostly naked bodies of the two girls, who with their eyes, looked mostly human minus strange deep features, like their hands having long…were those..claws? Parts that as usually hidden were exposed almost fully, and the two took no notice of the blushing opened stares. Storm took a step forward, having the others yelp once more with a quick jump back. Sky sighed annoyed, clicking her tongue and slamming the weapon fully back where it belonged. “Storm- return. This is a waste of time, let us go.” Storm looked back at her sister then back to the little group. “I didn’t know there were creatures like us… I mean...sure they’re…kind of ugly-”


“but I’ve never seen anything like these… and they’re around my height!” Sky came up to her sister. “Stop worrying about that, you’re just late. Now we need to get moving, this sky’s light is already changing oddly fast here. You heard our Elders, we need to find the book and be gone.”

“HEY!” Everyone turned. Ally gave an over exaggerated exclamation of horror and disgust. “Sarah!” Matt stumbled over his feet as he ran up to gather her in his arms in a half twirl smiling at her. “Hey there. I can’t talk; I came to take you three home.” Matt let her go puzzled. “Take us back? Sarah! We are not to return without that book! Don’t you realize how close we are to it?” Sky pushed past the little group up to Matt and Sarah which made her gape and blush at the sight. “W-who are you?”

“What book are you after.” He turned at the demand, Sarah scowling at being ignored completely. “Wha-?” Sky grabbed him by the shirt collar hoisting him up a foot off the ground without the slightest effort on her slender arms showing. Her gaze was intense. “You have one more chance to answer me. What book?”

“P-put him down!”


“I-I, it’s… I…I don’t...we don’t know. We just know it’s here. That’s all!” Sky slammed him to the ground stepping on his chest to where he wheezed for air, leaning with her weapon back in her hand and sharply at his eye. “Couldn’t hear you.”

“Sky! We are not allowed to kill; you know the laws outside of certain-”

“Hush Storm, I’m handling this as necessary.” She turned her cold hard green eyes back to the frightened young adult. “You’d do well not to lie to a Froth’ lair...what’s that word you use-Soldier!”

“Matt, just tell them!” Sarah pleaded. “Grah, fine! It’s a book; we know it’s a book and that it’s around here and of great value.”

“Not what I asked. I care not for your petty reasons; it cannot match that of ours.”


“Title! NOW!”


“Matt- answer, please, I don’t want to lose another brother!”

Matt gritted his teeth spatting in Sky’s direction, missing. “We don’t stand a chance without this item, we are not going back without it, and you have no reason to know about what we are looking for. That’s far too much I wish to share with you or anyone but a buyer.” Storm ran to pulled Sky off the man as she twirled the weapon about and went to strike, Sarah and Ally leaping to protect Matt, Jake tripping between the racing people onto Sky’s back when he was dragged along, causing her blow to miss and scratch Matt’s cheek, hitting something n the ground, a small cracking noise being made and suddenly the ground burst through with a blinding light, and everyone screamed being pulled and sucked into the gap, spat out seconds later harshly to a forested floor. Sky came up shaking herself without a sound, Storm blinking and rising, shoving Jake off her who appeared out cold when Sky reactively slammed her elbow back at the touch of him from behind before she thrusted her weapon forward, missing. Storm sat up and made a clicking sound. Sky replied about 200 feet off. There came a groan and a scream as Ally found herself trapped high in a tree, a green and yellow snake coiled lazily on the only strong branch close at hand to get down. Matt was up in an instant staggering to the trees trunk before falling, coughing, holding a newly limp arm, feeling strangely dizzy. Sarah stumbled out near Sky, who merely scanned over her. Matt groaned loudly. Sarah pulled at Sky’s wrist. “You are not going anywhere.” The move was threatening, and it took immense control to stop from beheading the being latched stubbornly to her. “I’ve no ties to you.”

“You tried to kill Matt. If you don’t want me reporting you to the police or whatever you seem to understand as a leading force, then you’ll help us.” Sky seemed amused at best. “What if I simply kill you?” She didn’t miss a beat. “Then the others will tell.”

“I could kill you all. Trust me, it wouldn’t be a challenge.”

“Y-you’re…you’re heartless!”

“Am I supposed to spare every life I come across that gets in my way? It’s like hunting for dinner but feeling bad and letting them run off once you finally catch something. People like that starve. They die.”

