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uh-huh...right, sure you are

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26uh-huh...right, sure you are - Page 2 Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Sun Apr 15, 2012 6:07 am


I-I'm...thrilled you like it so much!! ^^ I will work on editing the parts i want then, so give a bit better opening-but thank you! saw maybe coudl be fixed? (feedback-lay it on me as blunt and roguh as ya want!!). Haha ^^

Mh...They were some great people actually (as i mentioned beofr,e part Indian-their names meant that, and were young marines, so i figured it would suite well to place them thus-and i reclal they LOVED Storm off of X-men, so i simply mixed that, them, The Legend of Drizzt people a little, and a few other things to max them ^^
I met most ofthe best people in my life over in Oki, ha but here in US i too have foudn some great people-its jsut shocking i found so many for that short 6/7 years.

Hey-i replied a HELL of alot late,r didnt i? I'd of written last night, but i went to the Rodeo with my friend and her sis since her sis was ating one of the bullriders- got in free! Was fun to watch--i heh strated a SMALL food fight, but ah happens. Its been unsually eventful hre..Gonig to see Celtic Women in 2 hours!! Tickets only $35! Amazing i thought. Dad gramps and i are going ^^ And my friend Kylee just flew back in to Texas last night! She is an awesoem person too-i hope you to get ot meet someday Jiku!

Ha the old man yelling could be a bit comical as well as creepy but they may not pay much heed to it given the strange atmosphere of the place. know what? Yes..peaps, given the books orgins, it has corruptive powers, esp. to a human, but a man not dead nor alive and not human or soul could have some...interesting potential to which would be unknown to all given tis never happened before. I suppose it will be either we will have the kids welcomed inside with strange creatures 'assumed' to be guest, and they secretly trying to sneak and look about for the book while watching their backs for these strange people, even to those of the Deamons (like misfits in a mifit world only more like a sadistic insane asiylum twist to it; perhpas these Host have need of beings for...special reaosn- or thier Master ((old man)) requires sometihng of them or them themselves for some spell or whatever the book is tellnig him). ah yes, perhaps the games begin the moment they are placed in that realm, the only man with al iek a chess board kind of way, watching thier movements and placing things to mix them us, experiment with them, learn, tear apar,t confurse ,scar, turn agaisnt ,and so forth- and most of it out of sheer pleasure or boredom. (of course this is due to corruption of he book). It'll be itnresting to figure how this man happened to get shifted into this world-msut have been when the book went missing (why it is missing in first place might be a fun twist too in the rp for our characters) and its only Ill luck that this random flar of power surged from the book-it being it the wron hands or too weak, to which caused liek a wave or flux in all realms, giving htis old man his strange and terrible fate to have the little lasp faster than that of the eye can catch, taking him away suddenl, into a blank dark realm with a book. it may be using him-as if it itself has a life of its own, and the WHOLE place is created by it throguh him-for what good is a book ifit has no one to read it, get me?)
No what? More i tihnk of it..the more it seems right that they be in almost hotel kinda place- whcih only makes it stranger. Being watched and wiht more arrivals who either get trapped, stumble or search for this palc,e its obund to get out abotu the book-more chaos and more fun for htis Old Man. eh?

Hah-as i tell you guys-no idea should ever be discarded! Keep anything evr written, and scrible tohughts safely away-never know when u can use hem, tweak, or even get a better one off of it ^^ so paeas,e its fine- look at the idea it simply gave me?

Last edited by hitrizvl on Sun Apr 15, 2012 6:11 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : I FORGET THINGS ALRIGHT!? Pushy you have ANY idea how many times your annoying evil little phrase would be shown one every paragraph ive ever written ,esp Word!? LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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27uh-huh...right, sure you are - Page 2 Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:22 am


no i like it, I'm thinking to hard and forgot the funny-ha-ha-ness
and what not. = o =

people sure are interesting creature > w <

* mind blown * (O 0 O) YOUR AMAZING, I LOVE IT !!! And yes i agree the hotel idea seems much better then the other location. As for the item in question (book) do you think we should have more random items? weaker ones or fake ones so it makes it hard to find it?

Is this possible in RPG? I mean it feels more like we're creating a storyline for well a story then a rpg....I'm sadly confuses at the moment. It may have been form the mind blowing-ness that I just had. (O o O).................