“You’re not…like us. Are you? That’s not a fake…costume. Is it?” Sky didn’t answer. Sarah sighed, just as Storm approached from some brambles, dragging Jake by the shirt behind her. “They seem to be after what we are. I looked into this boys mind. He seems to know a lot, we are lucky we caught him. Let’s help them, when we find it, if it truly is our book, we will kill them for it if they don’t hand it over. What threat are they to us? And if it’s not ours, well, we keep looking. You know better than I what numbers mean in battle.”

“And you should know they don’t win wars.”

“They sure as hell help. And we need help”

“We don’t need anything from these things. We came here alone, and we leave alone.”

“Still leaves the in-between bits open for others.”

“Storm! Enough. Drop that and let’s go. I haven’t a clue how a Zapper Portal got stuck in this place and how we managed to tap into it, but let us just take it as it goes. We’ve no time for this.” There came more screaming. Sarah bolted off towards it, Storm glaring at her sister and bolting off, dragging Jake still behind her through the dappled trees. Sky sighed. “Fine. You win.” She followed swiftly after.

Matt was shaking his back against the trunk of the tree and Ally was still stuck up in, the snake awake and staring intently up at her its tongue slipping out to sense her heat. Storm was climbing up the tree; laughing and she picked up the snake and placed it on a different branch, helping Ally down, as Sky crouched beside Matt. She pulled out a salve and swiped it over his angry cut. It sizzled and he groaned again/ she grabbed a clump of leaves and wiped the ooze off, revealing a tiny sealed line on his cheek. Matt came back to it as Ally and Sarah hugged him from either side, both girls glaring at the other, still holding him. “H-hey now ha, I’m okay now. W-what a strange..weapon…an medicine. Get off me guys. I’m okay.” He stood up feeling the already fleeting cut. “You couldn’t have left something, I mean, that would have been a cool scar!” Sky pulled her weapon. “Do you want me to do it again?”

“N-never mind…” Jake blinked his eyes open searching before him blindly, finding them focus as much as they were able when we noticed Storm crouched before him holding something in her hands. She placed the item close to him and on him, his ear being moved, and vision being better returned. She was smiling, tilting her head as she stood and helped him up. “I thought something seemed strange about you, the way you made no move to dodge either me or Ally or kept oddly glaring at us, though it didn’t seem to suit you. What do you call these things?” Jake blinked, pulling off the glasses, flipping them and sliding them on right smiling despite him. “These? Oh I hate them, but they’re called glasses. It’s bent layers of glass to help you see better.” Storm blinked in wonder. “They have glasses to make your eyes better?”

“Well not better really, just normal. Most people’s eyes aren’t perfect, these help you get there though.”

“They train you eyes? Wow…perfect vision. Imagine!” Jake removed them again placing them back in his pocket. “What are you doing…? You no use to use with less than perfect vision.”

“I-I know…but I hate these.” Stormed pulled them out and placed them back on his face, noting to do it the way he had this time, looking curiously at him then nodding. “Yes. I like them. Wear them.” Jake blushed a little but only for a moment. “Ahem, stop being friendly with the enemy, get over here Jake!”

“Agreed. Come Storm.” Jake fumbled back over to Matt’s side but not before Storm grabbed his hand and pulled him back, holding stubbornly onto him this time making his blush last longer. “No! Stop treating me like that. Do you only consider me an equal when we are fighting and killing? Sneaking into enemy territory? This one is mine!”

“Storm, we’ve no time for pets.”

“I heard you say it was okay for us to travel with them!”

“I…you’re….being stubborn.”

“No more than you.”

“FINE! Look, just fine. Everyone lets go. Where is this book?”

Matt pushed between Sky and the others. “Woah wait a second. Who said anything about us letting you come along with us? That treasure is ours. Back off.” Sky’s hand went back to the weapons hilt. “You’ve not a choice in the matter. You may be after what belongs to us. It cannot be chanced. Either we are going along with you or you’re coming bound with us. You’ve your choice, now make it.” Matt stared levelly at Sky. She pulled her weapon back out and swung once more at him, who surprised her by stepping to the side and rolling up behind her, grabbing her head in a choke hold. “There, now you listen to me and my terms-oaf!” She slammed her elbow into his stomach, slipping her foot back between his, turning to wrap around his heel and while she spun, using the back of her elbow once more as she brought it hard against the back of his head pulling her foot up planting him flat into the ground in a half flip of his body. Her foot slammed down between his shoulder blades. “I can kill you this time and now if you prefer.”