28uh-huh...right, sure you are - Page 2 Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:54 am


i...blew your mind...? I AM SORRY O.o ill fix it, iswear!! Duck tape...i need duck tape...
But wow...i Ahah ^^'
and its fine- and no kidding, i spent what i have on this earth mostly observing those about me and learning of many people- interesting seems like a good word but i cant fidn the Right one yet. We are the most disgusting beautiful creatures in this world.

as for other items and duds, i was thinknig just that- nice work mate ^^ im gladu caught onto that on ur own! you're a master and ya iddint even know it. rmeeber, as long as u have confidence and put ur whole hart into it, ya can rock it!! blow it up even. hell, you can well..ha maybe ishouldnt writ ethat, might be agaisnt the rules ^^' haha, dont ask...

and well..rpg and storie sarn't TOO much different i think. It can be pretty much the same- the BEST sound like stories b/c they flow together well b/w ea person and the story doesnt clash unless u wish it too. those are the good ones.
its fine ^^

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29uh-huh...right, sure you are - Page 2 Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Mon Aug 13, 2012 2:35 am


you are most wise, young one * bow head *

Yay us! i really like how we are gathering good ideas for this RPG !!
Through to be honest I don't think I have the guts to start it. That insight of your for the different between stories and RPG helped.

Shall we have a mini review for location and beginning plot line?
However like I said before I'm have no guts, but i just love the ideas that we gathered here.

30uh-huh...right, sure you are - Page 2 Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Sun Oct 28, 2012 5:40 am


Ah this is great ^^ Today is my day off, so I thought to shout out a hello! i reply later today!! Gomen~~

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31uh-huh...right, sure you are - Page 2 Empty Re: uh-huh...right, sure you are on Tue Apr 30, 2013 5:56 pm


Admin certainly has been some time. Just got off of work two hours ago and am procrastinating on working on a CD cover I got a job too (my drawings' gotten better! ^^)...anyhow...Real fast before it leaves me.

Old man bit when they confront him, I had a kind of Mad God personality fixed on him; from Oblivion? Sheogorath? Amazingly insane..made everything worth it. Cicero too is a piece of work, I'll mix him in here too. (Skyrim)I saved all his journals. Insane little F$@%@er.

ANYHOW!! Here I go. I'll flesh it out later. (btw; this is that idea that you had said you weren't' even sure why you wrote in the first place Dixia, it sparked this though just as I read it. Told you nothing goes to waste. ^^)

----REASON : ( just got a idea ) At one point our little world slowly moves plains and ended up being inside an apartment complex. And the old mam room was perfectly aline to the castle, so it took the shape of the room. And when our world move it took him with it or he past away without knowing and the world took him or he went with it without knowing. And the reason why he didn't knows it before was because his memory was strong or something and it changed for him. And the power was because he came in contact with the book = personal item. -----

This is how I see our main bad guy; kinda went with a twist I am curious to see if you got where I went with this. It was a little...ugh....dark to write....-.-' did not really enjoy that- I like humor..and ah erm...welll........romance I suppose. But anyhow, I made him HORRIBLE. Hope it helps create our setting then for our old bad man who is obviously cracked and controlled.
I assumed this is when they find and confront this wild crazy man for the first time (or maybe not first time, but first time talking)Anyhow! Here is some disturbing junk...don't read further if you are unable to handle stuff like that please. I'm honest when I saw this made'