“Matt, damn your pride!” Sarah snapped, shoving Sky’s shoulder and glaring with all she could muster. “You come with us. You don’t harm us. You don’t kill us, you’ll protect us.”

“No deal.”

“Yes deal.”

“With what grounds?”

“Luta you’re just as stubborn sis! Let us simply agree that neither of us is going anywhere without the other. Might as well be in peace, we certainly aren’t the only ones after this.” Sky blinked and quickly began off in a random direction, Matt lifted his head snarling. “Hey! Get back here! You heard the girl.”

“Then get off your lazy ass and come on. My sister speaks true; we’ve little time to waste. WE are lucky enough only you beings were here before us, but that won’t be the case forever.” The girls came along, Jake politely getting his arm back as Matt ran up near Sky. “Others? There are others who know about this book-ah I mean treasure?” She regarded his levelly. “I told you once, there’s no point lying to a-”

“A Frost what-cha-call-it Soldier, I know I know!”

“I see…so your ears do work. As does your memory. So you’re just naturally stupid.”


“You’re going to be left behind if you keep pausing to flail about like that. I’ve never seen a creature drown in air before…and you look so serious too when you do it…” Sky chuckled a little. Jake nudged Storm. “A mansion.” There was a pause from the group. “Ah good, it saves us the long climb, let’s go in and search there, it might be the best place to begin. Storm! What’s your control over your human?”

“Good sister!”

“W-what…seriously!? I am not some-”

“Okay then. I don’t trust you, Matt stays with me. Storm, take Ally, she seems hardest to handle and you’ve already began a pact with her. Jake, you and ..and…”


“Sarah will team up together. We will each take a level. The basement may hold the best place for a secret room, so that is where we will be searching, the rest of you, find a level and tear the place apart. When your strange sky is light again we meet back out here to report. Storm, give your human a weapon and a stone so we may find and contact them if needed.”

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23uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:15 am


Wow, this is pretty good actually. It has some rough patches, but all writing does. I like it a lot, hit! ^.^

24uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Thu Mar 22, 2012 6:31 am


Thank you! I have many ideas and some changes i wish to make, but ah, its Jiku doesn't approve of it, ha, i see no reason to stumble over myself! I do it enough, you know? Actually, you have seen ,haha ^^'

-AH I forgot to mention my point to this! I figured this 'book' could be of some grand importance and abilities or secrets and many groups- for one reason or another are after it but someone has it and everytime they get close ,uses the book or other things to steer them away-plus the other 'teams' gonig for it as well. I figured that could explain some of the odd behaivor, tricks, traps, deceptions, and so forht we decided ^^ plus our creepy/scary creatures being from other worlds, it leaves endless ideas, and its all aloud ^^ SOrry though...-.-' was honestly picking it up off the top of my head. jsut kinda went with it...-.-' Oh and haha Sky and Storm as real people i knew some time ago when i lived in Oki. Great people-both actual young marines- its why i placed them like so ^^ They were part india and thier names meant that-they had an older sister too, but i hung out with Sky and Storm usually tagged along haha. You rmeember them right, Amalu?

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25uh-huh...right, sure you are Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Sat Apr 07, 2012 9:28 am


I wasn't half way through and I fell in love!! I like you idea of the book, It really helps with the construction of the world! I was struggling with a reason as to why the world was constructed like that or how it came to be like that, it puts a twist and a start to it. As well as the idea that others is are after it too with their own reason and back story of the book. Also the idea that its only a small or some of the reason why the location is like that!

WOW! that so cool, that their basic off of real people that you know they sound so interesting. They must have had quite an impact to be recreated as one of your character, if you don't mind me saying.

Sorry for replying so late, its good to know that your really into this too! Unfortunately I have been quite blank as to reason, plot and construction to the very existent of this little world of ours. Am I thinking about this to hard? I just want us to be ready to give answer or reason to/for ANYTHING that thrown our way.

EXAMPLE: They stumble upon an old man yelling at them for being to loud in the hall while their in the castle or something. And for some strange reason he has some kind of power or something. right?

REASON : ( just got a idea ) At one point our little world slowly moves plains and ended up being inside an apartment complex. And the old mam room was perfectly aline to the castle, so it took the shape of the room. And when our world move it took him with it or he past away without knowing and the world took him or he went with it without knowing. And the reason why he didn't knows it before was because his memory was strong or something and it changed for him. And the power was because he came in contact with the book = personal item.

Well something like that, thinking back now why did i write this?
oh well, here's hoping thing get better for us!! >w<

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