"Why am I hear you say? How? My my that is certainly the question. There are many planes at such very fine fragile hairs laying atop each it such a wildly mad stretch that they could at times collide? But perhaps that's not what happened. No, heh heh. I was taken without my knowledge. Or I was. Yes. I willingly came. I think. I cannot really say for my memory is...changed. I see the world I came from or was perhaps led to believe I came from, for the hell it truly was. And I loved it. Despised it. What horrible things you do to each other. I wanted it. This book found me during the war. It called for me during those dark hours of hell, its only music screams of bullets and men, women and children, oh yes, many children, all screaming...crying...all in pieces. Little bloody piece. So delightful. There was no reason...but it was war; they would grow up to hate us, to fight us, I had to end them early. Those eyes..the looks...mothers sacrificing themselves...thinking they were saving their child's lives..only to watch their life blood mix violently with their empty child's soon after. How I relished it all. It probably never happen, I never was in a war. But I recall it as if I were. The Book has told me many of my memories and past deeds. We talk a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot! It saved me you see. I was dying. Bitterly dying of old age in my quaint little apartment in the city. Which city doesn't matter for they're all the same at my age. I was oh so bitter. Dying; my beloved passed on many years ago. Shot, raped, killed, and by my sons friends. The cops were bought off and I went to jail somehow for this crime. I spent 25 years, the last bits of my youth in there being called the worst imaginable things daily, experiencing horrible things...all terrible. I killed more while I was in there when another tried to...heh heh. I was dying...little to eat, no job for a murderer, for a rapist, for a un-honorable veteran, no insurance, I was living on what was left of this place, eating what shit scraps people threw at me, having to be thankful for a pissed on sandwich. Bowing. Scraping. Begging. Kissing Every Ass just to make enough money to keep that apartment just one more month, just to keep her memory for just a little longer. Seven years. I was dying, I was ill and branded horrible in the eyes of the people around me. I couldn't escape. Even the children would treat me...unkindly. If I was already subjugated to this life I might as well live it yes? Soon I gave them reasons to hate me. Skin...oh skin is so lovely. People flinched from my haggard face and I took it off those I lured into alleys...and ate what I didn't find useful. I tore out a mans throat with my bare teeth, but was beat to death. How cruel. I was only being what I was told I was and surviving. But once more...I never owned an apartment. I was raised on a farm...died of the flu they said. Never seen the city outside of a book. Was beat for accidently killing a prized chicken. But...what a feeling! I didn't mind the I killed more. More. I worked my way up. The cows...the horses...the bulls...even the faithful dogs. I used simple tools..anything that took effort, anything that let me feel that warm flow of juice, that wonderful rusty metal smell...those melodic Screams. Sigh. I miss it. When my pa tried to stop me...I fought back, managed to get his shotgun. To pieces he flew. Pieces! I laughed at this, trying to put him back together with fascination at this puzzle. Mother screamed. Ooo-oo-ohh! I LOVED it! She ran though. Why run mother? Why? No one needs to know. But she kept saying horrid things and went to get help. Couldn't have that could we? It was my first time with the gun...I only blew off her leg. She tried to get away. Shame. It was fun; I followed her, tossing the gun aside, picking up my old bat and just swung close, hitting a few times on her hands...heh heh...I could feel the crunch run through my own body in ecstasy. Ah...still sends pleasing shivers through me. I waited til she could crawl no more. I slammed that bat right into her stomach when I kicked her over. I twisted and pushed, until I couldn't pull it out. Then this rock..I...heh heh...I bashed her to bits. Not quite like pa, oh no, but still such a wonderful picture she made! Hair entangled with squishy moist flesh, bits of bone, her skull almost shattered by the time I was done. My fondest memory of mommy. Heh heh. I returned..and five year old sister held the shotgun, bigger than her...tears, asking what I had done. She was shaking. Where was mommy? I smiled. She wanted to know why there was so much blood. My mind rained with lovely images. What happened to daddy? I smiled more and beckoned her to me. I told her everything would be okay. Trust me. I was her brother after all; and I loved her, didn't she love me? But no. NO! That BITCH shot me. I was in pieces! I gurgled my own blood in a mixed laughter and relief as I observed my own wonderful meshed body. I laughed and howled and hooted with such exuberance, thrilled at the horrid look she gave. I could see the gaping hole in my chest, my intestines all slithering out like snakes. I don't she ever left that spot, i would be she never blinked again! I never had a sister though I mused...and always have a problem with feathers. That past probably wasn't true either. But the Book tells me all kinds of wonderful stories of my past! It cannot lie so maybe it was true. So that's how I came to be here! I had so many things interrupting my life We had to find a more...quiet place to play. But its boring. Oh so very very boring that I began to create others! All our residents are, heh heh, from my loins. They're Our children! Welcome to our home young ones! Whats that? Oh yes yes, of course I'll tell them Beloved. I shall. No worries my Dearest. They'll know soon enough. Oh? Yes, heh heh, yes, YES! I shall!! Heh-heh-hahah-hehe-haHAA!"

So....We have our bad guy? No regrets kicking his ass?

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